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Gable roof

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NewsNews • 7 Apr 2021

Salt House design a response to the unique climate of the Latvian coast

Salt House by Brigita Bula Architects is located 250 km from Latvia’s capital city of Riga, on the seashore of Pavilosta, a small fishing town popular with water sports fans and nature lovers. The historical centre of the town is characterized by low gable-roof houses on an orthogonal street plan. Each of the perpendicularly intersecting streets leads to the beach and provides direct views of the sea.   Reinis Hofmanis A total of 240 square meters, the one-storey Salt House is situated on a seaside meadow. The simple and elongated horizontal volume likens itself to a thin sea wave-like line in the landscape. In response to the area’s temperate climate and strong winds, the building is constructed with thick, monolith... More

Project • By Roger Ferris + PartnersPrivate Houses

Red Barn

Located on a coastal Connecticut estate, the Red Barn houses space for an artist on the first floor (a studio and workshop) as well as modern living accommodations on the second floor (a bedroom, bathroom, living and dining areas). Programmatic flexibility is a major component of the Barn’s design, as the first floor is highly reconfigurable. In stark counterpoint to the traditionalism of the estate, the building houses its functions in minimalist, graphic efficiency as it reinterprets a common New England building form. A continuous rainscreen encloses the entire profile of the dwelling and seamlessly blends a large foldaway door that allows access to the expansive space below. More

Project • By Collaborative CompaniesHousing


The developer purchased the urban lot in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood with an existing single family home in disrepair. The intent was to build a new contemporary house that fit within the existing footprint, and also fit into the neighborhood vernacular.The new design aimed to push the boundaries by using different shapes on the upper floors to maximize space and create a contemporary feel, while a classic gabled roof and box shape helped the home blend with the surrounding architecture. A large slider and porch on the front facade established a connection with the street and community without sacrificing privacy. The modern spin on a classic silhouette makes the home feel approachable despite the additional square footage. More

Project • By Joeb Moore & Partners ArchitectsPrivate Houses


This project is conceived as a series of concrete retaining walls and escarpments that traverse and cascade down a steeply sloped site. The building strategy is to deploy a series of straight walls that act as “jetties” into the landscape and respond as a counterforce to the topography. Hovering above and anchored to these concrete site walls is the “House” proper, a “primitive” conceived and constructed as a series of smooth extruded volumes of differing lengths. Symbolically and strategically, the first of these “boxes” presents a gable-front facade to the street and helps conceal the scale of the overall house beyond. The second container-box rotates 90 degrees and runs parallel to the street and site walls. The perpendicular orientation... More

Project • By Design In MotionHotels

twothree hotel

As the requirement of the owner, an aged apartment on Sukhumvit 23 road, in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, has been renovated into a seven-storey hotel named ‘TwoThree Hotel’. The small dimensions of the apartment rooms and their windows were found to be the major issue in the existing building since this resulted in the uncomfortable rooms with insufficient daylight.To improve the existing deficient spaces, the architect decided to expand the room sizes and openings simultaneously to generate larger, brighter and more functional hotel rooms. In doing so, each former unused balcony is now playing a new role as an interior daybed corner.However, there are also constraints in the small land area and building regulation as the distances betwe... More

Project • By Dake Wells ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Black and Tan House

Located on four acres of rolling hills in a suburban development, this single-family residence draws on the conventional construction methods of its McMansion neighbors, but focuses on reductive material use and detailing to elevate the living experience. The program is arranged as four gabled forms enclosing a small courtyard with pool for this young, active family. Sited in a suburban development at the high point of a hay field, the house recalls the simple agricultural forms of the region, but it is executed with finely crafted details that belie its conventional origins. Two grades of cedar siding are used to clad the house and express its formal origins. Knotty, horizontal siding clads the exterior with a dark stain to conceal the ine... More


PIX House

This project is an architectural intervention done on a single-family house. At the request of the client, the existing house and the local architectural memory and identity should be preserved in order to avoid unnecessary construction waste. Therefore, we went on a search for coincident alignments that would allow us to unify the isolate buildings and transform them into a unit. We took over the central patio void, which we covered in large glass sheets supported by steel columns and beams forming a freestanding structure, independent from the existing fragile walls, and as an architectural hiatus, we invaded and dressed this void with the purpose of joining the buildings. As a result, we unified the two volumes in a way that allowed... More