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Project • By Equipo de ArquitecturaPrimary Schools


“I got an order from the school board that said ‘We have a great idea. We should not put windows in the school because children need wall space for their paintings, and also windows can distract from the teacher’. Now, what teacher... More

Project • By LIKO-SOffices

Livesport Prague Offices

Sports fans know Livesport thanks to their sport’s applications. They bring dozens of sports and a number of results, statistics and tables, which they further process and serve to their customers. Such a dynamic work environment and the commit... More

NewsNews • 12 Aug 2020

Renzo Piano Building Workshop completes transparent triangular structure for Paris Bar Association

As an important ideal for an institution responsible for maintaining justice, transparency became the key concept for Renzo Piano in designing the Maison de l’Ordre des Avocats. The glazed facade and clear structure puts all activity inside on... More

NewsMaterialization • 24 Jul 2020

Federico Delrosso places Glass House inspired home on top of Italian ruins

Inspired by Philip Johnson’s Glass House as well as a minimal-naturalist approach, Teca House is a contemporary building born from the ruins of a rustic house on the Biellese hills of Italy. Designed by Federico Delrosso Architects, the existin... More

Product • By Sensitile SystemsScreen & Divider

Screen & Divider

Light-manipulating material screens are designed for vertical applications to divide spaces and create privacy while using light and movement to maintain a connected whole.      More

Project • By deamicisarchitettiApartments

Park House

The renovation project of an apartment in the historic center of Milan, located on the seventh floor with simultaneous expansion on the roof terrace, has placed us in front of the now increasingly recurring theme of "building on the built". The desig... More

Project • By Sensitile SystemsShops

Tiffany & Co.

Designed by Tiffany’s own designers, The Tiffany & Co. store in the fashion show mall features ScintillaⓇ glass panels at the entrance and within this store.  More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaLAMBDA


Dining table with mat white, black or burnished cristalplant base or in ash wood, oak or wengé stained, or in solid wood canaletto walnut. Extralight or smoked tempered glass top. Available also with ceramic top, various finishes, or in the ex... More

Project • By Sensitile SystemsOffices


Our back-lit Celeste panels were used for this unique design by the NY and Toronto offices of Perkins+Will for the 12th floor elevator lobby of Indeed’s office in Toronto. A flick of a switch transforms the elegant contemporary mirrors to revea... More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaTaky


From the skillful glass bending process arises a coffee table that combines the charm of traditional craftsmanship with the elegance of contemporary design. Available in different finishes, it brings harmony in each environment and meets every need. More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaSwan


Swan is a multifunctional piece of furniture: a single bent glass sheet that blends perfectly with other contemporary furnishing complements, also thanks to the possibility of choosing among several colour options. More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaSpider


Spider is a coffee table made up with a single sheet of glass, artfully cut and bent: a pleasingly original presence in the living area. Matching freely the shapes and finishes it is possible to create infinite compositions, able to convey different... More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaSkyline


Cases entirely made of glass, in different finishes decorate the indoor spaces with versatility. More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaFrog


Frog tables are made from a single glass sheet curved and shaped with skillful technique. The purity of its design belies its exceptional strength for each setting and use, thanks to the use of a very thick bent glass. More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaDelphi


Delphi is a glass modular bookcase that creates a sinuous “wave” effect through its trapezoidshaped shelves of different sizes. The smoked glass version has a refined charm while the extralight finish looks particularly light and spreads... More