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Project • By Studio EcoarchPrivate Houses

Casa PR

A terrace overlooking the Lago Maggiore The house lies on a sloping ground overlooking the Lago Maggiore and the Alps. The building features a regular shape in plan, and it is composed of two parts: a solid stone-cladded basement, which hosts the bedrooms, nestled in the ground, sharply carved by the window openings; a second light volume leans on the first one featuring large windows and deep loggias. Marco Reggi Marco Reggi A shift in plan between the building levels seconds the shape of the ground, reducing the visual impact of the construction. Marco Reggi Marco Reggi The building features a small set of materials: the stone cladding of the basement, light-tones plasters, steel profiles and extra-clear glass.... More

Project • By Belsize ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Pilgrims Lane

The Pilgrims Lane project is the complete restoration. remodelling and addition of a loft and rear extension to a four-storey late 19th Century house in Hampstead. The house was structurally unsafe, and internally poorly designed and dilapidated.  The building had to be made sound and family lift brought back to a property previously divided into flats. This required creating connectivity, horizontally and vertically, as well as much restoration. Dani Vazquez Silva With the addition of two dormers a large loft bedroom and bathroom was created in a space previously felt impossible, while the main change was to add a contemporary double storey rear extension which connects the basement with the two rooms above. The new kitchen and... More

Project • By Gariselli AssociatiApartments


The interior architecture for this renovation where the unusual use of materials and the versatility of the spaces become protagonists thanks to a constant search for balance between strong shapes and discreet lines, natural materials and industrial products, bulky colors and soft hues. gariselli associati gariselli associati There are no primary or secondary spaces: each part of the house is designed following a rigorous functional and aesthetic research. Games of light, wings and false ceilings suggest the diversification of the environments that tend to never be hidden from view. The coverings, carefully planned right from the entrance, mark every change in volume, also covering the ceilings. In this way the large windows crea... More

NewsSpecification • 1 Aug 2022

10 houses with minimal frames that invite the outside in

How does the structure optimize natural light? Does it provide unobstructed views? Are windows a medium to bridge the gap between the indoors and surrounding landscape? Any critical dialogue on residential architecture always mentions how the openings are designed to maximise comfort and views. This is where minimal frames shine through – by enabling large glazed windows with minimal (slender) profiles. Unlike traditional casement systems, glass becomes the primary component that is self-supporting and seamless. These windows blur the line between the interior spaces and the exterior, thus enhancing relations with the surrounding environment. Minimal frames are sleek, timeless, and made to embrace natural light, allowing their appli... More

Project • By Radical designOffices

Hight-tech office

new office area of ​​160 m230 jobsceiling height 3 meters5 functional zones Radical design   Our taskOur task was to develop an office design in a short time. The room is not large, long and elongated, with windows only on the front. Therefore, it was necessary to create a space that was as functional as possible, but saturated with light and air, in which 30 people could work comfortably. Radical design SolutionThe activity of the company is reflected in the interior through shapes and colors - the interior is inspired by modern gadgets: streamlined shapes with rounded edges, symmetry and conciseness of forms formed the basis of the design concept.The semicircular shape of the meeting room resembles headphones from a smar... More

Product • By BendheimTurnKey™ Interior Glass Cladding System

TurnKey™ Interior Glass Cladding System

Bendheim’s TurnKey™ interior glass cladding system is designed for speedy installations. It allows for greater build tolerances and adjusts easily on-site. The system is ideal for back-lit walls, columns, and ceilings. Mechanical, reversible attachment system eliminates the use of adhesives and glass drilling. Glass panels can be replaced in as little as 1 minute to easily access lighting and mechanical systems behind the cladding. More

Product • By BendheimVentilated Glass Facade Systems

Ventilated Glass Facade Systems

Bendheim's Ventilated Glass Facade Systems protect structures and/or occupants from wind-driven rain, snow, and ice, while maintaining natural ventilation and daylight advantages, where applicable. Ideal for non-conditioned spaces, including stadiums, transit stations, building crowns, exterior stairwells & elevator towers, pedestrian bridges, aboveground parking facilities, and more. A thoughtfully designed ventilated / secondary glass facade can also become a budget-smart way to create an extremely complex exterior geometry, achieving slopes, dramatic angles, and curves not easily constructible with your primary walls. More

Product • By BendheimGlass Parking Facades

Glass Parking Facades

Bendheim's Ventilated Glass Parking Facades comprise a range of fully customizable systems that can be specified with decorative flat glass or 3D / U-shaped channel glass. The functional, jewel-like glass facades instantly elevate the design of above-ground parking structures. By eliminating the need for mechanical ventilation and preserving daylighting, they also lower operational energy usage. From energy savings, to the ability to eliminate carbon-heavy steel sub-structures, to bird-friendly glass options, these parking facades are a sustainable choice. More

Product • By BendheimProjectable Glass Rainscreens

Projectable Glass Rainscreens

Bendheim's projectable glass rainscreen system doubles as a virtually shadow-free, building-scale projection screen, while also meeting budgetary and installation targets. The system consists of pattern-imprinted Lumi Frit glass panels, clipped into adjustable metal fittings, which are embedded directly into the building’s structural walls, columns, or floors. It is fully adjustable in multiple directions, speeding installation and allowing contractors to order the glass from the approved drawings, rather than precise field measurements. On projects, this built-in flexibility can expedite the construction schedule by months. More

Project • By GUILLEM CARRERA arquitectePrivate Houses


Santes Creus is the capital of the municipality of Aiguamúrcia. It is located on the left bank of the Gaià river, around the Real Monestir de Santa Maria de Santes Creus, one of the jewels of 12th century Cistercian art in Catalonia. Created in 1843 in the old monastery buildings, the town includes places of interest related to the monastic building such as the stone bridge, the Gothic cross, the small Baroque church of Santa Llúcia and the old modernist cooperative winery. Following the main street, which leads to the monastery, on the detour from where the Aiguamúrcia road leaves, there is the well-known Alameda de Santes Creus, unique as a riverside forest in all of Catalonia, declared a space of natural inter... More

Project • By S S Design StudioOffices

Qualimark machines Pvt.Ltd.

Qualimark Machines Pvt Ltd.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - A family owned business of machine manufacturing pertaining to food industries primarily, QMPL was a project almost 42 months in the making. From conceptual planning to final finesse, it has been a crazy journey for this project.  Sanjana Samel Sanjana Samel An office space of about 8000 sqft space in front, uses natural light due to a permeable glass layer on the east side during working hours reducing electrical usage. And the south side of the building is devised with a finned facade to keep out the harsh sun that optimizes on heat load. The fins that were specifically designed with a wider base and tapering top, casted in RCC add to the chunk on th... More

Project • By Things StudioPrivate Houses

Villa Taghbaz

Villa, Location: Tehrandasht, Alborz, Iran More

Project • By DENIZEN WORKSHousing


EXISTING Barn B is a renovation project, converting an existing flint barn into a series of open living spaces. The barn is situated amongst a cluster of agricultural buildings which together form a sheltered courtyard high upon a hill.   Caption Prior to works commencing, the interior of the main barn featured exposed solid stone walls that supported four timber trusses. Natural daylight filled into the barn from high level gable end windows. Meanwhile, two arched external doorways cut through the central axis of the barn, connecting the sheltered courtyard on one side to the countryside on the other. Caption BRIEF The brief was to renovate this historic barn to introduce a new kitchen, dining hall, sitting room and mezz... More

Project • By Simone de Gale ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Morocco in London

In this build, the focus was on the concept of a sunroom and the glass elements required for letting light into the home. With the addition of a glass extension, Morocco in London can bring in light without the fear of being overlooked due to the brick wall of An Indian Retreat. Caption The extension is a unification of workspace, reading nook, and kitchen space, all of which are surrounded by plants and flowers. There is also an addition of a guest cloakroom, which can also function as a laundry room incorporating a classical laundry basin with a drying rack above. The laundry basin was manufactured in-house so that the homeowner's vision could be personally completed by the architects.   Caption The renovations on this ho... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerOffices

OPES Works

The property at the edge of an industrial park, surrounded of orchard meadows, inspired us to create a hybrid structure, which blurs the boundaries between the classic typologies of office and residential buildings. Far cantilevered, rectangular ceiling tiles and recessed façades extend the office space to the outside – possibility rooms, which the user can appropriate for a short retreat into the green or for spontaneous brainstorming in the group. At the same time, the surrounding balconies serve as constructive sun and weather protection. The roof is folded several times into pent roofs. Consistently oriented to the south, the roof areas, which are completely equipped with photovoltaics, make an important contribution to the... More