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Project • By Jg PhoenixRestaurants

Time Memories

JG PHOENIX recently completed a new restaurant in Shantou City, Guangdong, China "The client and I are friends for many years. He has been involved in catering industry for decades and often recalls people's simple pursuit of the taste of food back to the late 1980s and the early 1990s. The taste of food in our memory is common and intimate, which inspired me in the design. For post-80s generation, home in memory is usually associated with terrazzo floor, old wooden furniture, black-and-white photos, old-style radio bathed in sunlight at dusk, and the aroma spreading from kitchen...Those simple scenes gradually came into our mind as conceiving the design. I believe that space is a place for emotional attachment. For this project, I tried t... More

Project • By Various AssociatesMuseums

Vanke Nantou Gallery

Nantou Ancient Town Renovation and Upgrade is a project launched to inherit the historical context for more than a thousand years and recapture the memory of Shenzhen city.  As a local emerging design studio, Various Associates was entrusted to participate in the cluster renovation of the Project led by Vanke. The studio has completed an "urban memory exhibition hall" in the core area at Nanbei Street — the demonstration section of the Project.     Situated in the heart of Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Nantou Ancient Town has witnessed the rise of Shenzhen (China's first special economic zone) from a small fishing village into an international metropolis in just four decades. However, its vicissitudes are rarely known.... More

Project • By tres birds workshopParks/Gardens


S*Park is an eco-friendly urban agrihood community development on an entire city block in Denver, Colorado. An incubator for sustainable living, it maximizes the use of sunlight and green spaces, provides density and variety in living spaces and savings on energy bills.   The overarching concept was to remove the car from the site (moving parking underground) and allow a space for urban farming, a shared communal park space, and a planted storm water retention system among the residential buildings. The goal was to create outdoor space that would serve both community and ecological functions. Sunlight was a driving force in the master planning of the S*Park site. The sun’s interaction with the site motivated the decision to ope... More

Project • By Janaina Pacheco ArquiteturaPrivate Houses

Casa do Lago

Casa do Lago [Lake House] was designed for the 25th edition of CASACOR Minas Gerais, Brazilian event that is part of the most complete architecture, interior and landscaping design exhibition in the Americas. It is perfect for those looking for a cozy and private refuge, in line with the surrounding nature, to escape the modern world. Surrounded by eucalyptus trees, a beautiful yard and a private lake overlooking the Serra do Curral's mountains, Casa do Lago was built in only 45 days in steel structure, providing longer spans, and at the same time, producing much less waste products.   The indoor living space has a fluid design, with few partitions between room, bathroom and living room, highlighting the marble sculpted bathtub which... More

Project • By FUNUN LABRestaurants

JE BEIJING Restaurant

JE Beijing, which means Just Enjoy, is a simple name that contains a very rich philosophy sense, Nowadays, when we head out for food, we don’t mind whether it is Chinese or Western, whether it is classical or modern, we just enjoy it, and it surly is the greatest praise for food and environment. Iris , the host of JE Beijing, hopes to create the restaurant into a designed space that is both artistic and practical. Based on it,our designer played his talent to the full.   In oriental aesthetics, designing is about achieving overall harmonious, and respects differences in the same time. The concrete facade of JE Beijing is restrained and elegant. Under the proper light, the texture of the building appears, and it exudes an advanc... More

Project • By Studio Ardete Pvt LtdPrivate Houses

House 1559/36 D

The House 1559/36D is 796 sqm residential project in one of the privileged locations of Chandigarh flanked with green belt on one side and a view to the Shivaliks, juxtapose against an urban landscape. Our primary design response was to encourage the occupant of the space to be in a constant dialogue with either nature or art and sometimes with both.   In response to David Craib's quote "Design should never say, Look at me! It should always say, Look at this!” the most irrefutable thing was to raise the common leisure zone to the top of the house. The terrace is morphed into an observation deck as it captures a snap of the hills.   The canopy of trees from the green belt gives an illusion of an infinite green to the terr... More

Project • By Wim Goes ArchitectuurPrivate Houses

FH2.0 Multi-Family House

A multi-family house and yoga space built in urban area outside of Ghent, Belgium. The spaces are embraced by the brickstone walls, continuously guiding and forming spaces inside and outside. As opposed to the strong and rough brick wall, sliding panels covered with a textile by a Japanese designer create a softness for the physicality of practicing yoga. Anticipating a possible future, the yoga space can be transformed into an apartment.   Material Used :1. Bricks (interior and exterior)2. Glass bricks (interior and exterior)3. Accoya wood (interior and exterior)4. Pigmented concrete (interior and exterior)5. Rammed earth (interior)6. Japanese textile (interior) More

Project • By CCD/Cheng Chung Design (HK)Community Centres

Musae's Laurel Garden

Heart touching moments found here, with respect to the beauty of the city and its people.   Annual rings of trees increase with time. Every circle carries the story of the time, and is rooted in the memory of its surroundings. When combined together, they form aesthetic patterns, which embody the beauty of time.   Taking "tree ring" as the concept, CCD turned MUSAE'S LAUREL GARDEN into a place that creates and records wonderful memories. Like a tree, it coexists with four seasons, silently watches people come and go, listens to and witnesses what happens under the tree, and records the stories here via its "annual rings".   MUSAE'S LAUREL GARDENThe geometric building is characterized by undulating pi... More

Project • By Roarc RenewShops

TaiOursea Laomendong SPA Shop

Both Sukhothai and the ancient city of Nanjing are places of peace that make people feel at ease and relaxed. Either for Nanjing, an ancient capital of six dynasties, or for Siam, mystery isthecommontermin the oriental world that originates from belief and habit of people. The special unrestrained style of Sukhothai echoes with the ambience of streets and lanes in Nanjing.   The oriental world is located in the east in position but its cultivation mainly remains in the south of China. Nanjing in the south resonates with north Thailand in cultivation. The same cultural origin bonds us closely in our derections, while Erawan can also find its One World ideology in Confucianism. According to topic of this design plan, designers find a s... More

Project • By Irina & Olga SundukovyBars

Lucky Izakaya Bar

Task  To create a cozy and minimalist interior for Pan-Asian gastronomy with a casual bar like “Izakaya”. Traditionally “Izakaya” is a Japanese pub and casual place for sake drinking.   Challenges  The small area of the gastropub had to fit 58 seats, with 19 of them at the bar. The owners also wanted to use Falconnier glass bricks, which had to be worked into the modern concept.  Idea Inspired by the Japanese “Izakaya” style, we created the interior, minimalist in its colors, decorations, and materials, and sophisticated in delicately thought-out designer solutions, interesting to explore and decode.  Solution  We used the legacy of the old space and accentuate the co... More

Project • By CCD/Cheng Chung Design (HK)Hotels

HUALUXE Xi’an Hi-Tech Zone

New definition of Chinese hospitality HUALUXE Hotel & Resorts is IHG’s another classic work in its exciting course of reformation, and a new international luxury hotel brand tailored to Chinese guests. Relying on IHG’s world-renowned excellent management system, it’s dedicated to providing attentive and considerate services in a new definition of Chinese hospitality centering on four principles: Chinese etiquette; status recognition; rejuvenation with nature; and enabling spaces, which offers an ideal choice for business, entertainment, family reunion and friend gatherings.   Magnificence & dignity inherited from Tang dynasty Chang’an, today known as Xi’an, is a world-famous ancient c... More

Project • By Tonkin Zulaikha GreerOffices

75 Myrtle Street

The two storey inter-war factory building located at 75 Myrtle Street, Chippendale was constructed c1925 for J.C. Goodwin & Co Ltd, glass importers, bevellers and silverers, who were first established in Chippendale in 1875 in a factory on Abercrombie Street. It is significant for its association with the nineteenth and early twentieth century industrial activities that took place in Chippendale.   The building has now been remodeled into three purpose built offices located either side of a central courtyard. The Brief called for one large and two small tenancies, the larger tenancy to be accessible via Myrtle Street and the two smaller tenancies to be accessed from the rear of the building, via Dangar Place. The largest offi... More

Project • By Tribe Studio ArchitectsPrivate Houses

House in Darlinghurst

At night its translucent glass brick crown glows like a lantern, and by day, the brick house rests politely, familiarly, yet slightly unsettlingly, among its neighbours. The building sits in a density built back lane in East Sydney, surrounded by Georgian and Victorian terraces and early factory buildings. A rich language of face brickwork and industrial detailing surrounds it, and surprisingly, a couple of massive, mature eucalypts extend their gracious limbs over the site.   The building had undergone a previous conversion, with a rather underwhelming floor and stair structure. The brief was to extend this beautiful little brick jewel, transforming it into a three-bedroom home with rooftop terrace and swimming pool. The design conc... More

Project • By CLOU ArchitectsExhibition Centres

The Cube - Taiyuan City of Lights

An industrial boiler room in the city of Taiyuan has been transformed into an airy gallery by CLOU. The boiler room had originally been built in 1982 in the city of Taiyuan. In 2016, the building was stripped to its original structure, reinforced, and converted into a showroom. Apart from serving as a sales gallery, the 2000 sqm showroom operates as a public building including a library, reading room, conference centre and a café. The boiler room exterior, now made interior, is painted bright red to give depth to the façade during the day. Glass bricks were an ideal choice of façade material to maximise the transformation with minimal means. The opacity of the glass walls changes gradually throughout the day according... More

Project • By LUO studioCommunity Centres

Party and Public Service Center

Wudang Mountain Tourism Economic Zone in Shiyan City has been actively promoting B&B business and improving the surrounding environment of the scenic area. Yuanheguan Village is close to the entrance of Wudang Mountain Scenic Area, and therefore was selected as a prioritized place for a pilot program.   According to the plan, the plot where the original village committee office was situated and its surroundings will be transformed into a B&B reception demonstration area, so it was very urgent to relocate and construct a new village committee office. To guarantee services for the villagers, it was essential to figure out how to build it in a short time.   Based on comprehensive investigation and consideration of the vil... More