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Project • By Aroma Italiano Eco DesignHousing

NoRootsHomes Modular&Prefab Cabin

NoRootsHomes is a new modular freestyle prefab eco home designed for faster building and adapted​ to all-terrain. ​NoRootsHomes is an innovative eco sustainable house. Its system structure is a steel frame seismic resistance and timber frame with hemp insulation and ventilated wooden roof that naturally regulates the interior temperature. NoRootshomes suits every lifestyle. ​The highly configurable design offers different options indoor and outdoor, like exterior cladding and interior finishes. NoRootsHomes sustainable design ​is low waste and more efficient, contributing to the climate-change challenge, the circular economy and guaranteeing more flexibility and control in every construction step compared to the most traditional buildings.... More

Product • By VreeLeaveMe


The LeaveMe is an attractive acoustic divider. The unique and elegant leaf shapes bring nature inside. The curved shape provides a secure feeling. This makes the LeaveMe ideal for more privacy and tranquillity at a workplace or sitting area. More

Project • By Tanya Karim NR Khan & AssociatesCultural Centres

Bangla Academy Complex

Bangla Academy Complex (National competition, 1st prize winner, IAB)   In today's day and age, when there seems to be an inclination to use technology and complex design strategies to achieve a "green" solution in building design. One must not forget that one of the most sensible ways to create an "environment friendly" architecture is to use the "environment" itself. The site, the surrounding and the climate should become primary forces and a successful "green" architecture can be achieved through "passive" means.   The Bangla Academy project approaches sustainability in many levels and does not just claim to be "environment friendly". In the first measure of sustainability the project addresses is that of "site". The project... More

Project • By Cheng Tsung FENG Design StudioSculptures

Fish Trap House

Learn the methods for making a traditional fish trap from an elder of the indigenous Thao tribe  (bamboo trap for river fishing). Then, apply these techniques to the creation of an art installation (jointly constructed by more than 20 people). Pass on and share the beauty of ancient wisdom. This art work won't be used to catch fish, but rather people's attention. Why not take the time to enjoy the beauty of Sun Moon Lake and Thao traditional culture.   Dimensions: 500x500x330cm Material: Bamboo, Rattan, Stainless steel More

Project • By GROUP AOffices


GROUP A has completed the sculptural office tower centrally located in the vibrant Utrecht Station Area. The 90-meter-high Central Park is named after the subtropical park that marks the city’s 45 meter line. The two-story indoor park is enclosed by a receding glass facade embracing the park like an undulating curtain. This is where employees come together to unwind, brainstorm or attend an event in a unique ecosystem overlooking the city. By making the indoor park the building’s central feature, GROUP A adds a landmark to the city’s skyline and establishes a new standard for green office buildings. Sebastian van Damme Sebastian van Damme Jordi Huisman Subtropical meeting place With a green gesture to... More

Project • By Basics ArchitectsUniversities

Green Box -Architecture Design of College

Situated in dense Mumbai, the proposed College is surrounded by an educational institute and a few housing societies. Land being premium in Mumbai, the area program demanded maximum utilization of space. The architecture of the college also needed to make an iconic statement and leave a lasting impression from its surroundings. The front face of the site faces the west and other sides offer limited views.  Considering these challenges, the building surfaces has been wrapped with a “Green” skin inter spaced with GRC jalis. The “biophilic” facade seeks to connect the building occupants more closely to nature creating a productive and healthy environment. The skin also acts as a buffer from extreme weather conditio... More

Project • By flamingo architectsExhibition Centres

ANANDALAYA : Headquarter for Dileep Industries

Client brief Client for this project is Dileep industries a renowned industry in the field of handicraft. Mr. Dileep Baid wanted a place which can showcase the roots of the company ideology and beliefs, and form a pleasant working stay for the employee and visitors. He wants natural light to penetrate every section of the office block. He aims for a building block to look like a resort. His desire to build a place of joy as the name comes Aanandalaya which he dedicated to his father Mr. Anand Baid.   concept Aanandayla is a co-operate head-quarter for Dileep industries at Jaipur, Rajasthan The concept was to build an environment which indicates or showcase of the company ideology and beliefs tightly sheltered by the material hones... More

Project • By lamatildeParks/Gardens

Villa Crespi

The goal of Villa Crespi’s restyling was to respect the building’s eclectic style while also giving it a new interpretation. By contaminating the residence’s existing features with newly designed elements, the project followed in the footsteps of past interventions, which made Villa Crespi an elegant architectural “eccentricity”.The renovation focused on Antonino Cannavacciuolo’s Michelin-starred restaurant, the cocktail bar and the garden; materials were paired in a variety of combinations, celebrating the villa’s sumptuous frame. In the restaurant, the hue of the walls was toned down and the lighting system, with the help of Filippo Cannata, overhauled to make the space cozier and more theatr... More

Project • By MaposPrivate Houses

Montagnaro House

Montagnaro House, designed by Mapos LLC, sits on 12 breathtaking acres outside of Hudson, NY. It was designed to be an extremely energy efficient and low maintenance luxury home that takes advantage of the sweeping views and connections to the outdoors in the upper Hudson Valley. The brief was to design a low-maintenance, year-round home utilizing the ultimate in green building methodologies. Connections and views to the outdoors were paramount, as well as four bedrooms to accommodate a multi-generational family, a flexible studio space and a below-grade wine cellar for winemaking. The sloping site and limited budget all created unique opportunities in the creation of a custom home that could exist comfortably off the grid. The fi... More
Aerial view
Aerial view
Proposed circular ramp and the Sculpture Garden
Sculpture Garden

Project • By M-ARCHMasterplans

Reconstruction of the Jeanne Labourbe Park

Located in Odessa, Ukraine the Jeanne Labourbe Park is a transit space between historic residential area at the level of a plateau and a predominantly industrial dock-side district by the foot of the hill. For decades the Park situated on a hillside remains an abandoned and unsafe place.The main purpose of the project is to develop the recreational and entertaining role of the Park, while preserving the elements of the unique historical environment, wildlife and the landscape. To engage the public deep into the Park we propose a set of magnets - various points of attraction for every target audience: e.g. playgrounds, sports grounds, an open-air theater, places for cultural actions, exhibitions spaces, observation decks, recreation are... More

Project • By Transform ArchitectureHotels

Mia Resort

MIA Resort is located on a coastal road linking Cam Ranh and Nha Trang in Central Vietnam. Man’s control over nature had left the site abandoned when the side of the mountain was excavated to build the road, and extensive rock and debris was thrown down the sloping site. The demand for infrastructure had short-sightedly rendered the land damaged and barren.However, the site presented an amazing development prospect as there was a private beach below the steep 35m drop from the road. Upon our first visit, we saw the site as an opportunity to return the rubble-filled area back to its natural beginnings by planting the seeds for nature to take over. Unlike most projects where architecture dominates the site taming nature, this project attempts... More

Project • By NAT OFFICE - christian gasparini architectShowrooms

SEGB - gb exhibit pavilion

The exhibit pavilion for GB Gnudi Bruno works and research on flexible and light temporary structures. it tries to represent products and technologies, involved to create extremely advanced and innovative packaging systems, that outline Bologna district worldwide known as the "packaging valley".The module as structure, with its infinite mash-up and the cardboard as material, with its layers and sides, are the generative, spatial, architectural and aesthetic elements of the project, able to witness a process that produces the containers for any product today in the world market, from syringes to biscuits.The big assembly line machines are the actors of the space but are contained inside a curtain wall of C-shaped cardboard modules that are r... More

Project • By ATG DesignApartments

“Moss on the wall” maisonette

Modern penthouse, which combines minimalist lighting fixtures and vanguard radiators with ethno elements. The color range in the interior is neutral - light gray, beige and white, contrasting the highlights in grassy green and yellow. The feeling that the dwelling creates is of spaciousness and functionality. And the owner’s desire for contact with nature is realized through the use of natural materials such as wood, stone, wool and living moss, mounted on the whole wall in the living room. More

Project • By A+DBars


A new store concept for a chain of salad bars' TUKAN.Organic, local and healthy.Main decisions:- a lot of hand writing (on boards, walls, shelf markers. TV's etc.)- eye-catching graphic,- a green wall made of salads, green leaves etc. (in an unique refrigerator with two types of lights),- lights have been chosen carefully to highlight different attributes of the offer, zone etc. (we have used 5 different types of lights),- order in VM and in communication,- great precision to utilise the place (limited space vs. great offer's differentiation),- space and surrounding utilisation (we have analysed light, consumers' flow, focal points etc to design the place and VM communication most effectively). The most important part of the concept ar... More

Product • By KonceptLady7 Floor

Lady7 Floor

The sleek and sexy Lady7 is reaching new heights. Lady7 Floor features all the same energy-efficient and minimalistic features as its desk lamp counterpart. With its swiveling and extending telescopic arm, this dynamic lamp proves that it is highly capable of shining light where you need it. More