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Project • By MAD ArchitectsPrivate Houses


MAD Completed “Gardenhouse” - its First Project in the USA MAD Architects, led by Ma Yansong, has completed “Gardenhouse,” the first project completed by MAD in the USA.   Located at 8600 Wilshire Boulevard in California’s Beverly Hills, “Gardenhouse” is a mixed-use scheme consisting of 18 residential units above ground floor commercial space. Evoking the lush landscape of Beverly Hills, the scheme becomes a “hillside village” with residential units “growing” from the building’s living green wall. Peaking above the landscaped envelope, a cluster of white façaded, irregular-shaped windows, and gabled-roof structures create a dynamic neighborhood, and a pla... More

Project • By Doo ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Villa M

The narrow lot of this property is instrumental in determining the plan for this house seeking light and views. 60 feet wide X 150 feet long the lot size renders the opportunity to create a courtyard house. Aside from the typical modern Miami home, conceptually thinking from the inside out, will be the driving force of the architecture for Villa M.A sequence of courtyards interrelate each of the spaces from front to back, creating a straight path that moves you from the entry towards the boat dock. One single corridor takes you through all the areas, from entry courtyards with green walls, to cantilever pergolas, interior sculpture courtyard, to the main vaulted ceiling living area which opens up to an infinity pool and sculptural staircase... More

Project • By FMJPC Architecture and DesignRestaurants

Marco Restaurant

The restaurant “Marco” is a refurbishment of an existing restaurant, in Largo de Santos, Lisbon, which sought to create different atmospheres in the various dining rooms. With a simple and affordable design, the only restriction to the intervention was to avoid any changes to the existing layout of the restaurant. This intervention considered the three following principles: the alteration and balance of the existing and new colours, the reorganization of the kitchen and bar areas and new furniture. After carefully analysing the existing space, the decision was made to utilise and retain the distinctive existing features of the rooms. Such as the columns, arches, dining table side fixings and the finishes on the walls.   A... More

Project • By Sergey Makhno ArchitectsOffices

Oschadbank VIP Office

Oschadbank is a national bank of Ukraine whose a strategic statement sounds as “My bank. My country”. Sergey Makhno Architects challenge was to transmit Ukrainian authenticity and culture, but move away from a strictness that financial institutions used to have. Design studio wanted to make the bank human and welcoming to people.   Sergey Makhno Architects developed a non-standard concept ‘bank as a gallery’. It’s a contemporary office design based on paintings, sculptures, art decor and lighting. Studio is proud of its handmade lamps that are created and produced for the interior. Like in a gallery, the bank ‘expositions’ can change. No strict bindings to the elements, but to the art itself.... More

Project • By Timur Designs LLPPrivate Houses

Olive Road House

Set snugly into the very steep terrain, this house hugs the natural contours of the site. In a gesture reminiscent of water pooling and streaming down the slopes of a valley, the house features a series of three ponds. Rain water collected on the roof of the house is channelled into the first and uppermost pond which overflows into a creek down the slope into the second pond, before cascading into the third one at the bottom. At each pond, the water collected is used for irrigation of the garden. The swimming pool is at the heart of this L-shape house, and the path of the rainwater channelling. In response to the existing terrain, numerous steep slopes had to be cut to accommodate the built-in components of the house. However, we... More

Product • By LIKO-SLiving Green Walls

Living Green Walls

Have you ever wondered what is it like to have a vertical garden in your office? Or terrace? Or reception? Our green wall system is easy, modular & waters itself. And the best part is that it's manufactured from recycled plastic. Do you prefer plants or veggies? It can handle everything! More

Project • By Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design, Inc.Private Houses

La Gorce Residence

La Gorce Island has always been known for its extraordinary homes, in a variety of architectural styles from Mediterranean Revival to Modern, each according to the vogue of its time. La Gorce Residence is the culmination of its neighboring contemporary mansions, as one of the largest and the most elaborate built on La Gorce Island.   The 11,000-square-foot residence is one of the 33 waterfront residences on the island, its elegant modern style fits perfectly within the Island’s aesthetics. La Gorce Residence is a specific response to a number of unique conditions; the site, the weather, the sun trajectory, the neighboring buildings, and sea-level rise, among others. The overall configuration of the project is generated by a sli... More

Project • By HAO designRestaurants

Coco Republic

A dreamlike scene set in reality, this two-story building is a fusion restaurant in Pingtung that makes chocolate ganache. Made to look like chocolates stacked upon one another, the entrance leaves a delectable trace, the fork lifting the delicious sign up cleverly serving as a resting area for guest waiting for their desserts, while special paint gave the outer walls the texture of cocoa powder. Coupled with unconventional materials such as faux rust boards and metal pipes, the building amazes even from afar. Silky as chocolate, it invades the senses and sweeps your taste buds away with its bittersweet taste.   Dividing up the chocolate cube, the inner space is sectioned into mismatched dining areas of different tones, deliberately... More

Project • By 51N4EPrivate Houses

Room in the city

The client, a family of 5, lives in an archetypical row house on a dense plot in the historic centre of Leuven. The home is transformed into a collection of connected spaces with very diverse characters: a very big, high and bright space with zenithal light becomes the centre of the project. A small adjoining brick shed is reached through a secret staircase.   The streetside room serves as a vestibule, a reception space plus storage room. The garden becomes an open air room with green walls and an oversizedwater element. The rooms are defined through a careful formulation of building elements: a floating glass-roof, a thin concrete staircase, a terrazzo floor slab, a green earth wall, a large sliding window. This collection of rooms... More

Project • By ADEPTOffices

Theodora House

The historic Carlsberg Brewery site in Copenhagen has opened to the public to become part of the city  - and is now seriously embarking on the successful transformation to a dense urban neighbourhood of its own, the Carlsberg City. Transforming many of the preserved buildings, designed by some of the best European architects of the era, the new neighbourhood is at the same time a unique cultural-historical environment and an attractive modern district. New images by Rasmus Hjortshoj shows ADEPTs contribution to the area - Theodora House - shot in a corona-closed Copenhagen.    Theodora House, named after the Carlsberg founder’s daughter, is located right beside the famous Elephants Gate and adapted in materials and sc... More

Project • By Space MatrixOffices

Space Matrix Shanghai Office

3 things that happen when designers design their own office space   As a part of our global expansion plans, Space Matrix branched out into China through the successful acquisition of Muraya last year. Our initial conversations with Muraya told us that this interior design and construction company shared a lot of our core values and cultural beliefs. Together with their talented team, we looked forward to better servicing our clients in Australia, India and Southeast Asia.   But first, we needed a gorgeous office for our newly expanded team in Shanghai. We wanted to rebrand the existing space to reflect its affiliation to the larger Space Matrix family. Moreover, the way we work has changed a lot over the last few years, and w... More

Project • By Rina LovkoWineries


We easily found a mutual language with the art director of Balthazar and reached an understanding of the audience. This made it possible to quickly outline the concept, to understand what kind of institution it would be and start the building process. The building of the Bessarabian market (a.k.a. Bessarabka) is a monument of architecture. It is under the protection of UNESCO, that is, no changes can be made. Any architectural decision should be coordinated with the administration of the building and with the city – this paperwork remains time. Therefore, the reconstruction of the premises lasted a year and a half. From the very beginning, we were faced with a limited height of arches – 1.6 meters. And this is still without wo... More

Project • By Ronald Lu & PartnersOffices

Shanghai Xujiahui Centre, Lot I & II

Located at the northwest corner of Shanghai’s Xuhui district, a prominent cultural and commercial destination, Xujiahui Centre is one of the most prestigious projects Shanghai has seen in recent times. The project comprises four comprehensive developments with a total gross floor area at 61,885.6sq.m.. The project’s “Plot One” was nominated to this award entry, acting as an introduction to this high-profile project. Plot One has a gross floor area of around 30,000 sq.m. and the project’s strategic plan and design envisions commercial offices on top of a two-storey podium containing a shopping mall.   The project was designed to establish connections between the existing neighbourhood and t... More

Project • By Studio MerakiPrivate Houses

Villa at Jaypee Greens

The client brief for the interiors of this villa was pretty simple as he wanted to use this villa for relaxation over the weekends along with this family. Hence the intent was set straight from the beginning to use finishes requiring less maintenance and keeping everything very basic and uncluttered as the villa would be used only once in a week. Also, his aesthetic appeal resonated to being very clean, contemporary and minimalistic with prominence on whites/hues of light colour with absolutely  no usage of any bold jarring colours or motifs anywhere. Design Concept : The villa has been based on the concept of Biophilic design since the very aim of the client is to come here for leisure and rejuvenation. Biophilic design emphasizes h... More

Project • By DLNHousing


The Project calls for a sustainable high-end residential building at mid-level west. The building is 48-storey high providing 123 typical units and 4 simplex units on top three floors. There is no car parking provided.   Environmental building design includes the use of insulated glass unit (IGU) with low-E coating for all habitable areas and the incorporation of external sun-shading devices on the builidng facades to minimize heat gain. Most of the typical units are designed to allow for cross-ventilation for better indoor air quality. Precast concrete facades are employed in the construction to minimize material waste and for better quality control through off-site fabrication.   The building is so designed and positioned so... More