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Project • By IN-EXPATApartments

Bukit Panjang Apartment

While different in personalities, the two brothers share a preference for a minimalist home with distinct elements. For the design of this 400m2 5-room resale apartment in Singapore, we proposed the use of the colour black as a thematic element given its toned-down masculine and modern qualities. The colour is strategically balanced with other contrasting blocks of colour such as blues and browns to break up the otherwise claustrophobic effect, creating spatial highlights against the overall neutral backdrop. Minimalist yet sensuous, the design also addresses the homeowners’ storage needs and aesthetic tastes without feeling too confined. For one of the brothers who is passionate about cooking, additional storage spaces were created t... More

Project • By LOOK ArchitectsResidential Landscape

St. George's Tower (Kallang Whampoa 21)

Community Housing in Kallang Whampoa is a HDB Built To Order (HDB BTO) housing project located at Kallang Whampoa and consists of 3 blocks of 32-34 storey high-rise apartments, a multi-storey carpark (MSCP), and a purpose-built Active Aging Hub, which is the first of its kind in a housing estate in Singapore. This project features a rich matrix of well-integrated shared spaces filled with vibrancy and diversity that make a positive contribution to the experience of living in the heartlands. The project is sensitively designed to fit in with the urban fabric, maintaining a high degree of porosity and openness in spite of high density. This porosity is further enhanced with cycling paths that connect to the nearby Park Connector Network. Gree... More

Project • By G8A Architecture & Urban PlanningApartments


Located in the north east of Singapore, “GreenRidges” is conceived as a slice of nature nestled within the urban fabric of Singapore. Part of the “LEAF WITHIN OUR CITY IN A GARDEN” of Tampines Town the project is covering an approximate site area of 70’000m2. The design concept for this 2’000 units public housing development was inspired by the Asia stone forest, giving the project a unique identity.   One of the key features of the design is the Greenery network and social spaces linking the upper Environmental Deck and the Green Canyon area at ground level.   The green canyon is part of the green tapestry connecting residents in the precinct to the future boulevard park. It is a lush green and well-shaded linear space running the leng... More