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NewsNews • 7 Feb 2023

Housing project Domus Houthaven in Amsterdam delivered

In Amsterdam, housing project Domus Houthaven has been commissioned. The block consists of several volumes that offer a total of 235 studio apartments. In order to use the modest living area (from 43 to 60 square meters) as efficiently as possible, functions such as the sleeping quarters, kitchen and sanitary facilities are housed in a "smart core". Domus Houthaven is aimed at one- and two-person households, report Shift architecture urbanism, Synchroon and ...,staat, who developed the housing concept. In addition to their own apartments, residents will have collective facilities such as a shared living and work room and (on the fifth floor) a cooking studio, guesthouse and roof terrace. The plinth will include a nursery, a gym and a caf&e... More

Project • By ANA architectsApartments


Hooghout is a residential building that was a joint private commission developed by the construction group Het Hooghout. The building contains homes, a commercial space and an underground car park. ANA architects / Luuk Kramer Hooghout is a communal residential project for 22 households, each with its own requirements, possibilities and compositions. The low building element on the Ridderspoorweg offers room for short-stay apartments with hotels, restaurants and bars in the plinth. ANA architects / Luuk Kramer Hooghout stands for synergy; the whole is more than the sum of its parts. There was a lot of room in the entire design process for personal requirements, for large and small, high and low, shell and finished off. However,... More

NewsNews • 19 Dec 2022

KCAP punctuates the heart of Amsterdam with a stepped residential ensemble

The Twins, a residential complex in the heart of Amsterdam, was completed in October by the international design firm KCAP. Comprising two rugged volumes planned around a shared public courtyard, the Twins is a part of the redevelopment of a former Shell site in Amsterdam-Noord into a new destination for living, learning, and working. Ossip van Duivenbode Built on two L-shaped plots, the structures needed to match the scale of the surrounding development. Moreover, the prominent location also required a compelling architectural statement. Ossip van Duivenbode Taking cues from the name the Twins, the architects paired the two volumes architecturally and conceptually. An L-shaped plan that widens at the ground level and ta... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerHousing

Qulumbus in Klaus

With a view to careful redensification, we are building the Qulumbus residential and commercial building in the center of the Vorarlberg municipality of Klaus. The project consists of two different structures, connected by an underground garage. Albrecht I. Schnabel The street-facing three-story, crystalline cube houses commercial areas on the first floor and eight rental apartments above. The smaller rear building contains another four apartments. Albrecht I. Schnabel The buildings are constructed of solid wood. Only the base and ceilings are made of reinforced concrete, the exterior walls and gable roof are entirely build of wood. The facade is clad with dark glazed wooden slats. The light wood of the window frames and the wal... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerHousing

Erlenstraße in Lochau

On the loosely built-up outskirts of the Lake Constance community of Lochau, we have built a modern residential quarter. In close cooperation with the municipality, the design advisory board and the neighbours, we achieved a careful and well thought-out densification. Spread over four buildings, we created 20 light-flooded flats with generous outdoor spaces. Albrecht I. Schnabel Different typologies provide a high-quality home for singles, couples and families. Built in sustainable timber construction, the buildings blend harmoniously into the existing residential area on Lake Constance. All flats are lit on at least two sides, and on the top floors even on three sides. The common access platforms covers an inner courtyard which, like... More

Project • By Atelier Architecture Vincent Parreira - AAVPApartments

When wood shapes Paris

A simple but essential question guides the conception of Tolbiac: what is housing? Housing should elevate the individual to the rank of inhabitant of the world, install a home and in the city, connect to yesterday and tomorrow, let us contemplate the near and distant elsewhere, structure our views, let us touch the mineral and the woody, the light and the dark, be caressing and rough, clear and blurred, welcoming like a hotel and simple like a shelter, make us big and small at the same time. Luc Boegly A good housing building would know how to calm the metropolitan agitation without extinguishing it, how to make a private salon and a public place, how to be both a hut and a palace, how to cultivate the good life and let the weeds grow... More

Project • By Architects Group RAUMApartments


Gathering, building a house, and living there together is like a dream of our life. Be that as it may, we are witnessing more and more houses are built for various purposes over time. Nevertheless, it is too difficult to gather all potential occupants so as for them to build a house by reflecting all opinions and needs of themselves. Particularly, any house where many families gather to live in downtown must be built as a multi-household housing type which is commonly called a “villa” in Korea. These houses often boil down to monotonous buildings by the land size, circumstances, or construction cost. For all that, “Mo-yeo-ga,” (which means a “Gathering House”) is to fulfill the romantic dream of a house i... More

Project • By COMA ArquitecturaApartments

2 Housing Units in Gracia

DEL RIO BANI Location: Gracia District, Barcelona Area: 380 m² Year: 2021 Promoter: Private Architecture: COMA Arquitectura Photographs: © DEL RIO BANI DEL RIO BANI DEL RIO BANI Residential self-promoted building in Gràcia’s District, consisting of four levels with two duplex housing units and shared entry and parking spaces. The ground floor is occupied by one apartment with access to a large patio at the end of the plot, and on the second floor we find the other apartment with a green terrace in the building’s rooftop. Every housing unit has cross ventilation and maximum sunlight exposure. DEL RIO BANI DEL RIO BANI DEL RIO BANI DEL RIO BANI DEL RIO BANI Caption... More

Project • By ANA architectsHousing

Robin Wood

Robin Wood is coming to Centrumeiland in IJburg, Amsterdam: a high-quality urban block ‘cut from wood’ that embraces a tiny forest. A striking beacon that forms a playful, open connection between a lively city street and a pleasant residential neighbourhood. Here a free-living environment is created, where the green invites you to move. The building is like the trees; made of wood, self-sufficient and circular. Its modular construction enables both large and small, flexible reconfigurable, and linkable dwellings which are easily adaptable over time. Robin Wood gives something back to the island’s residents and invites them to contribute to their own living environment. Beauty and the Bit Add new meaning Robin Wood... More

Project • By 2STORM creative agencyApartments

ALPINA Residential Complex

The underlying concept of the complex is "play of silhouettes", where the natural landscape is intertwined with an artificial volume created by an architect. 2STORM creative agency This form is comparable to the existing landscape and the highway, which creates a certain dynamics and romanticism of the area. 2STORM creative agency When we were working with the facade, the requirement for air conditioning was taken into account. The idea of the facade "pattern" was generated, which was then transferred to its surface. 2STORM creative agency Thus, we have obtained a texture that does not contradict, but emphasizes the complex silhouette. 2STORM creative agency We tried to stay away from the traditional development of n... More


Madrigal 16 Residential Complex

Harmony between Architecture and Nature Located in the northeast of Madrid, in the exclusive Puerta de Hierro colony, the project includes four residential blocks with two apartmentes in the ground floor, a first floor apartmente and two duplex penthouses. These redidences offer large spaces, balconies, a private swiming pool and gardens, designed to ensuer privacy in all rooms. The project also has common areas, such as a community pool, gymnasium and underground parking with direct access to each of the blocks. Alfonso Quiroga Alfonso Quiroga The façades have been designed with dynamic structures, whic create moving shapes, in order to achieve harmony and integration with the environment. The large glass windows, the ba... More

Project • By KHR ArchitectureResidential Landscape


Kirsebærhaven on the outskirts of Copenhagen is a new type of apartment building developed by KHR. The dwellings are interwoven to create alternating entrances and gardens in the facade. This gives a social and visual dimension to the development, which naturally creates social interaction. Caption The cherry orchard is located on a rural plot, between town and countryThe location means easy access to Amager's large natural areas such as Amager Fælled, Ørestaden and Amager Strand. In addition, there are several attractive schools in the area, easy access to both the metro, the Øresund motorway and the airport. You get both the qualities of the city and nature within a bike ride. Between the low-rise blocks o... More

Project • By MOIZApartments


Located on one of Valencia’s main avenues, connecting the city centre with the sea, the building occupies an awaiting plot of land with ideal conditions. A perfect rectangle, with its long sides facing 2 streets although with a very limited surface area of 200sqm.  Alejandro Gomez The program which wasn’t totally defined at the beginning, comes from the desire to respond to the plot’s ideal conditions and possibilities.  Alejandro Gomez The architectural intention that determined the layout tries to optimise the use of land and maximize the entry of light. Locating the access core in the middle divides the plot in two and minimises the common areas. Each half is divided again in two obtaining 4 units,... More

Project • By AllesWirdGutApartments

REI – Quartier du Parc Reimerwee, Kirchberg (LU)

Building a family Father, mother, child. Like a prototypical family, two large and two small buildings combine into an ensemble accommodating a total of 94 residential units in Kirchberg, Luxembourg City. Two stretched-out linear buildings in the Quartier du Parc Réimerwee are located on the north-eastern edge of a new development area, with the north-western side lined by Boulevard Konrad Adenauer. To the south, the complex opens up to Parc Réimerwee. Two point-block buildings complete the ensemble, creating an architectural quartet of individualized buildings. The differentiation of the built volumes makes for a heterogeneous, varied appearance of the total complex in the Quartier du Parc Réimerwee—like differe... More

Project • By Brusnika Company, RussiaHousing

A city within the city

The Northern Quarter is a new housing estate in the northern-eastern part of    Yekaterinburg. Located in a residential area, the plot neighbours high-rises, private cottages, production facilities and garages.    Caption The master plan from the Dutch LEVS Architecten restores the historical grid of streets, disrupted by industrial and private construction, aligns it and creates a rich environment based on the ‘city within the city’ principle, with variously sized and designed houses, a square, an avenue, numerous shopping facilities and amenities. Brusnika was the project’s contractor and developer.    Dmitry Chebanenko Andrew Kuskalo Houses with sections of varying heights... More