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Project • By hcreatesRestaurants

Rock Bund Bakery

Luneurs Rockbund is located in one of the most distinguished and historic areas of Shanghai, The Bund. The restaurant and bakery is found on Level one of the National Y.W.C.A Building, a beautiful piece of heritage Architecture completed in 1933. hcreates interior design For this space, we explored the concept of “utility”. A design adhering to an unfussy, minimalistic, and useful aesthetic. We took note of the ornamental Architecture of the bund and the Y.W.C.A Building itself and wanted to create a space that complemented, rather than competed with the heritage features. hcreates interior design   The concept was influenced by the humble aesthetic of utilitarian spaces, these areas tending to discard elements... More

Project • By IndiesalonBars

Dosan Precision, Seoul

Dosan Precision explores the subtle connection between a precision factory and a dining bar, drawing inspiration from this combination to create a unique space. This connection can be found in the way small components complete the motion of a machine and how small ingredients complete a dish, emphasizing the shared values of engineers and chefs. Donggyu kim As a dining bar, Dosan Precision offers high-quality cuisine using carefully selected ingredients. Chefs treat even small ingredients with great care and attention, similar to how small components are meticulously crafted in a precision factory. To reflect the industrial elements, Dosan Precision's interior incorporates features typically found in factories. Metal structures, stee... More

NewsNews • 24 Aug 2023

New Helsinki Heat Pump Building integrates seamlessly with the industrial landscape

The Vuosaari Heat Pump Building in Helsinki, Finland, was completed by Finnish architectural studio Virkkunen & Co Architects. The building is a key part of Finnish energy company Helen Ltd’s drive towards carbon-neutral energy production by 2030. Its design enjoys a seamless integration with the surrounding industrial landscape.  Tuomas Kivinen Tuomas Kivinen The new heat pump building is located on an existing power plant site in east Helsinki, close to Vuosaari Harbour and the Baltic Sea. It sits adjacent to two dominant Vuosaari power plants, both designed by Virkkunen & Co Architects: power plant A (1987) and power plant B (1998). “The new building is a simple box that fits into the existing... More

Project • By Pedro GeraldesOffices

POC Régua

Having to diminish que quantity of resources that we extract from the soil, it's mandatory that new buildings start to use more and more existing materials and structures.This building, located in Peso da Régua, in a beautiful area of the Douro region (UNESCO World Heritage), was my second approach (after POC Caldeirão) to the use of second-hand shipping containers as the core structure, with the effort of turning it's final image into a qualified and contextualized work. Paulo Alexandre Coelho The landscape of the Douro River, near Régua, is clearly marked by morphological elements with enormous character, namely the vineyards and the terraces that support them. Stone buildings that define strong and overlapping... More

NewsNews • 23 Jun 2023

BURR Studio reimagines a former industrial warehouse as a bright live–work home

The redesign of MRT, a former industrial warehouse, is part of an initiative called "Elements for Industrial Recovery”. Established by Madrid-based BURR Studio, the project works to protect Madrid’s industrial heritage with an architectural intervention that proposes alternative uses for obsolete industrial buildings. Maru Serrano BURR Studio describes industrial activity in the center of Madrid as a sector very much in decline over the past 30 years, fearing the situation will result in “a foreseeable disappearance.” A range of aggravating factors are exacerbating the problem (albeit some of these factors are necessary): an explosive rise in property values, noise and environmental protection measures, inc... More

NewsNews • 18 May 2023

Milan's Open 336 presents an extroverted architecture focused on well-being in the office environment

In Viale Sarca, Milan, the Open 336 project by Park Associati offers modern and functional offices that incorporate a reinterpretation of the industrial identity of the surrounding neighborhood. This reinterpretation of industrial history is sensitive to its context while integrating sustainable building technologies and putting forth a contemporary architectural twist.  Lorenzo Zandri Situated in Milan's largely industrial Biococca District, the surrounding architecture features a series of large early twentieth-century production plants of the former Breda Division. In a gesture to the surrounding grain of infrastructure, this new office addition features a terracotta-colored fiber cement facade and regularly spaced large w... More

Project • By ON-AApartments

Torre el Rengle II

Después de la buena acogida que recibió el primer encargo (Torre el Rengle I), Sorigué apostó de nuevo por la experiencia de ON-A en la construcción de un segundo edificio residencial, siguiendo el mismo lenguaje y proyección que se había impulsado en el anterior proyecto para la ciudad de Mataró. Es por ello que el nuevo edificio sigue la línea geométrica de su antecesor: un volumen donde la singularidad queda definida por la sinuosidad de sus curvas y la horizontalidad de las franjas blancas de GRC.   Eficiencia y sostenibilidadPara garantizar la sostenibilidad del proyecto, se ha optado por el uso de materiales que consiguen la eficiencia energética y ac&... More

Project • By ON-AApartments

The Crown Tower

The Crown Tower, a uniquely designed luxury residential high-rise that will be a new urban landmark in Taipei City. The building, called The Crown is located in the Datong District of Taipei (Taiwan), a privileged area due to its proximity to major transport hubs such as the HSR Taipei Station and where several high-rise buildings will be constructed in the near future. This new urban intervention in the area will be an important development point for the future of Taipei. Caption Considering the site’s existing characteristics and its great future projection, the developer, Kingland Property Corporation, aimed to create a unique residential landmark, providing a differentiating and impactful architecture for the surroundings.... More

NewsNews • 1 Mar 2023

Almeira Fish Market by Estudio Acta provocatively connects industrial processes with the city

In Almeira, Spain, the new Fish Market and South Area Remodeling at Roquetas de Mart Port  creates new synergies with the city via a dynamic grouping of uses within a new single volume. Freeing the site of old buildings, the unified design by Estudio Acta contains a fish market, restaurant, commercial premises, and facilities rooms. Fernando Alda Fotografía For those in the industry, the workings of the fish market are an expert process executed with the precision of a modern and functional machine. The Fish Market’s main floor is a direct result of this, carefully programmed to accommodate work cycles and functional flows from fish at the dock to the product’s departure by truck. Alongside processing opera... More

Project • By CP Kukreja ArchitectsFactories


Perto is a leading Brazilian Multinational Corporation, one of the world's largest ATM manufacturers. When Perto decided to build its first factory in India, the company wanted to create a solid architectural statement. Following the client brief, the aim was to develop an industrial architecture that elevates the architectural quality to an attractive ensemble of built forms rather than unimaginative industrial boxes. For a project that relies heavily on ergonomics and functionality, a band of exposed bricks on the lower edge of the building was laid, similar to the company's Headquarters in Gravatai, Brazil. Although the project is an industrial facility, aesthetics and the functionality were given equal weightage in the design. Lucas... More

Project • By Abu Zubair PartnersPrivate Houses

Lembayung Senja House

Lembayung Senja (aka twilight) a beautiful moment when a day ended through the setting sun.  Moment beauty translated in the form of a house with a warm, relaxing & calming atmosphere.  The room scenery that can relieve fatigue after a day of activities. Caption The owner wants to take advantage of the garden land & park which is poorly mantained and have only 3.7 meters wide, the position faces sunset (west) & the ground level drops about 1 meter from road level. Caption Combining steel & concrete structure, this 2-storey house has a height of 7 meters, the building is only as high as a 1-story house in general.  The facade uses exposed bricks with planter boxes for vines as well as "krepyak" door... More

Project • By Material Works ArchitectureApartments

Hoxton Apartment

Level Apartment is a residential fit-out of an apartment within an industrial building in Hoxton, London. The design uses level changes, sliding walls and transparency to host a range of activities in a single flowing space. A concise material palette of oak and ceramics create clear and simple forms that accentuate the scale of the existing form, while also offering a warm contrast to the concrete shell. Material Works _ Fred Howarth Material Works _ Fred Howarth The design replaced a more cellular layout, characterised by dingy back rooms, no storage and no space for home-working. The new design overcomes these problems by re-positioning the kitchen at the heart of a full depth open space benefitting from existing perimeter gla... More

Project • By gibertandtanOffices

BBR Headquarter

This 94,440 square-foot building, located in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, consists of a three-story office space adjacent to a fully equipped warehouse respectively constructed of reinforced concrete and steel structure. Caption Caption Gibert&Tan, who was tasked with designing this new office-slash-warehouse, decided that the only way to address the dichotomic qualities inherent to the design brief (almost irreconcilable in language and character), was to embrace them and specifically in their terms. Gibert opted for acceptance: “the decision to carry forward the pitched geometry of the warehouse to the office component implied a strong alternative to typical ‘boxes’ you often see in such context”,... More

Project • By Studio ZungOffices

RVCA Headquarters

The master plan and design for the RVCA HQ in Costa Mesa, California came together by incorporating a 360-design integration to mirror PM Tenore’s, RVCA’s founder’s vision. The design is inclusive of all aspects of design, marketing, sample production as well as a RVCA gallery, indoor and outdoor skate park, music studio, and friends and family store. Caption Caption Caption Caption More

Project • By spillmann echsle architektenRestaurants

Halle 550, Zurich-Oerlikon

The historical ABB halls in Oerlikon are significant architectural reminders of Zurich’s industrial past. Their proximity to the business and residential quarters of Neu-Oerlikon gives them greater importance. In accordance with a revision of the special building regulations, the building is now being preserved and for the most part placed under protection.  The halls are being renovated, reinforced and technically improved with great care and attention to the existing structure in anticipation of their use for public events and large gatherings. The building’s industrial charm will be maintained. In consultation with the historical preser­vation authorities, interior modifications are based on the principle of con... More