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Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerOffices

DC3 Tower

The tower in Vienna’s Donauplatte area complements the towers DC 1 and DC 2 by Dominique Perrault and offers 832 apartments for temporary living. The 100-meter-high building is connected on several levels to the existing Donaucity quarter as well as to the transport network via public plazas and paths. The projections of the three-dimensionally warped façade elements correspond to cozy alcoves, which frame the view of the Danube and the city in every room. Dietrich Untertrifaller Urban Context The narrow property – hardly more than a traffic island, surrounded by Wagramerstraße, motorway access and underground line – presented us with great planning challenges. But the attractive location on the Danube... More

Project • By Cosimo ScotucciLaboratories


Water is abundant on Earth, 71% of the planet' surface is covered by oceans.Unfortunately this water is too salty to be used for drinking, hygiene, agriculture or even for the industrial process, in fact: Water scarcity is one of the most pressing issues of our time. "Goal 6: Ensure access to water and sanitation for all" of the United Nation's 17 SDGs tackles this issue, defining an agenda to give access to fresh water to millions of people in the upcoming 5 to 20 years. Is it possible to transform the oceans in immense fresh water reservoirs? Is it possible to make it with a carbon neutral process? Caption DH2OME is a game-changing infrastructure that aims to provide gallons of fresh water every day where is most needed. Many of... More

NewsNews • 6 May 2021

Europe’s first 3D printed house completed in the Netherlands

A consortium of the government, knowledge institutions and industry came together to develop the new technology with the dream of solving the housing shortage in the Netherlands. Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) conducted research and developed the BIM models to print. The concrete mortar needed for 3D printing was developed by Saint-Gobain Weber Beamix, and together with TU/e developed the printing technology. The municipality of Eindhoven co-initiated and facilitated the project. Bart van Overbeeke “With this small building, a first major step has been taken today in the development of construction into a high-quality manufacturing industry. From design to implementation, digitalization leads to sustainable and affo... More

Project • By Spark ChicagoOffices


DMA provides distribution solutions to multi-unit restaurants and institutional operators through their national food distribution system. A tour path through their new office nods to the highways DMA’s distribution networks use each day and celebrates the origins of DMA’s history. More

Project • By Vittorio Grassi Architetto and PartnersRural

Podere Bedano

The property, an antique Tuscan farm whose original nucleus dates back to 1712, lies near Casale Marittimo, a small town of the Alta Maremma, located 10 km inland from the sea. The challenge was to introduce and involve minimal and contemporary architectural elements in an environment rich in nature and tradition. The solution adopted to achieve this objective has been to maintain as much as possible the vernacular architecture of Maremma using local technologies and materials for the external envelope, juxtaposing minimal design and clean interiors. The help of local workers during the construction phase has been crucial for plugging the building in the landscape and environment context and to respect local architectural traditions. Act... More

Project • By Vittorio Grassi Architetto and PartnersRestaurants

Le Mirazur Bar and Restaurant

The project restored and converted a 1950’s building into a restaurant bar with banquets rooms, staff accommodation and a garden with aromatic herbs. The main restaurant room and a small servery are located at street level. Façades were reshaped with wider openings, in order to allow for more transparency and a better panoramic seaview .Fabric awnings projecting out of the external envelope are dynamic elements that emphasize again the lightness of the new structure and make the building look as a vessel ready to sail. The respect for the nature of the site is achieved by using only a few coherent materials and simple finishes like white render and fabric awnings, local flamed stone, transparent glass, grey paintedsteel with... More

Project • By Vittorio Grassi Architetto and PartnersOffices

Porta Romana 19

The redevelopment of the building, with the entrance from Corso di Porta Romana 19 within the historical center of Milan, represents an innovation for the way of approach and the design sensitivity, making a perfect synthesis between historical tradition and contemporary design. The intervention completely renews the building by creating a new glass roof in a contemporary language, harmoniously fitting into the historical context and respecting the architecture of the building underneath. The characteristic features of the intervention are the redesign of the internal facades, the new loggia on the penultimate floor and the new glass structure on the roof. The latter, born from the demolition and reconstruction of the existing pitched roo... More

Project • By Vittorio Grassi Architetto and PartnersOffices

XII Ottobre

The property is located close to the historic center of Genoa, in the center of the Piccapietra district near the court and Piazza De Ferrari, an area mainly characterized by the presence of office buildings with commercial activities, a few hundred meters from the historic center and from the Old Port. The intervention upgrades the distribution spaces, the existing facades and the attic floor with a qualitative, balanced and sustainable solution. The project is based on the fundamental and indispensable principles of any ideal office: natural light, healthy air and a safe and secure environment. From the outside, you can perceive how the retrofitting project envisaged quality functional and architectural choices. The central element of t... More

Project • By Vittorio Grassi Architetto and PartnersOffices

Cassala 22

The building is located in Viale Cassala 22 in Milan in an urban area close to the railway where managerial, residential and commercial activities coexist. The Project provides a series of interventions that want to renew the internal and external aspects of the property, while maintaining its offices use. The project involves the renovation of the building envelope, the construction of a volumetric expansion on the back of the existing building of 862.59 sqm of SLP and the general renovation of the electrical and mechanical systems, as well as various interior refurbishment works such as the construction of a new entrance hall on the ground floor which allows indoor access to the six levels of offices. The existing facade made of ribbon... More

Product • By PolygroupRaised access floor Gamaflor Pac finished with carpet

Raised access floor Gamaflor Pac finished with carpet

POLYGROUP has developed and designed the technology and necessary processes to offer raised access flooring systems carpet finished from factory. It is commonly used when an acoustic floor covering is needed mostly in office spaces, cultural buildings, theaters, auditoriums, etc. The raised floor system carpet finished from factory allows full accessibility to the space underfloor (plenum) from each panel individually without removing the carpet, as each raised access floor panel is independent and accessible.  There is a wide range of carpets marketed by POLYGROUP as well as colour availability that will inspire the most innovative design concept in the building. The system is composed of high density chipboard panels and steel in s... More

Project • By SN(Sajjad Navidi)Waterways/Wetlands

Penguins Protection System

GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE Climate change has warmed the planet and disrupted ecosystem cycles in nature. One of these problems is the rapid melting of polar ice caps, which has serious consequences for the environment and the future of mankind. One of the major concerns of melting polar ice caps is the risk of extinction of many animals, including penguins. The presence of ice is vital for their life and spawning. Melting ice also reduces the penguins' food. Thousands of emperor penguin chicks drowned when the sea-ice on which they were being raised was destroyed in severe weather. The catastrophe occurred in 2016 in Antarctica's Weddell Sea.   IDEATION PROCESS   "penguins protection system" consists of:   1. IGLOO (Inspi... More

Project • By WOOD-SKINShops


Iuter, the Milan based street-wear brand has just opened a new store in the city of Ibiza. After a successful collaboration between WOOD-SKIN, Mammafotogramma, and Iuter in the flagship-store in Milan, they decided to work again with us and create a second space with the same high end and dynamic aesthetic, the signature of WOOD-SKIN material.  More
The much-needed introverted corner at work
Secluded Meeting Rooms with Glass Partition to maintain openness
An ideal Meeting Room with the twist of vibrant colors
Spacious corridors to maintain free-flow of people in the office
A cafeteria designed to give the perfect space to chill and collaborate

Project • By ZyetaOffices


The design for the global IT firm’s Pune workplace--built in collaboration with Zyeta-- radiates the company’s innovative, creative and forward-thinking culture, spread out over an entire floor. It offers a careful, yet seamless division between the main floor and service areas. The workstations and Offshore Dedicated Centers (ODC’s) are balanced uniformly on the floor. This makes it an ideal fit for an organization that often demands creativity and innovation in its workplace designhe wedge-shaped floorplate, with boxes inside, offers a marked sense of differentiation from the previously-built office interiors. The glazing is placed on one side, which ensures a healthy supply of natural light inside—benefitting the... More

Project • By Matern ArchitektenOffices

Mafinex Technology Center

The new MAFINEX Technology Centre is one of the most important building blocks of innovation promotion for the Mannheim Economic Development Agency to support the transfer of research and development to products and services. Embedded in the master plan Glückstein-Quartier, the technology centre has taken up its new location between the University and the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. The building structures delimit courtyard areas and open outdoor facilities with trees and squares. This has created the vital fabric of a campus that activates the communication of the founders of new businesses. The basic comfort is provided by a concrete core tempering of the massive ceilings in summer and winter. A climate control facade co... More

Project • By MOSO Bamboo ProductsCities

Renovation City Centre Leverkusen

In 2018, the German city of Leverkusen decided to refurnish the pedestrian zone in the Opladen district. As early as 2017, benches from various suppliers had been installed for test purposes. Finally the district council agreed on Wetz benches made of Bamboo X-treme®beams in combination with steel elements due to their high robustness and durability. The district representatives not only appreciate the practical advantages of bamboo, but also its elegant appearance. At the same time, the city of Leverkusen is pleased to have chosen an innovative product and thus to be ahead of other municipalities. More