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Project • By Clear LightingHotels

Kimpton Margot Sydney

Kimpton Margot Sydney is one of Sydney's most exquisite Art Deco buildings. The inspiration comes from the necessity of highlighting the art deco features of the original design, with a subtle lighting scheme that would discreetly dialogue with details. The main challenge of the project was to provide a single family of products that could be declined for different requirements and provide a consistent perception of the areas throughout the hotel. Quality, reduced lead time, competitive price point, and warm dim technology also played an important role in the product selection. The lighting solution includes general indirect illumination for the main lobby with F22 high output installed in the mezzanine bulkhead to small details in bars and... More

Project • By Clear LightingShopping Centres

Central Department Store

Central Department Store, the number one brand of shopping mall in Thailand, always gives fresh and classy shopping experience to the customer. With the almost 40 branches in the country, Central Department Store Ladprao branch is the second popular branch with 180,000 visitors each day. But this branch has been established since 1983, the renovation has done from time to time until the newest in 2021. Caption Futuristic Beauty is the concept for the cosmetic and lady department. Double layers of decoration lighting have been installed to create a modern stunning but the design must not interrupt the general light which is necessary for identify the correct color of the goods. Low resolution media bar on the first layer blend into the... More

Product • By Clear LightingColorful Jacket Lighting Solutions

Colorful Jacket Lighting Solutions

The colorful jacket series offers you a thoughtful choice to spruce up LED flex linear in custom Pantone color, which is friendly for the designer to apply to the surroundings of all kinds, ending up with harmonious and agreeable décor at all times. The bright-colored finish makes the outlook conspicuous, while the black finish presents an understated beauty. All are engineered to play a role that you set up for it, contributing to adding a splash of color to your lighting project throughout the day. More

Product • By Clear LightingSafeGlo™ Explosion-proof Lighting Solution

SafeGlo™ Explosion-proof Lighting Solution

Safeglo™ Ex LED Flexible Strip Light is fully encapsulated by silicone. The silicone extruded housing insulates the light from any external ignition sources. Small as it might be, the flexible LED light easily copes with various complex environments when combined with purpose-built accessories. The explosion-proof light fixture distributes consistent and continuous light, ensuring a safe and well-lit environment.Packing 20 rigorous safety tests and certifications under the belt, the light strip is built for indoor and outdoor hazardous environment across petroleum, chemical, mining, and other industries. Able to attach to a wall or beam, or fit nearly in resesses or suspension. Perfect for hazardous conditions including coal mines, t... More

Project • By Clear LightingShopping Centres

Yessong road No.168

On Yessong road No.168, Flexglo™ F15 LED neon flex lights run along the street property to provide illumination and outline the structure. The continuous, curved bright lighting makes the building more distinctly recognizable and adds more expansiveness to the area.  More

Project • By Clear LightingOffices

Travel agency in Küssnacht am Rigi

A travel agency in Küssnacht am Rigi, Switzerland installed FlexgloTM F22 to brighten the stairs in three floors. The customer wanted no LED driver or cable between the floors. F22 flexible lights are available in two bending options and makes an easy fit to the curved walls. Only 3 power supply is needed for this installation, one for each floor. The 4000K color temperature enables the lighting to go well with the natural sunlight coming through the window during morning or afternoon hours.  More

Project • By Clear LightingPrivate Houses

Private house in Bettingen

A residence owner from Bettingen, Switzerland chose FlexgloTM F15 LED lights to light up his garden and provide illumination for the parking lot below. To make the lighting as discreet as possible, F15 LED are mounted on the upper frame of the building without the cable being visible. The customer went with RGB colors in order to host various themed parties or events in the garden. More

Project • By Clear LightingCare Homes

Retirement Home Indoor Water Fountain

Inside the lobby of a retirement home in Bettlach, Switzerland flows a stunning illuminated water feature. Adding lighting to the water fountain proves tricky. For one thing it is hard to pick the right lighting angle because visitors or guests from all directions could lay their eyes on the feature upon entering. For another, the 3-storey high crusading waterfall offers limited options for LED lights as most fountain LEDs are unable to uplight or downlight far or high enough. Analyzing the space, the project engineer decided to go with linear led lights. As a result, two strips of 4-meter long FlexgloTM F15 flexible lights are installed on the pillar inside the waterfall. The well-placed lights excel in creating visual interest and highlig... More

Project • By Clear LightingResidential Landscape

Club House

Club House is located in Amsterdam, Holland. FlexgloTM F21 LED light strips are installed in the underside of the roof verge, which not only highlights the structure of the roof, but also creates a stunning wall-washing effect. The light fixture's domed lighting surface mean it could radiate at a beam angle up to 160 degrees and enables the light spread wider out on the lawn. The luminaire has many RGB color options so that the owner can celebrate different occasions and events. More

Project • By Clear LightingHotels

Bellagio Shanghai

Bellagio Shanghai is Bellagio’s only second luxury hotel in the world. For luxury projects like this, the interior design team never skimped on lighting details. They chose a wide array of Clear lights as part of their grand lighting scheme. Starting with the water feature of the entrance, Flexglo™ F22 LED lights are installed inside the concrete basin, giving the smooth pebbles and crusading water a shining look. Plus F22 light strips are IP68 rated, meaning it is watertight even against the effect of immersion in water under pressure for long periods.  Caption Inside the hotel lobby, Flexglo™ F1 LED lights are mounted invisibly on both sides of the staircases to produce indirect lighting so that the marbled s... More

Project • By Clear LightingMosques

Al Azhar Mosque

Founded in AD 970 as the centrepiece of the newly created Fatimid city, Al Azhar is one of Cairo’s earlier mosques, and its sheikh is considered the highest theological authority for Egyptian Muslims. As part of the Fatimid architecture illumination project, Flexglo™ F15 LED lights are mounted on the top of the wall to light up the hollowed-out floral patterns, a element to traditional Islamic architecture. Also, the light strips are mounted on one minaret, outlining the structure of the tower.  The added lighting provided by Clear Lighting is designed to extend the mosque’s daytime grandeur into nighttime, turning it into a symbol of the city and adorning its skyline. In the same time, it helps the worshipers have a... More
men's restroom

Project • By Clear LightingAirports

Changi Airport Terminal 4

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4 is the fifth passenger terminal at Singapore Changi Airport. Flexglo™ F15 LED lights are installed in the recesses both in the men’s restroom and women’s.     Nestled in a corner of Terminal 4, known as the Heritage Zone, the lady’s restroom is complete with all the modern amenities. The F15 cove lights are mounted up in the ceiling to complement the bright pedant lights. The continuous linear lighting overhead makes the interior look longer and larger, which could provide some visual comfort for the travelers who are queuing up. Caption Inside the men’s restroom, F15 light strips are installed up in the cove above the urinal to indirectly illuminate the wood... More

Project • By Clear LightingParks/Gardens

Wild Twister in Ocean Park

Ocean Park is a marine mammal park, oceanarium, animal theme park and amusement park situated in the Southern District of Hong Kong. In the WILD TWISTER area of the park, the shining architecture under the wild twister logo hardly goes unnoticed. The credit goes to Flexglo™ F15 LED lights that are recessed in the idiosyncratic architecture.  Caption The flexible linear lights are embedded discreetly all the way around the slightly wavy edge, masterfully outlining the curved line. The concrete columns down there rise at slightly different heights to create an undulating topography. In response, F15 luminaires are mounted up in the coves of the pillars, producing indirect lighting to underline the mushroom shape and adding a... More

Project • By Clear LightingIndividual Buildings


Chinatown is an iconic site, no matter which place you encounter it. The combination of high lumen output and warm white light makes Chinatown’s lighting effects sublime. We took advantage of this phenomenon to enhance the structure’s fine details and recreate the ideal balance between light and art. More

Product • By Delta LightStievie


Stievie is not your typical lighting bollard. The sharp pin underneath the luminaire allows you to install it in many different ways, like a spear has been thrown into the lawn. Its linear light generates a pleasant and warm light effect, ideal to light up a sculpture or to guide a way along the light. More