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Project • By Clear LightingShopping Centres

Ho Shun Fook Shopping Centre

Ho Shun Fook shopping centre is a famous local shopping mall in Yeun Long over 30 years. Now refurbished into 'Shun Fook Barn'. 'Shun Fook Barn' Combined with the local cultural style of Yuen Long, it presents the body, mind and soul healing food for different aspects of life in a pleasant, fresh and connected way, highlighting the group's triple baseline of balancing people, prosperity and environmental development, and connecting with the community to serve the residents of Yuen Long A new gathering point that brings a new look and creates a leisurely and high-quality life. On of the difficulty in the project is measurment and custom length for eaah area and section. Although the order schdule is tight, Clear lighting help us in CAD... More

Project • By Clear LightingResidential Landscape

TKO121 ManorHill

New Residential start sell in TKO Lohus Park area - ManorHill Clubhouse and exterior lighting supplier and lighting Control system with DMX dimming system for façade by Zodiac Lighting. Special design a 33/F height linear wall light stright outsode the building. A trandition eroupin style garden facade light upwith 2700K light strip and spotlight.  Caption More

Project • By Clear LightingIndividual Buildings

One Innovale Ma Sik Road

New Residential in 8 Ma Sik Road - One InnovaleEye catching façade design named - Portal Caption Caption More

Project • By Clear LightingOffices

Selmoni Central Office

Pure architectural ligthting of the staires, unlighting the curves was only possible with Nex Flex and the result is awsome. The light look homogeneous on the steps and the Nex Flex is hidden into the concrete. Caption More

Project • By Clear LightingApartments

A&A Properties

Lighting of an outdoor common area on the roof top of an apartment building. This place is sharing by everyone from the building and had to be a  pleasant meeting place for the evening and the end of the day. With the Nex Flex, we succeeded in lighting up the space without adding any ceiling lights. Caption Caption More

Project • By Clear LightingIndividual Buildings


Sapphire Turkey located in Istanbul, Turkey's largest skyscraper residence A 300 meters high skyscraper CMG house project This is a party house owned by the CEO of Turkey's largest cargo company, MNG Kargo, and on the 45th floor, our customer praised the clearlighting brand in terms of both ease of assembly and light quality. clear brand was used in critical sections such as wet areas, library and kitchen in this prestigious and large building.  Caption Caption Caption More

Product • By Clear LightingFlexglo™ F22S DMX Light Silicone Series

Flexglo™ F22S DMX Light Silicone Series

F22S DMX silicone light series is compatible with and can expand the DMX512 protocol signal. With automatic code writing, you can create any desired dynamic lighting effect to your liking by programming on the controller. A variety of light color options are available for you to choose from, including monochrome, dynamic white, RGB and RGBW light colors. 65536 grayscale ensures excellent color intensity, no flickering in low-resolution grayscale and smooth transition, helping meet challenges in different environments. The light series adopts a twoway differential signal and boasts great anti interference and transmission stability, making it perfect for large facades and stage lighting systems. FeaturesSiliconeSilicone encasing gives the f... More

Product • By Clear Lighting‎12V Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

‎12V Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

AC/DC12V Low Voltage Flexible Linear Landscape Lights help you get inspired with top outdoor lighting ideas. The silicone-housed led landscape lights are built for outdoor use with outstanding waterproof, UV-resistant and dustproof performance, requiring little maintenance and safeguarding user safety. RGB light color options and dimmers are included to help create the right atmosphere for parties, dinners and gatherings. Houseowners can have these outdoor led strip lights to highlight hard landscapes including pavilions, corridors, pot decorations and stone steps, as well as soft landscapes such as shrubs, lawns, and fountains. FeaturesSafe & Simple to InstallLow voltage landscape lights carry no electric shock risk, with wires be dir... More

Project • By Clear LightingHotels

Kimpton Margot Sydney

Kimpton Margot Sydney is one of Sydney's most exquisite Art Deco buildings. The inspiration comes from the necessity of highlighting the art deco features of the original design, with a subtle lighting scheme that would discreetly dialogue with details. The main challenge of the project was to provide a single family of products that could be declined for different requirements and provide a consistent perception of the areas throughout the hotel. Quality, reduced lead time, competitive price point, and warm dim technology also played an important role in the product selection. The lighting solution includes general indirect illumination for the main lobby with F22 high output installed in the mezzanine bulkhead to small details in bars and... More

Project • By Clear LightingShopping Centres

Central Department Store

Central Department Store, the number one brand of shopping mall in Thailand, always gives fresh and classy shopping experience to the customer. With the almost 40 branches in the country, Central Department Store Ladprao branch is the second popular branch with 180,000 visitors each day. But this branch has been established since 1983, the renovation has done from time to time until the newest in 2021. Caption Futuristic Beauty is the concept for the cosmetic and lady department. Double layers of decoration lighting have been installed to create a modern stunning but the design must not interrupt the general light which is necessary for identify the correct color of the goods. Low resolution media bar on the first layer blend into the... More

Product • By Clear LightingColorful Jacket Lighting Solutions

Colorful Jacket Lighting Solutions

The colorful jacket series offers you a thoughtful choice to spruce up LED flex linear in custom Pantone color, which is friendly for the designer to apply to the surroundings of all kinds, ending up with harmonious and agreeable décor at all times. The bright-colored finish makes the outlook conspicuous, while the black finish presents an understated beauty. All are engineered to play a role that you set up for it, contributing to adding a splash of color to your lighting project throughout the day. Bright-colored FinishThe bright-colored finish is available in standard R, G, B, or custom Pantone colors,enables the LED neon to emit any colorful lighting, and allows you to incorporate the color element into the bold design style eas... More

Product • By Clear LightingSafeGlo™ Explosion-proof Lighting Solution

SafeGlo™ Explosion-proof Lighting Solution

The heartbeat of Safeglo™ explosion proof lighting lies in its flexibility. Picture it as a seasoned acrobat, defying the laws of rigidity, effortlessly adapting to any environment with seamless ease. Whether it’s a confined space or an expansive chamber, Safeglo™ knows how to dance gracefully and adapts to the complexities of any environment when paired with purpose-built accessories, keeping safety at the forefront of its performance. Safeglo™, the LED flex explosion-proof light, is fully encapsulated in silicone. The protective shield from silicone extruded housing, insulates the light from any external ignition source. It has triumphed in 20 rigorous safety tests and obtained certifications, cementing its posi... More

Project • By Clear LightingShopping Centres

Yessong road No.168

On Yessong road No.168, Flexglo™ F15 LED neon flex lights run along the street property to provide illumination and outline the structure. The continuous, curved bright lighting makes the building more distinctly recognizable and adds more expansiveness to the area.  More

Project • By Clear LightingOffices

Travel agency in Küssnacht am Rigi

A travel agency in Küssnacht am Rigi, Switzerland installed FlexgloTM F22 to brighten the stairs in three floors. The customer wanted no LED driver or cable between the floors. F22 flexible lights are available in two bending options and makes an easy fit to the curved walls. Only 3 power supply is needed for this installation, one for each floor. The 4000K color temperature enables the lighting to go well with the natural sunlight coming through the window during morning or afternoon hours.  More

Project • By Clear LightingPrivate Houses

Private house in Bettingen

A residence owner from Bettingen, Switzerland chose FlexgloTM F15 LED lights to light up his garden and provide illumination for the parking lot below. To make the lighting as discreet as possible, F15 LED are mounted on the upper frame of the building without the cable being visible. The customer went with RGB colors in order to host various themed parties or events in the garden. More