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Project • By Studio SiculoPrivate Houses

Johnson St Loft

The intrigue of the large volume of interior space in these existing New Orleans Shotgun dwellings directed the concept of converting this space and flow into a more efficient and modern design. Challenges to this project included specific restrictions due to its unusual property boundary as well as budget limitations. However, this afforded me the full autonomy of the project design and execution. Caption Caption Seeing the extensive attic space in historic shotguns as advantageous, two levels were created optimizing every inch of height to produce a spacious yet intimate area for bedrooms. Locating the kitchen and more ‘public’ space towards the front afforded efficiency to the circulation of the residence. At the i... More

Project • By YOUSUPOVAApartments


S079 Published by: YOUSUPOVA More



The challenge lies in the creation of something beautiful without relying on the simple principle of symmetry. That is why we have tried to focus on bringing asymmetry into this unique, individually manufactured piece. The result - OIA - is a table whose beauty has been matched by no other designer. More



A reflection of a bull about to strike. Like all of our designs DEA - our striking coffee table - is inspired by the power of nature. When you look closely, you will recognize the forceful beast‘s horns. The massive marble slab is the perfect detail to this piece of art. More



DOM - an extraordinary object with a fascinating silhouette.  The magic - the true beauty - lies within the play of lights. The coated glass reflects the light and transform then literally into a rainbow. Nature at it‘s beautiest. More



Our DUA is a true hommage to the greater good. With its reductive, quadratic form and its exclusively green marble stone DUA serves as a calm anchor in the room. The frame‘s ascending braces build the antagonists of its inner calmness, providing contrast with their own light energy. More



RAK and REA were both designed for the gourmet restaurant "Baldon", which is part of star architect Arno Brandlhuber´s Lobe Block Studio.  The unequal twins RAK and REA share the same DNA: Elegant lines, handcrafted with love for natureinspired details. More



The line of TAI, our first seating accomodation, is a true company novelty. Laser cut and welded from one single aluminium plate, TAI delights with it´s striking surface treatment.  The bluing procedure has been used for centuries to protect iron from rust and creates a fascinating, slightly shimmering black layer.  More



NOA - the result of a perfectly balanced fusion of minimalism and raw industrial design.  Italian Marble is an elegant finish adding exordinary  finesse to our side table. More

Project • By EvoSpacePrivate Houses

Private Observatory @Bazaleti

We present our newly finished Private Property (@Bazaleti, Georgia). This property includes a modern private house with private observatory buildung with moving roof. Living house measurments are 36mX10M and observatory is 14mX5m. Living house interior is modern, with some loft details, but main concept of interior is LESS IS MORE. Property is equipped with digital smart technologies (such as lighting, alarms, cameras and heating systems) Architecture was made with our partner architecture company InStudio. Buildings main materils are: Concrete, Glass and metal with some wooden furniture details. More

Project • By Villanueva ArchitectHousing

Church Loft dwelling The Netherlands

Churches in The Netherlands are getting more and more unoccupied. In order to preserve a small church in the South of The Netherlands, this church is transformed to residential housing.   The length of the building is divided into 7 parts to accommodate 6 dwellings and 1 commercial office.   The new inhabitants where given the flexibility to change the presented base floor plans to their own wishes and demands. One of the dwellings is designed to create a loft-like living space. The challenge was to create an open continuous floor plan in the existing long and narrow three-level dwelling.   Closed sanitary blocks are carefully positioned in the open space, leaving functional rest spaces. A storage cabinet spans the who... More

Project • By D. Champsas architectural officeApartments

LINE-PLANE-PRISM | Loft addition to a penthouse

The progress achieved by systematic research will give birth to a dictionary of elements that, developed further, will lead to a “grammar”.W. Kandinsky, 1924, “Point and Line to Plane” A. ANALYSIS1.  A groundbreaking architectural vocabularyDefining the POINT and the LINE, W. Kandinsky and P. Klee have identified rich symbolic and conceptual content to these archetypal engravings. With their theoretical and painting work, the modern masters of abstraction laid the principles for a methodical composition on canvas, based on these primary Elements.What would the content of this radical vocabulary be if, reductively in some way, it was to be extended to the "3D canvas"?Extruded to the third dimension, the POINT, the LINE and the... More

Project • By Tiovivo CreativoApartments

Lord Loft

In the interior design studio Tiovivo Creativo are specialists in custom design and in offering their own identity to each space. After knowing the needs and personality of the owner of this loft, located in a complex of offices in Valencia, the challenge was clear: housing for a demanding and detailed ‘single’, passionate about freedom, cycling, nature, and little friend of conventions, he had to reflect his identity in every detail so that he felt in his authentic home. A romantic of the 21st century who needed to reconcile his social and private life in the same space. All this seasoned with an optimization of the space and a functional design that offered storage solutions, since it started from a space of only 60m2.Noble materials, sta... More

Project • By European HomeHousing

The North Loop Loft with Lucius 140 Fireplace

As Katie Jaydan of White Crane Construction says, it’s not everyday you get a call from the Wall Street Journal wanting an interview. They saw an image of this Minneapolis loft on Houzz, and like us, wanted to know more about this unique industrial design. From the brick wall, neutral color palettes, dim lighting, and stunning peninsula fireplace in the middle of it all, every detail was carefully selected. All Seasons Fireplace had the opportunity to sit down for a short interview with Katie to get the inside scoop on the inspiration for this loft.Read the full story on the European Home blog. More

Project • By KODD BUREAUApartments


«Think globally, act locally» The project includes a kitchen - living room, bedroom combined with bathroom, guest bathroom and children room. In this project the important element is balance, naturalness and functionality. The consciousness is rest with natural colors of Japan minimalism and simple architectural forms. In this place people can pass the time of meditation, exercise, affirmations and visualization.Architects: Daria Koloskova, Dmitry KoloskovProject Year: 2016Location: Moscow, RussiaProject Area: 116 m² More