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NewsNews • 14 Sep 2021

JARtB House in Melbourne a synthesis of house and art gallery

Part house and part art gallery, Melbourne’s JARtB House by Kavellaris Urban Design is a synthesis of two typologies hybridized into a singular expression. Art connects, informs and programs space instead of the program containing it. Peter Bennetts Photography With this approach, art moves beyond cultural expression and becomes architectural syntax and ornamentation become more than architectural decoration. Peter Bennetts Photography Interlocking geometric forms sculpts the home’s façade, cultivating a sense of theatrical drama. The external facades, made of Digiglass, become internal translucent frescos, resulting in a  two-way façade typology. Peter Bennetts Photography Double-height spac... More

NewsNews • 6 Sep 2021

Armadale Residence II by Studio Tate is an elegant example of cohesive design that respectfully balances heritage features with contemporary vision

An elegant example of cohesive design that respectfully balances heritage features with contemporary vision, Armadale Residence II by Studio Tate is a historic Melbourne home refreshed by a renovation befitting the needs of the clients. Sharyn Cairns With a distinctive medieval character and restrained detailing, the property was built in 1899 and features Victorian period mouldings, picture rail datum and parquet floor. A stately heritage façade, grandiose entry hall archway and geometric motif ceilings inspired a mirrored symmetry that echoes throughout. Sharyn Cairns Engaged initially to design bespoke joinery, Studio Tate’s investigative process uncovered the nuanced history of the home, as well the shifting nee... More

NewsNews • 15 Apr 2021

Melbourne’s Garden House is a virtual power station of sustainable design

On a narrow residential street, the unassuming Garden House by Austin Maynard Architects replaces an existing single-fronted cottage. Clad with white shingles, the house is more than a home, it is virtually a power station capable of generating sustainable energy back into the shared grid that it draws from. Derek Swalwell On a large L-shaped plot, the house is tucked away from the street, with only the white-shingle clad peak of the garage visible to passersby. The home is entered via a brick passageway alongside the garage. Simple and domestic in appearance from the street,  the pedestrian pathway leads to the front door where the site opens up to reveal a much larger property. The house is broken into four smaller scale zones... More

NewsNews • 25 Aug 2020

Officina Biasol design reflects a design studio’s love of materials, finishes and colour

The rich palette of Officina Biasol reflects the design studio’s love of materials, finishes and colour, as well as their bold and dynamic approach to design. Grey walls and light timber floors provide a calm backdrop that accentuates the strong, black lines and forms of the dark furniture and joinery. Tan leather and velvet add warmth and tactility, while the bathrooms have a subtle allure with deep burgundy and light pink walls. Credit: Derek Swalwell Occupying one level of a former warehouse in Melbourne, the office layout is open and flexible. Workspaces can be reconfigured; formal and informal meetings can take place in the board room or kitchen while a lounge-like reading nook and worktable provide alternative settings for... More

Project • By Elenberg Fraser ArchitectureMasterplans

299 King

King Street, our new multi-residential project in Melbourne’s West end, responds to the presence of nearby Flagstaff Gardens, Melbourne’s oldest park, by intertwining local stories to represent the origins and future of the precinct. In the mid 19th century, this part of the city was Melbourne’s flourishing commercial centre: a diverse urban precinct home to the Indigenous Kulin nation, Chinese immigrants enticed by the Gold Rush as well as settler populations. This project embraces the distinctive elements of this site-specific identity, creating a thoroughly local architectural narrative. Like the imposing flagstaff erected on the site to communicate between the town and the port, King Street will anchor the West end&rs... More

Project • By Elenberg Fraser ArchitectureMasterplans

EQ Tower

A while ago we introduced Igor Kebel, our new Design Director – the time has come to introduce his first project, which we’re proud to announce represents a dramatic shift in the Elenberg Fraser design process into a completely parametric environment. Eq.Tower – a new residential building situated on the north-western edge of Melbourne’s CBD at A’Beckett Street, near the corner of Elizabeth and Queen – is also dedicated to Igor’s love affair with the New World. The project is a teaser for Melbourne’s urban future – this city has the potential to be a glittering star in the galaxy of South-East Asian cities. Eq.Tower also provides a luscious alternative to the concrete boxiness of the Vic... More

Project • By Elenberg Fraser ArchitectureMasterplans


Collingwood’s creative energy has a new HQ with the recent completion of Oxley, a celebration of the neighbourhood’s unique energy and diversity. Another collaboration with Tim Gurner and Urban Inc, Oxley is woven into the existing urban fabric of the post-industrial area, as a series of four villa-like buildings and 75 different apartment typologies connected by a network of laneways and courtyards beneath.    Like any neighbourhood known as an incubator for music, art and culture, Collingwood is no stranger to vice. The Oxley photoshoot explores the culmination or genesis of creative life (depending on your point of view) – the party – taking inspiration from one of our favourite extravagant scenes from... More

Project • By Elenberg Fraser ArchitectureShops

107 Cambridge

It seems trite to trot out the over-worn truism ‘change is inevitable’: but behind those bland t-shirt logo words stands unyielding fact. The implicit challenge, as architects, is how to effect change in a positive and meaningful way? Honouring the past while whole-heartedly saluting the future, 107 Cambridge Street, Collingwood takes that challenge on the chin. Located in the former factories and warehouses of Foy & Gibson, this project shares a part of Australia’s history. Melbourne’s first department store, Foy & Gibson was part of the southern capital’s coming of age – a glamourous 19th century style temple on Smith Street that drew on the chic addresses in Paris and the United States, which... More

Project • By Elenberg Fraser ArchitectureMasterplans

Swanston Central

Melbourne has a thing with axes – how often have you glanced down one of the mains arteries of the city and realized it perfectly frames a civic monument? Taking inspiration from that axial idea, this tall residential tower, positioned above the intersection of the off-set Hoddle and Carlton grids, echoes this geometric tension in its facetted planes that stretch up into the sky.Intersecting vertical fingers of descending pink and rising green glass, separated by a dividing silver hue, create a shimmering dichroic effect through the height of the façade. Inspired by the ambiguity of Escher, this creates a dramatic vertical transition evocative of the transition of solid, through liquid to vapour.Facing Victoria Street, a three-... More

Project • By Baldasso Cortese ArchitectsOffices

The Cube

Baldasso Cortese has been engaged for the redevelopment of Riverview House at 276 Flinders Street since 2001. Originally constructed for the Commonwealth Bank in 1967, and now owned by Fivex Commercial Property, it holds significant presence nestled on top of one of Melbourne’s busiest intersections.   Previous projects have seen podium levels converted into retail, fitness, and childcare spaces, with a revitalised ground floor transformed into a modern precinct comprising of food and retail outlets.   Fivex approached Baldasso Cortese to explore how this urban site could be developed to ‘future-proof’ the site and react to the changing environment of this busy junction. BC’s response to this tight sit... More

Project • By WALAPrivate Houses

Downside Up House

Nestled in a diverse neighbourhood pocket in Albert Park, the original building was a dilapidated double-fronted Victorian house book-ended by a double-storey terrace house on its south side. The house is located on a corner allotment that is pinched in by the main street and a laneway which gives it its irregular, triangular "pizza" shape that tapers towards the rear. As a heritage listed building, it was imperative to rescue the front of house which was in a severe state of disrepair. The homeowner and his family of 4 presented us a brief that started off with the basic functional premise of maintaining a 3-bedroom house at the very minimum, and making use of the neighbour's double-height boundary wall to introduce a second storey vo... More