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NewsNews • 27 Nov 2023

AART’s new mixed-use Nicolinehus development contributes to urban life in Aarhus

Nicolinehus is a prodigious mixed-use development designed by Scandinavian architectural studio AART in collaboration with the Danish developer Bricks. Located in Aarhus, Denmark, between the city’s marina and Havnebadet (Harbor Bath), Nicolinehus offers a mix of urban, commercial, and residential accommodation and facilities. It is the last building project in the first phase of “Aarhus Ø” (a new city neighborhood). Niels Nygaard Niels Nygaard Plans for Aarhus Ø date back to 1997 when the City Council adopted a new master plan that would expand the Port of Aarhus. The plan’s aim was to transform the then unused container port into a completely new district, linking the city and port... More

NewsNews • 20 Oct 2023

Loader Monteith designs an Office and Two Houses in the Scottish Highlands

Scottish architectural studio Loader Monteith has completed phase one of a mixed-use brownfield development in the Scottish Highlands. The headquarters of an international mountain bike tour operator, the development comprises a two-story office building and bike store alongside the first of two private residences. Sited on a slim, sloping 5,600-square-meter (60,278-square-feet) plot of land, the dark timber-framed buildings provide a pleasing contrast with the verdant landscape. Henry Woide Loader Monteith The project aligns closely with Loader Monteith’s keen interest in the revitalization of rural communities through the creation of remote co-working and community hubs. Matt Loader, Co-founder and Director at Loa... More

NewsNews • 27 Sep 2023

CoBe designs a mixed-use development as part of an urban renewal program

Multidisciplinary architecture and design firm CoBe has completed the design and construction of the Laherrère center, a mixed-use development in Pau (a commune overlooking the Pyrenees in southern France). In the heart of Pau’s Saragosse district, an area undergoing major urban redevelopment, CoBe, in collaboration with partner architect WEEK, built two buildings that comprise housing for students and young workers, office and training spaces, craft premises, shops, and services. Luc Boegly Luc Boegly Built in the 1950s and 1960s, the Saragosse neighborhood is a large social housing district with around 14,000 inhabitants. An urban renewal project identified the area as having great social fragility: low-ren... More

NewsNews • 4 Aug 2023

Melbourne’s latest mixed-use development enhances past identities in a contemporary way

Situated at the historical end of Collins Street in Melbourne, 623 Collins Street by Carr is a 42-story mixed-used development offering a new and meaningful architecture that enhances past identities in a contemporary way. The site includes two heritage-listed buildings adjacent to the proposal, the State Savings Bank and the Batman’s Hill Hotel. The architectural response to these buildings provides the point of departure for the design of 623 Collins Street, with Carr collaborating closely with heritage consultant Lovell Chen to develop a response in line with the form and scale of the historic surroundings. Caption The constrained footprint of the site and its heritage buildings require a precise and careful level of pla... More

NewsNews • 19 Jul 2023

Reimagining Paris: L’îlot fertile mixed-use development comes to life

Designed by urban planning agency TVK and landscape architect OLM for Linkcity, the largest site of the "Reinvent Paris 1" competition has come to life with the completion of the UCPA Sports Centre and the "l’îlot fertile," a mixed-use development including housing, youth hostel, student residences, offices, hotel, cultural centre, last-mile logistics zone, etc. The development was conceived as a large open garden of 7000 m2 and a breathing space in the heart of a dense city.  Julien Hourcade L’îlot fertile comprises four buildings situated at the edge of the site, on either side of a new road. The arrangement of these four buildings forms a strong morphology that reveals the large size and uniqueness... More

NewsNews • 17 Jul 2023

London's hyper-mixed Arbor project becomes the first major fossil fuel-free mixed-use development in the UK

On the Banks of London's River Thames, Arbor is the inaugural building in PLP Architecture and Native Land's Bankside Yard, London's newest cultural neighborhood and the UK's first major fossil fuel-free mixed-use development. More than a mere office building, the hyper-mixed nature of the masterplan shapes a concept for a 24-hour interwoven neighborhood that blends work and city life, art and technology, culture, and nature.  Alex Davidson  Providing a one-of-a-kind workplace, the building is surrounded and activated by eight diverse public spaces and three cultural areas. Additionally, fourteen historic railway arches at the end of London's high line have been creatively reused to include various retail, cultural, and... More

NewsNews • 12 Jul 2023

Fletcher Priest Architects completes phase one of London’s historic Knightsbridge Estate regeneration

In London’s upmarket Knightsbridge district, Fletcher Priest Architects has completed the first phase of a regeneration of the historic Knightsbridge Estate, purchased in 2010 by The Olayan Group. This stage consists of the redevelopment of the estate’s northern end and incorporates a mix of retail, hospitality, offices, and apartments. Dirk Lindner Dirk Lindner The Knightsbridge Estate is described as a 3.5 acre “island site” located between Harvey Nichols and Harrods, two iconic London department stores. The large block of buildings is bounded by Brompton Road, Sloane Street, Basil Street, and Hans Crescent: a part of the Knightsbridge Conservation Area, the estate includes several listed buildin... More

NewsNews • 18 May 2023

Amstel Design District combines residential accommodation and workplace amenities with a future-oriented vision

The Amstel Design District is a new future-oriented and mixed-use residential and commercial development in Amsterdam. Designed by Dutch architecture studio Mecanoo, the 80,000-square-metre scheme combines residential accommodation and workplace amenities, with an emphasis on diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability. The district’s ambition is to become a significant place for the whole city. Mecanoo Amstel Design District’s composition of stacked volumes with setbacks includes: a mix of social, mid-rent, and private housing, collective facilities, creative office space, retail, and a design museum. Timber will be used for part of the construction and green spaces and “retreats” will feature throughout. L... More

NewsNews • 8 May 2023

MAD architects unveil their first and tallest planned mixed-use building in Quito

The first venture of MAD architects in South America, Qondesa, is a mixed-use project in the capital city of Equador, Quito. A UNESCO world heritage site defined by the coexistence of diverse ethnicities, ecosystems and traditions with the least altered historical centre, the project seeks to integrate nature into high-density living with plans for an ecological future. MAD_Qondesa_©Mir The swirling tower rises to the sky with its dynamic exterior facade, tapering towards the top, mimicking vines that weave around the building and sprouting greenery that forms planters throughout the balconies. The twirling form allows abundant natural light and views, connecting the residents to the surrounding nature. MAD_Qondesa_©... More

NewsNews • 27 Apr 2023

Aedas conceptualizes butterfly-shaped headquarters for DESMAN in Hangzhou

Connecting the prime public green axis of the town, overlooking the Smart gate to the north and landscape park to the south, the design for the new DESAN headquarters in the Binjiang IoT town, Hangzhou, China, was unveiled by Aedas. Caption Caption The project embraces the multi-dimensional context and adopts the corporate spirit, emerging as a distinct commercial space that breaks away from conventional closed layouts. A synthesis of smart architecture and ecological landmarks, the design seeks to adapt to the surrounding landscape. Caption A U-shaped podium facing the green axis creates a landscaped courtyard that fosters a serene environment, connects to green spaces and encourages social gatherings. Symmetri... More

NewsNews • 22 Apr 2023

UNStudio unveils plans for Nanjing’s new mixed-use hub: sustainability, innovation & work at one-stop

Dutch architectural practice UNStudio visualises a new K.Wah G72 mixed-use development in Nanjing as a people-centric destination where culture and sustainability play a central role in the everyday lives of residents and visitors alike. The proposed design concept is conceived as a dynamic riverfront community with a lush and low-density work-live environment that will add a fresh vibrancy to the city while presenting itself as a focal point for culture, innovation, and finance. UNStudio A Green Corridor The new project, divided into four plots by the main river and the planned road, is set along the central urban and economic development axes in the Hexi New District and linked to the Metro Rail Transit to the north and the coas... More
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Project • By PEI ArchitectsMasterplans

Dongfang City Coast Zone Urban Design Competition

PEI Architects joint ventured with China Architectural Design Group (CADG) to deliver the winning Conceptual Planning and Urban Design scheme for the Dongfang City Master Plan in Hainan, China. The announcement of our selection was made in December 2020 by the Dongfang Housing and UrbanRural Construction Bureau. Caption The proposed plan covers the 9.5 square kilometer site located on the western shore of Hainan Island. The master plan is part of President Xi Jinping’s planned development of a free trade port cities for the Hainan’s Free Trade Pilot Zone project. Our winning scheme consisted of multiple development core sites that formed distinct economic, cultural, residential and leisure zones interconnected by a park an... More

Project • By superspaceResidential Landscape

mountains of sea

“First I saw the mountains in the painting.Then I saw the painting in the mountains.” Chinese proverb “...It was a late afternoon in Busan, with typically mild spring temperatures and a gentle ocean breeze. After a relatively short but steep hike, we waited for an hour to see the sunlight soften. And what a treat it was. As the sun started its descent to the horizon, the leaves of the trees turned golden, and shadows danced to the sound of silence. There was no thought of yesterday or tomorrow – just a soothing flow of fleeting moments. All that is left now is a series of paintings, imprinted in our memories...” superspace The city of Busan dwells in between its magnificent mountains promontory to th... More

Project • By superspaceCoasts

turku wave

climate change is making it to our cities sooner than we thought. sea level is expected to be 2.5m more at some point. our relationship with water will change forever.are we going to be ready for it?   in this heroic land of “a thousand lakes”, “wave” is a quest for an old port revitalized into a new heart for the city, the endpoint of the development and expansion of the old city center to the harbor. the wave propagates along the river aura shoreline with a rippling effect, increasing the physical holding capacity of the area that people interact with and enhancing functional maintainability adapted to sea-level change by the help of temporary and permanent graded platforms, composing a wide-spectrum of... More

Project • By superspaceMasterplans


living in a fishing village in one of the ends of the crowdest cities, left alone as if leaning out at the end of the world. you need experienced guides to find your way down to the sea and out again. life is already invigorative as it is, however, needs physical support to sustain its reason to be happy. yes, it is not easy to imitate and get a real vibe of life. it is not about buildings, it is about actions.  are you ready to get lost and make new friends? superspace located in Mumbai's most dense zone, Worli koliwada, a fishing village next to "sea link" in the Arabian sea, is a heterotopic forgotten land, spying the new skyline-badland for the modernity-urban village as "a-self-organized" distortional pixelated-space be... More