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Project • By AlkiApartments

Lumière du Sud Apartment

Not far from Lyon, in Vernaison, a dining room with an interesting combination of our Kuskoa chairs: some with white Valsain shell and others upholstered with yellow Europost fabric. Sabine Serrad More

Project • By AB+PartnersApartments


The interior design of this apartment has found its relevance in the combination of three styles: modern minimalist, Scandinavian and loft. Guided by the client’s preferences, we gave free rein to our imagination, creating an individual story for each room and uniting them through a common stylistic thread. Oleg Bajura   Borrowing motifs from nature such as the sky and the moon, the concept is characterized by circular shapes. We also used plastered panels with the effect of concrete and LED lighting on a deep blue background of the walls. The house represents the contrast of colours and finishes, which become skilfully used tools for zoning the space. Planning is another factor that has contributed to the aesthetic and vi... More

Project • By Krownlab Inc.Apartments


Modern Urban Living in NE Portland Oregon More

Project • By AB+PartnersApartments


Year: 2021 Size: 83 sqm Location: Chisinau, Republic of Moldova Brands: MADLAB, Smartlight, Orac Décor, Florim Ceramiche, Egger, Vitra, LeComfort Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Alina Bodisteanu, Natalia Bedros, Andrei Vicol, Cristina Cortac Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners Photo: Oleg Bajura In the below given project the comfort is represented by a game of calm hues and accents. Characterized by quiet hues, the interior is meant to convey contemporary simplicity in each room.  In order to create an up-to-date atmosphere, which will withstand time, we have chosen neutral colours and strong accents. Thus, in the living area, we opted for cream colour walls, creating a contrast with the help of brown colour... More

Project • By BezmirnoApartments


The modern world is changing so quickly and unexpectedly that it is simply impossible to foresee the design trends of the future. The only thing that remains constant is the fundamental principles of design and their ability to turn any space into a comfortable place. That is why the Bezmirno team used three main rules of architecture in designing this apartment, including functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics.   This apartment consists of a master bedroom with a dressing room, two bedrooms for the kids, a spacious kitchen with a living room, a small office, two bathrooms, and a separate dressing room, which is designed as an island at the entrance to the apartment. Despite the fact that the apartment is divided into separate mul... More

Project • By Prashant Parmar ArchitectApartments

KPL 4 BHK Luxury Apartment By Ar. Prashant Parmar

4 BHK apartment, built for the client’s satisfaction, is located at Karnavati Premier Living, near ​​Ahmedabad Airport. The client, a very reputed doctor, wanted to make his home decent and sober according to his own profession.   Also, he wanted his home completely as per Vastu. So two years back, when the construction of this apartment was going on, he met us and expressed his aspects and requirements for his dream home. When we visited the site and saw their exiting plan, we realized what a challenge this was! A lot of activity was the opposite of Vastu. They needed to be re-planned. On the other hand, there were so many limitations we have to accept. We could not make any changes to the external elevation. Because this was... More

Project • By Prashant Parmar ArchitectApartments

Riverside Trendy Apartment

The trendy apartment house is a high-end luxurious apartment house situated in lively area of Ahmedabad near Sabarmati river, belongs to a family of 3 generations. This was a 5bhk apartment converted into 4bhk as per client’s requirement and a traditional concept of central courtyard but in a modern way was demonstrated in the design making the apartment even more spacious. Many civil changes were done to make the apartment look grand and gain ample of natural light to every corner of the house. The idea of dividing the private areas and common areas was functionally well designed through a passage keeping both the areas with its own character and identity.  The entrance to the house illustrates the attention to detail that mark... More

Project • By IN-EXPATApartments

The Seafront Apartment

In a dense city like Singapore, apartments that are privy to good views are highly treasured. As such, the gorgeous sea view that this apartment in East Coast offers is something that the homeowner loves. The interior design brief may have been simple – to create a resort-themed home to match the panoramic view – but there is nothing ordinary about this space. The completed space bears no traces of the typical Balinese or rustic look. With its crisp colours and contemporary furnishings, the apartment is a swanky seafront abode. On the ceiling in the living room is a “fresco” of sorts, consisting of wall coverings depicting dramatic tropical foliage. A palette of natural finishes gives this home a breezy feel. These... More

Project • By IN-EXPATApartments

Skysuites @ Anson Condominium

This residential dwelling boasts a sophisticated interior scheme with an edgy, industrial feel that creates an elegant, contemporary apartment. The otherwise monotonous dark tones are broken apart by the bold addition of contrasting furniture and decor pieces that pop against the moodier installations. Overall, the variety of shadows, textures and contrast really creates depth and makes the space pop. More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignApartments

Apartment Renovation

The renovation of this apartment in Bruxelles, Belgium has a unified palette that is almost constant for most of the rooms, which gives the apartment a refined look. Every room uses this color scheme differently, depending on the function of each space. But one thing that is constant is that the renovation is mixing between function and aesthetics  The overall style of the apartment is minimalist modern with an overwhelming artistic feel. More

Project • By Razvan Barsan + PartnersApartments


Project Name: CAELIA APARTMENT  Location: Mamaia Nord, Romania Published by: Razvan Barsan + Partners   More

Project • By Basics ArchitectsApartments

Ludhiana apartments

The brief called for twelve Luxury Residential Apartments with shared facilities and common areas. The promoters, a group of families, decided to jointly finance an apartment building where they could live together and build their own community. The architecture is an attempt to break the monotony associated with typical residential apartment buildings. The site area according to the requirements is small hence the open spaces needed to be maximized. The vehicular pattern is simple with separate entry and exit points. The pickup and drop off points of the complex are also segregated to minimize vehicular interference with pedestrian. The landscaped court in the front of the building is completely separated from the vehicular circulation. P... More

Project • By Elenberg Fraser ArchitectureShops

107 Cambridge

It seems trite to trot out the over-worn truism ‘change is inevitable’: but behind those bland t-shirt logo words stands unyielding fact. The implicit challenge, as architects, is how to effect change in a positive and meaningful way? Honouring the past while whole-heartedly saluting the future, 107 Cambridge Street, Collingwood takes that challenge on the chin. Located in the former factories and warehouses of Foy & Gibson, this project shares a part of Australia’s history. Melbourne’s first department store, Foy & Gibson was part of the southern capital’s coming of age – a glamourous 19th century style temple on Smith Street that drew on the chic addresses in Paris and the United States, which... More

Project • By Elenberg Fraser ArchitectureMasterplans

Papersmith Apartments

Papersmith is a building of transformation. Transformation of the industrial heritage, transformation of the Yarra River riparian landscape and transformation of materials. The building is robust and confident. The directness of the former industrial structures is expressed in concrete frame of the lower levels. Contrasting high-performing low emissivity double glazing inset into the concrete structure frames the outlook for the occupants while seamlessly balancing acoustic, solar and privacy requirements. Subtle variation across the surface of the building animate the façade. A simple glass volume defines the upper levels of the building. The building embodies the transformation of Yarra Bend. The landscape is drawn through the bui... More

Project • By A&R DesignApartments

Downtown Riverside

Located on the banks of the Colorado River, this 1,000 SF apartment boasts stunning views, plenty of space, and lots of color. The apartment was designed to maximize the owner's collection of unique pieces of art, furniture, and accessories in the limited floor plan. It was important to us to keep a curated feel to the space that didn't feel too cookie-cutter or overwhelming stuffed.  More