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Project • By RO | ROCKETT DESIGNPrivate Houses


Taking cues from the neighboring classical Carolands Chateau, this home for six maximizes a flat site by lifting the quiet programs off the ground to float above the activity.  Service spaces are captured amongst a masonry plinth, nodding to the neighboring Chateau’s organization and rusticated base.   ADAM ROUSE ADAM ROUSE ADAM ROUSE ADAM ROUSE ADAM ROUSE These masses organize the primary public spaces into a double high core that connects seamlessly to the exterior.  When doors retract, the wood clad volume above becomes a canopy for indoor/outdoor living.   ADAM ROUSE ADAM ROUSE ADAM ROUSE ADAM ROUSE ADAM ROUSE ADAM ROUSE The language of the wood cladding... More

Project • By The Ranch MinePrivate Houses


In the sun-kissed embrace of Paradise Valley, Arizona sits “Mockingbird,” a low slung courtyard style home designed by the architecture firm The Ranch Mine. The design elevates the spirit of its surroundings while breaking down the barriers between indoor and outdoor living, creating a home where the arid beauty of the desert meets the sophistication of modern living.  Dan Ryan Studio Dan Ryan Studio Dan Ryan Studio Dan Ryan Studio As you approach the house, the first thing that captures the eye is the striking interplay of metal fins that adorn the exterior. Inspired by the spindly and resilient ocotillo plants scattered across the desert landscape, these fins create a dynamic visual texture while prov... More

Project • By Latitud 10 ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Zurquí Residence

On a typical afternoon, the wind blows strongly bringing a fine drizzle that keeps everything humid. In the distance, the sun shines through the clouds letting in some rays that slightly warms you. The wind is easily heard as it passes through the surrounding trees and conifers. This is the context of the project that evokes the search for and development of a simple (minimalist) project that does not overshadow its context, but rather takes advantage of it to create welcoming introverted spaces to enjoy its environment within the warm comfort of its internal spaces. Latitud 10 Arquitectura Latitud 10 Arquitectura Latitud 10 Arquitectura Latitud 10 Arquitectura Latitud 10 Arquitectura The project revolves around a... More

Project • By Whipple Russell ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Summitridge Drive

The Summitridge house is a creative collaboration between architect Marc Whipple and Troy Adams of Troy Adams Design, who served as project manager and interior designer. Both enjoyed the process immensely, and this distinctive house is certainly evidence of a successful partnership. It all begins with the land and its orientation to the views. The property is a flat hourglass shape on top of a ridge with steep slopes on two sides, so the shape guided the positioning of the house. It has a beautiful view to the west on the left, and looking down to the south, of canyons and the city. Marc: To get a viable house on that unusually shaped site, with height restrictions and setbacks, was the challenge. The design is not rectangular, it's not... More

Project • By LOC ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Ventura House

At the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, in the community of Altadena, the existing single family residence is located on a large flat lot. The existing house had no connection to the back yard. The owners, a family of four had outgrown the house and approached LOC to help conceive of an addition that would provide the family with two new bedrooms and bathrooms. Constrained by the location of the existing garage, LOC envisioned a courtyard type house, stitching the new to the old through the introduction of a large deck, providing privacy for the master bedroom at the rear of the house, while taking advantage of the vast rear yard. Molly Haas With the use of handmade tile and smooth stucco, the new building pays homage to the tr... More

Project • By WittehausPrivate Houses


A couple steeped in the Charlotte, NC, art scene had approached their architect Toby Witte of Wittehaus with images of the Netflix series “The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes”. With the need for soaring cantilevers, a desire to enjoy the home when climbing stairs might be at issue, and big eyes and open ears about the process of design, they were ready for their own modern home. Amanda Anderson Together they went on a tour to understand themselves and their needs, dreams, and desires as well as their site, and the potential inherent in the art of architecture itself. Over the course of eight months they talked, sketched, explored, flushed out a long laundry list of practical concerns, and inched ever so careful thr... More

Project • By Dionne ArquitectosHousing

Casa Orea

Located on irregularly shaped land, has a unique architectural program, where each space is conceived with the intention of improving the relationship between interior and exterior space, both visually and physically. Caption It’s designed after looking for the best orientation in order to create terraces, allowing sunlight entrance and working as visual points and social areas. From the access different volumes can be observed that arise through the correct use of proportion, from which a large vertical volume of concrete stands out that precedes the horizontality of the project where a compositional axis establishes the spatial organization, accentuating and framing access to housing. Caption Caption More

Project • By Engel ArchitectenPrivate Houses

Eclectic Diamond House

In Amsterdam's Nieuw-West district, the site of the former police academy has been redeveloped into a neighborhood with plots for private housing. The future residents had a clear idea of what the house should look like. It had to be a modern house with a bold appearance. Marcel van der Burg The design consists of a main volume with a sloped roof combined with a lower extension with a flat roof. The sloping roof is relatively steep at the front. The steep angle combined with the large dormer reaching over two floors give the design its distinct character. The exterior of the house is designed entirely in hues of anthracite, in contrast to the eclectic interior. Marcel van der Burg Jaro van Meerten The roof and the facades o... More

Project • By Studio MM, pllcPrivate Houses

Tranquil Abiding

After years of intimate involvement with their Buddhist community in upstate New York, our spiritually-minded clients decided to plant roots closer to their Glen Spey temple. Despite the travel-loving couple’s broad geographic search for a second home, they were eventually led back to Glen Spey, where they felt a pull to be near their place of spiritual practice. Brad Feinknopf The expansive site, on 115 wooded acres, was chosen for its proximity to the temple, a short stroll away on the adjacent lot. The siting of the home was driven by three distinct benchmarks: the temple, the sun, and a creek which runs through the middle of the property. Bringing the deeper purpose of the residence into focus, the home’s meditation sp... More

Project • By BLA Design GroupPrivate Houses

Feng House

The Feng House brings together an eclectic mix of West Coast modern living and traditional Chinese decorative elements. Located on a corner lot near Pacific Spirit Park in Vancouver, the home exists as a quiet retreat for a Chinese-Canadian family. The house, designed by BLA Design Group, is the result of a long and intimate collaboration with the client. The primary intent for this project was to create a space which balances aesthetics and function, while utilizing aspects from both traditional Chinese culture and modern West Coast living. This was accomplished all whilst solving the unique needs of the family resulting from their present lifestyles and past memories. Ema Peter Ema Peter The Pacific Northwest’s climate an... More

Project • By Studio MM, pllcHousing

Chalet Perche

Delicately resting on top of an elevated site, Chalet Perché is the aesthetic marriage of a modern minimalist dwelling and a traditional French chalet. Brad Feinknopf Brad Feinknopf Allured by the idea of a retreat from New York City, a young, creative couple was drawn to the Hudson Valley, their shared French roots ultimately pulling them towards a ‘modern chalet’ concept for their planned getaway. Identifying an undulating parcel of forested land, the couple was attracted to inspiring views of the Shawangunk Mountains afforded by the elevated vantage point. Perched on top of the site facing south, the home was aptly named Chalet Perché – “perched chalet” in French. Brad Feinknopf... More

Project • By Alexander Gorlin ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Colorado House

This house is conceived as an abstraction of the surrounding landscape and as a reinhabited ruin, built in reverse. It is organized along two axes, a pinwheel plan between two heavily wooded ravines, Stonewalls extending into the landscape evoke a ruin ‘found,’ then reinhabited with the program of the house. Peter Aaron Peter Aaron These contiguous vertical surfaces echo natural surroundings while mediating between interior and exterior spaces: extension s of the landscape then rendered as man-made. The stone thus appears natural, though punctuated with controlled linear stone elements for sense of scale. Peter Aaron Peter Aaron One enters the house through a stonewall that is connected by bridge to the ext... More

Project • By Whipple Russell ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Bundy Drive

  Simon Berlyn   Design for Resort Style Living Our three-acre Bundy Drive project, completed in collaboration with Ramtin Ray Nosrati at Huntington Estates Properties, is certainly brimming with entertainment and the desirable amenities that bring resort living home. All this requires a large house, so our design goal, once again, is to maintain a human connection despite a broad canvas. We create visual connections between multiple levels, and even across large volumes, so people won’t find themselves cut off in a dark hallway. Simon Berlyn Simon Berlyn By creating view corridors, we assure that when you come around a corner there is something to draw you in, always a window with a view, a piece of art o... More

Project • By Whipple Russell ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Georgina Avenue

William MacCollum   What first greets the visitor to this Santa Monica, CA house is the generous front setback and landscape design by Z Freedman Landscape Architecture. A lighted series of steps lead up around a soft bed of fescue grass, and mature sycamore tree, past a stand of saplings. John Fox   Black textured Basalt stone tile from Norstone USA frames the entrance. William MacCollum William MacCollum   This project was an opportunity for our client and Marc Whipple to enter into a true collaborative adventure. Julie Cantor had in mind for years a modern take on a NYC loft space with an open volume, skylights, and very little strict division between rooms. A friend thought that sounded like a hou... More

Project • By Whipple Russell ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Walker Road

William MacCollum   This three-story house sits on five acres atop a small hill at the end of a winding drive in the Great Falls area of Virginia, a suburb of Washington D.C. The clients were familiar with Marc’s West Coast work and wanted his talent for framing vistas brought to their view of treetops and distant valleys. William MacCollum They also wanted an economical, modern house of a certain size, and left Marc to design a floor plan that was simple, beautiful, and livable. William MacCollum   The area features mainly traditional homes, but the site being so large, with no close neighbors, the clients felt free to build a fully modern home with lots of glass, through which to enjoy the spectacular s... More