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Project • By KARMAN SrlPrivate Houses

Private Home Bare

In a decorative lighting project for the home, it is necessary to select the most suitable creative designer lamps for the furnishing context. That is because creating a balanced synergy between furnishings and lighting design solutions is fundamental to achieve a final result with a great visual impact.For this design, studied ad hoc for a refined private home in Tel Aviv, some of the Karman lamps with greater aesthetic appeal and technical performance have been chosen. Caption   An airy, spacious and naturally bright home enriched by the unmistakable presence of Karman lamps: solutions with unparalleled charm, extremely versatile and capable of interacting with their surroundings, integrated perfectly with the furnishing scena... More

Project • By AlkiOffices

USA Offices

Different office spaces throughout the United States. Kuskoa Bi chairs, Lasai armchairs, Kuskoa chairs and stools and Kuskoa Bi office chairs furnish these offices. Caption Caption Caption Caption   More

Project • By studio IVUSHSocial Housing

Narrow living room

The task was to solve a narrow and also passable living room in an apartment for a family of three. Part of the apartment has already been reconstructed and therefore I based the design of the living room on the material and color solution of the already reconstructed part. The goal was not only to solve its arrangement and enough storage space, but also to optically expand it. When designing, it was also very important to take into account the fact that residents like to play an x-box, for which they need enough space. More

Project • By IN-EXPATHousing

The Loft Box

With a clean, white interior, the Loft Box is a minimalist's dream come true that goes beyond the conventional floor plan. While simplicity reigns in this home, a complex configuration of spaces ensure it’s bright and spacious inside out. False ceilings were removed in favour of a double-volume loft space, bringing fresh air and diffused light into the interior. More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Modern Villa Design

The underlying modern style modern villa design in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is expressed in the geometrical shapes and minimal embellishment. There have been some influences of other styles, mixing of rich fabrics, natural materials, and subtle pops of color to break the dullness of the neutral palettes and to add charm and personality to this welcoming home. This multi-family villa is functional, yet it allows residents to enjoy the outdoors within the privacy of the villa.  More

Project • By Creativ Interior StudioHousing

Interior design C House, Bucharest

Customers wanted their future home to be a bit special, both in terms of design, but also of functionality and execution. Our concept proposal resulted from the idea of ​​transposing ancient art into a modern house (its architecture is modern minimalist style), and these elements are found in the decoration of the walls (classical cornices and brasses, columns and Greek capitals but which we painted in bright colors). This leitmotif is also identified in the railing graphics or the abstract custom-made paintings. At a glance, the ambience seems very reserved, but our goal was to emphasize and attract attention and surprise visitors, so we used decorative profiles in a more creative way, large ceramic marble-like tiles that give a spectacula... More

Project • By 2prostoryApartments


Apartment - Mnisek Pod Brdy Project Year : 2019 Location: 252 10 Mníšek pod Brdy, Czechia Published by: 2prostory   More

Project • By AshariArchitectsBars

Upcycle Cafe ( Ferdowsi Cafe )

Upcycling Café is about 360 square meters.It is a part of Persian Golf complex in shiraz .The main goal of designing is creating environmental , social and economic sustainability .The waste materials , existing in the location of the project and a locality of collecting wastes ,have been applied .The designing details is in such a way that employer was able to implement them without professional builder. Devoting part of the cafe to eatable vegetables not only provided economic self-efficiency , but also filtered the interior air . We destroyed a portion of exterior wall to supply natural light for plants . Social interaction has been realized through variety of seating , an insular counter and a stage . We used some materials from the pre... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Modern Luxury House Interior Design

The exterior and interior design of the Modern Luxury House Interior Design in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is the epitome of classy sophistication. It is minimalistic but respects the context of the Saudi culture. With separate spaces and entrances for men and women, the modern theme is socially relevant. There are even small Arabic influences in the form of gilding. Coupled with natural tones and contemporary furniture, the strict modernistic setting also emulates a warm and welcoming aura. More

Project • By Groundwork Architects & Associates Ltd.Offices

PMM Media Office

Here is a story about our clients, Jeffrey Kwok and his father, who are both philanthropists from Hong Kong.Jeffrey's father ran a chain of "Mahjong Schools" in Hong Kong and his flagship outlet is situated on the ground floor of a sixty years old building called the Alhambra Building in Kowloon, Yau Ma Tei, near Temple Street. Temple Street was, one of Hong Kong’s red-light districts visited by aged local men but now dazzles with tourism. Jeffrey works in the advertising industry and is the founder of a local advertising company, PMM Media, which promotes social enterprises. Jeffrey and his family had approached us at first to design the new office for PMM Media. The space selected was a seventy-eight square meters unit that his famil... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Modern Minimal Interior Design

This Modern Minimal Interior Design located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is a study in simplicity and grace. The clean lines and plain furniture add sophistication to its overall ambiance. Much of the distinctness that's part of this home is thanks to the stark contrast of its white and navy color scheme. The rest comes from the use of appropriate fixtures, an abundance of natural light, masculine furniture, and a sleek cleanliness that shows up inherently within the space. More

Project • By JOA designHousing

Curve bookcase

Curve is a creation of JOA. It allows a complete freedom of creation. In thi scase, a bookcase had been drawn. Bamboo trays, steel uprights give a feeling of lightness while the resistance is not to be proved. Open storage space, sliding doors, drawers, the options are wide in order to personalize the piece to every needs. More

Project • By AshariArchitectsBars

Triangle Café

Architect: Ashari ArchitectsDesigner: Amir Hossein AshariDesign contributors: Zahra Jafari,Amir Irandoost HaghighiExecution: Saeid JamaliTriangle CaféCafés have significant power in strengthening the social dimension of urban spaces and urban Cafés are more dynamic than other types of spaces. The connectivity of the café to the unique historical urban environment and creating an attraction to this place were the challenges for the designers. The project ambition was to create a subtle wall surface which has the least impaction on the historical urban environment and the city residential fabric, however it creates a bold sustainable space.The goal was to blend the café interior space to city fabric which is occurred by eliminating the “borde... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Interior Design of Modern Luxury Residence

Featuring an opulent style, a deluxe personality, and an understated elegance, the Luxury Modern Residence Interior Design is a study in grandeur & extravagance. Located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, this home has been finished with sophisticated materials, a stunning neutral color scheme, & exquisitely handcrafted furniture. The decorative accessories have been curated from around the world, & the clever lighting enhances the sumptuous ambiance. The overall design of this house is a true classic. More

Project • By Racheli YaishResidential Landscape

A secret project

Interior design for a luxury home in the center of Israelto all images: More