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Project • By Jalihal AssociatesPrivate Houses

Conjoint Twins

Two homes with the soul of one . A joint family home , with a design language of uncluttered opulence .     CONTEXT : Located in a premium residential area in Belgaum , Karnataka , the design brief given by the client suggest a single looking structure split into two homes for two brothers yet connected by bridges at the entrances and in between , to allow a sense of a joint family home yet give each unit its own individuality. The brief also suggested the house carried an opulent and well curated sense of space making . Each house reflects the persona of the user and offers a diverse experience moving from one home to the other.     PLANNING: The entrance is approached through patches of landscape on eit... More

Project • By Prashant Parmar ArchitectPrivate Houses


A multitude of massive frames at various levels, spacious semi-covered green terraces at all floor levels getting animated with play of light as it permeates through the geometrically patterned MS trellis at the top of the largest frame and a unique experience of varying volumes right from the entry ... All this sum’s up very briefly the spatial experience of “The Shaded House”.    Client had a requirement of 4BHK Bungalow, along with garden space which permits interaction with nature through air, natural light and even rainfall.   The 45’ x 90’ site was surrounded by 2-4 storey building on three sides in Paldi area of Ahmedabad city. The sole permissible frontage - the only means for natural... More

Project • By AAB ARCHITECT StudioApartments

White Alien

This is a residential interior design called White Alien designed by Amirali Bahmani at AAB ARCHITECT Studio in 2019. INSPIRATIONIn today's world, most spaces, including residential areas are not futuristic. The designer's goal was to create a unique futuristic space that would satisfy the needs of residents in addition to the visual appeal. PROJECT DESCRIPTIONIt is a residential conceptual interior design that fits the project's limitations such as area, floor to ceiling height, column location, shear wall, ceiling beam hanging, walls and installations. To make the space look simple and large, glossy white and black colors have been selected. Since the designer could not move up and down in designing the ceiling, a parametric two-dimensi... More

Project • By HQ ARCHITECTSAuditoriums

Michael Sela Auditorium

 The existing Auditorium, is a great example of Modernism, designed by iconic Israeli architects Arieh Sharon and Benjamin Idelson in 1955. The 2,000m² building is the largest performance hall on the Weizmann Institute campus.   HQ Architects were commissioned to undertake the renovation and extension of this iconic building, which falls under strict ‘preservation’ rules, and where the facades and contour of the building cannot be modified. However, the ambition for the new Michael Sela Auditorium was to double the area of the existing lobby, and add a new social space suitable to accommodate different activities that go beyond the standard use of foyer as a waiting space. The concept is based on the observa... More

Project • By Office One ArchitecturePrivate Houses

House 2 (Puerto Rico)

House 2 is the design of a 3,500 square feet courtyard residence to be located in Aguada, Puerto Rico.  This house belongs to a series of houses that explore spatial and conceptual volumetric configurations of the frame and the box.Essentially, three extruded frames and a box are reconfigured volumetrically to define the public spaces of the house. The configuration is initiated by connecting two extruded frames with a box, resulting in a continuous open plan. The intersection of these two elements transforms the volumetric configuration in order to merge the spaces. This transformation is later connected to a perpendicular extruded frame that, on the one hand, creates a fluid space and, on the other hand, defines each space locally th... More

Project • By Arielle Condoret Schechter, Architect, PLLC, AIAIndividual Buildings

Professor's House

The small house was designed and crafted for an eminent author and professor of Native American Studies. After losing her husband a few years ago, the Professor decided to downsize from a 3200 square foot house to something smaller. The final design is a little over 1600 heated square feet, which is about half of what she used to live in and about 1000 square feet less than the average American house of 2500 square feet.  The final design includes:​   Design for aging in place, with zero thresholds from the entry bridge to the curdles showers inside.​  A small garage with an electric car charging station.​  An ample open living and dining great room with soaring clerestory windows and f... More

Project • By Kennerly Architecture & PlanningRestaurants

Bill Sorro Community

This 9-story, mixed-use building re-animates the abandoned corner of Sixth and Howard streets with 67 affordable family apartments, including 14 units for developmentally disabled adults. The housing units sit over restaurant/retail and community space at the ground floor.To resonate with the rhythms of the surrounding historic district, the design begins with a double-height commercial space above which the building breaks into two brick-clad volumes, the taller marks the intersection as a tower; the other steps down with a roof terrace. Residential amenities include private balconies, two common roof gardens, day-lit corridors, and flexible spaces for community gathering, offices, and child play.The building required a storm water retenti... More

Project • By Weinstein Vaadia ArchitectsRegionals

Menashe Regional Council

This three-story municipal building is planned as a civil center in the spirit of the modernist movement, reminiscent of many of the public buildings built in the first half of the previous century in the kibbutzes and moshavs of the area.The first floor of the building houses the departments that receive the public: money collection, education, social services and psychological services. The last two departments have separate, more intimate entrances from the outside, enabling them to function independently and discreetly. The first floor offices are arranged around patio gardens that serve as a backdrop for the public waiting areas. Other departments, demanding less public accessibility, are situated on the intermediate floor, while manag... More

Project • By STO.M.PPrivate Houses

House in a Grove

Heritage is this gamut of inherited objects, ideas, culture, and traditions. Not to be confused with preserving or restoring old things, values and ideas; It is often the collective of the tangible and intangible that has been passed on over time. Chettinad in Tamil Nadu is a city known for its wealthy merchants that were once hosted to wealth from across the globe.  But the Great Depression of the 1920s’ led to their gradual downfall. Even the opulent homes crumbled as the inhabitants couldn’t afford its upkeep. The city today, perhaps, resembles a discolored painting. A standalone palace haunts a desolate land with impressive exteriors but disintegrating within. In the case of Chettinad and alike, what does the current time inherit?&... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceApartments

Casa Dolce Vita

Author’s report The assignment for me as the designer and my studio - as the implementer, was as follows - Recreate a relatively new, medium sized maisonette apartment in Prague city centre for the needs and level of cosmopolitan couple, while I got almost unlimited freedom as the author. Inspired by modernism and the love of the Tugendhat villa in Brno, I drew the concept from just these sources - not as formal as ideologically rather. As the clients, constantly on the road, should use the flat as a point of contact and a haven, I had the pleasure to create it calmly and comfortably, with a spark of playfulness - what I was aiming for in a purely geometric scheme, simple to strict shapes and a noble material scale supported by uncompr... More

Project • By Q2Studio sp. z o.o. sp.k.Residential Landscape

Wuwart Apartments

"What qualities should an intimate residential building of the 21st century have?" - this question was asked by the Wrocław studio Q2Studio, which aimed to reinterpret the form of a traditional urban villa. The final project, which will be built on the Nowe Żerniki housing estate, will refer to the most important elements of the old style. A simple, compact body immersed in the surrounding greenery, sculpted loggias and terraces, enriched with a minimalist detail, is to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.Wisualization: BLOK studio More

Project • By ANIEAResidential Landscape

City Villa

Single family villa design in a modernism context of Orłowo district of Gdynia. Contemporary approach to the modernism style exspecialy Gdynia Modernism. More

Project • By Garage group architectsUniversities

Annex of Faculty of Medicine Niš / Serbia / 2011

To design addition to an already existing object is always a challenging task, above all considering newly established relations and autonomy of annex building. Moreover, with financial limitations imposed by a society in transition, which favors a “quick” design and “cheap” construction, realization of respectable building becomes a demanding task for every architect. Here, an example of addition design is presented – the Annex of Faculty of Medicine in Niš, which won the Annual Prize of Serbian Architects’ Society for 2010. Later on, Garage Group Architects also won GRAND PRIX at the Triennial of Architecture 2012th - Architecture Days of Nis, in the category of architectural projects – realization. The addition was built in 2009/2010, an... More

Project • By Garage group architectsHousing

M house

Semi-detached house is a transitory form between free-standing houses and row houses, and can be organized as a group of linear or spotted units. Two parts of a semi-detached house are usually identically spatially and geometrically designed, which interferes with user’s identification with his living space. A designing process of this semi-detached house was marked by the architect’s effort to ideally use conditions offered by location and avoid this cliché. The main task of the designer was to conceive two different units with almost identical living areas within the object treated as an individual house.This semi-detached house is designed in, to a certain extent, limited conditions, on a small lot, and adjacent to several newly built st... More

Project • By Jonas LindvallPrivate Houses

Villa J2

This family home in southern Sweden was designed by Lindvall A & D. The project began as the revamp of an existing summerhouse dating back to the 1940s. The initial plan included additions and alterations to the existing structure. However, due to building regulations stipulating that the footprint remain unchanged, house was rebuilt entirely.Falsterbo is one of the most popular resort regions in southern Sweden, becoming densely populated over summer. Although the site sits within a residential neighbourhood, one of the criteria of the brief was to create a family home that offered privacy. This was achieved by placing the garage at the front of the house, facing the street. Visitors must follow a path that leads alongside the garage t... More