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NewsNews • 23 Sep 2021

Atelier ST reinterprets Göttingen’s typical geometries into a modern form for the new Kunsthaus

Atelier ST aimed to embed the new building naturally into its historical setting and yet create a clearly recognizable house of arts. The monolithic facade, with only a few shimmering metallic openings, marks a contemporary venue. © Simone Bossi The architects used an all but forgotten technique - combed modeling plaster. The facade was carefully combed on each level to create irregular grooves in the soft mineral plaster. Each level has a slight cantilever to maximize floor space and resonate with the adjoining historical buildings. © Simone Bossi In spite of the cramped site, a column-free reinforced concrete structure resulted in a surprisingly spacious interior. Only a few windows offer views of the surroundings. R... More

NewsNews • 29 Oct 2020

House MF a bold and textured game

At the client’s request, House MF in Paredes, Portugal is built in an ‘L’ shape formation. Designed by spaceworkers as Architects, interior spaces are rationally contained within the L-shape and the volumes of an irregular monolith. ® Fernando Guerra | FG+SG The exterior volumes are made of exposed concrete and textured through the wooden formwork used. Strongly delineating between public and private, the volumes to the north entry side are obscured and closed. From the interior of the lot, the volumetric mass is opened up to allow in daylight and forge connections between the interior and garden spaces/pool. ® Fernando Guerra | FG+SG The entry to the house, on the obscured side, is marked by a gravity-... More

Product • By RMCBranco Estremoz

Branco Estremoz

The colour for demanding clients. Still white but with bigger light stones, originally from Alentejo in Portugal, which give to this colour extraordinary possibility to accent every interior. More

NewsNews • 8 Sep 2020

UNStudio’s brand manual for Doha Metro Network orchestrates first phase completion of 37 stations

UNStudio developed an Architectural Branding Manual that sets out an extensive set of design guidelines, architectural details and material outlines to assure the spatial quality and identity of the new Doha metro. Currently the first phase is completed with three metro lines (red, green and gold) that weave together 37 metro stations. © Hufton + Crow Most transport in Doha is done by car. The introduction of the most advanced and fastest driverless metro systems in the world is an attempt by the Qatar Rail Architecture Department to create an efficient and reliable alternative to private transportation. © Hufton + Crow The Architectural Branding Manual comprises a large catalogue of architectural 'branding' elements w... More

Project • By RMCResidential Landscape

Private Residence | Greece

As a showstopper, this private residence, in Greece, is in a category of its own. The architects did a wonderful job in fusing this amazing house into the rustic and unfinished background. The entire property has very sleek lines with dark and grey tones, sharp angles and a lot of open spaces blended in true form with the scenary,throughout the entire space. Our RMC Azores with rich grey tones allows the design and the “cement” look to be consistent throughout the house without giving up the quality factor and feel that this stunning house deserves. A true masterpiece hidden in the countryside of Greece ready to amaze all those who are lucky enough to walk through it. More

NewsNews • 19 Jun 2020

Mexico City house a calm oasis in the midst of a busy urban street

This house by HEMAA Architects is designed around three key elements: preservation of previously existing trees, separation from the street’s busy traffic, and incorporation of a sizable architectural program on a site of limited size.  Rafael Gamo Within the intensely urban context of Mexico City, the house achieves a sense of privacy through a monolithic and nearly blind façade, which extends out to the street. Only minimal openings at specific modules are included for lighting and ventilation purposes. Rafael Gamo   By contrast, the south façade is more open, with broad views of the garden and the retained trees, including a spectacular three-trunk Peruvian Peppertree -  bringing landscape... More

Project • By RMCShops

Peluqueria | Spain

It has been for a while now that architects, designers and marble lovers in general have been waiting for something new, something cheaper, better looking and even better quality than ordinary marble. That's where our company comes in.   Understanding these needs and being able to please the market were, not only the reasons we developed these products but are also the reason we keep working harder and harder every day and every year.   Our  desire for innovation and beauty is what motivated the creation of the Merrazzo Collection . The colors, the patterns and the overall imagination that took place in creating these products have jumped them into our sales frontrunners.   In this project of a hair dresser sal... More

Project • By RMCBars

Odeon Bar | Estonia

Founded in 2019, Odeon is a bar/restaurant and club dedicated to creative communities. Odeon is a contemporary social club on Kopli street . A home away from “home for the curious”, Odeon brings together artists and creative souls.   Located in the heart of the new Tallinn Bohemia: Odeon ‘s stylish and original design exudes elegance, refinement and the promise of impeccable pleasures.    This bar brings new life to a mid-century soviet building, the space is flooded with natural light with views that are both urban and quiet. Inspired by the sequential spatial organization of a train, the layout begins with the restaurant’s vestibule, with two large vintage chandeliers at an entrance filled with a... More

Project • By Jade ArchitectenPrivate Houses

Monolithic sculpture

On a former campsite is the plan area ' The Nieuwkoopse Eilanden ' realized. The new building plots are spread over a number of headlands between the Nieuwkoopse Plassen and Zuideinderplas.   Jade architects received the assignment to design and develop a family house. It concerns building plot 31 where a 14-meter-wide building can be realized. The garden at the back of the house lays adjacent to the water.  The kitchen-, dining- and living area merge into an open floorplan and are connected by a large veranda over the full width of the house. It creates a pleasant, sheltered spot near the water. Because of the L-shaped space, the house is not completely focused at the water but also provides contact with the neighborhood. &nbs... More

Project • By Schoyerer Architekten_SYRAFire stations

Fire Station Ruesselsheim Bauschheim

The new building for the voluntary fire brigade is situated on a main access road leading into the part of Rüsselsheim named Bauschheim on the corner of ’’Brunnerstrasse’’ and ’’Im Grundsee’’. The surrounding built fabric is made up of a heterogenous mix of double and single storey dwellings with hipped and pitched roofs. The front of the fire station responds to the building line along Brunnenstrasse via a roof cantilever over the facade of the vehicle garage, thus refering to the special useage of the building in its context. The fire engines are in full view through the fully glazed facade of the vehicle garage, as if they were parked inside an oversized display case. A fire brigade on standby mode is the theme here. Through this... More

Project • By Schoyerer Architekten_SYRAPump stations

Floodwater pumping station in Mainz

Function of the building: Through a bypass channel of 3 m diameter and a flow rate up to 22.000 l/sec. (statistic 20 year flood water) the surface water of the complete city area can be drained off into the river Rhine. At a 5 year Rhine flood level two pumps transport the city surface water into the river Rhine. One of the biggest flood prevention lifting shields worldwide (7,20 m high and 3,70 wide) protects the inner city of Mainz from a statistically 200 years Rhine flood, from a backwater into the local sewer system. With the total height of 8,50 meters, the visible part of the building is just the "tip of the iceberg", the bottom edge of the pit is 16 m under the surface. The orientation of the pumping station is directed to the flow... More

Project • By 1+1=1 architectsShops

Blè food hall

The design for Blè food hall is centered on the idea of the uniqueness of the majestic fire oven. This extraordinary silent feature, visible from the street, is meant to impress and to make the visitor to ponder about one of the key topics of our time: the source of quality and healthy food. As per 1+1=1 style, this relevant concept is expressed in a rather poetic way: the fire oven monolithic form, built of natural clay and whitish earth pigment, is expressed as a symbol of fire, earth and sky. Fire in the earth as that of a volcano, of an organic form that leads our head and eye to move upwards towards the sky thus showing the impressive 12 meter height space of Ble’ 3 storey volume. Reddish stone on floor and walls adds warmth to the... More