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Project • By IND architectsMuseums

Music Museum in Limassol

The site of the new Music Museum project is located in Limassol, the southernmost point of Cyprus. The city is the second largest in the country and is a major economic, cultural and financial center with a large flow of tourists. The project area is located in a perspective part of the city for renovation and development with an excellent location — there is a constant flow of people going from the center of the city to the passenger terminal.  The area consists mostly of industrial and residential buildings, which creates the need for a cultural and social zone, which will raise the status of the area and become a center of attraction for tourists and a place for leisure and recreation for local citizens. Caption The arch... More

NewsNews • 21 Oct 2020

Spatial-audio experience of ‘Torn Island’ exhibition draws visitors deep into past history

On the Dutch island of Texel, ‘Torn Island’ is an exhibition space within a World War II era bunker. Part of the Aviation & War Museum Texel, Kossmann.dejong Interior Architects use 3D audio as their primary design tool to tell the story of Georgian soldiers, who five days after their bold and bloody uprising were forced to face failure in the closing days of the war. The spatial audio experience draws visitors deep into a past history that has divided the island until today. Credit: Thijs Wolzak The designers worked together with professional actors and podcast-makers to ensure the audio drama feels authentic. As visitors wander through the bunker, different dialogues between people who were in the bunker that day are... More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsMuseums

Kunsthalle Mannheim Museum

The Kunsthalle Mannheim museum of modern and contemporary art was opened at the end of 2017 by Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. As Germany's largest new museum building, it is a prime example of both civic commitment and architectural skill. The private patrons initiative – with SAP founder Hans-Werner Hector alone donating EUR 50 million – was what made the bold design at Friedrichsplatz possible. Based on the concept developed by the architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners, a city within the city was created here, which reinterprets classic museum architecture while honoring Mannheim's historical city layout. The composition of room-forming cubes is visually connected by a sophisticated façade made of bronze-... More

Project • By OMACultural Centres

Pierre Lassonde Pavilion

18/07/2016 On June 24 took place the inauguration of the new Pierre Lassonde pavilion of the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, whose architectural conception started in 2011. It is with a tremendous sense of pride that Provencher_Roy assists to the opening of the doors to this building that imparts a newfound architectural cohesiveness to the Musée and enables Québecers and tourists alike, thanks to a 90% increase in exhibition space, to discover in greater depth the MNBAQ's impressive art collection. Integrated in an intricate and sensitive environment, the project generated an in-depth reflection about the bond between the Battlefields Park and Québec city, the preservation of the historic Saint-Dominique church, the cre... More

Project • By bureau SLAMuseums

Glass Museum

“Even the most complicated details are perfect.” – de Volkskrantbureau SLA turned two houses into a home for the National Glass Museum. Dutch National Glass Museum collects, examines and exhibits glass art and design from 1850 onwards. It serves as the Netherlands’ treasury, laboratory and centre of knowledge on glass. The Glass Museum was started in 1953 in the house of Petrus Marinus Cochius, director of Leerdam glass manufacturers and founder of the Leerdam glass tradition.Having two villas is charming, but provides the visitor with nothing else than to walk from one small room to another. By linking the two buildings, continuous exhibition rooms are created. The connection is more than a corridor; it is display space itself and becomes... More