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Project • By jihad khairallah architectsOffices

EKP Offices

The interior architecture is minimalist but thoughtful, with attention to every little detail, every single tone, nuance and material in the space has been carefully selected to create a harmonious, precise and natural feel with haptic qualities. The... More

Project • By HEDOffices

AbelsonTaylor Corporate Headquarters Relocation

AbelsonTaylor, among the world’s most renowned health and wellness advertising agencies and a prior client, reached out to HED to design their new space in Chicago's historic Old Post Office. The goals included activating the space into one tha... More

Project • By VietDECOROffices

VietDECOR Office

Located at the VNCC Building (Vietnam National Construction Consultant Company), VietDECOR places itself at one of the most attractive areas in the building.   Our main focus is to create a working environment which promotes wellness and flexi... More

Project • By VietDECOROffices

Santa Clara Factory

Charming Enterprise Ltd is a leading supplier of high class and functional outdoor sport garment outerwear exporting to the US (they made Star Wars Rogue One Jacket), Europe, Canada, Japan and major countries all over the world. In 2015, new factory... More

Project • By McIntosh Poris AssociatesOffices

The Factory at Corktown

McIntosh Poris Associates was responsible for the renovation and restoration of an existing 19th-Century wood timber and masonry building into a modern office for Ford Motor Company’s self-driving business unit.  Originally planned for Buh... More

Project • By LIKO-SOffices

Livesport Prague Offices

Sports fans know Livesport thanks to their sport’s applications. They bring dozens of sports and a number of results, statistics and tables, which they further process and serve to their customers. Such a dynamic work environment and the commit... More

Project • By NinetynineOffices

Office Ninetynine

When designing our own workplace, we wanted it to reflect our way of working as a small design studio.  By mapping our main activities and dividing them throughout the space, we created a clear division between the area where “stuff gets... More

Project • By Partner DesignOffices


New office for IT division of Raiffeisen Bank Aval, the largest Ukrainian bank with foreign capital. Today, Raiffeisen Bank Aval provides a wide range of banking services, serving over 2.5 million Ukrainian customers through a nationwide network of 5... More

Project • By INpulsOffices

WE communication

WE Communication is one of the biggest owner-operated agencies for communication, PR and integrated marketing. They have been working successfully in various markets with well-known brands for more than 35 years.The office close to the central statio... More

Project • By heroalOffices

Kotelna Park II office building

System solutions by heroal used for office complex in Prague One of the most dynamic, vibrant business districts of the booming city of Prague currently evolves in the city’s district 5. Architectural highlight: Even the most state-of-the-art... More

Project • By LIKO-SOffices

Kafnú co-working centre

Modern business centres are being set up in India's fast-growing metropolises, where the largest multinational companies in the field of IT and other industrial and commercial activities are building their headquarters. Bengaluru is one such city. Am... More

Project • By ESQVTAOffices

RC OFFICE | Porto | 2019

The area of intervention is made up of two adjacent units in a monotonous office Building in Porto. The area is defined by a 10,5 by 8,5 meters rectangle with all windows oriented west and the entrance on the opposite side. The program consisted of... More

Project • By Holst ArchitectureOffices

Holst Headquarters

Holst’s office on the third floor of the Eastside Exchange building fits the way we work. In what was originally an awkward U-shaped plan broken up into separate office suites, we envisioned an open office that facilitates collaboration and mai... More

Project • By Richporter LightingOffices

At Workbase

We worked closely with Inside Studio and At Workbase‘s owner to turn their vision of the space a reality. We had the mandate to provide lighting fixtures that would not only illuminate but also define their space. This concept of shared office... More

Project • By 3DM ArchitectureOffices


ICI HQ was a unique endeavor for 3DM. Starting as a simple vision to house different building industry professionals under one roof, a building was materialized that allows for exhibition and collaboration.    The building is divided into... More