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Project • By IN8 Design Inc.Offices


Winner of the ARIDO Award of Merit 2015 This organization is a highly technical, creative and visible industry leader, yet their office was dark, dated, maze-like, overcrowded, and hampered productivity. The client asked us to solve the functional issues, enhance staff comfort and productivity, provide room for growth and express their brand essence. Our design goals were to renovate the space to avoid an expensive relocation; create a more collaborative environment, including space for 100-person “town hall” meetings; “wow” their clients, and inspire and reward their employees. Caption Caption Caption Caption   More

Project • By IND architectsOffices

Raiffeisen TechCenter

The concept of the Raiffeisen TechCenter, the IT department of Raiffeisen Bank in Omsk, is based on IT+ART=DIGITAL ART — a global, bright, dynamic, inspiring — a modern reading of timeless values.  Caption The meeting rooms are inspired by the works of prominent residents of Omsk — artist Damir Muratov, musician Egor Letov and poet Timofey Belozerov. Three different types of art — visual, musical and poetry are transferred on a digital basis and realized in spaces of active discussions and birth of new ideas.  QR codes have been placed in the meeting rooms, which can be used to find out more about the identity of the inspirer of the design concept. Caption In the reception area there is an insta... More

Project • By PARC ArchitectesOffices

VINCI Group regional headquarters

Project: VINCI Group Regional Headquarters   Program: Offices - Business premises - Architect: Parc architectes - Client: VINCI Group - Site: Boulevard Solferino, 3500 Rennes - Surface area: 7,000 m2 SDP - Winner 2021 - In study phase   Air on every floor With the current health crisis, lockdowns and home-working, air has become a central issue. How can we rethink the workplace through the prism of well-being and fresh air? Forms of the workplace have evolved and diversified, and a pleasant work environment is a way to collaborate effectively, to bring together teams and to retain employees. Parc architectes presents an evolution in the design habits of office spaces; introducing more domesticity. With this approach, the agen... More

Project • By Helin & Co ArchitectsOffices

Metsä Group / MELA Headquarters

In 2009 the Metsäliitto co-operative, initiated a project for renovation of a three-volume office complex, covering the design of a new office building as well as renovation of the highest, eight-storey volume in Tapiola, Espoo near the Länsiväylä thoroughfare in the Finnish capital region. The lower volumes were demolished and their part of the site was parcelled out for residential construction. Antti Laiho Marc Goodwin The new and old office spaces are connected by a one-storey-high restaurant-cum-multifunction room, whose architecture is based on the top products of Metsäliitto's own industrial businesses. The aim was to achieve a pillar-free space functionally as flexible as possible. The main suppor... More

Project • By HabibiearsOffices

Bramlett Office Concept

This is a competition entry designed for a small - multifunction office that combines between open plan office and 2 big dedicated meeting rooms.  The design of this building is equipped with a small pantry on the top floor, two toilets with disability-friendly standards, a sofa area for work and casual meetings, as well as a pergola on the roof of the front facade to give a natural feel. More

Project • By GreenareaOffices

JLL Lisboa Offices - Green decor

Different compositions that show the versatility of our preserved products when it comes to incorporating nature into the interior of offices and making them more wellbeing. Green ceilings with our Moss&Plants Mid finish, a corporate garden with neon and small green touches in the form of planters help to connect the different work areas with the benefits that biophilic design transmits.  More

Project • By Lab4 architectsOffices

Moustakas Accounting Offices

The project deals with the redesign of a rectangular floor plan of 150 square meters, in the center of Alexandria city in Greece, in order to house an accounting company’s new offices. The design and construction were undertaken by Lab4 architects and PMG Engineers. Nikos Vavdinoudis - Christos Dimitriou / studiovd.gr Nikos Vavdinoudis - Christos Dimitriou / studiovd.gr The total area is divided into subspaces which include a reception room, two director offices, an employee’s room as well as a meeting room. The floor plan is completed with the auxiliary spaces which include a kitchen, a WC as well as a storage room. The basic design parameter is the open plan, with the aim of the unimpeded flow of natural light with... More

Project • By Johnson ChouOffices

Red Bull Canada Head Office Expansion

This project is a 5000SF expansion to the original Red Bull space recently completed by the designers in August 2010. The client’s brief was essentially three-fold: to create a space consistent in concept and form to the original yet be a reinterpretation of it; that the space be inspiring for staff in administrative/accounts who are normally relegated to bland, impersonal spaces; and that the predominant materials be that from a reclaimed source. Tom Arban Photography The expansion extends the Red Bull space to the south of the existing building, comprised of a bar and lounge area, open workstations, meeting areas, boardroom and private offices. Tom Arban Photography Continuing the narrative or architectural concept of ve... More

Project • By Johnson ChouOffices

Global Showroom

The design concept is based on two principles each realized separately on Showroom Floors 2 and 3: to INSPIRE the client or stimulate possibilities through a carefully composed and edited merchandising or display system that shows the products in their best light (Floor 2); and to help one ENVISION it in a parallel office/workspace recreation (Floor 3) – a context that may reflect their own needs. Ben Rahn/A-Frame The forms of the architectural elements and movement through the showrooms are inspired by the angled and curved forms of the original building designed by Moriyama & Teshima Architects. Ben Rahn/A-Frame By utilizing the floor division between the two showrooms, a clearly divergent, yet related, means of pres... More

Project • By MC-AOffices

BOOL Headquarters

The challenge presented to MC-A consisted in designing the headquarters of a forward-thinking, custom software development, and consultancy company, that has the motto: “We bring the future into the present”.  Caption This project was envisioned to accommodate a team of IT professionals committed to overcome its clients’ biggest challenges, with innovative and disruptive solutions.  Specifically, the requirements included a work area for 20 workstations, a venue for conferences, formation and team building moments that seated at least 30 individuals, a pantry, and a chill out zone.  Caption Having sorted out the location, in one of the most environmentally friendly buildings of Lisbon, Portugal,... More

Project • By CCHEOffices

The Hive 8

Development of an administrative building for the Swiss electrical components group LEM, which is relocating its Geneva headquarters. Leader in the market for innovative and high quality solutions for the measurement of electrical parameters, LEM has chosen The Hive campus, dedicated to companies in the high value-added technology sector, to house its research and development activities and a production unit. The architecture of the building meets the high energetic performance standards of the Canton of Geneva. The building is composed of 3 layers: -A concrete base, massive in appearance, which will house the industrial and logistics parts.-A lightweight glass box that will house the administrative areas.-A metal crowning, integrating... More

Project • By Neumann Monson ArchitectsOffices

Gavin Penthouse

Situated at the top of a 5-story urban infill, this 2,100 SF office space provides refuge and inspiration within this small, historic commercial neighborhood. Departing from conventional office amenities, the suite is designed to promote invention and collaboration among a dynamic group of interdisciplinary entrepreneurs.  Cameron Campbell Integrated Studio The office is divided into three equal-sized programmatic zones which comprises half of the building’s top floor. The interior theatrically inserts materials and furnishings into the concrete and glass volume. The juxtaposition of traditional with modern, through a variety of materials and forms, creates a unique and relaxed atmosphere.  Cameron Campbell Integrat... More

Project • By Neumann Monson ArchitectsHospitals

GuideLink Center

Law enforcement, healthcare providers, and local government agencies joined to create a 24/7, low-barrier facility to provide intervention and treatment for substance abuse, mental health, trauma, and act as a winter shelter. These offerings are an important alternative to traditional police intervention for individuals in crisis situations. The voluntary facility is strategically located near other supportive services, as well as bus, bike, and pedestrian routes.  Cameron Campbell Integrated Studio   The building is organized around its three program elements – office, behavioral services, and shelter – and is punctured across its main facade with primary access points. Inviting entrances incorporate full glazi... More

Project • By Banker WireOffices

Corporate Office Cafe

In designing a prominent corporate office located in Chicago, Illinois, IA Interior Architects created “The Halo” in the building’s café and barista area, incorporating an elegant focal piece to the space. The lighting fixture is crafted from Banker Wire’s woven wire mesh pattern IPZ-25 with a stainless steel and bronze finish. This blend of alloys gave the designers a color that complimented the miscellaneous materials used throughout the design, contributing to the classic atmosphere. “Creating a timeless environment was the most essential goal for the project,” says John Hopkins, Design Director, IA Interior Architects. “We found a vast array of products, patterns and finishes from Banker... More

Project • By Banker WireOffices

Corporate Office Building

For the design of a new prominent corporate office headquarters located in Little Rock, Arkansas, Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects utilized Banker Wire’s SZ-4 wire mesh pattern—in a stainless steel and brass mixed alloy—to create a striking ceiling installation. Bridging two separate, glass-clad office spaces linked by a five-story, atrium-like structure, the wire mesh-fabricated ceiling visually anchors the interior as a key focal point. Similarly, SZ-4’s placement within the organic ceiling shapes nod to the mountainous exterior landscape while adhering to the building’s safety requirements. “Selected for both its aesthetic and technical qualities, the high-quality nature of Banker Wire’s SZ-4 wire... More