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Project • By Roberts LimbrickOffices

Spirax-Sarco Engineering Headquarters

Our team created a sustainable design, sympathetic to an adjacent Regency building, for this international engineering company’s Cheltenham headquarters. Spirax-Sarco Engineering plc is a multi-national industrial engineering group with expertise in the control and management of steam, electric thermal solutions, peristaltic pumping and associated fluid path technologies. The group is a constituent of the FTSE100 Index of the London Stock Exchange and has around 9,200 people in 68 countries worldwide providing the engineered solutions that sit behind the production of many items used in daily life. The group has three sites in Cheltenham, including the Grade II listed Charlton House in Charlton Kings that has been the company’... More

Project • By Constructive SpaceOffices

Global Venture Capital Firm

A NEW HOME Our client, a global venture capital firm, wanted a home in London for its growing business after spending the past year working from a serviced office. The chosen space, 22 Tower St, is grade listed and was recently redeveloped from an old school and warehouse, previously acting as Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s dance studio. With vaulted ceilings, original arched windows and roof lights, the main objective was to create a relaxing, domestic scale workspace, with a mixture of comfortable, collaborative open workspace and formal cellular settings. Leo Hoang Leo Hoang Leo Hoang Leo Hoang THE OVERARCHING DESIGN Initially defined by the client’s designer, we took forward the base concept, developing the i... More

Project • By Za-za interior designOffices

The Colorful office

What to do: stay home and work remotely or go to the office?This project is our answer to this question. The designer’s goal is to create the most profitable and comfortable space, involving every corner in the overall idea of ​​the space. In this project, we intended to fill it with splashes of color to make it full of joy and creativity. This way, every room has an accent color. Caption Caption Caption The centerpiece of the office is a white volume that seems to be deliberately inserted into a dark volume that is larger in size. So that we make the space easy to perceive. In addition, to highlight this difference, the white volume is finished with rough plaster. Caption Caption Caption On an area of... More

Project • By Studio Alvise StramareOffices

16 | Office Building in Italy

Our latest office project involves renovating a 60's building and adjoining a new extension to wrap up the original volume. Rather than opting for a completely new construction, we agreed with the client to reuse and extend their former office to achieve their strict sustainability targets. Federico Farinatti Caption Caption Caption We wanted to find a new way of using broad workplaces, somewhere between the absolute open space layout typically adopted by some American corporations and the more classical box-adjoining strategy. We came up with the idea of not defining the areas occupied by the distinct departments: we proposed instead to use the 98-meter-long building as a gradient from the quietest to the most rumorous... More

Project • By ma+rsOffices


This project came to our studio in 2018 as a refurbishment, extension & interior modification project. A single storey old house on a plot size of 50’ x 80’ that was being used as an office space. The entrance patio was the reception, bedrooms were meeting/discussion/conference rooms and the store room worked as server room. The brief was to rework the interior & add one floor to function as extra workspace and a cafeteria. However when we did a structural assessment of the building, it was discovered that the slabs rested on columns, there were no beams! The decision to bring down the old building and construct a new one was taken.  suryan//dang suryan//dang The design process led us to some pivotal ques... More

Project • By gamma architectsOffices

Japanese WEB Manga creators office

This office is special in that most of workers are creators, so, we had to design a space where they can focus on their creative-activities. Caption We went back and forth between digital and real, as an image of an improvised lab and creative- activities to be linked, then, we decided to incorporate a mechanism into a space that stimulates the senses. Caption We emphasized on the efficiency, and designed the layout to maximize worker desk placement. We also created a standing area in the center of the space, so that people can have a conversation and meetings easily, which makes concentration and relaxation. Caption By unifying the color of the ceiling, window frames, and chairs in the company`s theme color, orange, while... More

Project • By Margarita PrakapovichOffices

A modern office with bright accents in the Kursk region

Architectural designer Anastasia Kuznetsova  www.kuznetsovainteriors.com Instagram: @anastassiakuznetsova Architectural designer Anastasia Kuznetsova has a long-standing relationship with the client, a major agro-industrial company in the Kursk region, having been an employee there for ten years. The combination of technologically advanced production, proximity to nature, and a deep understanding of the company's internal workings has informed the concept of a stylish and contemporary office covering 7600 square meters. Sergey Ananiev Sergey Ananiev A newly constructed four-story building was specifically erected for this office. Anastasia was fully involved in developing the architectural solution for the office, includi... More

Project • By LAGUARDA.LOWOffices

Jining Cultural Center

Master planned and designed by LAGUARDA.LOW ARCHITECTS, Jining Cultural Industry Park is the third and final phase of the Jining Cultural Center. Located in the beautiful Taibai Lake New District of Jining, China, the ambitious project includes an elaborate commercial complex across an elevated park, Highland Park, from three iconic museums and a library. The complex is a series of volumes that rise gracefully into towers like peaks of a mountain range. The elevated park between commercial and cultural buildings is made of sinuous lines flowing from the park up over the towers like flowing water, seamlessly connecting the disparate programs on the site. Archi -Translator Jining Cultural Center is a key project in Shandong Province. In... More

Project • By WSAA Design TeamOffices

I WILL Factory and Office

Taiwanese poet Yu Kuang Chung, said, “The Northern Tropic is like a string of musical instrument that plays out warm melody upon the reflection of sun.” Standing at the foot of Alishan and looking at Jade Mountain in distance, the project site is located in new rising suburbs of Chiayi City, the string that plays Taiwan’s lasting melody. Chu Yi Wen, Tseng Bo Xiang Chu Yi Wen, Tseng Bo Xiang Chu Yi Wen, Tseng Bo Xiang Chu Yi Wen, Tseng Bo Xiang Chu Yi Wen, Tseng Bo Xiang The site is blessed with a perfect setting, surrounded by mountains and forests on its eastern and southern side, and at the intersection of the main roads in the park. That’s why our architectural design not only illustrates... More

Project • By Vector MaisOffices


Wanting to capture and invest in talent from the University of Évora and other regional polytechnics, KPMG decided to open a technology hub in Alentejo. Vector Mais / spacesandplaces.pt Vector Mais / spacesandplaces.pt Vector Mais / spacesandplaces.pt Following the projects in Lisbon and Porto, KPMG once again trusted Vector Mais for the fit-out of the new office. Also designed by Vector Mais, the workspace is located in the new wing of PACT (Parque do Alentejo de Ciência e Tecnologia) and is characterized by a generous open space and areas dedicated to collaboration, such as meeting rooms, meeting booths, telephone booths and a small social lounge area, with pantry and lockers. Vector Mais / spacesandplaces.... More

Project • By FCAOffices

FCA Philadelphia Headquarters

Leading architecture and interior design firm FCA is pleased to unveil its renovated Philadelphia headquarters. Through a two-year process of comprehensive research, employee surveys, and design charrettes, FCA developed a forward-facing workplace tailored strategically to the needs of its employees and the engagement of their clients in the process. The refreshed office embodies the firm’s strategy in practice, serving as a springboard for future workplaces across the country. “It was an exciting challenge to reimagine our own workplace,” says Aran McCarthy, AIA, NCARB, President at FCA. “It required us to dig deep and discover what our team truly wants from an office. Our new office needs to give people something... More

Project • By Creative OpsOffices

Delamode office interior design

The interior of Delamode office is designed for the employees of a logistics company. The space of 2000 square meters serve as an area for work, training as well as relaxation and entertainment. The whole office is spread over two floors, including large terrace on one of them. ©Norbert Tukaj ©Norbert Tukaj ©Norbert Tukaj Delamode's office is comfortable, bright, open and might grasp attention by the selection of materials. The main idea of this interior was to create a spatial structure that not only combines the specific functional needs of the client, separates working zones, transit spaces and leisure areas, but also creates a clear visual identity for the office. ©Norbert Tukaj ©Norbert... More

Project • By AT26 architectsOffices

YIT Offices

YIT offices are situated in the building of the former Hungarian thread factory. When designing the office premises we took into consideration the preservation of the atmosphere of the original production hall to the maximum extent possible, but also taking into account the acoustic well-being of the employees. Matej Hakár Matej Hakár Matej Hakár Matej Hakár Matej Hakár The space is designed as a semi-open space, it is visually divided into smaller units. Closed offices, framed dividing walls and closed meeting rooms are placed between individual departments, which allowed us to achieve different degrees of intimacy in the space. Matej Hakár Matej Hakár... More

Project • By TCHOBAN VOSS ArchitektenOffices

TechnoCampus, Berlin

The approx. 51,300 sqm site at Siemensdamm 59-62 forms the eastern boundary of Siemensstadt. The Wernerwerk XV, which is under monumental protection, is located on the property. Built according to designs by Hans C. Hertlein in 1924/25, the former factory for transmission systems was redesigned in several construction phases and extended by further building sections by 1942. Consisting of four five- to ten-storey cubically arranged building sections, the complex was renovated in 2009 and has since been used by numerous companies from a wide range of industries. Stefan Mueller Stefan Mueller Stefan Mueller The TechnoCampus Berlin was created as a balanced ensemble of historic buildings and new constructions that pay tribute t... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsOffices

Administrative Building of ‘Aban’ Factory

Factory office spaces are typically under the heavy influence of the factory itself and become a part the factory, in the case of prefabricated buildings, they sit adjacent to other spaces, often lacking a distinct identity. The primary challenge in this project was determining how to design a factory's office building so that it not only possesses its own unique identity but also serves as a representative symbol of the factory's design. Positioning the office building near the site's entrance further amplifies its significance. Ashariarchitects Ashariarchitects Ashariarchitects The conical shape of the cooling tower, a primary product of the factory, was chosen as the foundational form. This conical design plays a crucial... More