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Project • By Roy David & ArchitectsOffices

The Circus

Creating a multi-purpose space that will reflect the identity of the office as a creative hub inside Wonderland Complex.Our point of departure is to create an experience that reflects the idea of a labyrinth. Caption Including colorful interactive elements, graphic walls and unique booth stations that are scattered in a neutral space with natural finishes and soft colors.The space is divided into 3 main zones - social area, workstation area and meeting room area. Caption It will imitate the idea of the Maze board game.The space will include unique joinery of materials, colors and textures and includes informal gathering spaces that encourage collaborative meeting areas and dynamic gathering spaces ; so that our community within... More

Project • By co.archOffices


A NEW SUPER TECHNOLOGICAL “DESIGN THINKING LOUNGE” OPENS IN MILAN Office space is undergoing a profound transformation as never before, the post-pandemic phase has re-discussed many of the dogmas that were taken for granted. It is no longer possible to imagine the office space without the plant equipment that makes it connected and connected. Luca Privitera C.space is an experimental space conceived together with Designtech and designed down to the smallest detail. It is in the nascent Certosa District, a developing area north-west of Milan, within the forging office campus. The initial request was to think of a coworking and support space, but during the planning stage, reasoning both with the customer and with the futu... More

Project • By Grande Interior DesignOffices


To interpret client’s brand image on tobacco and alcohol business, an aesthetics composed of smoothing lines and colorings with the accents of chic become the setting of this office. Infused with curves around ceiling and flooring, which set a partition function; an open design with a communal bar area, natural green wall and modern lighting design recreate a workspace full of vibrancy. Caption Caption Reception Regal City is having their core business on imported tobacco and alcohol, this is an open office workspace designed to reshape its high-end image. With an opening of a feature signage wall showcasing Regal City’s newly created logo, and a curved-frame door design to deliver a soft welcome for the visitors. Th... More

Project • By Tres AtelierOffices

Nirant- An infinite loop

We received a call from a client that they brought a new property in the commercial tower and wanted to cover the space into meaning full office space. Siddhant Temkar When we say office space, we as humans have a typical understanding of chairs and tables but what about the essence of the space? the aura of the space, we as a designer can change that? As every office has its own principles and philosophy of work that derives from its daily flow, so architecture and interior play a major role in keeping the aura positive. Siddhant Temkar When we analyze the business and background of the client, we understood everything is related to soil. We had a walkthrough of the site (Raw shell), and the unorganized beam grid and lighting c... More

Project • By Setter ArchitectsOffices


There is no doubt that COVID19 has changed the way we work nowadays. More and more we meet companies that are looking for hybrid and collaborative workspaces. It is inevitable that this will affect how today's offices will look like. Uzi Porat The office should be flexible and provide many meeting and gathering areas. Options for alternative work and meeting areas, which depart from the norms that were known and familiar to us. Uzi Porat Thus, in the design of Verint's new offices, we tried to create a work environment that would convey a different and unconventional perception. We created two anchors in the floor: One main entrance faces the reception area and a work lounge. Uzi Porat The concept was to create an al... More

Project • By BIDERMANN+WIDEOffices

Chefs Culinar

Chefs Culinar Poland is a global brand with German roots that has been in business for almost 100 years. Designing for such a client is a big challenge and a great responsibility. In 2018, our studio was invited to work on the interior design of Chefs Culinar's newly built logistics center in Wiskitki near Warsaw. Thanks to our early inclusion into the team, we were able to go through the entire process in accordance with our internal procedures, resulting in a space tailored to the requirements of the client and their team. Kroniki Studio: Hanna Polczynska Kroniki Studio: Hanna Polczynska More than an office. The logistics center in Wiskitki is not just warehouses with an office area. The brief was to additionally create a coo... More

Project • By DESIGN+BUILD WorkspaceOffices

Delap Financial Services Redesign

Delap's primary drive behind their full office renovation was about people: forming an authentic connection with clients in a remote meeting world and creating a beautiful office space for their employees looking to return to in-person work. Caption Caption Caption DESIGN+BUILD worked with Delap to develop "resi-mercial" spaces that combined confidentiality with warm familiarity, resulting in well-furnished video call rooms for clients near or far. And for the employees: a sun-soaked kitchen and break room space flexible enough to serve as a work lounge by day and an All Hands/party space for their team to be welcomed back to work. Caption Caption Caption More

Project • By DESIGN+BUILD WorkspaceOffices

Pendleton Woolen Mills HQ Office

Pendleton had a segmented office layout that siloed their creative teams across floors. They wanted an inspiring space that encouraged collaboration. Josh Partee Seeking to maximize daylight, we developed the floor plan around access to the existing ridge skylights. The result was an airy floor plan with lots of wall space for pin-up, and a subdued material palette that let their products sing. Large workstations and plenty of collaboration tables made it feel like the studio they needed. Josh Partee Josh Partee More

Project • By DESIGN+BUILD WorkspaceOffices

USNR Cooperate Head Quarters Redesign

USNR Headquarters, located in Woodland, WA, sits on a campus consisting of both office and manufacturing space. The renovation of the main office building at the forefront of the campus aimed to achieve an all-new entry vestibule to welcome visitors, an open and collaborative workstation plan to align with the nature of their work, and updated finishes to coincide with their brand and other locations. Josh Partee Josh Partee Josh Partee The newly constructed entry invites you with floor-to-ceiling storefront windows and a dark canopy that holds the USNR logo. Just beyond the reception desk and wall, clad with locally sourced white fir, “bullpen” style workstations fill the office with a striking stripe of red. Be... More

Project • By JLC-Tech | Linear LED LightingOffices

Pim Brands

Positively influence your environment with a light and ceiling combination that is both warm and inviting, the way T-BAR LED flawlessy integrates into speciality wood ceilings. We have designed specialty mounting systems so that our slim 9/16” and 15/16” T-BAR LED and low-profile GEMINI lighting will support harmonious integration into the variety of specialty wood ceilings. Our expert integration solutions not only guarantee proper installation per specification, but they also allow for the installation to be seamless and simple. JLC-Tech integrates elegant architectural lighting into beautiful specialty wood ceilings, keeping rigorous and expensive labor out of the picture. Caption More

Project • By A2C StudioOffices


With this project we complete the extension started 4 years ago with the upper floor.The customer needed to expand their space by occupying the old warehouses that had been disused for some time on the floor below.The work that we went on to design consisted in recovering the spaces for offices use without altering the existing load-bearing structures but rethinking the spaces for the new offices in a more organic way. DAVIDE GALLI ATELIER DAVIDE GALLI ATELIER The needs were to have small conference rooms for meetings with more privacy, an "open space" operating space, a conference room for 50 people, a medical center. Furthermore, to complete the independence of the floor itself, 2 bathroom blocks and related employee changing r... More

Project • By HONGDesignworksOffices

ECCO China Headquarters

From Xi'an to Shanghai, HONG Designworks has always followed the philosophy of ECCO,“lasting,nature and rhythm”. From design to material selection, designers fully expressed the possibility of harmonious coexistence with nature and created a modern office in Shanghai for ECCO that adheres to sustainability, comfort, nature and relaxation. Tan Xiao The arch element of the Shanghai classic building is applied in the elevator lobby, the arches are used to guide the movement lines, and the interlocking lines create a three-dimensional effect. Tan Xiao The ECCO Forest is a rainforest-like space behind the reception desk made up of iridescent glass and greenery, and the special leather reception desk uses the leather innov... More

Project • By studio] [space architectenOffices

Black Barn

The ambition for the BLACK BARN is clear; a modest but high-quality construction that draws all attention to the landscape behind it. It has a closed character on the street side, but has a breathtaking view on the side of the river and landscape behind. The green craft is in the blood and that passion is gladly shared. The new office therefore offers space not only for people, but also for flora and fauna. For example, the facade includes numerous nest boxes in which the flying inhabitants had already taken up residence before the official completion. Koen van Damme The BLACK BARN is designed as an abstract barn volume with black-stained wooden facades and a zinc roof. In a larger context, it stands on a historic ribbon development a... More

Project • By VanitarOffices

Ahmad tea office

The project compeleted in 2016. The furniture was selected from 2 brands. Bene and Team 7, which both was supplied by Vanitar LLC. Vanitar LLC. Vanitar LLC.   More

Project • By VanitarOffices

Small Office

The photos are related to the Vanak office, which the redesigning started in 2019 and finished in 2020. The flooring supplier of the project was Vanitar. For the entrance of the office the architect choosed the BerryAlloc laminates; not just for their look, but for their resistance because the office entrance is a high-traffic place.  Vanitar LLC. But for the section related to employees, the designer decided to use carpet tiles. Their silence nature and easy installation was the main reasons. After all it turns out the light blue and gray carpet tiles color and their combination with the wooden floor made the office not only very quiet in practice, but also give it a very peaceful atmosphere. Vanitar LLC.   More