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Project • By VicousticOffices

Lauda Office

 "The sound in our rooms is now much more controlled, leading to a relaxed ambience for everyone in every room", says Guy Balbaert, Business Development Director at LAUDA Central Europe, after the Polish company renovated it's office, with acoustic treatment by Vicoustic, including the latest GEN-VMT collection.   "What we loved about the Vicoustic products is that there is a solution for every frequency issues, the installation is quick and easy and lots of standard products are aesthetically very pleasing and contemporary. Ideal for our new location", says Guy. The building covers a multitude of large spaces with high ceilings, mainly concrete walls and lots of glass. You can imagine the acoustic issues that needed to be... More

Product • By FIBANDCOGreen Blade® Acoustic

Green Blade® Acoustic

Green Blade Acoustic Panels are performant sustainable acoustic solutions. FibandCo offer a wide range of acoustic solutions, each with their own acoustic performance. All of the Green Blade acoustic solutions have been professionally tested in a Europe laboratory for acoustics. Solutions possess an NRC value ranging from 60 to 90% and can be implemented on walls, ceilings or partition walls. More

Product • By 14six8 - Architectural Acoustic SolutionsPulse - Acoustic parametric bench

Pulse - Acoustic parametric seating

PULSE is a parametric exploration of individual organic forms and study of how one affects the other to create an architectural statement through unified design integrity and vision. Inspired by the natural form, fluidity and motion of nature it is a journey into the appreciation of spatial awareness within volume and an expression of organic boldness in simplicity, transforming any spatial envelope into an inspiring architectural haven. More

Product • By 14six8 - Architectural Acoustic SolutionsHide - Acoustic desk dome

Hide - Acoustic desk dome

Hot-desking is becoming more and more popular in the advent of open plan office spaces and workers working remotely. HIDE was designed to give a busy employee their own space to focus and get their head down in a busy office environment. Using acoustic friendly material HIDE helps absorb sound in a noisy office thus helping avoid distractions. More

Product • By 14six8 - Architectural Acoustic SolutionsSwarm - Acoustic office partition

Swarm - Acoustic office partition

As a modular, self construct and free standing system, office spaces can now be divided into an array of almost infinite configurations to suit any size or footprint open plan office environment. The system can be assembled to a desired length, height or linear configuration to divide an open plan footprint while offering an incredible acoustic presence within the space. The system can also be disassembled and rearranged as a day two scenario which allows for an ever changing office landscape if necessary without having to employ costly, invasive onsite contracting work to demolish and reconstruct partition systems. “SWARM” would also mitigate the need to redesign or perform any civil MEP works if the office landscape had to und... More

Product • By 14six8 - Architectural Acoustic SolutionsHive - Acoustic suspended system

Hive - Suspended acoustic system

   Whether creating suspended homogeneous planes or multiple depths of field this geometrically inspired, modular system will entice the most creative curiosity into the design of large volumes of space where superior acoustic considerations are essential. With the potential of customised horizontal volume and colour configurations the system can be integrated into pre or post design scenarios elevating ceiling design literally to another dimension. In the evolution of architectural design, acoustics are now seamlessly woven into the DNA of “HIVE” offering an holistic solution within the realm of trendy modern design and development of spaces. With the addition of the hexagonal inserts which are available as solid ele... More

Product • By 14six8 - Architectural Acoustic SolutionsHarmony - Acoustic suspended system

Harmony - Suspended acoustic system

In a new era of architectural design, intimacy and acoustic comfort within work environments are at the forefront. Combine that with vision and the result is a harmonious suspended acoustic element which is created from two-dimensional profiles assembled to unveil a three-dimensional geometric shell acting as a barrier for reverberating sound within spaces. Whether it be over desks and meeting tables or as artistic volumes in large open areas “HARMONY” encompasses style, form and function with the additional appeal of having the choice of a vast array of solid, patterned or customisable panels to create unique solutions. Dream it. Configure it. More



During the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018, we introduce the two new acoustic panels, BAUX Panel Arch and BAUX Panel Curve. To bridge the gap between classical and modern we had to explore past the linear. To shape vast decors for monumental interiors, auditoriums and stretching hallways we needed to go in all directions. The result? Two new panels with a fluid design capable of twisting and turning the linear grids of the five original panels.In early 2015, we introduced the original BAUX Acoustic Panels.Our idea – to shape something timeless, functional with endless combinations.The linear grid made it possible for us to create a modular system, retaining the sequence of design in both large and small environment.When we got the i... More

Product • By Multiline LichtAtlantis


With the Atlantis Multiline introduces a product that combines light and acoustics in a unique way. The concept allows us to offer two solutions in one product, completely tailored to the needs of the customer. This design clearly finds its application in offices, meeting venues, hotels, universities, etc. It improves the performance of people by reducing bothersome noises and providing optimal lighting. The acoustic modules have the shape of a rectangle with sleek proportions (0.5 x 1.0 x 0.05 m), are cut from a 5 cm thick basotect foam sheet and finished with a flocklayer in the standard colours light grey or middle grey. They can be used in combination with existing light profiles from Multiline: Rekta 40, Rekta 65, Rekta 80 and... More

Project • By BAUXBanks

OPUS Business Park Helsinki – A Unique Acoustic Space

Commissioned to design the reception areas for the newly renovated OPUS Business Park in Helsinki, interior designers Niina Sihto and Emma Keränen converted an empty, grey tiled space into a warm, welcoming reception hall. They eliminated sound reflections from tiled floors and huge glass windows by installing a number of BAUX designs. The texture of the wood-wool tiles contrasted the hard surfaces and helped to soft the space. The colours have also had a huge impact. The client wanted a warm feeling on entering the building, so Nina and Emma chose soft reds that complemented the client’s brand identify. The inspiration for the designs came from our BAUX design tool and sample images on the BAUX website. The construction process was quic... More

Project • By BAUXBanks

KPMG Copenhagen – Scandinavian Style

On moving to their new offices nestled in the newly renovated Nordhaven district in Copenhagen, KPMG wanted to create a space that represented their Nordic business values. Lead designer Francisco Sarria, took his inspiration from the dockside location. The idea was to bring the location indoors. Large-scale BAUX designs fill the reception and waiting areas with visions of sea and sky. It’s here that visitors get their first taste of the relaxed Nordic style of business. The geometric BAUX shapes meant many possibilities for graphic expression. Everything points up and to the right – forwards, towards innovation. Two twenty-meter tall BAUX designs give the feeling of being outside, in the harbour on a summer’s day. Wood fibre textures an... More

Product • By Green Furniture ConceptLeaf Lamp Series

Leaf Lamp Series

The Leaf Lamp is an ambient and acoustic lighting solution that mimics the organic designs found in nature and is made entirely of natural materials that offer flameproof and sound-absorbing qualities. The foliage of wool felt absorbs sound (A-class) and radically improves the speech perception in a room. Leaf Lamp is offered as grand light trees in scale with grand interiors as well as pendants up to ø130 cm.     More

Product • By FURNIKO Office FurnitureHUSH PADS


acoustic + design + functionality Hush Pads are eye - catching, sound absorbing panels that combine outstanding acoustic, design and functional features. Hush Pads panels can be mounted on the wall, hinged from the ceiling or used as freestanding design screens. Hush Pad’s core is made of specially formed polyester fibers. The outer layer is covered by thick 100 % pure vergin wool. Hush Pads panels are available in various shapes and sizes. Panels can be arranged next to each other to form a unique composition. A wide range of colours available makes any project possible. Acoustic properties The inside of Hush Pads panels is made of polyester fibers with specific density. The density of the fibers was carefuly selected during acoustic... More