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Project • By The Design GroupOffices

Universal Music Polska office - musical space

The new office of Universal Music Polska music label in Warsaw delights with an unusual blend of loft elements and cozy, home-sweet-home vibe, elegance, and cutting-edge technology at top level. This is the space for everyone – you simply want to stay, work and create there. A lot of credit for that goes to the team of The Design Group architects, responsible for the very original interior design of the largest record company operating in Poland. Caption Universal Music Polska is part of global music corporation Universal Music Group. The latter owns departments in a number of countries across the world, and such stars as Madonna and U2 release their albums under Universal Music's umbrella. The new UMP headquarters, designed to... More

Project • By De VormOffices

De Vorm Office & Showroom

De Vorm's new headquarters celebrates the brand values in an ultimately functional and inviting destination for both employees and visitors. Workplace and showroom under one roofThe newly renovated location combines a showroom and an office in one building, emphasizing how De Vorm collection can blend into practically any context. On one side, it offers a comfortable and spacious workplace for the team. On another side, it's where architects and designers come for inspiration, and are able to explore the design possibilities of products to the fullest. Given that De Vorm offers furniture for both contexts, the design team decided to blur the lines between their workplace and showroom. As a result, many workplace areas received a welcoming... More
Newday Offices Arnhem
Newday Offices Arnhem
Newday Offices Arnhem
Newday Offices Arnhem
Newday Offices Arnhem

Project • By De VormOffices

Newday Offices Arnhem

Newday Offices offers full-serviced workplaces and co-working spaces across the Netherlands. Their freshly renovated location in the heart of Arnhem is a perfect spot to work and meet.  Office and café under one roof In addition to fully equipped workplaces and meeting rooms, the visitors of Newday Arnhem can enjoy a welcoming café on the ground floor of the building. Thanks to the Fresh Perspective and Leidmotiv, this area has recently received a complete touch-up.  The main task was to renovate the café into a contemporary space reflecting the vibrant brand identity of Newday. Moreover, it was essential that the new interior remained in balance with the rest of the building, resulting in a harmoniou... More

Project • By Kee Yen ArchitectOffices

KYA Studio

We often need a circulation space or corridor to connect all the required spaces or rooms. However, we do not have the luxury for connecting corridors in this office design. The project is designed to facilitate a flexible working space with required spaces of a gathering area, meeting room, workstations, private room, pantry, design studio and a washroom within a small area of 75 square-meter office for a newly start-up office. The main intervention was to maximize the space efficiency by adding movable panels which are used to divide the space into four main zones. The four main zones are a private room, a workstation or the event area, a meeting area and a pantry. The rest of space is kept remarkably simple, with only essential furnishi... More

Project • By De VormOffices

Metro Markets Office

Urselmann Interior completed a large-scale office renovation for Metro Markets in Düsseldorf. The main design idea was to transform the old office into a modern, dynamic space where employees feel comfortable and connected.  Vibrant environment for young talents The "feel-good" factor was particularly important for this project. The client wanted to provide employees with a functional, yet playful space and many opportunities for fun and synergy. Another task was to create an attractive workplace for IT professionals. Their team is constantly growing and recruiting young talents is one of the top priorities. Urselmann Interior used the corporate identity as a basis for the new interior. To create the desired fresh and youthfu... More

Project • By De VormOffices

Campus Founders

Interior design studio KAMI BLUSCH transformed a former library into an innovative start-up centre. Located on the premises of Dieter Schwarz Foundation, Campus Founders became a home for many young entrepreneurs in the region.    Forward-looking interiorThe brand-new interior reflects the entrepreneurial culture and sustainable mindset of the organisation. It offers many interlinking lounges, offices, event spaces and workshop areas to promote a frictionless working experience. All of them come together in the central area, made to connect different spaces and facilitate interactions among users.  It's all-inclusive - whether you want to hold an event, collaborate or work privately, the Campus Founders offers a perfect... More

Project • By De VormOffices

Easi & Vaimo offices

Vaimo and EASI are two ambitious companies sharing the office space in Genk. Both working in the IT sector, they had a common need to attract new talent. Creneau International designed a workplace that unites two cultures under one roof.  The new office is located on the iconic C-mine cite. To pay homage to the past of this location, many of the industrial elements were preserved and integrated into the new design. You will see a lot of brick walls and concrete structures. The surprising mix of materials and patterns creates a distinctive, charming look.   Designed for maximum flexibilitySpace is arranged to support the agile principles of work. Workstations are grouped into clusters, 6 to 12 places each, and scattered around t... More

Project • By Futuris ArchitectsBanks

ID Bank by Futuris Architects

The whole building of this IDBank is comprised of 3 floors, and the first one will be the topic of our discussion today. When approaching us, IDBank wanted to get a “comfortable, warm” space, unlike the traditional, “cold” bank interiors. So, our team came up with the unique concept of combining personal business with the need to attend a bank. You can grab a coffee and even have a friend over while you’re waiting. This is what we call comfort. We used wooden elements, splashes of green and the warm orange. Soft furniture and a relaxing mood are the final notes. More

Project • By Isidoro Mastronardi ArchitetttoOffices

Lavazza Training Center and offices - Rome

Lavazza opened its first business centre in Italy, in the science and technology park Tecnopolo, in west Rome. This building combines administrative offices and the Training Center, which focuses on representing the brand as well as personnel training. The large open-plan space has no internal subdivisions and is split into two macro-areas, subsequently joined to a central axis, which houses a meeting room and storage, shared by the two areas respectively. Thanks to a careful selection of colours, furniture as well as the brand’s graphic communication, the offices are pleasant and friendly, the perfect space in which to conduct business. The layout in this project was informed by several principles of “workplace 3.0”, s... More

Product • By MZPAThe Planet for Two

The Planet for Two

We are glad to announce our product - the meeting room “The Planet for Two”.  We would like to widespread the idea of using The Planet for Two in office spaces, as a place for communication. We made The Planet to manage open-plan offices and create ONE place comprising meeting room, lounge zone, and working space. Communication is a very important thing in business formation. The wise boss knows that every issue should be discussed. Just imagine an ordinary office space with hundreds of people, buzzing around like bees, how can you focus on work in such an environment? Should you just shout over all co-workers while talking to your business partner? We are proposing a wonderful solution for such problems, that is our &ld... More

Project • By Space MatrixOffices


Walk into any high-end gym today, and you’ll see that they are more than just a collection of intimidating machines. They are likely to have a retail store selling sports gear and a nutrition booth selling post-workout smoothies. They may even partner with local health food stores to save you a grocery run while helping you stay on track with your diet. In other words, they cater to every aspect of your fitness goals.   Gone are the days when businesses just provided singular products and services. With consumer needs and lifestyles evolving fast, companies now have to identify customers’ pain points and offer comprehensive solutions. Businesses that provide combined services thus, are fast becoming popular. Today, we see... More

Project • By Space MatrixOffices

Spencer Ogden

Thanks to technology and international exposure, most companies today are highly globalised. A senior executive in the US may spend much of his day collaborating with his peer in the company’s office in China. Both executives speak the same language, use the same technology and operate on similar company values.   However, local cultural context still plays an important role in the way companies function. After the meeting, the executive in the US may go back to the open workspace, sit right next to a junior employee and take decisions consensually with his team. The executive in China, on the other hand, may still value his hierarchical standing, and prefer to work from his corner office. A forward-thinking company finds a way... More

Project • By ZyetaOffices


The design for the Bengaluru-based, innovative coworking, located in the prime location of HSR Layout, is identified as a ‘middle space’. It combines elements of residential, commercial and hospitality elements in a seamless way. All the while it displays an eclectic, varied milleu that helps build and maintain a careful, positivity- focused environment--enabling employees to be their best at work each day. It also displays a striking design sense that makes an instant first impression, making it both ‘people-centric’ and ‘hugely appealing’. Situated in a prime location, it features a healthy influx of natural light from three sides. This accentuates the bright, positive color palette—Red, Yellow a... More

Project • By DZAPOffices

MS Amlin

For insurer MS Amlin, we have designed and realised a new office interior on the 10th and 11th floor of the WTC Rotterdam. The remarkable oval design of the monumental building is clearly visible on both floors and defines the lay out of the interior. The corridor zone runs along both sides of the oval core and forms a connecting element for all spaces. By using this core for various functions, the daylight area is free for workstations along the sides. The choice to use different shades of gray combined with black details makes it a completely calm, sleek and contemporary design. The wooden elements and the red accents provide a warm and fresh touch. You will find different spaces between the workstations for consultation. Ranging from m... More

Project • By Space MatrixOffices

Nutanix - Pune India

A Case Study in Sustainable Modern Office Design: Nutanix Singapore by Space Matrix   Nutanix is a cloud computing software company that sells hyper-converged infrastructure appliances and software-defined storage. The company wanted to establish an Asian headquarters for sales team who were currently working in a serviced office. They requested from Space Matrix a corporate interior design for their new tailored and branded office to be an inviting and open workplace their team could be proud of, promote collaboration and account for their plans to grow. With Nutanix, Space Matrix wanted to take the opportunity to ensure that a commercial building has a positive ecological impact on the surrounding site, rather than being a disrupt... More