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NewsNews • 14 May 2021

Montreal loft apartment design is inspired by an unconventional floor plan concept

In the Old Port of Montreal, this loft apartment design is decisively urban and contemporary while paying homage to its industrial origins and status as a one-hundred-year-old heritage building. Felix Michaud The design concept by Future Simple Studio centres around a simple concept: a box inside a box. Two glazed wooden volumes are arranged within the concrete structure and designated as bedrooms. Felix Michaud These volumes are used to organize the residential program as the kitchen, living, dining, study, reading and exercise area fluidity take life on in the periphery of the open plan. Felix Michaud Both object and architecture, the bedroom is a bespoke kit of sorts including ceiling panels and mullions, flooring and f... More

Project • By Clayton KorteOffices

Design Office

Located on North Lamar Boulevard just north of downtown Austin, Clayton Korte’s office embodies the firm’s commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration and to fostering discourse in the design community. Officially named Design Office, the mid-century office space is home to two design practices, Clayton Korte and Word + Carr Design Group, a landscape architecture firm.   The 1963, steel-framed, brick-infill building needed a lot of work, but Clayton Korte recognized the untapped potential of its raw spaces. The 10,000-square-foot, two-story structure is set into the hillside abutting one of Austin’s principle thoroughfares. A severe slope and unstable soils meant the first order of business was stabilizing the stru... More

Project • By SGAOffices

Zillow Group

SGA recently completed an expansion and re-stack of several floors at Zillow Group’s headquarters, located at 130 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, NY.  The expansion added 24,000 square feet across two floors, and SGA provided additional updates to the existing floors to create a fully functional and cohesive space.Collaboration and communication were key areas of focus.  The space features an open floor plan, “break-out spaces,” and traditional conference rooms with state-of-the-art video-conferencing equipment.SGA used 3D modeling to design the space.  This process involved the creation of interlocking Revit models for each floor, complete with materials, finishes, furniture, branded elements, lighting, and mechanical equipment.... More

Project • By Marc Melissen, ArchitectPrivate Houses

Patio House

The local Government has given out nine plots on one of the last vacant lots in Vinex-location Reeshof. The plots measure approximately 14 x 14 metres and benefit from a communal garden maintained by the municipality. A solution for the outdoor space had to be found within the plot boundaries. On the other hand, the houses are detached with quite a bit of space between them.As a result of the open setting, a lot of attention has been paid to privacy. Most of the windows in the external walls are narrow, allowing light to enter but making it difficult for those outside to look in. Moreover, the windows in the bathrooms and bedrooms are located in high positions. In addition, the living room has a low horizontal window with a view of the comm... More

Project • By KUBE ArchitectureHousing

Kenyon St

This speculative new-construction duplex replaced a run-down 2-story rowhouse. The overall goal was to create modern, open living space, imbuing each unit with its own personality. The units are interlocked in both plan and section, utilizing the limited width of the site creatively to maximize interior spaces.The lower unit's entrance is from the front, and the other entrance is from a side walkway. The living/dining/kitchen spaces for each unit face the street, with large windows and high ceilings. The lower unit's master suite is located at the back, with direct connection to a leafy rear yard. The rear half of the second floor also belongs to this unit, with 2 bedrooms, a full bathroom, and a small office.The upper unit is accessed from... More

Project • By Nico van der Meulen ArchitectsHousing

House Duk

The clients requested a spacious modern house that expressed its appreciation for outdoor living. An open plan and practical glass and steel house that lived out onto the garden was of utmost importance to them. The site is situated in a private game reserve/ eco estate. As the site sloped towards the street terraces were built with gabions, creating a feeling of enclosure towards the north side, with the Highveld savannah beyond it where game roams. Consequently this custom design developed into a layout that encouraged such a lifestyle. Solid stone clad walls make the house seem enigmatic from the street, but once at the glass front door an interesting contrast is created by the transparency and openness of the home behind the... More

Project • By Nico van der Meulen ArchitectsPrivate Houses

House Serengeti

This villa is perfectly balanced with an application of earthy textures against high-gloss finishes, and raw material against refined elements. The home combines the use of rock, steel, wood and glass - classic modernist design elements re-mixed for new applications. The idea was to create a luxury family home with an ecologically sound design that maximizes indoor-outdoor living. The street front of the south entry, north facing home features a rusted-steel-clad wall, cleverly mounted on tracks so that it slides back to reveal the garage. Visual continuity is provided through the use of rusted steel frames around the entrance and upper level window frames. Balau was used for a wooden walkway from the street to the front door, which... More