Zillow Group

Zillow Group

Manhattan, New York, NY, USA
Ari Burling

Zillow Group

SGA as Interior Architects

SGA recently completed an expansion and re-stack of several floors at Zillow Group’s headquarters, located at 130 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, NY.  The expansion added 24,000 square feet across two floors, and SGA provided additional updates to the existing floors to create a fully functional and cohesive space.

Collaboration and communication were key areas of focus.  The space features an open floor plan, “break-out spaces,” and traditional conference rooms with state-of-the-art video-conferencing equipment.

SGA used 3D modeling to design the space.  This process involved the creation of interlocking Revit models for each floor, complete with materials, finishes, furniture, branded elements, lighting, and mechanical equipment.   SGA also incorporated Enscape virtual walkthroughs, enabling stakeholders in several North American cities to envision space, approve programmatic options, and make faster decisions in real time.

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