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Project • By 2TEC2Offices

Lighting Design Office

Lighting Design Office in Budapest they installed 2tec2 High Tech Flooring. The reference Flint matches perfectly with the wooden wall coverings from MOKO Interior. More

Project • By LapitecPrivate Houses

Private house "B"

It is a very unusual residence that stands out among the apartment buildings of Treviso. The ventilated facade is completely covered in 12 mm thick Lapitec Grigio Piombo with a Vesuvio finish, which gives the house a decisive aesthetic impact and a modern look, also through the use of machined pieces with special geometries.Moreover, Lapitec is the ideal choice for this application because it guarantees resistance to UV rays, frost, high temperatures and high winds, as well as ensuring a perfect level of insulation.To finish, the windows facing the street and the inside of the small terrace above are also clad with Lapitec. More

Product • By GammaStoneGammaStone GRFC Plus AIR

GammaStone GRFC Plus AIR

The GammaStone GFRC Plus AIR solution is composed of ultra-thin high-performance concrete reinforced with amorphous metal fi bres. The large size panel (up to 3200x1500mm)l offers self-cleaning and photocatalytic characteristics thanks to the special ingredient TX Active. It allows designers to customise both the colour and surface finish.TX ACTIVE technology (patented by Italcementi) makes the GFRC Plus cement mortar photocatalytic. the active principle in the material “captures” air pollutants when it is exposed to the sunlight. It changes certain harmful substances in inert salts, helping to free up the atmosphere from the smog. More

Project • By SPF:architectsTheaters

Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts

The project is a state-of-the-art performing arts center, built on the site of the historic, 1934 Beverly Hills Post Office. The center contains the 500-seat Goldsmith Theater, where every seat is intimately connected to the performance space. The historic post office building contains a 120-seat Lovelace Studio Theater, where ideas will be tested, workshopped, and developed into world-class material. The historic building also contains an education center with classrooms, administrative offices, and the main entry for theatre patrons, including a box office and concessions facility. A garden and courtyard connect the historic with the new building with direct visual connection to the shops and restaurants of downtown Beverly... More

Product • By LINVISIBILEBoiserie System

Boiserie System

Linvisibile extended its product range with an innovative boiserie system, to decorate the walls in the same finishing as the doors. The exclusive “skin” system allows to coat, with only 3 mm of thickness, walls of any dimension in perfect planarity with the doors, for a total continuity effect. The wall becomes a whole with the door to furnish with elegance and refinement the environments in which we live. The boiserie can be made in several finishes: stone, metal, wood, glass, lacquer, leather, adapting itself with extreme delicacy to the finishing of the panels. More

Project • By Móz DesignsTrade Shows

Hong Kong Global Trade Square

Móz Metals Finds Refuge in Hong Kong Global Trade Square Case Study Hong Kong’s towering Global Trade Square, an iconic Rubik’s Cube shaped office building in the Wong Chuk Hang industrial district, is an epicenter for global commerce. Completed in 2013, the building circulates over 6,000 occupants every day on its 36 stories, including major clients from the world’s leading industries. For every high-rise building on the island of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong building department requires an independent “refuge floor” to be installed and dedicated to public safety in the case of an emergency. When not in use for these purposes, the floors are often frequented by visitors and treated as urban gathering spaces for residents. The refug... More

Project • By Spring ValleyOffices

CSEC Headquarters

WZMH Architects and HDR Architects collaborated with Spring Valley Corp. to fulfill the design requirements of this unique Government of Canada project. CSEC required a building that would support cutting-edge technology and human creativity, and promote a culture of teamwork and collaboration. To fulfil this objective, Spring Valley created a translucent panel called “iTrans”. Age- old logs were sourced from the depths of Georgian Bay and then sliced into 0.40mm thick veneer. They were laminated into panels which allow light to come through the wood, creating an amazingly warm glow. To create the structure, the curved frame was built with tubular structural steel that was shaped to extremely tight tolerances. The entire structur... More

Product • By VeroMetal® InternationalVeroMetal® on wall and facade panels

VeroMetal® on wall and facade panels

Express the emotion, character and identity of a design through a unique and timeless look. Go for architecture with flair and exceptional quality. VeroMetal® cooperates with OZEON® to provide architects and designers with lightweight panels with a real metal look. (Facade) panels with a finish of real metalShiny brass, weathered copper, stainless steel, authentic bronze, iron with or without rust, just a few examples of the many different finishes available. The VeroMetal® coating is applied to a pressed mineral wool panel. The result is a high quality panel with the design freedom of compact sheet material combined with an genuine metal appearance. The OZEON® panels are suitable for applications such as exterior facades o... More

Project • By Hunter Douglas ArchitecturalShopping Centres

Auchan shopping mall

Auchan set up shops in Russia in 2002. Since then, Groupe Auchan has rolled out several different formats in Russia. Auchan Russia strives to meet its customers’ needs in a whole variety of sectors, for example through projects such as the Auchan Sad garden centres, ‘A-Mobile’ mobile telephone plans, and online sales (since 2010), not to mention the wine store ‘Château Chanau’ which sells a wide range of quality wines and spirits, and cigars. The Group is also present through its discount supermarket chain. This chain gives priority to an offering based on essential products. Hypermarket ‘Auchan’ in Mytischy includes 47 stores in the shopping gallery, 17 restaurants, dry cleaning, travel agency, banks and currency exchange. More informat... More

Project • By Hunter Douglas ArchitecturalExhibition Centres

Qatar National Convention Center

The Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC) a sixstorey structure with a basement measuring about 250m long and 110m wide is a landmark building in the Middle East. The convention centre has advanced solutions and form a benchmark in international venue design. Apart from exhibitions and conferences, the convention centre will host local and international music and arts festivals, and international events. More information about Quadroclad are on the Hunter Douglas website. (see link below) More

Project • By Hunter Douglas ArchitecturalUniversities

Gdansk University Chemistry Faculty

World Class - fitness club chain was founded by former fencer Olga Slutsker, who was inspired to open her first fitness centre in 1993. Today World Class gyms are trendsetters of fitness industry in Russia. High quality and the most modern equipment, ecological air and water cleaning systems allow creating the comfortable environment for work. All gyms are certified with a single standard of chain, not only in Moscow but also clubs in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and other cities. Famous sportsmen, politicians, successful business-men and celebrities are members of these clubs. Pride of World Class Tverskaya is a swimming pool with a great designed ceiling and panoramic windows. More information about Unigrid Ceiling are on the Hu... More

Project • By ULMA Architectural SolutionsMuseums

Museum of image and sound - MIS

ULMA Architectural Solutions has successfully tackled a very special project that has pushed its abilities to the limit. This is an important project, where the level of customisation and the adjustments made at all levels have been highly demanding. Its ability to adapt to different needs was key to the success of one of its most demanding projects: The manufacture and installation of the west facade of the new Museum of Image and Sound in Rio de Janeiro (MIS/RJ), which, with a composition of more than 100,000 polymer concrete panels, portrays the face of Carmen Miranda. With the opening scheduled for this year, on Copacabana beach, the new headquarters of MIS/RJ has been designed by the award-winning New York studio Diller... More

Product • By Cult of Design3D wooden panels

3D wooden panels

The brand “PANELLI” created by “Cult of Design”. Creative and purposeful studio team strives to constant self-improvement and services-improvement. This was the primary cause of creating a new brand. After studying Ukrainian and international market, analyzing trends and demand studio “Cult Design” has developed a new product such high level that Ukraine hasn’t seen yet. “PANELLI” offers a wide range of quality, affordable, environmentally friendly decorative panels with the volumetric effect that conquered the world of design! Unique 3D panels create an atmosphere of extraordinary space. Your interior will enchant everyone with elegance, originality and comfort. The panels are made of high quality material that has a high aesthetic v... More

Product • By Anthony Concrete DesignConcrete Panels

Concrete Panels

Our concrete panels are hand-cast using a reinforced high-performance concrete. They come in a variety of colours and are sized to your specification or particular application. These panels are excellent for applications such as wall features or fireplace surrounds. They can be customized in special ways, not only through colour but also with textures, graphics, shapes and patterns. More

Project • By Skidmore, Owings & MerrillOffices

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa, formerly Burj Dubai, at the center of a large-scale development, is the tallest building in the world. The design combines cultural influences with cutting-edge technology to achieve a high-performance building. Its massing is manipulated in the vertical dimension to minimize the impact of wind on the tower's movement. The design for the 270,000 square meter Burj Khalifa (formerly Burj Dubai) combines historical and cultural influences with cutting edge technology to achieve a high-performance building. Some of these technologies are: * High performance glazing with Low E coating: A low-emissivity glass provides Burj Khalifa with enhanced thermal insulation against high ambient temperatures of Dubai. *... More