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Project • By APASports Centres

1REBEL New ‘RIG’ Workout Concept

Inspired by Tokyo Streets for a Post-Pandemic Era   Hammersmith, London   Based in Hammersmith, APA have closely worked with 1REBEL on their first collaborative design project. The space is entitled ‘RIG’. Previously 1REBEL spaces have explored a ‘night club’ feel but the need for a pivot came with the pandemic. Born out of trying to create a greater sense of team and community within the work out, the design of the new studio reflects this with its open plan structure. This new breed of 1Rebel spaces is planned in neighborhood locations, so this new club is local, close to residential streets.  Caption The space and design have moved deeper backstage. More raw, more transitory, more dramatic.... More

Project • By Verne ArquitecturaOffices


The project consists in the refurbishment an old and industrial building to lodge new workspaces.   Before the reform, both spaces were totally divided and configurated as traditional offices. However, the aim of the project was exactly the opposite: generate open, diaphanous, luminous and connected workspaces. In such a way, the project wants to recover the original industrial condition of the space which was much more interesting and powerful. The design of the new space responds to this double spatial condition of the place: The access is in the initial space, the lower one. Also, in this space is placed a garage with independent access and stairs that lead to the upper floor, where there are an office and two meeting rooms. The s... More

NewsSpecification • 16 Oct 2020

Specification case study: MEETT by OMA

The Toulouse Exhibition and Convention Center is designed by OMA as three horizontal strips. A massive 700 meter long row of modular exhibition halls to the north, a multi-functional convention center and event hall to the south, and a thinner strip with 3,000 parking spaces and reception in the center. OMA intends to turn the typically introverted expo typology into an extroverted building by combining interior and exterior spaces, and establishing a strong connection with tramway, roads and airport.      The architects see MEETT as an ‘urban machine’ that is monumental in its scale but subtle in its overall impact. They kept the building elements simple; large box volumes, typical for expo’s, with ste... More
Laser cut aluminum plates allow the wind to escape through the notches, reducing the effect of wind pressure. The gap between the plates makes them lighter and easier to support their own weight while maintaining their volume.

Project • By ayami takada architectsMemorials

flying monument

3-dimensional structures such as airplanes are made by assembling parts made of different materials instead of one-piece molding. The whole image where lots of pretty metal objects like petals and butterflies soar, makes the city and people live as monuments that bring the future. The majority of airplanes are made of aluminum alloys such as duralumin, and resin and steel have been used in some cases. In recent years, carbon fiber and other materials have also been used for the surface. Lightweight polycarbonate and aluminum are used to create a monument that soars into the sky. The foundation part is made of heavy, inexpensive steel, which is easy to work with, and is concealed in the ground. By using carefully selected materials in the r... More

Project • By JGMAPrivate Houses

KLEO Art Residences

The KLEO Art Residences is an affordable housing project intentionally challenging stereotypes in housing typologies. It represents the first of its kind in Chicago construction where polycarbonate panels represent the majority of the exterior envelope.    The building is one piece in a greater comprehensive strategy for reinvigorating the Washington Park community on Chicago’s South Side. The inspiration for the Art Residences project emerged from KLEO’s mission, Keep Loving Each Other, but most importantly by continuing the legacy of Kleo Y. Barrett, who was a victim of a domestic violence incident that took her life. Her name and legacy will continue to inspire the project and encoura... More

Product • By Polygal USAMonogal Solid Polycarbonate

Monogal Solid Polycarbonate

Monogal Polycarbonate extruded sheet is a very durable sheet that has high impact resistance. Monogal is stronger, usable in a higher temperature range and has better light transmission than many kinds of glass. Half the weight of glass and virtually unbreakable, Monogal sheets meet the stringent demand of applications such as heavy machinery, automotive, safety and construction, skylights and flat or curved glazing for architectural applications. A special co-extruded layer is provided on one or both sides for enhanced long term weather resistance. More
Polygal 10mm Yellow Twin Wall on display.
Polygal 10mm Yellow Twin Wall on display.
Polygal 10mm Yellow Twin Wall on display.
Polygal 10mm Yellow Twin Wall on display.

Project • By Polygal USATrade Shows

The Lemonary

At the 2020 Philadelphia Flower Show Polygal 10mm Yellow Twin Wall was extensively used in the "The Lemonary", a winter home for lemon trees inspired by rustic Italian limonaia. This display will also be exhibited in the Philadelphia Horticultural Society's garden in Summer 2020. More

Project • By Polygal USAShopping Centres

Buff-N-Shine Car Wash Roof & Entrance

The Buff-n-Shine Express Car Wash utlized Plazit-Polyal's 20mm Blue Topgal sheets to create a wavy, eye catching entrance. Additionally these Topgal sheets were used for Buff-n-Shine's roof. More

Product • By Polygal USAThermogal Super 32

Thermogal Super 32

The one and only 32 mm Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheet with eleven walls. This product features a unique inner X-brace multi-layer structure which provides added strength, rigidity and superior thermal insulation. Ideal for low pitched roofs, cladding and glazing in closed structures with large-span openings and high insulation requirements. More

Project • By GAP AssociatesSports Centres

CAI Athletic Pavilion

The building houses indoor athletic activities such as 100m race or long jump modalities, and is used mostly to develop specific trainings for high performance athletes and to supply a heated space to warm up and reduce injuries.​The shape of the building is defined by the footprint of the plot where is located, on one of the edges of the stadium, adjoining the athletics track on one side and aligned the streetwalk on the other side, while entrances are located on both short sides.​The structure and the envelope mainly define the design. The metal structure is designed with Fink trusses and metal columns painted in white, that help optimizing structural elements, to cover the whole space, varying from 10 to 19 meters long.​The in-situ concr... More

Project • By NOMO studioCultural Centres

La Rinconada

NOMO Studio has revealed their proposal for a new civic centre in the town of La Rinconada, Spain. The design reflects the historical traces of pre-existing silos and recognizes their unique volumes as part of the history of the town. The new building serves as a symbol of the future through a contemporary and renewed image of the heritage.The curved volumes, free of strict alignments and lacking clear front and back, invite the passer-by to enter the courtyard where the main entrance is located. Inside, the visitor finds an open and democratic space, offering great flexibility and strong visual connections. The different spaces can be understood as a single environment for large events, or as independent functions of free configuration.The... More

Product • By Kaynemaile LtdInterior Tension Screens

Interior Tension Screens

Kaynemaile Tension Screens are a hard-wearing, semi-rigid system, designed to be tensioned between the floor and ceiling. Ideal for floor to ceiling & green walls.   Kaynemaile is a range of flexible, affordable interior screens. We've developed two simple fixing systems that work across our product range. Whatever your need, there is a Kaynemaile screen solution for your interior project. More

Product • By Vitrum MioniAllupergola ®

Allupergola ®

It reinvents and replaces the classic wooden pergola leaning against the wall with an aluminum structure which has an innovative and highly customizable design without maintenance costs typical of the wood. Ideal to protect terraces or other outdoor spaces from the weather elements, it can be used all year round thanks to the cover in compact polycarbonate that allows you to enjoy a starry sky in summer while in winter it doesn't compromise the light trasmission to the inside. Made entirely of aluminum alloy 6082 T5 customizable in size and colours. Cover made ​​of modular plates of compact polycarbonate 4mm thick. with seals and holding plates profiles complete of front gutter with drain water side. ALLUPERGOLA® is a structure attached... More

Product • By Vitrum MioniAllugarden ®

Allugarden ®

Standing aluminium alloy 6082 T6 structure with minimal and linear design but it is easily adapted to any contemporary living environment. Ideal for the protection of outdoor spaces from the weathering such as rain and snow, thanks to the great coverage achieved with compact polycarbonate sheets that allow natural light to the space below. Available freestanding or leaning-against-the-wall version, it can be customized in size and colours. Cover plates made of modular compact polycarbonate 4mm thick. with seals and holding plates profiles complete of rain water gutters inside the columns. ALLUGARDEN® flat and free standing made entirely of aluminium alloy 6082 T6. It is designed according to ENV 1999-1-1:2002 Eurocode 9 for standard loa... More

Project • By Caramel architekten zt gmbhPrivate Houses

500m living room

A family with one child and maybe more to come dreams of moving from their apartment in the middle of the city to a house at the periphery with plenty of green. They envision children playing in the grass, the parents and their friends sitting amongst them, and all around nothing but green, trees, pure nature. The purchased property is a 500-square-meter plot, a grassy meadow with trees. Four levels, three above ground and one below, are to yield a total of 300 m² of living space. In order to retain the character of the original meadow, the ground-floor living and dining area are tied to the garden in a generous sweeping gesture. This gives the feeling of a 500-square-meter living room composed of outdoor and indoor spaces. The tail... More