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Product • By MarazziPlaster20


Plaster20 - Laid with adhesive or on gravel, the new 20 mm concrete-look stoneware is ideal for residential and commercial outdoor areas. More

Product • By MarazziPlaster


Plaster is the new porcelain stoneware that brings the concept of concrete up to date, transforming it into a versatile covering for indoors and outdoors. The “Cementine” (cement tile) surface and the 2 cm thickness complete the collection, offering great architectural potential. More



Prestige is the enduring representation of a classical era, with glimpses and greatness of striking spaces that today takes the center stage of avant-garde architecture. In the presence of this marble, we realize that in fact it’s a classic like no other, that knew how to surround itself of both enigmatic and historical auras out of its time. Prepared with the most advanced digital print technology, the porcelain glazed tile is a complete marble collection very distinctive and full of personality between them, which allows to present a wide colour range. Outstanding and with exceptional qualities, Prestige is transversal in time and space, with the capability of covering spaces with an extraordinary versatility and, simultaneously,... More

Product • By MarazziEclettica


Eclettica - colour regains its status as the key feature of design interiors with Eclettica, a collection of ceramic wall tiles in the large 40x120 cm size, with a vibrant chromatic energy. Eight solid colours inspired by the fashion world’s most original, innovative trends, for an assortment made even more special by a wealth of 3D structures, bright decors, a mosaic and an exquisite metallic listel tile, for decorating living spaces with style, using the colour best suited to your own personality. More

Product • By MarazziPlaza


Industrial concrete becomes the key feature of design schemes with Plaza, a porcelain stoneware floor covering collection available in four colours with subtle patterning and a high degree of shade variation. The collection is completed by three colour variations for use on walls, supported by a versatile set of decors. The perfect blend of style and outstanding performances, also thanks to the Puro antibacterial technology, which guarantees surfaces the highest degree of hygiene and protection, and the state-of-the-art StepWise anti-slip finish, easy to clean because it is soft-touch. Manufactured with 40% recycled material, Plaza is intended to support fluid, cosmopolitan contemporary design schemes, indoors and outdoors, in residential a... More

Product • By MarazziOltre


Oltre - a refined wood look with unique performances. Announcing the birth of Oltre, a collection of plank tiles that propels porcelain stoneware towards unexplored horizons, where the amazing naturalness of wood meets ground-breaking Marazzi technology to provide the authentic, exquisite effect of the finest, rarest oak. Four colours (White, Natural, Sand and Caramel), three large plank sizes (22.5x180cm, 20x120 cm and 30x120 cm) completed by skirting (7x90 cm and 6x60 cm) and step (32.5 x 120 x 4 cm) tiles, for finishing indoor and outdoor surfaces. More

Project • By CERAMICHE KEOPEPrivate Houses

Villa Mika, Croatia

Surrounded by the idyllic setting of the Croatian archipelago, on the East cost of the island of Brač, one finds Villa Mika, an elegant private villa in which time seems to have stopped and where peace reigns in complete harmony with the environment. For the Villa's centre of gravity, namely the terrace with its refined appearance, the excellent performance of the In&Out Percorsi Extra collection by Ceramiche Keope, reference company in the production of porcelain stoneware, has been chosen.Characterised by a modern and carefully crafted design, the villa, designed by the architect Tamara Skelin, distinguishes itself by virtue of the masterful use of the In&Out Percorsi Extra collection: an eclectic and surprisingly resistant soluti... More

Project • By CERAMICHE KEOPEPrivate Houses

Private Residence in Belgrade

In the green surroundings of one of the most beautiful residential areas of the Serbian capital city, you will find an elegant private villa, an example of the aesthetic results and excellent performance of Ceramiche Keope porcelain stoneware. Characterised by a modern and carefully crafted design, the villa distinguishes itself by virtue of the masterful use of the In&Out Percorsi Extra collection: an eclectic and resistant solution that, thanks to the natural texture of stone, gives the villa a refined and timeless atmosphere.The exterior areas of the villa, designed by Milos Radivojevic and Vladan Nikolic – of the studio Arhitektonik – interact harmoniously with the surrounding natural environment thanks to Pietra di Barg... More

Project • By CERAMICHE KEOPERestaurants

Al Dolcenero Restaurant

Al Dolcenero Restaurant is located near Udine, in the Friuli Italian region, a land of exceptional wines and flavors.The warm season invites you to indulge in lunches and dinners on its terrace: they renovated the floor by installing porcelain stoneware from our Percorsi Extra line, Pietra di Vals version, rectified K2 format 60x60. The material covers that comfortable space in a realistic and sober ceramic quartzite that showcases the authentic patina of time without fearing it. More


Bakery Il Pane Quotidiano

In the heart of Trieste there is a modern bistrot by Il Pane Quotidiano. The Italian brand has several locations in the city. In these locations it works, sells and serves hot bread and exceptional desserts.For the floor, the Moov soft and rhythmic concrete effect porcelain stoneware, 120x120 cm, in the Moka shade. The metropolitan appeal of the collection is perfect for such a dynamic context. Natural light, passing through the wide windows on the street, highlights the surfaces in a pleasant contrast with the wood of the furnishings. More

Project • By CERAMICHE KEOPEShopping Centres

Mondojuve Shopping Center, Torino

Mondojuve Shopping Center, just a few kilometres from Turin, is a very modern, huge location with over one hundred galleries. The architectural project was born to be in harmony with the environment and respect it. The structure has green walls, an innovative geothermal system, solar panels and LEDs for all the lighting. Moreover, it is located a few steps from the Stupinigi Natural Park and the royal palace of the same name.Several of our porcelain stoneware collections cover the surfaces of the centre. The fineness of the Evoke Sand wood effect slabs dominates the scene, installed in 2 cm thickness on the outside floor as well as the Pietra di Faedis, In & Out Percorsi Extra. Inside, Evoke Beige naturally evokes the exterior of the bu... More



Essential concrete effect floor and wall tiles The Ikon collection is a new icon in Ceramiche Keope's range. Straight from its name, it expresses its strong character, thanks to the unmistakeable soul of concrete. Outcome of the continuous technological evolution of the leading manufacturer of porcelain stoneware wall and floor tiles, Ikon is an essential and bold series.Drawing inspiration from urban style, this line reinterprets the raw reference material as porcelain stoneware, the versatile material with an excellent technical and aesthetic performance. With its new 120x278 maxi size – with a thickness of 6 mm - this solution is ideal for creating continuous walls and floors, and for fulfilling the needs of architects and designe... More

Product • By MarazziMystone Ceppo di Gré

Mystone Ceppo di Gré

A stoneware that precisely reproduces elegant Mystone Ceppo di Gré, a typically Italian stone which features large included “pebbles”, interpreted in 4 natural colours. There are multiple sizes and surfaces in a collection now extended, in the most classic Grey and Greige colours, with two new sizes in 6 mm thickness, 120x120 cm and 60x120 cm, manufactured with the exclusive StepWise technology that creates a surface with high antislip coefficient but no roughness. The 30x60 cm and 80x80 cm outdoor (20 mm) surfaces and the tiny chip and 3D mosaics complete a collection with an exclusive personality and excellent technical properties, perfect for indoors and outdoors and for ventilated walls. More

Project • By Florim CeramicheHotels

Hotel Le Dortoir

The large Magnum Oversize slabs decorate different suites of this hotel in the heart of Nice, a luxury structure with an amazing view over the city. The protagonists of the rooms are different collections made in Florim, used as floor and wall covering. From the Illusion, Symphonie and Renoir shades of the Étoile de Rex collection up to Prexious of Rex (with Thunder Night and Dream Arabesque colors), the strong surface of Stones&More 2.0 by Casa dolce casa – Casamood and I Classici di Rex. More

Project • By Florim CeramicheHotels

Hotel Central

The Rex brand, elegant and seductive, enriches the lobby of this hotel in Plzeň, Czech Republic. The protagonists are the large formats of I Classici di Rex in the Statuario and Marquinia colors – used as wall coverings and floor.In the same space, the marble effect surfaces of FLORIM stone collection decorates the reception desk with the charm of Marquinia. More