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Project • By Vector MaisOffices


Founded in 1984, Proman is a leading company in products derived from natural gas. It is also one of the world's largest producers of methanol and fertilizers, with operations on several continents. In Portugal, the Swiss company has based its centre of excellence in project management, engineering, and construction in the petrochemical, energy, oil, and gas sectors. Vector Mais / spacesandplaces.pt Vector Mais / spacesandplaces.pt Vector Mais / spacesandplaces.pt For its new office in Lisbon, Proman hired Vector Mais to develop a 360º project, which involved interior architecture and construction. Taking advantage of the original configuration of the Lumnia building in Parque das Nações, the Vector Mais t... More

Project • By Mjarc ArquitectosApartments


The RIVERSIDE housing project is located in Santa Comba Dão on the slope above the Dão River and is the result of an interdisciplinary research project with the objective of forming a sustainable housing and construction platform at the forefront of residential architecture. Initiated by the client - together with architects, specialists, working together to identify, investigate and solve programmatic problems, technical challenges to obtain a more sustainable building. 3D visualization by 9squaresviz Creating a high-quality residential environment taking advantage of the structure of an existing building associated with land with large elevation differences was a great challenge, both in terms of architecture and in te... More

Project • By Martins da Cruz ArquitecturaOffices

Triumcare - Psychology Clinic

Starting from an existing abandoned space, the aim of the project was to install three psychology offices, supported by a reception, a waiting area, two storage/technical areas and two sanitary facilities (men, women + reduced mobility). Miguel Marques The existing structure, from the outset, paved the way for a simple and functional layout to be established, with a unique “L” shaped path, around which the necessary compartments are located. Miguel Marques The three offices were installed to take advantage of the existing windows, the reception and waiting area immediately next to the only entrance, and the sanitary facilities in the place where there is already a water and sanitation network. Miguel Marques Kn... More

Project • By dEMM® arquitecturaApartments


351 Foz Housing is a residential building with 6 apartments spread over 4 floors.Located in Porto at Foz do Douro, it has East/West orientation and is inserted in an urban area in consolidation next to the Atlantic Ocean. Access is made from the East via Rua Dr.Sousa Rosa, where the rooms, social areas and patio are located, facing the West and facing the ocean.The patio is related to the neighboring buildings, through a transition of vegetation and concrete shading elements. The proximity of the sea influenced the choice of materials, which are natural and with expressive textures,contrasting with the delicate language in which we explored an image with light contours, the main material being anthracite colored concrete with a texture th... More

Project • By Leonardo MarchesiPrivate Houses

Renovation of a Ruin

The rural ruin is a heritage from the '50s when this part of the countryside of Portugal was mainly devoted to the development and growth of the land.Since the beginning of the project, the idea was clear, to renovate and extend the existing building, revealing and enhancing its built qualities. Caption The main ambition of the project is to refurbish with the use of less concrete as possible, thus providing the building with today's standard of comfort and longevity. Caption Demolitions were carefully proposed to clean the area from low-quality illegal constructions and conserve the stone walls of the house with their original size openings. Caption As per the proposed building elements, the approach was to mindfully cons... More

NewsNews • 28 Mar 2023

25 best architecture firms in Porto

Porto has a highly specific urban character that is unlike any other city. A dense and historic fabric set on an often impossibly steep hillside, Porto is a unique mix of old and new, seaside and agricultural, industrial and residential. The architecture of Porto is readily described through natural, simple volumes that are often rendered complex via the articulation of building openings and rich textures provided by terracotta or clay tile roofing, iron balustrades and ceramic cladding. Porto is both a center for architectural production and thought, home to the influential Faculty of Architecture at the University of Porto, where many local architects have both studied and taught. Porto’s architecture studios work primarily within P... More

Project • By NOZ ARQUITECTURAParks/Gardens

Visconde da luz

The remodeling of the Historic Garden in the center of Cascais is sensitive. The proposal presents a new Garden, more versatile and appealing according to the new concepts of current experiences of a Garden, working with several constraints such as the preservation of existing large trees and pre-existing activities. In the past, Jardim Visconde da Luz was the stage for fado concerts. The proposal proposes a green amphitheater, designed in the Garden with a central space in which the floor has water games. NOZ ARQUITECTURA NOZ ARQUITECTURA NOZ ARQUITECTURA These two elements provide the garden provide the possibility of holding various types of events, the central space functioning as a stage and the amphitheater as assistan... More

Project • By NOZ ARQUITECTURASports Centres

element matosinhos

Element gyms concept was launched by the NOZ studio. The premises were to generate comfortable and appealing spaces with a very small budget. The paintings and lighting are worked in an original way. For the entrance, a network box with an infinite mirror is proposed to provide a different experience upon entering. NOZ ARQUITECTURA NOZ ARQUITECTURA NOZ ARQUITECTURA   More

Project • By NOZ ARQUITECTURATrain stations

gourmet tapas bar

This wine tasting and regional food store is the refurbishment of the warehouse of an old train station. the building's facades were in very poor condition and the roof was nonexistent. the bold strategy came from reflecting on whether it made sense to remake the past or rethink the future while respecting the past. the proposal is a symbiosis between the past and the future, based on the restoration of the façades and on a new roof inspired by the volumes of traditional Alentejo chimneys and materialized with a contemporary material that is concrete. NOZ ARQUITECTURA NOZ ARQUITECTURA NOZ ARQUITECTURA   More

Project • By NOZ ARQUITECTURAHousing

almada 451

located in the historic centre of Porto, an existing residential building gains new life. the study starts by ensuring the maximum allowed building area is used, and fit to the building context. NOZ ARQUITECTURA the poor state of conservation of the existing building and lack of any relevant architecture features indicates a new build is the preferred solution to make the most use of the available and volume to create an exceptional building with a high standard interior design. NOZ ARQUITECTURA the proposal recovers the intent of a previous project submitted at the end of the 19th century but for some reason never implement. the arched double height ground level windows provide the scale and discreet grandeur appropriate for s... More

Project • By NOZ ARQUITECTURAApartments


The Bairro das Colónias, in central Lisbon, appeared in the beginning of the 20th century. The owners of this flat, in the 1st floor of a corner building built in 1916, wanted to transform this space, updated and adapted to their requirements. NOZ ARQUITECTURA / Francisco Nogueira The flat develops itself along a corridor from which you access the various rooms. The entrance is highlighted with a soft colour and built-in lighting - a colour box. At the end of the corridor, the kitchen, carrying the same colour, defines the ends of home and the central space from where the rooms develop from. NOZ ARQUITECTURA / Francisco Nogueira The wooden flooring of light tones, and the white washed walls maximize the available natural... More

Project • By Vector MaisOffices


Being one of the largest international retail groups, Auchan has been present in Portugal since 1996, when it acquired Pão de Açucar, a brand with 50 years of history in our country. Following the name change in Portugal, from Jumbo to Auchan, the French group continues its strong investment on the Portuguese market, not only with the opening of new stores, but also with the inauguration of a new headquarters. spacesandplaces.pt spacesandplaces.pt spacesandplaces.pt Located in Paço de Arcos, where it recently opened its first hypermarket after the launch of the Auchan brand in Portugal, the interiors of the new headquarters were built by Vector Mais with the design of the CPU architecture studio, resulti... More

NewsNews • 10 Sep 2021

AB+AC Architects transforms dull commercial unit into light filled multi-purpose co-working and event space

Open Hearts is an experimental center in Lisbon infused by AB+AC Architects with calmness. The center is intended for conscious gatherings, holistic learning and co-creation. Ricardo Oliveira Alves The architects combined natural materials, like wood, ceramic and stone, with tactile surfaces to create a warm yet minimalist spatial experience. Ricardo Oliveira Alves The program is organized in a sequence that flows from a public multi-purpose saloon to a private residence, divided by a hallway fitted with a striking Barrisol lightening membrane ceiling.     The multi-purpose space can host an array of activities from dance, yoga or meditation to art events, workshops and screenings. Storage compartments hidden behi... More

Project • By OPENBOOKOffices

PHC Software Headquarters

Designed by Openbook for Taguspark, the PHC Software building is located in Oeiras Valley, close to Lisbon.  With an area of 4,000sqm, the building's facade reveals two distinct layers that explore the balance between the opaque and the transparent. The concrete shell that envelops the inner glass volume adds dynamism to the overall building and highlights the connection between the interior and the exterior. Fernando Guerra/ FG+SG The permeability and curvilinear language of the shell accentuate the play of light and shadow of the building's architectural design and mark its surroundings.  Formal on the outside, informal on the inside. When arriving at the building, one is faced with its formalism materialized in concrete... More

Project • By Galeria GabineteLaboratories

Dental Clinic "Alfredo Queirós"

Teeth to take out. A violet entrance looking for the white tooth. The remodel shoots for a new geometry where lighting finds its way. The detail does justice to the care to be taken in this space. Soft tones and hand-picked furniture are feelings you get while waiting for your turn.   PROJECT INFO Year | 2015 Project manager | Helder de Carvalho Architecture | Helder de Carvalho, Vasco Melo and Margarida Leal 3D | Cláudio Ferreira Lighting design | Sérgio Azevedo and Manuel Fernandes Construction | FGS Lda. Photography | José Campos More