Prefabricated concrete

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Project • By Galletti & Matter architectesPrimary Schools

Ecole primaire

The fifth façadeOften, in past competitions, the question of materiality remained open unless it was fundamental to the architectural concept. This offered both the user and the architect the opportunity to envisage several possibilities with regard... More


Bachledka – Summit Facilities

The site is located at the top of Mala Poľana on the ridge of Spišská Magura. The area provides a variety of activities such as skiing, hiking, biking and a sightseeing route - The Treetop Walk. Up to 6,000 visitors a day come here on... More

Project • By Allaround LabApartments


Located on a second floor, with a forward-facing façade and two interior courtyards, this apartment had many more walls than needed due to its size, light and ventilation capabilities. We understand the need for a smooth transition from interi... More

Project • By Daniel Zamarbide | BUREAUBars


Where We Are Now (Who Are We Anyway?), 1976 One of the typical challenges of any architectural project is dealing with a constraining site. When confronted to a particular space, difficult to deal with, one has to ring not one but a few bells to mak... More

Project • By Randic and AssociatesPower Plants

Transmission System Operator

The building complex of the Croatian Transmission System Operator (HOPS) is located in Matulji, Croatia, within an existing electrical substation. The site is adjacent to a former Matulji railway station, which at the turn of the 19th century was con... More

Project • By Xuan Wang & Zhengxiao WangPavilions


INFOPAVILIONMore than Concrete Hut   KontextThe pavilion serves as an information point and also as a meeting point for Botanical garden tours. The building was created at the crossroads between the institute building and the greenhouses, cent... More

Project • By UADArt Galleries

Shuyang Art Gallery

1. Project OverviewThis project is located in the hometown of traditional calligraphy, Shuyang, Jiangsu province, and is positioned as the calligraphy art gallery to display and inherit Shuyang calligraphic style.  2. Design ConceptThe concept... More

Project • By G&C ArquitectosOffices

Gernika Elkartegia

Azpiegiturak SAMP, a company of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, wants to expand its “Elkartegis” network in Bizkaia.   It foresees the realization of a new Elkartegi (nest of companies) in the former facilities of Malta S.A (ded... More

Project • By Sanden+HodnekvamPrivate Houses

Red concrete house

The red house is designed as a repetitive building kit of insulated concrete elements. The load bearing elements are arranged independent of the inner walls, providing the clients with a generous house that can be adapted to changing needs. The ratio... More

Project • By MAPA ArchitectsPrivate Houses

L01 // Lagos House

A bridge facing a lake Six prefabricated concrete slabs rest on two concrete walls which are also built in factory. This set of components, simple in their construction, layout and assembly, define the spaces and character of Lagos House.   A... More



Located at the western edge of Lausanne’s central Le Flon district, this hotel building presents a monolithic mineral block that blends with the site’s industrial heritage. Utilising the template provided by the district’s street pl... More

Project • By SMLXL studioApartments


An atypical duplex apartment in the Prague quarter Podolí stands out with its ground-plan shape, building structure and the unconventional entrance from the outdoor gallery. Clients approached us with a desire to fully reconstruct the apartmen... More

Project • By Francisco MangadoOffices

Office Building for Metrovacesa

To raise an office building of uncertain ownership, in a place of little allure, at least one of few clear references, where there are no examples to look at, no other buildings worth commenting on or establish a dialogue with. In such circumstances,... More

Project • By Thibaud Babled Architecte UrbanisteOffices

Program Head office Erdre & Loire Nantes Métropole

Perhaps more than anything, what guided us in the design of this project, are the Erdre and the Loire, nearby, and their estuary winds, these winds with changing skies, loaded with gray, blue. It is this Nantes climate, unstable with constant variati... More

Project • By AH ASOCIADOSTransports


The old demands for urban accessibility of the Echavacoiz neighborhood with the rest of Pamplona was one of the main objectives of this project that also creates a pedestrian link with the  University campus  giving continuity to the upper... More