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Project • By Hossein MohammadpourPrimary Schools

Sahman-e Hit School

"Human beings are at the center of concerns for sustainable development, including adequate shelter for all and sustainable human settlements." UN-Habitat Agenda, Chapter1 Caption "Sahman-e¬ Hit school” is located in Sarbaz city, in the most deprived province of the country (Sistan and Baluchestan). This deprivation is especially present in the educational issues of children and adolescents and has made them vulnerable to receiving the quality and quantity of education. Caption This school tries to appreciate the important and valuable effects of the natural, cultural, social, artistic, and architectural arrays of the Sistan and Baluchestan climate, and at the same time its qualities in the design and creation of space... More

Project • By GenproPrimary Schools

Ostafyevo School & Kindergarten

The school and kindergarden in Ostafyevo are new social infrastructure facilities that will ensure the need for education of all young residents of the district. The school has a capacity for 30 classes (750 people) and a kindergarden for 240 children. The establishments are equipped with all necessary zones, areas and spaces for the comprehensive development of pre-school, junior and high school pupils. Caption The maximum possible amount of vacant land is reserved for planting. Improvement decided with maximum accessibility to all categories of small mobile population - on pedestrian paths. There are no obstacles (lampposts, benches, etc.) and the building is equipped with ramps and lifts. Caption The school will have wor... More

Project • By BAU Brearley Architects UrbanistsPrimary Schools

Tianyou Experimental Primary School

BAU was selected through invited competition to design a combined 24-class kindergarten and 48-class primary school on the rapidly urbanizing fringe of Suzhou New District. Xiazhi, Shuhe, Dera Classrooms and the in-betweenCutting edge education models explore a more interactive, collaborative, inquisitive, student-centred, teaching-learning environment. Consequently the goal of the contemporary school building is to blur the line between formal teaching in classrooms and the informal learning of the in-between spaces. With smart spatial design, informal teaching can inhabit the informal learning spaces, and vice versa. This new approach to education requires the entire school to become a teaching-learning environment. Xiazhi, Shuhe... More

Project • By DKA ARCHITECTESPrimary Schools

Domaine-Vert-Nord Primary school

An innovative project, the Domaine-Vert-Nord school has become the main pilot project of the Quebec's Ministry of Education for the design of tomorrow’s primary schools. The primary goal of architecture is to place students and their success at the heart of the project. The concept developed around a new approach to make school a child-scale living environment: maximum integration of natural light, large presence of vegetation and programming of spaces allegorically evoking a home. In the same vein, the building has only one floor and has several joint multipurpose classes that allow exchanges between class groups. The facilities are flexible, designed on the model of houses, that each combine 4 classes that can be modulated accordin... More

Project • By Bonnard Woeffray - Architectes FAS/SIAPrimary Schools

Primary School in Salvan

Built during the 1970s and suffering serious structural damage for a number of years, the former school in Salvan was deemed beyond renovation. Its demolition was unavoidable. The new school complex leverages the topology of the terrain along its length and takes advantage of the slope to define various exterior spaces, separating them naturally while linking them and connecting them to the various access points, the emphasis being on flow.  The morphology of the built structure stems from this desire for fluidity. The twin offers of teaching and sport are joined in a unique composition of volumes that leans against the slope. In terms of layout, the shape composed of broken lines is a response to the movement of the topography. In... More

Project • By Bonnard Woeffray - Architectes FAS/SIAPrimary Schools

Chateauneuf Primary School

The school site adjoins a large commercial zone in the Central Valais region. The design of the new school responds to this particular context with a generously proportioned building. Almost hermetic in its outward expression, it shields a rich and luminous inner life. The building hosts three distinct spatial entities devoted to teaching, sport, and extracurricular activities. These entities are arranged in a logical sequence. The sheltered courtyard provides access to the three separate entrances.  The half-buried double sports hall, which occupies the ground floor and basement, is overlooked by a concourse with balcony. It receives natural light through the large expanse of glazing facing the Conthey hillside to the north. ... More

Project • By Surman Weston LtdCommunity Centres

Hackney School of Food

Surman Weston has completed Hackney School of Food at Mandeville Primary School in Clapton, London. The project is a new initiative to teach children and adults from across London how to grow, prepare and cook delicious, nutritious food, while also providing an inspiring community space and productive gardens for local residents to enjoy. The school, a dedicated food education centre, is a joint venture between the Learning, Education, Arts and Partnership (LEAP) Federation - a network of three Hackney primary schools - and Chefs in Schools, a charity dedicated to transforming food, food culture and food education in schools through training, guidance and support. The organisations are working together to share and instil a passion for hea... More

Project • By OFFTECHospitals

emergency operations center

Kaira Looro Architecture Competition 2020 More

Project • By Nicole Cieri ArchitectsPrimary Schools

Asko School

The ASKO Missionary of Charity welcomes children aged 3 to 14 years, from kindergarten to secondary school. The project goal is to provide them with a safe and stimulating environment, in which they can learn, play and freely express their creativity.  The building revolves around a large courtyard, where the kids can safely play at recess, surrounded by wide open corridors that lead to the different classrooms. The contiguous multipurpose serves as gym, theatre or auditorium. The building is articulated in several volumes, painted with warm shades inspired by the work of the Ethiopian artist Mickael Bethe Selassié, jutting out on the main façade. The different shapes and colours of the volumes, like the Frobel gifts, c... More

Project • By PORTPrimary Schools


Designer: PORT ( KOM FoundationFunction: primary schoolArea: 2 280m2Project location: Milicz, PolandYear: 2017 More

Project • By Nordic Copper from Aurubis FinlandPrimary Schools

Deptford Lounge

The Deptford Lounge – wrapped in a perforated skin of Nordic Royal golden copper alloy – demonstrates a new typology of school and community building, and gives a civic focus to the local community. Developed from an initial brief for a state-of-the-art public library and a new building for the relocated Tidemill Primary School, Pollard Thomas Edwards architects’ (PTEa) scheme creates a highly innovative mix of co-located uses on a single site. The complex houses facilities shared between the new primary school and the whole community, via the Deptford Lounge library, including a rooftop sports pitch, a flexible suite of assembly spaces and a dining hall and kitchen. For the golden wrapping applied to the facades, rigid... More

Project • By Uygur ArchitectsPrimary Schools

TED Ankara College Campus

Ted Ankara College, giving education to 6000 students per year for 70 years, used to have a strong relation with the city thanks to its location, though with a lack of open spaces. The project aims to increase the amount of open spaces while intensifying the social life-education relation. As a significant design principle, contemporary education is adopted by composing various indoor and outdoor common spaces. The main theme is interpretation and projection of city simulation in a campus plan. City life is considered as the main educational framework by providing numerous common places where education comes into the practice.The classrooms are defined as “ateliers” instead of being compartmented rooms, while the surrounding env... More

Project • By DOKTOR ARCHITECTSLibraries

Primary School competition, Wrocław

Primary School in Wrocław, competition has our proposal for completing a 1000students school in an open space with focus on grades of students. More

Project • By Abscis ArchitectenPrimary Schools

Boarding school MPI Zonneken & SBSO Baken

Over the years, operations within the schools’ campus in Sint-Niklaas have gradually worsened due to the consecutive expansions of the campus, which were greatly influenced by the evolving needs and requirements of the Special Education. Now, in view of a further lasting development of this campus, especially as pilot school for autistic children where terms such as ‘visualisation’ and ‘clarification’ are core concepts, a clear and recognisable structure is of the utmost importance. For this purpose, a new central axis has been developed, as a clear spinal cord on campus along which not only the different school buildings are located, but also the diverse playrooms where an active or a more sedate leisure time... More

Project • By S.DREI Architektur. Atelier Armin StockerPrimary Schools

School in Lower Austria. Bad Pirawarth

Primary school in Lower Austria by Atelier Armin Stocker, Walter Sametinger, Norbert Schindler & Horst Klaus Neu. Due to lack of space and other shortages, the market town of Bad Pirawarth decided in 2002 to launch a competition. The refurbishment of the school, which was built in 1889, as well as the integration of a gymnasium, two classrooms, a central cloakroom as well as a break area and service zone were demanded. In addition to functional necessities, an essential design criterion was the experience of the listed heritage. Furthermore, a child-friendly school was in the foreground, here it was necessary to rethink the entrance situation in order to decouple them from traffic. The arrangement of the new classrooms along the slop... More