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Project • By SP StudioPrivate Houses

Jacaranda House

The brief for the Jacaranda house wasto turn an original 1920’s Ashgrovian house into a family haven, with the flexibility to accommodate thechanging needs over the next 20 years. All core family living spaces needed to be on a single level, on a modest, intimate scale, while a separate zone was required for my architectural studio. Remaining authentic to the core of the building, and the inherent elegance of the Queenslander, was critical. This meant picking up on the traditional Queenslander language of expressing the construction method, and featuring beautiful timber work.   In responding to the brief, the first challenge and opportunity was to play with the vertical space available on the sloping block. By carving into the... More

Project • By Phorm architecture + designPrivate Houses

One Room Tower

One Room Tower is a small addition to the architecture of the City. It is intended as both an urban artefact and utility, designed as a robust and adaptable set of subspaces within an independent singular volume. One Room Tower is presented a counter position to the current local default of raising and infilling under Queenslanders or the various acts of extending character houses. Instead presenting a model (type) for greater density by offering genuine opportunity for diversity of occupation within existing lots within the texture of the inner-city suburbs of Brisbane.   As a Practice and collective we value permanence ‘continuity’ within the urban condition. One Room Tower seeks to cultivate a sense of relatedness to t... More

Project • By AP Design HousePrivate Houses

Ashgrove House

A genuine sense of energy and connectivity sees the overhaul of this early 1900’s Queenslander come to life. While charm and character were never lacking, the redesign of the kitchen, dining and alfresco areas are now connected by a gallery-like foundation, allowing the vibrant colours of the featured art to pop against a carefully considered monochromatic palette of materials – timber, clay and concrete. Bright and breezy, with an open-plan layout ideal for the social lifestyles of its owners, the Ashgrove House is the definition of dynamic living.   Outdoor room – Banquetteseat pad in an olive and beige raffia fabric from Westbury Textiles. Scatter cushions in a Donghia outdoor fabric from South Pacific Fabrics. K... More

Project • By Jackson TeecePrivate Houses

Gresham Street House

This re-creation of a family home, tailored to its occupant’s lifestyles, was realised through careful consideration of layout and context. Gresham Street House is an example of vernacular architecture, the architect and Director of Jackson Teece, Daniel Hudson lived there for 6 years before taking on the redesign. Ultimately, he has taken an existing “Queenslander” and shaped the design to create a home that acts as the epitome of shelter in a harsh climate.   “Internally it was almost the opposite of what it should be. It was around the wrong way. So the main objective was to reconfigure the layout, the program of the house, without changing any of the wall locations.” - Daniel Hudson, Jackson Teece Di... More

Project • By Stephen de Jersey ArchitectPrivate Houses

Bath House

Kerry & Sue came to us with a wonderful old "Queenslander", in original condition, set in a well established garden, but with a compromising mid twentieth century amenities extension to the rear of the original building which provided a barrier between the house and garden.   They had hoped to construct a deck upon which they could spread to enjoy the garden, however, it was evident from the outset that the existing amenities would require rearrangement as part of the project.   We felt that the existing building and the gardens should remain largely unaltered. The new work should be sympathetic to the existing, but at the same time provide a clear contrast.   Townsville's climate is hot and humid. Wet areas need to... More

Project • By REFRESH*DESIGN Studio for ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Centre Court House

Located in a very exclusive suburb, this residence enjoys the rare luxury of a private tennis court, which is one of the main features of this property. Removing the dated extension from the early 90s, the proposed design opens the house to the tennis court towards north and to the pool area to the east. Modernised and reorganised ground floor living areas with a centrally located kitchen facilitate contemporary subtropical living in the ground floor, with large bi-folds allowing for ample natural ventilation.   At the same time, the large overhang of the upper floor veranda shades the living areas. A feature stair is placed into the large light well, which becomes the ‘heart’ of the house providing a strong sense of ligh... More

Project • By Kelder ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Avonleigh Queenslander

The extension to the rear of the house is purposely distinctive in materiality; sandstone is used extensively as an exterior and interior cladding anchoring and supporting the original Queenslander in its new elevated position. The veranda is continued around in a new contemporary form, as elevated covered terraces, with robust polished concrete floors.   The shaded terraces create commodious outdoor living zones connected to the northern pool terrace and the eastern edges of the newly formed north / east facing grassed courtyard. Large glass sliding doors stack back to maximise the openings to the terrace zones, with a seamless flow of polished concrete from the inside to the outside. The new extension is defined by the long horizon... More

Project • By PHOOEY ArchitectsApartments

Primrose Street Apartments

Primrose Street Apartments (located in Brisbane) provides multi-residential living for senior citizens. Every dwelling meets the platinum standard for liveable housing design, as guided by Liveable Housing Australia. Architectural strategies have reduced the energy demand to achieve comfort in this sub-tropical environment. Every apartment layout (70 sqm) has flexible indoor and outdoor living, is north facing to maximise solar gains and has openings located to maximise cross ventilation for cooling.   To lower the whole building fabric temperature and reduce glare, horizontal awnings curl out to self-shade the Northern facade throughout the day. Inspired by the vernacular of traditional ‘Queenslanders’, operable vertical... More

Project • By REFRESH*DESIGN Studio for ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Longfellow Terraces

Longfellow Terraces are an example of what the often-discussed “Missing Middle” could look like in Brisbane - a sustainable infill-development for sensitive densification of inner-city suburbs. Inserting additional dwellings dwellings into existing infrastructure allows more people to enjoy the qualities of these precincts rather than adding to the urban sprawl.   Inspired by the way in which ancient people used to live under trees for protection from the elements, the design genuinely connects the entire living floor to the landscape by providing sheltered and unobstructed spaces that are truly in touch with nature.   The spatial arrangement of the project takes queues of the functionality of “Sydney Terrace... More

Project • By DM2 ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Ashgrove Residence

Positioned in a quiet, conservative street the additions to the existing workers cottage nestle into the suburban setting respecting the scale, form, and materiality of its context and weave between the constraints of a substantial hoop pine, the existing house and a pool sited centrally in the backyard.   Presenting a conservative street elevation, the extended eave overhangs combine with a lower pitching height to reduce the perceived scale of the addition whilst the dark elevation of the addition blends it into the shadows of the pine.   Only the double height glazed entry provides an indicator of the contemporary planning of the addition. The additions focus on the visual awareness and connectedness to the garden and the p... More

Project • By POD (People Oriented Design)Private Houses

Big Small House

The Big Small House embodies “The Least House Necessary” philosophy, embracing client/architectcollaboration, and presenting a new model for sustainable tropical living that is grounded in successfulhistoric precedents. The brief called for an efficient, passively cooled family home in a tropical gardensetting, made of honest, affordable materials. A ground floor studio and bathroom were required toaccommodate varying mobility. There was also a desire for the house to perform as a gallery for theartist in the family. The design is purposefully two storeys, maximising area for the garden.   In section, the house reflects traditional Queenslanders with the upper floor overhanging the lower, layeringclimatic protection from... More

Project • By Lisa Breeze ArchitectPrivate Houses

Yeronga House

Concept and InspirationWhat a treat! A blank canvas to create a new family home. On this slim vacant block, perched on a Brisbane ridgeline, we were engaged to design a comfortable and homely abode with the challenge set to capture the views, traverse the sloped terrain and filter the bright sunlight. We achieved this by creating a contemporary spin on the historic Queenslander whilst layering the spaces with this multi-levelled home. The heart of the home, the Kitchen and Living areas, are positioned on the middle layer and both sleep and play zones are separated out on their own floors. Everyone in the family has their place for retreat. At every opportunity there is an opening to bring light and air into the home. Vistas to the city are... More

Project • By Elenberg Fraser ArchitectureUrban Green Spaces

66 Hope Street

Forest & Lane delves into our fascination with contemporary Queensland and our deep reverence for the local Murri way of life. We have long admired the Queenslander and our concept pays homage to the unique architectural set up of elevating living yet maintaining the natural topography of the land. Composed of two buildings raised 30m off the ground modestly supported by slender pilotis, we seek to evacuate the ground plane and to introduce a new urban thoroughfare; the linear forest, the laneway and the cabinet of curiosities all within a single urban gesture. The city receives a new tactile forest experience with dense layered vegetation that seeks a visceral connectedness to the original custodians of the land, the Turrbal and Jager... More

Project • By Phorm architecture + designPrivate Houses

Taringa Treehouse

Taringa Treehouse is a detached residential extension located in a backyard. It is both integrated and independent to the original house. The treehouse instigates a shift in occupation within the Site, reflecting an attitude of informality inspired by a significant tree and the peculiar territory it occupies.   Brisbane is a verdant, subtropical, suburban place. House lots are typically long and thin. Traditional timber and tin houses (Queenslanders) politely occupy the street edge and create largely unoccupied spaces at the rear. These ‘backyards’ tend to be overgrown, unruly spaces and are the domain of children and makeshift structures. The treehouse is devised as an invitation to visit and engage with this distin... More

Project • By COMUNiTIOffices

Hall Chadwick

The brief was to reinforce Hall Chadwick’s culture, provide a workspace that was flexible enough to support their evolving operational needs, and a space that their clients felt comfortable visiting, that wasn’t ostentatious.Stepping out of the lift into the entry foyer, the Hall Chadwick story immediately starts to unfold. Considered materials and a warm colour palette are indeed reminiscent of Western Queensland, including reddish timbers, charcoal colorbond vertical panels, warm greys, and rust. And what rural Queensland space would be complete without a cow hide rug! Moving from the foyer through a narrowing entry into the reception area, the desk is clad with sage tiles inspired by corrugated sheets.The space opens up into a casual cli... More