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NewsNews • 16 Oct 2020

Monumental Gare Maritime in Brussels is restored and reimagined

Neutelings Riedijk Architects in collaboration with Bureau Bouwtechnik have restored and reimagined the monumental Gare Maritime on the Tour & Taxis site in Brussels’ Kanaalzone as a lively city quarter encompassing office, retail, dining and leisure functions.  Filip Dujardin | © Neutelings Riedijk Architects Dating back to the early 1900s, the site has functioned as a hub of multi-modal freight transport platforms, incorporating water, rail, and road.  Mixed-use facility and urban regeneration specialists Extensa commissioned the revitalization project, which involved two core phases.  First, the existing 280m long x 140m wide building and its’ distinctive supporting structure of riveted lattice g... More

Project • By Borren Staalenhoef Architecten BV bnaApartments


Redesign of a former office building designed by Abe Bonnema realized in 1980 in the center of Leeuwarden. The office building is part of a larger complex with houses, shops and a passage that has since fallen into disuse. One major intervention in the building; cutting a void of three floors makes it possible to revive a previously dark and gloomy building. Around a bright interior, 23 apartments have been designed with great diversity, both in size and layout. A small central core with a minimal kitchen and bathroom are the fixed elements for a spatial design. This concerns rental apartments, especially for starters, ranging from 42 - 105 M2. The concrete structure has been exposed and a minimal technical installation has been added. This... More

Project • By Atelier PRO architektenOffices

Redevelopment WTC The Hague

Redevelopment WTC The HagueThe Hague has had its own World Trade Centre since June 2012 and a new designated function has been the motive for an architectural transformation. The public spaces in the WTC Plaza and Convention Centre are upgraded to the quality standards of an international WTC. That’s why the owner Bouwinvest consulted atelier PRO and Sens Real Estate. An important part of the assignment lied in the redesign of the existing property. We (re)developed a relatively young building that is in full use.The WTC The Hague combines working, living, and leisure activities in a unique way. It is situated in The Hague’s New Centre in the Beatrixkwartier, on the corner of the Prinses Beatrixlaan en de Schenkkade. This international... More

Project • By Atelier PRO architektenSecondary Schools

Vrijzinnig Christelijk Lyceum (VCL)

Atelier PRO has won the European tender for the renovation and redevelopment of the Vrijzinnig Christelijk Lyceum. The VCL is an independent school for senior general secondary education and pre-university education. Its current building is comprised of various component parts built at different points in time, with a total floor area of around 8,000 square metres. The oldest part, a villa dating back to 1903, is a national monument and will be preserved. The more recent parts, built in the 1930s, 1960s and 1980s, will be replaced by new construction.The assignment A positive outcome of the school’s gradual expansion in the past is that the building does not appear overly large and offers a sense of human scale. The VCL drew up an... More
Entrance area
Ground floor

Project • By Atelier PRO architektenPrimary Schools

The British school of Amsterdam

The British School of Amsterdam founded in 1978, offers a British international education to 900 children aged from three to 18. Located in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid, the school is made up of four sections: Early Years (ages 3 to 5), Infant School (5 to 7), Junior School (7 to 11) and Senior School (11 to 18). The school follows the National Curriculum for England and the pupils take SATs in Key Stage 1 and 2. In the Senior School, pupils sit GCSEs and A-Levels. The school is accredited by the UK Government as a British School Overseas and is a member of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS).Atelier PRO won the commission to create a new home for The British School of Amsterdam, together with Hoogevest architecte... More
Ground floor
First floor
Second floor

Project • By Atelier PRO architektenMuseums

Museum of the Allard Pierson Institute

Atelier PRO has been asked to design a partial transformation of the museum of the Allard Pierson institute located at the Oude Turfmarkt in Amsterdam, within the perimeter of its existing structure at the Turfdraagsterpad.The Allard Pierson is the museum and knowledge centre for the heritage collections of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). These two organisations merged into the new Allard Pierson in February 2018 as the Allard Pierson Museum and the adjacent ‘Extraordinary Collections’ library building, which had already been redesigned by Atelier PRO in 2007, became one organisation.Museum The Allard Pierson Museum has been a part of the UvA since 1934 and was located in the former headquarters of the De Nederlandsche Ban... More

Project • By Koschuch ArchitectsConcert Halls

Theatre De Kampanje

Theatre ‘The Kampanje’ is the new cultural centre and playhouse of Den Helder, located in the city’s old naval yard ‘Willemsoord’. The project transforms a collection of maritime buildings, which have been inaccessible for over 170 years, by introducing new public functions such as a concert hall, flexible performance spaces, an art centre, offices and a restaurant. Inspiration for the design is drawn from the identity and character of the historic buildings, an interplay of structure, craft, public space, docks and water. In order to maintain the unique character of the interior and exterior spaces, the design is restrained, with careful consideration undertaken for any changes made. To ensure the spatial experience of the grand histori... More

Project • By Atelier PRO architektenOffices

Town hall Quarter Deventer

Atelier PRO architects have been selected out of 4 submissions to create the interior design for the new Town Hall Quarter in Deventer. The Deventer municipality has opted for flexibility, sustainability, cooperation and interaction as the major basic principles for this interior. The Town Hall Quarter is situated between the Grote Kerkhof, Polstraat, Burseplein and Assenstraat. The plan partly entails new build (about 15,500 m² Gross Floor Area (GFA)) and partly renovation, restoration and preservation of existing national monuments (about 3,500 m² GFA). The striking new build, according to the design by Neutelings Riedijk architects, respectfully conforms to the existing historic buildings. The municipality aims to set a good example... More