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Project • By KLAB architecture (kinetic lab of architecture)Supermarkets

Thanopoulos Supermarket

The main idea was to change the notion of the supermarket as it exists today in Greece -indifferent big boxes with long alleys of products. For us, the supermarket had to be resolved as an interpretation of an urban market place where you go to different shops to find different goods and interfere with other people. Mariana Bisti Mariana Bisti Mariana Bisti Mariana Bisti Following the refurbishment, the super market extends to 1500m2 and was limited to two floors occupying a larger area than it did before on three floors. The storage areas, which in the past occupied the majority of the space of the basement, were moved to the 1st and 2nd floors, setting the basement space free for use for the supermarket. Communication... More

Project • By Architettura TommasiChurches

Chiesetta del Crivelli

The church stands within a large green space, somewhat removed from a small but historically traditional village. The modest hamlet, in turn, is surrounded by wide, open cultivated spaces, in a harmonious composition. The observer of the hamlet's road can see it standing out against the not too distant theory of the Euganean Hills, identifiable one by one in their succession. Marcello Mariana A building that from 1524, the year of its construction, played an important role for a few centuries, only to suffer a gradual decline, until it was abandoned in recent decades. In the space in front of the church, only a few surviving cobblestones can be found scattered around, but not in such a way as to suggest at least a hypothesis on the or... More

Project • By Martins da Cruz ArquitecturaOffices

Triumcare - Psychology Clinic

Starting from an existing abandoned space, the aim of the project was to install three psychology offices, supported by a reception, a waiting area, two storage/technical areas and two sanitary facilities (men, women + reduced mobility). Miguel Marques The existing structure, from the outset, paved the way for a simple and functional layout to be established, with a unique “L” shaped path, around which the necessary compartments are located. Miguel Marques The three offices were installed to take advantage of the existing windows, the reception and waiting area immediately next to the only entrance, and the sanitary facilities in the place where there is already a water and sanitation network. Miguel Marques Kn... More

Project • By ARM ArchitectureConcert Halls

Sydney Opera House Concert Hall Renewal

In 2015, ARM was given the enormous responsibility and privilege of upgrading the iconic building’s Concert Hall. The project called for modifications that were sensitive and respectful of the heritage building, whilst elevating the acoustics to a world-class standard. Our overarching aim was to upgrade the Concert Hall interior and acoustics to match the brilliance of Jorn Utzon’s exterior and Peter Hall’s interior. Daniel Boud ARM Principal Andrew Hayne describes the three principal goals for the project. “First and foremost, the goal was to improve the acoustics of the Concert Hall. Second, was to improve the functionality of the room itself, to be able to cater for different types of performances and make... More

Project • By Palissad ArchitecturesOffices

Cambaceres Project

The quality of an office space, beyond the comfort and flexibility of its work surfaces, is measured by the quality of its reception, presentation, meeting, informal production, reflection, catering and relaxation areas. In short, places where people can stay, circulate and exchange ideas. Pleasant and efficient, they are also productive and representative. Sergio Grazia Sergio Grazia Once you've passed through the beautiful madder-red lacquered doorway and the light-staged carriage entrance, a garden unfolds, the ultimate luxury in Paris. Here, we stroll along a fine mesh of stainless steel, beneath a carpet of greenery and crossed by beautiful subjects. Sergio Grazia Sergio Grazia A glass gallery, paved with black gr... More

Project • By Robbrecht en Daem architectenOffices

Studio Robbrecht en Daem architecten

In a working class neigbourhood of Ghent, against the backdrop of nearby blocks of high-rise flats, Robbrecht en Daem converted an existing timber yard into new architectural studios. Filip Dujardin The roof of the shed, built by the wood construction company De Coene in the early seventies, was partially dismantled. What used to be the work floor has become an outdoor space that accommodates an arboretum fringed with wild grasses, a swimming pool, bicycle parking and a large open area for performances and exhibitions. It is a ‘playground’ for artist friends, for partying or resting. Described as a ‘modern “ruin”’ (by Dieter De Clercq, 2010), this open area is ‘a coarse filter between the offi... More

Project • By Robbrecht en Daem architectenArt Galleries

Whitechapel Gallery

In the best museums and galleries one finds one's way through a series of rooms, where the artefacts are carefully lit and set off by calm backgrounds. A degree of repetition helps navigation, some variation helps orientation. Filip Dujardin The proposals for the Whitechapel Art Gallery are bold in their restraint (someone commented: 'where’s the architecture?') and seize a simple but powerful opportunity: lower and upper floors are configured as circuits of rooms, with the stylistically different but volumetrically similar existing galleries linked up by smaller, more domestically scaled gallery spaces. The subtle rhythms and contrasts of the rooms form the backdrop to the wide variety of work on display (historic and contempor... More

Project • By Robbrecht en Daem architectenLibraries

Boekentoren - University Library

The conservation project for the Book Tower aims at restoring the historical site of the University Library, situated in the lively quartier Latin of Ghent, meanwhile at transforming it into a library for the 21st Century. The design unites the ambitions of the University to respectfully repair the monumental site to its original condition, but also to render it a contemporary house for a great diversity of users and for the valuable own collection of the institute. Kristien Daem The Ghent University Library is internationally renowned for its ‘heritage collection’ of manuscripts, books, coins, curiosa, newspapers and magazines. The study into the conservation project revealed that the conservation of these precious object... More

Project • By INHABITRestaurants


A full renovation of the Maleva Bakery located right here in central Marbella. Juanan Barros Juanan Barros Juanan Barros Juanan Barros We are beyond happy to see how this space turned out and feel the quality of craftsmanship that these people pour into their work now truly gets reflected in the space they work in.⁠ Juanan Barros Juanan Barros Juanan Barros More

Project • By INHABITRestaurants


Sacay is a new multicultural establishment with a Balinese atmosphere in Marbella, which successfully combines several formats. Elin Rodestrand Elin Rodestrand The main indoor areas and the terrace functions as a restaurant while the seaside strip is designed for leisure beach activity. We wanted to redefine the typical chiringuito concept of the area by bringing the Indonesian jungle and its craftsmanship to the beach. Elin Rodestrand Elin Rodestrand More

Project • By INHABITOffices


Set inside the famous Puente Romano beach resort, the real estate office overlooks a botanical courtyard, and is home to Pure Living Properties, an exclusive real estate firm established and operating here in Marbella. Juanan Barros Juanan Barros Juanan Barros Juanan Barros     More

Project • By AVA Design Pvt. Ltd.Offices

Amalgamated Plantations

A Heritage Building on a major High street in Guwahati was calling for upgradation from a usage point of view to be able to extract its true commercial value. Our clients are a reputed Tea Plantation company engaged in the business of Tea Plantations and related endeavors. Amalgamated Plantations Pvt. Ltd (APPL) is the second largest tea producer in India with 24 tea estates in Assam and Bengal covering approximately 24,000 ha and employing 31000 people. Caption Apart from the core business of Tea, APPL has ventured into the Agri foods and Timber/Bamboo Plantations business within the tea estates focusing in the areas of spices, horticulture, animal husbandry and bamboo and high value timber.  With this kind of company backgroun... More

Project • By Space&MatterApartments

Bataafse Kamp

The Bataafse Kamp, a characteristic school building in the centre of Hengelo from the post-war reconstruction period, is being transformed by Space&Matter into sustainable Park Homes organised around a collective courtyard. The redesign of the building and the adjacent park enhances appealing qualities and adds new functions. Together, they form an interwoven ensemble, combining clean lines with soft vegetation, living in a heritage building with nature. Caption TransformationThe historic and majestic character of the building form the basis for Space&Matter's design, which leaves the existing building intact as much as possible. Space&Matter preserves the grand stairwells, the formal post-war facades and the main volumes,... More

Project • By Charles Tashima ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Anson Road

Maintaining the qualities of the house as much as possible was part of the brief, while adding a new contemporary layer to its history. Oliver Perrott Oliver Perrott The main objective was to bring back the original qualities of the original house while modernising. In its recent history the building was divided into several flats. Oliver Perrott Oliver Perrott We brought the house back as a single family home as it once was. We were lucky in that a substantial number of original features remained intact. Oliver Perrott Oliver Perrott To this we added other materials and finishes for an an eclectic approach balancing new and reclaimed. Oliver Perrott Oliver Perrott Oliver Perrott More

Project • By Charles Tashima ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Waldo Works

Waldo Works is one of five industrial buildings on Waldo Road in Kensal Rise. Our client purchased the building with the ambition to develop it into a live-work space, taking advantage of its generous, open plan. Lisa Linder Our approach began first by stripping the building back to its core, leaving little more than a brick shell with steel trusses and clerestory windows - a classic warehouse as blank slate. Important to our client’s brief was to not only provide maximum flexibility of use but a sense of scale and drama. This was done in part by lowering the floor level and putting in an oversized picture window overlooking London to the South and rail lines below. To exaggerate the sense of height and width, we pulled forward... More