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Project • By Kruchin ArquiteturaUrban Green Spaces

Rancho da Maioridade and Padrão Lorena

Rancho da Maioridade and Padrão Lorena, located near the old Caminhos do Mar, have undergone an intervention by Kruchin Arquitetura and are now obligatory stops for visitors.   Daniel Ducci Daniel Ducci Daniel Ducci São Paulo, 2023 – Located near the old Caminhos do Mar, a historic route that linked the coast to the Brazilian plateau, Rancho da Maioridade and the Padrão Lorena have been restored by Kruchin Arquitetura, which has transformed them into a belvedere and a café, providing a must-see stop for visitors exploring the mountainous region, often shrouded in dense fog. These monuments are part of a set of eight artworks commemorating the centenary of Brazil's independence in 1... More

Project • By Martino Hutz ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Woodcutter House

The Family house is located in the outskirts of Munich. It was built around 1930, the 160m² of living space was home to a lumberjack and his family of five. The house was largely restructured and renovated. MHA -Martino Hutz Architecture The ambition was to preserve the exterior appearance - with its character and the sense of belonging to the area where the site is located. The interior should be reminiscent of the house's history, while also satisfying all the demands modern residents would expect from a cozy, functional, and resource-saving home. MHA -Martino Hutz Architecture On the ground floor, three separate rooms were combined to create a spacious living and dining area. A new patio door allows sunlight to ente... More

Project • By Park EstudioPrivate Houses

Casa Dos Sueños

The architectural plan consistedof three main blocks.The first block consisted of three bays that retained the characteristicsoriginal constructive of the property, having ceilings of more than four meters ofheight, use a construction system of metal beams with wooden supports, and wallsmasonry loaders, which showed signs of moisture and deterioration. Tamara Uribe Tamara Uribe In This block was observed the construction of a mezzanine, stairs and two bathrooms, with features not belonging to the original construction. In terms of finishes, The block had walls with putty and paint collapsed or in poor condition, in addition to ceramic floors and decorative moldings, not belonging to the original state. On the part of canceler&iac... More

Project • By Tiago do Vale ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Saint Adrian House

The Saint Adrian House is a balancing exercise between opposing needs. The Duarte Pacheco Quarter where it stands, built between 1935 and 1939, was part of the “Estado Novo” (the authoritarian regime that ruled Portugal from 1933 to 1974) social housing policies in a moment of severe lack of residences with minimal hygiene and health standards for the most excluded and disadvantaged classes. Built under a modest “Português Suave” (Soft Portuguese) style (a state-stipulated national architecture style), these economic houses had granite masonry foundations and exterior walls, as well as wood floor and roof structures. Volumetrically very simple, they featured flat façades with simulated stonework detail... More

Project • By CCHEBars

Tête de Course

In the heart of Nyon, in an emblematic listed building from the 1940s, creation of a new place with an innovative concept, a bicycle café. Tête de Course aims to be a convivial place where you can eat, repair or maintain your bike. The project to renovate the arcade has sought to preserve part of the industrial character of the former use of the original self-powered garage, through its architectural style. The arcade has been fully insulated and the new ventilation system is equipped with heat recovery. The plinth is highlighted with its new dark colour. Linka Production/Vincent Kronental A new space that allows you to play with the rhythm of the seasons is created, with the rounded entrance canopy closed by full height... More

Project • By L&L Luce&LightPrivate Houses

Private residence

An old tuff building from the end of the 19th century, immersed in the Apulian countryside among centuries-old olive groves and dry-stone walls, has been revived as a private holiday residence after careful restoration by the architect Angela Sabatelli.The pre-existing structure consisted of two main spaces: the central space served as a shelter for farmers and shepherds; the second, lower, one housed livestock. The renovation project saw the construction of a new building adjoining the existing structure to contain a new living area, overlooking the garden and the swimming pool. The finished building fits naturally into Puglia’s rural landscape thanks to the use of traditional local materials and a respect for the setting.The... More

Project • By Roar (formerly Pallavi Dean Interiors)Offices


Roar design studio has completed the new Middle Eastern headquarters of leading Japanese pharmaceutical company Takeda, located in Dubai’s pioneering business district, One Central. The 23,000 sq ft space blends traditional Japanese aesthetic with modern data-driven efficiency to create a stunning contemporary office, anchored in its local environment.   Roar’s Founder and Creative Director Pallavi Dean explains: ‘Takeda wanted us to design an office that rivalled their new HQ in Tokyo, Japan. We felt it was important to draw inspiration from the company’s Japanese heritage while also celebrating the local context in order to give the project a sense of place and differentiate it from other Taked... More

Project • By Ross Barney ArchitectsRestaurants

McDonald's Disney World Flagship restaurant

The McDonald’s Disney Flagship aims to become the first Net Zero Energy quick service restaurant and in doing so represents McDonald’s commitment to building a better future. Incorporating visible and impactful symbols of change, the restaurant uses architecture and technology to firmly place itself in the future. Kate Joyce / Ross Barney Architects The McDonald’s Disney Flagship aims to become the first Net Zero Energy quick service restaurant and in doing so represents McDonald’s commitment to building a better future through “Scale for Good”. Incorporating visible and impactful symbols of change, the restaurant uses architecture and technology to firmly place itself in the future. Under a canopy... More

Project • By iGuzziniOffices

Sino-American T.

The Sino-American T. & F. Tower is located in Shanghai, at the point where the Suzhou Creek meets the Huangpu river, an area that is part of the historical Bund.The tower houses a business centre that includes financial offices, informal restaurants, stores and boutiques. It covers an area of 123,000 sqm. spread between two towers located at the east and west ends of the construction.The building has a simple, linear architectural style that is nevertheless full of interesting construction details.The building’s outdoor lighting system is designed to comply with the regulations governing this area and therefore blends in with the style of the other buildings.The lighting concept elaborated by Poetry Vision & Art Design takes i... More

Project • By L&L Luce&LightChapels

Pazo A Toxeiriña

Pazo A Toxeiriña is an estate in the district of Moraña, in Galicia (Spain). It was built in 1901 for Colonel Francisco Iglesias Brage, a Spanish aviation hero, who used it as his private residence for many years.The various sections that make up the building complex are arranged in a Z-shape, surrounded by extensive gardens. Inside there are large rooms for functions and private events, a chapel, and a museum dedicated to Colonel Brage.Recent restructuring work has revitalised the building both architecturally and in terms of lighting design, particularly in the outdoor areas.Outdoor linear profiles River 1.0 e River 2.0 have been recessed into the building’s perimeter. With 11° optics, they ba... More

Project • By L&L Luce&LightMuseums

Facade on Rue du Louvre

The triangular 19th-century building on Rue du Louvre, at the heart of Paris’s first arrondissement, was renovated in 2017 by Studios Architecture. Their project involved restoration work on the exterior and alterations to the interior to make it suitable for commercial use. The French lighting design studio Aartill was responsible for the lighting and, for the exterior, chose 139 Lyss 1.0 outdoor projectors (2700K, 5W) in a grey finish, installed at the base of all the building's windows. The fixtures’ 20°x180° frosted optics project a beam along the inside of the cornices, outlining the profile of the windows and lending warmth to the iconic stone facade. More

Project • By L&L Luce&LightHotels

The Edwardian Manchester

The recent refurbishment of The Edwardian Manchester has redefined the standards of luxury hospitality for the British city. The building, managed by the international Radisson Hotel Group, has undergone a complete refurbishment that has introduced rooms and suites that are even more spacious and august, modernised communal areas and two new restaurants. Peter Street Kitchen serves Japanese-Mexican fusion cuisine, while, in The Library curated by Assouline, patrons can dine from a French-inspired à la carte menu surrounded by the prestigious publications of the Assouline publishing house.The renovation also involved the gym and spa area, where guests can relax in hot tubs or in the large rectangular swimming pool surro... More

Project • By iGuzziniPalaces

The Hall of the Months at Palazzo Schifanoia

On 2nd June 2020, Palazzo Schifanoia, one of Ferrara’s hallmark monuments whose renaissance splendour has charmed visitors for centuries, began to shine again.After the earthquake of 2012, the architectural restoration project to improve the building’s seismic resistance and then the Covid-19 emergency, part of this splendid palazzo has finally been reopened. This is the important and grandiose Hall of the Months, one of the masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance.Palazzo Schifanoia is an exceptional example of the magnificence of the Este court that owes its fame to the Marquis and later Duke Borso d’Este who shaped the building in his own image. At the heart of the project is the magnificent Hall of the Months, which was... More
1. Retail Zone-Reading Niche
2. Retail Zone-Display Area
3. Retail Zone-Directory System
4. Study Zone-Entrance
5. Study Zone-Multi-Functional Classroom

Project • By PANORAMAShops

Kids Winshare 2.0

The concept of this kid’s bookstore is "Book-scape". This is a non-traditional bookstore and a composite parent-child space with four functions: retail, learning, dining, and amusement.   Starting from the spatial layout, we’ve created an abstract world of an outdoor garden in kid’s storybook, provoking their imaginations and letting parents to carry out different parent-child activities. The design language manipulates symbols and shapes in gardens to match the functional requirements and create memorable spatial experience for different zones.   The retail zone is a humanized space for selling children's books, stationery and other different types of teaching and learning products. The warm colors are creat... More

Project • By CplusC Architects & BuildersPrivate Houses

Oye Mi Canto House

Oye Mi Canto House is an alterations and additions project on a terrace-house located in the leafy suburban streets of Sydney’s Newtown, nestled into a narrow site backing onto the Carriageworks cultural precinct.   While retaining the heritage-significant street facing façade and front bedroom, by extending the rear building line and introducing an internal courtyard, the house has been systematically transformed into three pavilions.   The bedroom and bathroom front pavilion is made up by four modest bedrooms and two bathrooms and sits beneath the existing gable roof form of the home, with an extension to the first floor providing the spatial relief needed for the young family of five to be able to live comforta... More