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Project • By BergmeyerShops

Wilson Sporting Goods NYC Pop-Up Experience

Founded in 1914, Wilson’s iconic brand has consistently shaped the world of sports through developments and advancements in sporting goods and gear. Their products can be found across the globe and in the hands of some of the greatest athletes at the top of their sporting leagues. And perhaps most iconic is their role and ubiquity in tennis. So, as a tie-in to the 2021 U.S. Open, Wilson looked to create a partner experience in the City that strove to capture the energy and excitement of that marquee event. Richard Cadan Photography To bring Wilson’s vision to fruition, Bergmeyer was enlisted to lead the collaboration with the Wilson creative team to create a distinctive experience; part museum, part lab, part lounge, and p... More

Project • By BergmeyerShops


Do we like to partner with socially conscientious brands that are raising the bar in the retail industry? Yes, we do. Everlane, known for exceptional quality, ethical factories, and radical transparency, has begun to selectively open more brick-and-mortar locations. When invited to work with their team on several new retail stores, our response was, “when do we begin?” Caption Initially brought on as Architect of Record, we also collaborated with Everlane on design decisions, executing their brand identity and aesthetic at new locations in Seattle and Georgetown. While there is recognizable brand consistency at every store, aspects of each location are also woven into the experiences. Both stores, for instance, were uniqu... More

Project • By SELIM SENINShops

Gold Souk of BBS Mall

Investors of BBS MALL, which will be the largest shopping center in East Africa, aim to offer different shopping experiences to their visitors in the BBS Mall. The project is located in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. It has been requested by the investors to design an elegant space in accordance with the content of gold and precious stones to be sold in these shops. It is envisaged that the shops in a part of the BBS shopping center will be built as a gold and jewelery area by the investor. Caption It is thought that these shops will be different from other shops in terms of both interior design and common areas. Gold Souk main hall is designed with a barrisol light between the 4 columns which are in the middle of the gold souk h... More

Project • By One Plus Partnership LimitedShops


The design concept of this jewelry store in Beijing city, China includes not only the characteristics of both ancient and modern designs, but also the characteristics of landmarks in the city, thus making this store unique and standing out from its counterparts. Jonathan Leijonhufvud Architectural Photography This design concept actually went through several twists and turns from incubation to implementation. Beijing is a richly historical city as it was the capital of many dynasties in the Chinese history, so it is difficult to simply use one thing or a simple pattern to summarize the characteristics of the entire city. Jonathan Leijonhufvud Architectural Photography After thinking hard, we finally chose the classical royal gar... More

Project • By One Plus Partnership LimitedShops


This Chow Tai Fook ‘Jewelria’ new branch is located in Parkview Green, which is an artistic shopping mall. There are countless sculptures of different styles inside and around the building. At the beginning of the design stage, we combined the local elements of the project location and our original concept of the ‘Jewelria’ to elevant the artistic vibes of the commercial environment.   For this project, we continued the concept of ‘graffiti’ and added the idea of ‘POP-UP’ in the store, so we turned this new space into a comprehensive integration of exhibition, leisure and shopping functions. We applied the ‘graffiti’ concept of the Chow Tai Fook ‘Jewelria’ to thi... More

Project • By One Plus Partnership LimitedShops


The concept of ‘Gift’ has been expressly identified in Confucius’ ethics. For this project, we combine the ‘Gift’ concept - which is a unique theme that we have been using for the Chow Tai Fook Experience Shops - with the 600-year-old imperial city Beijing. We extracted elements from the Forbidden City in Beijing, e.g. the supporting wooden architecture, the ubiquitous columns and the studs on the gates, then integrated all of them into this project.  Jiangnan Photography Jiangnan Photography The Forbidden City was both the residence and office of the emperor in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Therefore, it is undoubtedly one of the most important landmarks in Beijing. The columns and studs on the... More

Project • By Phoenix WharfShops

Better Food

Bristol-based hospitality and retail designers Phoenix Wharf have just completed a new store and café-deli for local ethical foodie heroes ‘Better Food’, who first set up their independent organic, local and ethical food business 30 years ago, starting out supplying veg boxes in the city. The business, which employs over 100 people passionate about food, health, the planet and its customers, has now opened its fourth store - a new 3,000 sq ft combined retail outlet and café-deli on Bristol’s lively Gloucester Road – the UK’s longest road of independent stores. Phoenix Wharf, a locally-based design agency passionate both about sustainability and helping local businesses to flourish, was the perfec... More

Project • By 10 DesignShopping Centres

Downtown South

The Downtown South Raleigh Masterplan is a large-scale scheme located in North Carolina for Kane Realty Corporation. The mixed-use development comprises offices and residential areas in addition to hospitality, retail and leisure space. The proposal includes the design of a 20,000-capacity football stadium and a VR centre designed to further enhance the urban development of the south end of Downtown Raleigh. Caption Caption Connectivity is at the core of the scheme. 10 Design has ensured seamless accessibility from Downtown Raleigh through the creation of a bridge loop that encloses the entire development, providing efficient circulation from in and out of the site and with the rest of the city. The scheme will be a positive... More

NewsNews • 23 Apr 2021

Bauhaus ethos finds expression in MCM Haus flagship store design

In Seoul’s luxury district of Gangnam, Neri&Hu have completed the renovation of an existing five-storey building with a parking tower to serve as a new flagship store for MCM. Drawing from MCM’s strong brand story and German roots, Neri&Hu's design concept for this new flagship is inspired by the Bauhaus movement, which saw the fusion of experimentation in manufacturing with craftsmanship and traditional arts.  Chunho An The Bauhaus ethos finds expression in the flagship store’s new metal façade. The exterior reads as a curio box with curated window openings that rest on a heavy concrete base. Additional structural reinforcement was necessary to support the new façade which was straightened... More

Project • By Bean BuroShopping Centres

Fresh Luxury / apm

apm “Fresh Luxury” Bean Buro  “We created an elegant materials palette that references a sense of luxury in an ultra-modern way for this forward-thinking shopping mall.” - Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, co-founder of Bean Buro Bean Buro “It was about balancing the dynamic experience of shopping with soothing resting areas. We prioritised the personal comforts of the users, with a visual and lighting environment that is restful but engaging at the same time.” - Lorène Faure, co-founder of Bean Buro Bean Buro Brief: A refreshed aesthetic for a new generation of customers We were invited to refurbish one of the trendiest shopping malls in Hong Kong. The mall is famous for buzzing with y... More

Project • By BrigadaShops

Rougemarin Doma

During last spring’s quarantine when all the restaurants were closed, we started talking with the team at Rougemarin about the future of the catering industry, and about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on people’s habit of going out to restaurants in general. Prolonged lockdowns have made cooking popular again, and people have started approaching home-cooked meals quite seriously. Why leave professional cooking only to restaurant chefs when with a little help you can become a chef yourself in your own kitchen? We have thus come up with the concept of Rougemarin Doma (Rougemarin at Home), a store that is based on quality ingredients at different stages of meal processing and preparation. From completely raw foods such as f... More

Project • By BrigadaShops

ROX Beauty

ROX Beauty, the online store that specializes in face, body and hair care appliances, has opened its first physical store in the heart of Zagreb, in Ilica 54 Street. This store allows those who due to their hectic lifestyle don’t always have the time to go to the salon, to enjoy beauty treatments whenever they want from the comfort of their own home. Following the “pleasure rituals” concept, we have designed a space that creates a sense of comfort, intimacy and softness – by entering the store, customers leave behind the busy outside world and step into a space that invites them to slow down and take some time to focus on their own wellbeing and self-care. This kind of concept requires a so-called total design which... More

Project • By BrigadaShops

Pile & Vile

The design of an interior is increasingly becoming the creation of an experience in a space and the telling of an authentic brand story. This is precisely how we have approached the design of the latest project in our portfolio – the “Pile i Vile” shop that sells and offers the servicing of machines for landscaping gardens, lawns and forests. The first step, after a detailed analysis of the space and customer movement, was to open up the line of movement, “to liberate” the view towards the various categories of products and to bring nature into the interior. Due to the dimensions as well as the layout of the displayed products, the space was previously slightly confused, and the customer’s movement betwe... More

Project • By BrigadaShops

The Party Starts in the Store

Roto Dinamic Store as an Example of Experiential Design Experiential Design or, as we call it in Croatian, the experience of space, includes aspects of creating a unique experience that conveys an emotion defined by the creative concept. In the digital age and the oversaturated market, a unique physical experience is what creates added value, whether it is a store, an office, a hotel or a restaurant. This approach to interior design has been successfully applied in the decoration of the Roto retail store by the award-winning agency Brigada from Zagreb. The first step was to monitor the behaviour and the needs of users/customers and their preferences through behavioural analysis, and the results have shown that the sales space didn’t... More

NewsNews • 12 Mar 2021

Tea meets cosmetics at innovative Cosmetea retail concept

Cosmetea innovatively integrates tea with trendy cosmetics, resulting in a modern fashion brand and aesthetic based on natural Eastern sentiments. Nax Architects were entrusted to conceive a store for the innovative brand in Shanghai.   Raitt Liu The pop-up-style store is located on Yuyuan Road, a hundred-year-old-road that has undergone many changes and represents the essence of Shanghai’s history and culture. Within an area of 75 square meters, the retailing, socializing and experiential space was conceptualized by the architects as a ‘tea house floating in the mountains’. Raitt Liu Taking inspiration from the ‘view framing’ techniques in Chinese classical garden design, a modern minimalist s... More