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NewsNews • 23 Apr 2021

Bauhaus ethos finds expression in MCM Haus flagship store design

In Seoul’s luxury district of Gangnam, Neri&Hu have completed the renovation of an existing five-storey building with a parking tower to serve as a new flagship store for MCM. Drawing from MCM’s strong brand story and German roots, Neri&Hu's design concept for this new flagship is inspired by the Bauhaus movement, which saw the fusion of experimentation in manufacturing with craftsmanship and traditional arts.  Chunho An The Bauhaus ethos finds expression in the flagship store’s new metal façade. The exterior reads as a curio box with curated window openings that rest on a heavy concrete base. Additional structural reinforcement was necessary to support the new façade which was straightened... More

Project • By Bean BuroShopping Centres

Fresh Luxury / apm

apm “Fresh Luxury”    “We created an elegant materials palette that references a sense of luxury in an ultra-modern way for this forward-thinking shopping mall.” - Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, co-founder of Bean Buro   “It was about balancing the dynamic experience of shopping with soothing resting areas. We prioritised the personal comforts of the users, with a visual and lighting environment that is restful but engaging at the same time.” - Lorène Faure, co-founder of Bean Buro   Brief: A refreshed aesthetic for a new generation of customers We were invited to refurbish one of the trendiest shopping malls in Hong Kong. The mall is famous for buzzing with young locals and touri... More

Project • By BrigadaShops

Rougemarin Doma

During last spring’s quarantine when all the restaurants were closed, we started talking with the team at Rougemarin about the future of the catering industry, and about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on people’s habit of going out to restaurants in general. Prolonged lockdowns have made cooking popular again, and people have started approaching home-cooked meals quite seriously. Why leave professional cooking only to restaurant chefs when with a little help you can become a chef yourself in your own kitchen? We have thus come up with the concept of Rougemarin Doma (Rougemarin at Home), a store that is based on quality ingredients at different stages of meal processing and preparation. From completely raw foods such as f... More

Project • By BrigadaShops

ROX Beauty

ROX Beauty, the online store that specializes in face, body and hair care appliances, has opened its first physical store in the heart of Zagreb, in Ilica 54 Street. This store allows those who due to their hectic lifestyle don’t always have the time to go to the salon, to enjoy beauty treatments whenever they want from the comfort of their own home. Following the “pleasure rituals” concept, we have designed a space that creates a sense of comfort, intimacy and softness – by entering the store, customers leave behind the busy outside world and step into a space that invites them to slow down and take some time to focus on their own wellbeing and self-care. This kind of concept requires a so-called total design which... More

Project • By BrigadaShops

Pile & Vile

The design of an interior is increasingly becoming the creation of an experience in a space and the telling of an authentic brand story. This is precisely how we have approached the design of the latest project in our portfolio – the “Pile i Vile” shop that sells and offers the servicing of machines for landscaping gardens, lawns and forests. The first step, after a detailed analysis of the space and customer movement, was to open up the line of movement, “to liberate” the view towards the various categories of products and to bring nature into the interior. Due to the dimensions as well as the layout of the displayed products, the space was previously slightly confused, and the customer’s movement betwe... More

Project • By BrigadaShops

The Party Starts in the Store

Roto Dinamic Store as an Example of Experiential Design Experiential Design or, as we call it in Croatian, the experience of space, includes aspects of creating a unique experience that conveys an emotion defined by the creative concept. In the digital age and the oversaturated market, a unique physical experience is what creates added value, whether it is a store, an office, a hotel or a restaurant. This approach to interior design has been successfully applied in the decoration of the Roto retail store by the award-winning agency Brigada from Zagreb. The first step was to monitor the behaviour and the needs of users/customers and their preferences through behavioural analysis, and the results have shown that the sales space didn’t... More

NewsNews • 12 Mar 2021

Tea meets cosmetics at innovative Cosmetea retail concept

Cosmetea innovatively integrates tea with trendy cosmetics, resulting in a modern fashion brand and aesthetic based on natural Eastern sentiments. Nax Architects were entrusted to conceive a store for the innovative brand in Shanghai.   Raitt Liu The pop-up-style store is located on Yuyuan Road, a hundred-year-old-road that has undergone many changes and represents the essence of Shanghai’s history and culture. Within an area of 75 square meters, the retailing, socializing and experiential space was conceptualized by the architects as a ‘tea house floating in the mountains’. Raitt Liu Taking inspiration from the ‘view framing’ techniques in Chinese classical garden design, a modern minimalist s... More

Project • By BDPSports Centres

Boxpark Croydon

BOXPARK Croydon is the second project for BOXPARK, the brainchild of CEO Roger Wade. Building on the success of the BOXPARK Shoreditch scheme, BOXPARK Croydon takes the brand thinking a stage further to create a unique street food, restaurant & event venue formed entirely out of up-cycled shipping containers. Built on a gateway site next to East Croydon Station in South East London, BOXPARK provides a temporary ‘meanwhile use’ on the final phase of Stanhope / Schroders ‘Ruskin Square development.   Unlike the original ShoreditchBOXPARK, where the containers are simply arranged end on to the street, at Croydon 98 shipping containers, stacked 3 high, are arranged in two parallel rows around a central events space.... More

Project • By TempelbauShops


Anthos was born from the desire to achieve a design that simultaneously takes advantage and enhances the architectural features of the space.The original space consisted of a single tunnel-shaped room divided into four squared bays with vaulted ceiling. The concept envisions the division of space into two functionally different zones:The first three bays host the clothing display while the last bay contains a mirroring wall, the cashier desk and the accessories display as a background of the composition.Furniture seizing focuses on a geometric module based on the subdivision of the bay into three parts.Lighting represents an important part of the project. In fact, integrating lighting within the pieces of furniture, allows an optimal exhib... More

Project • By INK interior architectsShops


A bespoke jewellery brand that celebrates horology; the art of making clocks and watches. We champion finishes such as rich timber, burnished metal and heavy texture for a sumptuous result. The  traditional jewellery store aesthetic is challenged with the use of mood lighting, shadow play, intimacy and warmth.   What began as a humble stall at The Rocks markets has now grown to a successful, 3rd generation family business. Vintage watches are sourced from all over the world and repurposed into unique jewellery pieces such as rings, pendant necklaces and cufflinks. The product became a springboard for the initial finishes palette and conceptual beginnings of the project. We specify black Paperock board which is made from layers o... More

Project • By HeliotropeShops

Filson Flagship New York

Founded in 1897 to meet the needs of prospectors travelling through Seattle on their way to the Klondike Gold Rush, Filson is rooted in over 100 years of Pacific Northwest history. The brand now designs, manufactures, and sells men’s and women’s outdoor clothing, accessories, and luggage. Filson has earned a worldwide reputation for creating a product that is built to last, made in America and guaranteed for life. Inspired by that ethos, the design team, in collaboration with the Filson creative group and an elite team of builders, craftspeople and fabricators, created a space sharing the same level of quality and integrity as the product Filson sells. Taking cues from inspiration as diverse as Jack London’s Call of the Wi... More

Project • By HeliotropeRestaurants

Wolf - Nordstrom

Wolf is located in the Flagship Nordstrom store in mid-town Manhattan, NYC. Three floors above the street, the 90 seat restaurant - including a full-menu lounge and intimate private dining - is inspired by modern Nordic detailing filtered through the spirit of the Pacific Northwest. The architecture is clean and crisp, with everything in its right place, while the finishes are natural, well-crafted and enduring. Refined yet comfortable, the space is lit warmly and highlights the theater of an open and dynamic kitchen.​   Location: New York, NY Architecture & Interiors: Heliotrope Architects Lighting Design: Invisible Circus​ Contractor: J.T. Magen & Company​​​ Photography: Kevin Scott Area: 4000 sf More

Project • By via.Shops

La Maison Goutal

La Maison Goutal is the first Asia flagship store for GOUTAL - the iconic French perfume house founded by late founder, Annick Goutal.  More

Project • By via.Shops

House of Madison, Hong Kong

House of Madison is a multi-brand concept space dedicated to coveted home furnishings and lifestyle brands. Envisaged as an existing shophouse, via. reinterpreted the brief with a unique residential flair. To realize the narrative, the studio crafted a series of shifting interior scenes for the two-storey space, covering 5,200 sqft.  More

Project • By Fast Space DesignShops


E-Shochu is a company which envisions the deepening of Japan-Thai relations and interactions through the increased exposure of Japanese Liquor into the Thai market.  In keeping with that vision, this time the company is planning for a new retail outlet which aims not just to engage in liquor sales but also become the place for communicating the latest news in the industry as well as be the de-facto destination for Japanese liquor enthusiasts to gather.   We therefore proposed the creation of the Sake Forest (Japanese お酒の森) as a space to exhibit  the rich variety and style of liquor lineup comprising of Japanese Sake and Shochu, which are arranged metaphorically into a forest; liquor bottles standing proudly just like trees... More