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Project • By o4 architekciHousing

Windmill House

The foundations for the project was created as a part of the international competition „Contemporary House 2014 – Village House”. The work of Tomasz Padło and Michał Kucharski was awarded at the national stage in Poland. Rafał Chojnacki Fotografia Architektury   A few years later, the project was noticed by an Investor from the Lublin region, who was in the possession of an old windmill. The initial concept has undergone the necessary modifications and has been adapted to customer requirements as well as technical and local conditions. Rafał Chojnacki Fotografia Architektury The building was designed to fit into the rural landscape. Its form is a well-known, characteristic and strong element of the tradit... More

Project • By Natura Futura ArquitecturaIndividual Buildings

The Tea Room

“The tea room reflects on a minimal architecture that  can integrate, understand and be part of its environment; maintaining a balance between the new and the existing in order to generate spaces for sharing”   The project is located in an agricultural area of Baba canton - Los Rios province - Ecuador, surrounded by local flora and fauna, it rests above a water channel. Don Pepe, an elderly adult, maintains the habit of having a cup of tea and coffee with his family every afternoon and has been doing so for years. The objective was to maintain this tradition within a space that generates a family connection which together with nature is able to adapt to various daily uses.   The room, with dimensions of 8m x 4... More

Project • By Meyer & Associates Architects, Urban DesignersRural

Botha's Halte Primary School

The project entailed the development of a new Primary School, replacing the dilapidated Botha’s Halte farm school, in the Breede River Valley, for the Bosjes Trust. Although a privately sponsored project, the school is operated by the Western Cape Education Department. The new buildings provide a state-of-the-art facility for 250 rural primary school learners from a predominantly farm worker community. The buildings have been designed around sustainability principles, while respecting the cultural heritage of the area. A didactic design approach was followed, whereby these aspects are demonstrated throughout the complex as part of the teaching and educational processes.   The “Anna Zaal” (circa 1927), the first scho... More

Project • By mode:lina™Rural

Camppinus Park

In a Polish seaside town of Jezierzany, by Wicko lake, there is a new microcosm surrounded by trees – an innovative place which came from a passion for local traditional architecture and a need for modernity. The Investor invited mode:lina™ designers to make their ambitious interior architecture vision a reality.   CAMPPINUS PARK Innovative Resort houses create a quiet, tranquil space ideal for taking a rest, where Guests are offered a respite from a multitude of stimuli of a large-city bustle. CAMPPINUS PARK celebrates the surrounding natural scenery and allows to live in the present moment guilt-free.   The resort combines tradition with modernity. It was created to show that by complementing each other, those two worlds exist in balance... More

Project • By Mutabile ArquiteturaPrivate Houses

Moeda House

The Moeda House project was designed to take full advantage of the potential of the landscape. Steep slopes, a privileged view of the mountains and a preserved forest surround the property, located in the countryside of the city of Moeda, in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Its isolated spot allows the interior spaces to integratewith the landscape, bringing the view into the house. The project makes the best of these conditions and proposes an open configuration of spaces, with little divisions between rooms and large glass panels on the facades. This house gives new light to the typology of the rural residences of Minas Gerais, with its typical wooden structures and ceramic roof by giving is transparency and lightness.Two blocks separate living and... More

Project • By Collectif StudioladaHousing

Renovation of an old farm into private and guest h

The project was born from the owners’ desire to accommodate people who are eager to discover their green and history-charged territory.It is located on a large plot of land, in a valley that once formed the Maginot Aquatic Line (a defensive system that allowed the valley to be flooded in order to block enemies). Five ponds remain to this day, where French and German fishermen fish side by side in amongst numerous bunkers.Above all It is about a very large garden that the owner shapes in the manner of Gilles Clément. It is composed of a stream, an arboretum, an orchard, a pond, hedges and grassy meadows. It is inhabited by many animal species, including birds.The farm house is typical of the Lorraine region with its usoir (area in front of t... More

Project • By OB Architecture LtdPrivate Houses

The Beaconsfield House

A three-storey chalet-style family home in Beaconsfield featuring- Iroko timber louvres,- Grey aluminium fascias,- Composite decking,- Dark grey aluminium framed windows and- Frameless glass balustrades. More

Project • By Adam Kane ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Trentham Barn

Located in beautiful East Trentham, Australia, Adam Kane Architects were engaged to undertake renovations to the existing dwelling, to blend a modern aesthetic within a country setting. Used as a weekend getaway for the owner, the home needed to have a touch of sophistication whilst still responding to the rural country setting. Once the home was finished, the owner requested a ‘barn’ or storage building free-standing from the house, in a separate corner of the garden, to house mowers, and gardening equipment. Surrounded by a diverse planting of European and native trees, the Trentham Barn was designed referencing the traditional pitched roof ‘barn’ shape structures of the rural setting. A neutral palette was used to enhance the adjoi... More

Project • By the next ENTERprise ArchitectsHousing

House Feigen

A house and two of the wooden huts typical for the area made up the original group of buildings that was the basis for our project; one hut had been converted to a guest house by the previous owners, the other was used as a shed. The brief asked for an adaption of the existing house (originally planned for two people) for use by a family with three children, for an additional guest room and for the building of a new carport. Our strategy was to work on the existing ensemble, defined by the traditional building typology of the area, by selective interpretations and additions. We refer to these elements scattered among the old buildings as 'house satellites'. The façade cladding in the untreated larch boards typical of the area as well as the... More

Project • By Andreas Hummel ArchitektPrivate Houses

Extension of a rural house in Bunyola, Mallorca

Andreas hummel has planned that extension of a rural house in the village of Bunyola, Mallorca. That extension it's planned as a simetry of the oposite volume of the house but leaving space for 3 existing palm trees as a private courtyard for the guest house. It also has upstairs a private office with views. More

Project • By MYD studioRural

Energy Lab | Solar Structure

The original program was to create a solar structure to house an 8-panel photovoltaic array. Taking aesthetic cues from the agricultural nature of the site, the design consists of open wood-framing, meeting at an asymetrical gable, at an angle located for optimal solar exposure. MYD also proposed the incorporation of a modular green roof system, as an additional feature and educational resource for the intended use of the space as an outdoor classroom and exhibition area for sustainable events and programs. Upon contacting regional vendors, contractors and construction professionals, we discovered a shared, enthusiastic desire to participate in this community-oriented project. The Energy Lab was made possible by donations of services fr... More

Project • By Quadrante ArquitecturaRural

Photovoltaic plant from Amareleja

A work that transforms Amareleja landscape, where holm oaks and olive trees had yielded its place to an immense sheet of photovoltaic panels. It is materialize transformation of the lanscape (landscape gets transformed); the virgin and scattered yields its place to artificial and dense, earning constructed/urban characteristics. This vision exudes for the drawing inspiring it, where the traditional trace merges with the contemporary. The concept is a white sloping roof building that hides behind a wall. The passage ends in some large carefully oriented window spans. More
Balneary Centre street perspective
Balneary Centre interior court perspective
Balneary Centre street perspective
Balneary Centre overview
Balneary Centre overview

Project • By Archvision StudioRural

Balneary Centre in Persani Village, Brasov

The project location, Salty Baths in Persani Village, Brasov County, has an extremely high importance for local residents. Few know that this place brings togheter a generous number of people in the summer time, some come for treatment from far away (treatments with salt waters and mud) and other only for relaxation. The History of this place is over three hundred years old . The project idea started from the desire of developing a large scale project in this rural area, offering the possibility of wider development of the whole teritory from many ways: socially, economically, culturally. Starting with the statement that countryside gives viewers a feeling of relaxation, freedom, health and continuing with the existence of these curative... More