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Project • By mode:lina™Rural

Camppinus Park

In a Polish seaside town of Jezierzany, by Wicko lake, there is a new microcosm surrounded by trees – an innovative place which came from a passion for local traditional architecture and a need for modernity. The Investor invited mode:lina™ designers... More

Project • By Mutabile ArquiteturaPrivate Houses

Moeda House

The Moeda House project was designed to take full advantage of the potential of the landscape. Steep slopes, a privileged view of the mountains and a preserved forest surround the property, located in the countryside of the city of Moeda, in Minas Ge... More

Project • By Collectif StudioladaHousing

Renovation of an old farm into private and guest h

The project was born from the owners’ desire to accommodate people who are eager to discover their green and history-charged territory.It is located on a large plot of land, in a valley that once formed the Maginot Aquatic Line (a defensive system th... More

Project • By OB Architecture LtdPrivate Houses

The Beaconsfield House

A three-storey chalet-style family home in Beaconsfield featuring- Iroko timber louvres,- Grey aluminium fascias,- Composite decking,- Dark grey aluminium framed windows and- Frameless glass balustrades. More

Project • By Adam Kane ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Trentham Barn

Located in beautiful East Trentham, Australia, Adam Kane Architects were engaged to undertake renovations to the existing dwelling, to blend a modern aesthetic within a country setting. Used as a weekend getaway for the owner, the home needed to have... More

Project • By the next ENTERprise ArchitectsHousing

House Feigen

A house and two of the wooden huts typical for the area made up the original group of buildings that was the basis for our project; one hut had been converted to a guest house by the previous owners, the other was used as a shed. The brief asked for... More

Project • By Andreas Hummel ArchitektPrivate Houses

Extension of a rural house in Bunyola, Mallorca

Andreas hummel has planned that extension of a rural house in the village of Bunyola, Mallorca. That extension it's planned as a simetry of the oposite volume of the house but leaving space for 3 existing palm trees as a private courtyard for the gu... More

Project • By MYD studioRural

Energy Lab | Solar Structure

The original program was to create a solar structure to house an 8-panel photovoltaic array. Taking aesthetic cues from the agricultural nature of the site, the design consists of open wood-framing, meeting at an asymetrical gable, at an angle locat... More

Project • By Quadrante ArquitecturaRural

Photovoltaic plant from Amareleja

A work that transforms Amareleja landscape, where holm oaks and olive trees had yielded its place to an immense sheet of photovoltaic panels. It is materialize transformation of the lanscape (landscape gets transformed); the virgin and scattered yiel... More
Balneary Centre street perspective
Balneary Centre interior court perspective
Balneary Centre street perspective
Balneary Centre overview
Balneary Centre overview

Project • By Archvision StudioRural

Balneary Centre in Persani Village, Brasov

The project location, Salty Baths in Persani Village, Brasov County, has an extremely high importance for local residents. Few know that this place brings togheter a generous number of people in the summer time, some come for treatment from far away... More