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Project • By mode:lina™Shops

Run Colors EC Powisle

Run Colors requires no introduction for aficionados of colorful, sporty shoes. Throughout years of functioning on the Polish market, this popular shop gathered plenty of faithful customers, existing both as a web-based and designer local store venues (Run Colors Poznan / Run Colors Warsaw). Run Colors changes, however. The brand, up to this point associated with a vast choice of assortments, aims to get through to a more aware clientele. Your typical shoe store ceases to be and in turn becomes a gallery, a temple for all the sneaker-heads out there. You’re there to purchase a piece of art and then bring it into life, through the way you choose to wear it and what for. Patryk Lewiński The strategy is not the only thing changing... More

NewsNews • 19 Jul 2021

Firm architects transforms unusable attic space into minimal loft

Firm architects transforms a previously unsuitable attic space in Amsterdam into a stylish loft. A few years before, a previous owner raised the roof some fifty centimeters. After that the space was sold as a renovation project. Studio de Nooyer The client desired an "honest, masculine and architectural space" with as much usable area as possible. Firm architects interprets this into the concept of ‘a new elevation on an old basis.’  Studio de Nooyer The entire space exhibits a cut at a height of 95 centimeters above the floor. The height has both a practical and a more poetic reason. On the one hand, it is the height of kitchen cabinets and handrails, and on the other hand, it is the central point of the male b... More

Project • By LS3POffices

Live Oak Bank Campus

Live Oak Bank’s Wilmington, NC campus celebrates its serene, forested site while fulfilling the company’s goal of creating the best possible workplace environment for its employees. The buildings draw from a shared materials palette of cypress, glass, and steel to integrate with the natural surroundings while creating a modern aesthetic.  The first campus building is anchored by a central lounge overlooking the central courtyard and deck; slender two-story office wings create a sense of transparency and offer fabulous views from any point within the building.  A second building with a canted form takes advantage of optimal daylighting and passive solar design and features an employee restaurant and lake views. An adjac... More

NewsNews • 28 Apr 2021

KAAN Architecten completes monumental and composed Amsterdam Courthouse

KAAN Architecten wanted to create a building that exudes authority and yet feels inviting to the public. Two rectangular volumes are arranged to form a public square. The square extends seamlessly into the interior using the same grey paving and benches. The entrance canopy extends equal distance both ways, inside and out, to further the blending of the two.  © Fernando Guerra FG+SG Visitors enter the central foyer that includes a reception desk and cafeteria. Upwards the courtyards are surrounded by spacious foyers. © Fernando Guerra FG+SG The top level office floors are connected through a circular staircase. The detention cells are located under the building and are connected to separate pick-up and drop-off ra... More

NewsNews • 26 Apr 2021

Design of Ebisu Tokyo house developed through a clever three-dimensional game

In Ebisu Tokyo, this house by Tetsuo Yamaji Architects is designed to accommodate a family spanning three generations.  As such, the design emphasizes creating a variety of different spaces that provide independence and respond to a range of different working, living, play and socializing requirements. Kenta Hasegawa The architects began with the legally allowed maximum volume, which was divided into five 1.7 x 2.2-meter modules. The columns and beams, composed of 100mm x 100mm H-steels, created a lattice structure. Then, together with the family, the architects began to insert floors – like a three-dimensional game. Kenta Hasegawa As the floors are inserted, each member can freely choose, climate, usages, human relat... More

NewsNews • 9 Apr 2021

Daniela Kröss completes compact vertical museum in Austrian valley dedicated to the ibex mountain goat

In the Austrian alps Daniela Kröss completes a small museum to tell the story of the disappearance and reintroduction of the ibex wild mountain goat. A castle-like vertical concrete structure is placed in a narrow valley on nearly the same plot as the barn it replaces. The compact volume and colored concrete engraved with wooden formwork echoe the former barn. © Lukas Schaller The tower-like museum is constructed in reinforced concrete with prefabricated concrete facade elements. The window frames and connection bridge are made out of red steel. © Lukas Schaller Inside the reddish grey Terrazzo flooring continues the red tones. The stairs are finished in oak and the restaurant with stone pine panels typical for th... More

NewsNews • 22 Jan 2021

Structural work on Sou Fujimoto’s Hungarian House of Music is completed

In the designs for the highly anticipated House of Hungarian Music project Sou Fujimoto aims to dissolve the boundaries between the building and the Városliget park surrounding it. The key element is a large floating canopy structure punctured with holes that represents sound waves.  Liget Budapest Project The voids function as light wells to flood the interiors with natural light in the same way as the foliage of trees. The park gradually changes into a big floating roof that Sou Fujimoto describes as an “architectural forest”. Liget Budapest Project Sou Fujimoto adds lightness and transparency to the building in some places by implementing 12 metres high glass walls. The walls are made up out of 94 cust... More

Project • By Architects of InventionApartments

Lisi Garden House

The Site The site is located to the North-West of Tbilisi, in the Saburtalo district, on a sloping hill near Lisi lake, with views over the city. A series of high-profile practices – Architects of Invention, Riccardo Bofill and UN Studio - have been commissioned to populate the masterplan with radically different, new build, 5 - 7 storey residential blocks, that will sit alongside a number of private houses.   Lisi Green Town The scheme is part of Lisi Development’s Green Town, a substantial residential project that boasts innovative green principles. Residents’ utility bills are reduced by up to 30%, thanks to Lisi’s energy efficiency standards, with electric charge points and rainwater harvesting included.... More

NewsNews • 24 Dec 2020

Top 10 metal projects of 2020

  Arch-Exist 1. Garden Hotpot Restaurant by MUDA-Architects In total, the building has a circumference of 290 meters, with the height of 3 meters, and the width varies with the natural environment. The platform is made of anti-corrosive wood, and the roof is made of galvanized steel sheet, coated with white fluorocarbon paint, which complements the surrounding lush environment. A series of steel columns with a diameter of 88 mm is used as the supporting structure, and it blends into the straight trunks of eucalyptus trees and disappears into nature. The curved wooden railing by the lakeside is built for customers to enjoy the views, and blur the boundary of the lake, which brings people closer to nature.   Hél&eg... More

Project • By MIKAMI ArchitectsLibraries

Tonami Public Library

It is a public library located in Tonami City, Toyama Prefecture.   The spectacular scenery of the quiet Tonami Plain is unparalleled. The panorama of the scattered villages, which was once the food basket of the Kaga domain, has been passed down from ancient times as a beautiful idyllic landscape. The reason is the dignity of the locals, who have both rationality and a rich spirit, and have evolved into a traditional wooden farmhouse called Azumachi. With that image in mind, I came up with the concept of an "open plan library under a big roof" facing the main street that runs through the city.   We wanted the roof with scale and gentle rolls to be a new landmark in Tonami. It is a modern interpretation of Azumadachi and is al... More

Project • By MIKAMI ArchitectsLibraries

Librio Yukuhashi Library

It is a complex facility centered on a library located in Yukuhashi City, Fukuoka Prefecture. When building public architecture, especially in a  rural region, we believe that the utmost importance is to create a building that is only possible there. By drawing upon the historical context of an area, we want to create meaning  of the architecture to situate in the area.    A Town Called Yukuhashi [行橋] Yukuhashi City, in Fukuoka Prefecture, is located about 25 kilometers South-Southeast of Kitakyūshū City. It is a central city of the Keichiku Region with a population of roughly 70,000 people and, in recent years, has become a commuter town for those working in Kitakyūshū City. The name “Yukuhashi” comes fr... More

Product • By MHBMHB Steel windows

MHB Steel windows

MHB's steel windows are the most exclusive, aesthetic windows for your project. The windows are made entirely by hand in our own facilities. The robust, sharp-edged steel frames are unique, durable and ultra-slim with a profile width of only 50 mm (1 15⁄16”). We strive for aesthetic perfection and the highest safety of our products. We monitor our entire production process to ensure that your windows are flawless.   Highest technical standards All our steel frames are weather resistant up to Class 6A - 600 Pa according to the NEN-EN 12208 standard. The thermal insulation of MHB windows is unprecedented thanks to the advanced insulation system in our solid steel profile systems. We add micro-engineered, fully double... More

NewsSpecification Case Study • 12 Nov 2020

Specification case study: Poisson Blanc by naturehumaine

Naturehumaine designed a minimalistic and refined chalet located in rugged terrain north of Montréal, Canada. The architects shaped the structure in a compact volume to reduce the footprint on the site. The squared floor plan is topped by a gabled roof structure. The modest budget led to a reduction of circulation areas, compact spaces, grouping of services and simple and affordable materials. The result is a minimalistic monochrome volume that fits well within its natural landscape.  Raphaël Thibodeau Wooden facade cladding - Modern Siding in Ultra White-1 by MaibecThe white wooden siding with vertical orientation is factory coated and provides increased protection against effects of the sun and the harsh Canadian e... More

NewsNews • 16 Oct 2020

Monumental Gare Maritime in Brussels is restored and reimagined

Neutelings Riedijk Architects in collaboration with Bureau Bouwtechnik have restored and reimagined the monumental Gare Maritime on the Tour & Taxis site in Brussels’ Kanaalzone as a lively city quarter encompassing office, retail, dining and leisure functions.  Filip Dujardin | © Neutelings Riedijk Architects Dating back to the early 1900s, the site has functioned as a hub of multi-modal freight transport platforms, incorporating water, rail, and road.  Mixed-use facility and urban regeneration specialists Extensa commissioned the revitalization project, which involved two core phases.  First, the existing 280m long x 140m wide building and its’ distinctive supporting structure of riveted lattice g... More

NewsSpecification Case Study • 16 Oct 2020

Specification case study: MEETT by OMA

The Toulouse Exhibition and Convention Center is designed by OMA as three horizontal strips. A massive 700 meter long row of modular exhibition halls to the north, a multi-functional convention center and event hall to the south, and a thinner strip with 3,000 parking spaces and reception in the center. OMA intends to turn the typically introverted expo typology into an extroverted building by combining interior and exterior spaces, and establishing a strong connection with tramway, roads and airport.      The architects see MEETT as an ‘urban machine’ that is monumental in its scale but subtle in its overall impact. They kept the building elements simple; large box volumes, typical for expo’s, with ste... More