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Project • By Silvia Acar ArquiteturaIndividual Buildings


Located near Pedra do Baú, the main tourist spot in the municipality of São Bento do Sapucaí, the chalet SBS was designed to function as a guesthouse. The house located on a top of a mountain, near the border between the state of São Paulo and Minas Gerais, with a wide view of the region. The construction was conceived as two volumes of equal dimensions that support a unique light roof, and which are crossed - and joined - by a balcony that extends towards the slope and the astonishing view, forming a viewpoint that extends to the horizon. One of the volumes houses a living room and kitchen, in addition to a laundry/technical area, which is accessed by a deck located at the back of the building. Alberto Ricci... More

NewsNews • 27 Oct 2022

New Kolkata-based office designed by Spaces & Design is R.A.W by name and raw by nature

Set amidst the bustling lanes of the Indian city, Kolkata, R.A.W office by Spaces & Design is an amalgam zenith of steel, concrete and wood. Taking the form of a ‘U’ the workspace emphasizes being hassle-free, efficient and chic. A visual expression of the client’s business of steel trade and construction, the office stands out as a modern workspace prodigy.  Talib Chitalwala Industrial materials like steel and concrete infuse minimalistic ethos, while wood and jaali work creates a sense of splendour. The stippled terrazzo flooring adds personality to an otherwise industrial and formal space. A large reception welcomes one into the office space. A Ferro-crete bench with exposed fly ash bricks serves as s... More

Project • By Guelo Nunes ArquiteturaPrivate Houses

Pinheiros Residence

The original house had a nice layout and an interesting volumetry. On the other hand, the house still was in its original state, which happened in the 60s and needed an urgent transformation so that it could attend the new demands of the family and in its finishes to update the house to these days. Evelyn Müller In the ground floor the reorganization of the living room and the creation of a veranda were the most meaningful changes: now, the social area opens to the backyard, which was before isolated and forgotten. Evelyn Müller The dining room occupied the area where the gourmet is today and all the living looked only to where the swimming pool is today. When rearranging the social area, the living room took a better... More

Project • By Tuncer Cakmakli ArchitectsPrivate Houses


After serving as a customs building constructed on rocks in Kurşunlu-Gemlik, it was reconstructed as a weekend resort. The stone building was reinforced with steel structures on the rocks and small and large terraces and the wet area were hanged on the rocks. All cupboards and davenport were specially designed and produced. More

Project • By GUILLEM CARRERA arquitectePrivate Houses


Santes Creus is the capital of the municipality of Aiguamúrcia. It is located on the left bank of the Gaià river, around the Real Monestir de Santa Maria de Santes Creus, one of the jewels of 12th century Cistercian art in Catalonia. Created in 1843 in the old monastery buildings, the town includes places of interest related to the monastic building such as the stone bridge, the Gothic cross, the small Baroque church of Santa Llúcia and the old modernist cooperative winery. Following the main street, which leads to the monastery, on the detour from where the Aiguamúrcia road leaves, there is the well-known Alameda de Santes Creus, unique as a riverside forest in all of Catalonia, declared a space of natural inter... More

NewsNews • 22 Dec 2021

Top 10 metal projects of 2021

We continue our roundup with the best metal projects of the year, including a foamed aluminium mountain cut-out, 164,000 meters of chain and a copper clad cabin. Jim Stephenson 1. Mountain View by CAN (Critical Architecture Network) Topped with staged mountain scenery, an Edwardian semi-detached home in London has been radically transformed by architecture studio CAN. Drawing influences from geography, theatre sets and a trip to Disneyland, CAN director Mat Barnes came up with the design for his young family.      Adrià Goula 2. Munch Museum by Estudio Herreros Located on Oslo’s waterfront, the new Munch Museum by estudio Herreros offers a contemporary concept of a museum with a transcendental urb... More

NewsNews • 26 Nov 2021

HB Trapper & Stål manufactures most parts for their HQ redesign by BIG on-site

The new HB Trapper & Stål’s HQ is a showcase of their steel manufacturing capabilities. The company who primarily manufactures steel stairs and balconies, has expanded into bespoke wall, floor, and ceiling solutions. The facilities to manufacture and assemble most parts of the building were already on-site. BIG, who collaborated with HB Trapper & Stål before on steel parts for VM Houses, the Mountain, and most recently the Marsk Tower, co-designed the project with HB Trapper & Stål, who also acted as the main contractor.     The close collaboration between designer and manufacturer allowed for bespoke steel designs that could be quickly mocked up and tested on site. This resulted in custom-... More

NewsNews • 10 Nov 2021

Zaha Hadid Architects completes new global headquarters for Infinitus China

Located on the site of a decommissioned airport, Infinitus Plaza is an office complex that includes herbal medicine research facilities, safety assessment labs and a learning centre for conferences and exhibitions. Liang Xue Zaha Hadid Architects arranged the eight storeys building around central atria and courtyards. A nod to the symbol for infinity “∞”. The anchoring voids, together with a variety of shared indoor and outdoor spaces, aim to build a strong sense of community by visually connecting the different floors together. Liang Xue Each atrium is covered with an ETFE membrane. A network of sprinklers spray collected rainwater onto the roof when the membrane’s exterior surface is heated to 35°C.... More

Project • By ArcelorMittal ConstructionDistribution Centres

Soprema Tongeren

Soprema will have a new professional home base for up to 150 employees. 12-hectare site in Tongeren for there insulation factory, a central distribution center and office. Caption Together with architect wilma wastiau, ArcelorMittal Construction have created 4 new special designed profiles which gives you the aspect of a flat siding with different width dimensions. Caption 5500m² Indaten profiles combines perfectly with the light grey concrete of the building and the surroundings. architect: wilma wastiauconstruction company: Cordeelinstallation company: BaeckSpecials system of: Custom WP-25-280-3, Custom WP-25-280-3 perforated Custom WP-25-340-3 Custom WP-25-510-1  Finishing: Weathering steel Ind... More

Project • By mode:lina™Shops

Run Colors EC Powisle

Run Colors requires no introduction for aficionados of colorful, sporty shoes. Throughout years of functioning on the Polish market, this popular shop gathered plenty of faithful customers, existing both as a web-based and designer local store venues (Run Colors Poznan / Run Colors Warsaw). Run Colors changes, however. The brand, up to this point associated with a vast choice of assortments, aims to get through to a more aware clientele. Your typical shoe store ceases to be and in turn becomes a gallery, a temple for all the sneaker-heads out there. You’re there to purchase a piece of art and then bring it into life, through the way you choose to wear it and what for. Patryk Lewiński The strategy is not the only thing changing... More

NewsNews • 19 Jul 2021

Firm architects transforms unusable attic space into minimal loft

Firm architects transforms a previously unsuitable attic space in Amsterdam into a stylish loft. A few years before, a previous owner raised the roof some fifty centimeters. After that the space was sold as a renovation project. Studio de Nooyer The client desired an "honest, masculine and architectural space" with as much usable area as possible. Firm architects interprets this into the concept of ‘a new elevation on an old basis.’  Studio de Nooyer The entire space exhibits a cut at a height of 95 centimeters above the floor. The height has both a practical and a more poetic reason. On the one hand, it is the height of kitchen cabinets and handrails, and on the other hand, it is the central point of the male b... More

Project • By LS3POffices

Live Oak Bank Campus

Le campus de Live Oak Bank à Wilmington, en Caroline du Nord, célèbre son site serein et boisé tout en répondant à l'objectif de la société de créer le meilleur environnement de travail possible pour ses employés. Les bâtiments s'inspirent d'une palette de matériaux commune composée de cyprès, de verre et d'acier pour s'intégrer à l'environnement naturel tout en créant une esthétique moderne.  Le premier bâtiment du campus est ancré par un salon central surplombant la cour centrale et la terrasse ; les ailes de bureaux élancées de deux étages créent un sentiment de transpa... More

NewsNews • 28 Apr 2021

KAAN Architecten completes monumental and composed Amsterdam Courthouse

KAAN Architecten wanted to create a building that exudes authority and yet feels inviting to the public. Two rectangular volumes are arranged to form a public square. The square extends seamlessly into the interior using the same grey paving and benches. The entrance canopy extends equal distance both ways, inside and out, to further the blending of the two.  © Fernando Guerra FG+SG Visitors enter the central foyer that includes a reception desk and cafeteria. Upwards the courtyards are surrounded by spacious foyers. © Fernando Guerra FG+SG The top level office floors are connected through a circular staircase. The detention cells are located under the building and are connected to separate pick-up and drop-off ra... More

NewsNews • 26 Apr 2021

Design of Ebisu Tokyo house developed through a clever three-dimensional game

In Ebisu Tokyo, this house by Tetsuo Yamaji Architects is designed to accommodate a family spanning three generations.  As such, the design emphasizes creating a variety of different spaces that provide independence and respond to a range of different working, living, play and socializing requirements. Kenta Hasegawa The architects began with the legally allowed maximum volume, which was divided into five 1.7 x 2.2-meter modules. The columns and beams, composed of 100mm x 100mm H-steels, created a lattice structure. Then, together with the family, the architects began to insert floors – like a three-dimensional game. Kenta Hasegawa As the floors are inserted, each member can freely choose, climate, usages, human relat... More

NewsNews • 9 Apr 2021

Daniela Kröss completes compact vertical museum in Austrian valley dedicated to the ibex mountain goat

In the Austrian alps Daniela Kröss completes a small museum to tell the story of the disappearance and reintroduction of the ibex wild mountain goat. A castle-like vertical concrete structure is placed in a narrow valley on nearly the same plot as the barn it replaces. The compact volume and colored concrete engraved with wooden formwork echoe the former barn. © Lukas Schaller The tower-like museum is constructed in reinforced concrete with prefabricated concrete facade elements. The window frames and connection bridge are made out of red steel. © Lukas Schaller Inside the reddish grey Terrazzo flooring continues the red tones. The stairs are finished in oak and the restaurant with stone pine panels typical for th... More