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Product • By LeendersWald


HOVERING OBJECT Attached to the ceiling, this stove hovers above the floor. It rotates in any direction, so the fire becomes the centre of the space.CONCENTRIC DOUBLE-WALLED FLUEWald can also be connected to a concentric double-walled flue to dr... More

Product • By Sergio LeoniViennese


A classy and timeless product. A majesticstove with sophisticated design, equipped toeasily heat the biggest rooms. Available withadditional accumulation which ensures 12hours of prolonged heat with only one load ofwood..Finishing-- Gloss: craquelé w... More

Product • By Sergio LeoniSissy


SISSY WOODSimple decor, austere design. Simple designfor a versatile product, available in thewood-burning and pellet version. The woodburningversion is provided with an additionalaccumulation which ensures 12 hours ofprolonged heat with only one loa... More

Product • By Sergio LeoniMatilde di Canossa

Matilde di Canossa

Elegance of a noblewoman. It looks like it iswearing the same brocade dress of the “GreatCountess” from which it takes its name, oneof the most important and fascinating Italianmedieval figures. The charm of her personality,of her time and of the “Ar... More

Product • By Sergio LeoniMarlene


Marlene is a family of pellet and wood-burning stoves branded Sergio Leoni. Made in hand crafted ceramics, these stoves retain the timeless charm of Central European design with the typical Nordic “tile” design. Marlene Tonda fits in this collection... More

Product • By Sergio LeoniMaria Sofia

Maria Sofia

Ceramic pellet stove, finely designed with ajewel effect, in which light is refracted providingluminosity and ever-changing variations. Its roundshape, simple and minimalist, is embellishedby three stylish inserts in brass or nickel,which amplify the... More

Product • By Sergio LeoniMaria Luigia

Maria Luigia

The first creation of Sergio Leoni inspired bythe antique military stoves. Designed at the endof 1960’s, Maria Luigia is a success which hasremained unchanged throughout time, inspiredby the beauty of the Parma Grand Duchess andthe never ending Empir... More

Product • By Sergio LeoniCastellana


A real lady of the house, with a solid look andnoble stylistic traits. The Castellana woodburningstove heats both room and hearts alsothrough its reassuring presence, based on theharmony of lines and embellished by skilledprecious metal inserts.Finis... More

Product • By MCZJazz


Ultra-powerful pellet hydro-stove, designed to heat large homes, up to 325 square metres. With its 31 kW of power, it heats up to 15 radiators in a few minutes and generates the hot water required for the domestic hot water system. Made of ceramic. I... More

Product • By MCZDoc


Ductable pellet stove, especially suitable for hallways or confined spaces, thanks to a depth comparable to that of a radiator (30 cm). The extremely clean front, made in black painted steel, houses the fireplace on the right and, on the left, a door... More

Product • By StûvStuv 30

Stuv 30

The Stûv 30-H can be fitted with an accumulator core which stores some of the heat. Once the fire has gone out, the accumulated heat is released over several hours, thus prolonging the sensation of heat and comfort. The Stûv 30- H combines all... More