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NewsNews • 15 Nov 2021

Community Center Edegem: Symbol of sustainable design reactivates a redundant site in a historic town

Located south of Antwerp in the village of Edegem, Community Center Edegem by Mark Koehler Architects is constructed entirely of massive timber (CLT). Multifunctional, flexible, and open, the project sits in harmonious integration with the existing monumental Huis Hellemens Exhibition Centre and its gardens. Project goals include reactivating a redundant site in the heart of the historic town and creating a symbol of sustainable design. Dennis de Smet Strengthening the social fabric of the historic village,  two overlapping pavilion-like volumes constructed in CLT have been carefully positioned into an L-shape. What used to be a neglected and dark parking lot location that residents didn’t like to visit has now become a war... More

Product • By LunawoodLunawood Decking

Lunawood Decking

Lunawood Thermowood makes for an outstanding decking material due to its stability and durability. The Luna Profix hidden fixing clip enables quick and easy installation of the deck and creates a clean and elegant apperance without visible screws. Our decking products are also available factory oiled. More

Product • By LunawoodLunawood Interior

Lunawood Interior

Non-toxic Lunawood Thermowood is highly suitable for panelling and partition walls to create a welcoming atmosphere. The porous wood surface does not reflect sound in the same way as hard and artificial materials, making Lunawood an excellent choice for public spaces. Thermowood is one of the most used materials in saunas and it is excellent for spa interiors for it's low thermal conductivity, improved stability and resin-free nature. More

Project • By ANA DESIGN STUDIO PVT LTDUniversities

Kashmir University Career Planning, Main Campus

Design ObjectiveTo create a campus for learning and interaction between students and faculty, in line with the best practices globally, and, to create a template for highly energy efficient building construction, Design for flexibility of space usage and adpatbiltiy for future growth. Suryan//Dang Design FeaturesBuilding designed for formal and informal coaching, mentoring and training to civil service aspirants. Building designed around an all weather atrium space.  Informal interaction and activity planned around the atrium, the first building on campus to have a student centric all weather space. Suryan//Dang Passive Heating & LightingAtrium used as a passive heating device for the building.Windows designed strateg... More

Project • By Signature FloorsOffices

Endeavour Energy Workplace

Colour is considered a vital tool in workplace design to improve productivity, wellbeing and happiness in major businesses globally. Case in point: The Endeavour Energy workplace in Sydney. Here, WMK Architecture relied on Signature’s Vivid carpet tiles to imbue this workspace with a cool and refreshing vibe. Raw Life Studios   Our bold and vibrant Vivid tiles feature prominently in a multitude of spaces. In some areas, hues of blue and green deliver a feeling of calm, wellbeing, and composure, while brighter shades in other areas lend energy and zing. The flooring also delivers outstanding soil resistance, acoustic support and walking comfort – making it ideal for new-age workplaces like Endeavour Energy. Explore f... More

Product • By LunawoodLunawood Cladding

Lunawood Cladding

Lunawood is an unrivaled material for facades thanks to its dimensional stability, weather resistance, durability and beautiful appearance - all achieved without chemicals naturally through thermal modification. Lunawood Thermowood does not require surface coatings even in the most challenging climate conditions which makes it a truly sustainable choice throughout its life cycle.  This allows your project to have that naturally grayed exterior cladding, if desired.  The raw material for our products comes from a renewable and certified Scandinavian forest. More

Project • By Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & PlannersLibraries

Harvard Undergraduate House Renewal Winthrop House

Winthrop House, comprised of two Neo-Georgian former freshman dormitory buildings from 1913, had undergone few upgrades since its construction. The renewal program re-envisioned Winthrop’s residential, academic, social, and co-curricular spaces and addresses technical challenges, including significant envelope upgrades, the installation of all-new mechanical systems, and detailed restoration work for the House’s signature public spaces. Amidst the sensitive context of Harvard’s River Houses, BBB also designed Robert M. Beren Hall, a distinctive 41-bed addition that includes shared amenities for undergraduates. Working with the House Renewal Project Management Office, Faculty of Arts & Sciences, the Faculty Deans, and s... More

Project • By Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & PlannersMasterplans

Columbian Quarter Master Plan

The Master Plan creates a transit-oriented district in Southeast Washington DC connecting a revitalized community to the Anacostia River Park system, with a new mixed-use neighborhood built on principles of sustainability and post-pandemic wellness and livability. Caption Columbian Quarter is a new, mixed-use, transit-oriented neighborhood for Southeast Washington DC, connecting established neighborhoods and creating significant housing and employment opportunities linked to the city's Metro system. The development offers the opportunity to create a "15-Minute Neighborhood," an innovative planning model which promotes complete and connected neighborhoods where residents can meet most or all their daily needs within a short walk or bik... More

NewsNews • 10 Feb 2021

Helsinki’s Urban Environment House balances modern with archaic

Modern and archaic at the same time, the Urban Environment House for the Urban Environment Division of the City of Helsinki combines new building technology with references to the history of architecture. The design by Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects is located in an area that was once occupied by a harbour and sawmill industry but is now one of the most important growth areas of the city. Marc Goodwin Providing a new home for city planning officials, the building strives to demonstrate the high standards of the City’s building and urban planning disciplines. The building is also designed to invite citizens to utilize city services and participate in civic activities. The main facades of the building open to the middle... More

NewsNews • 26 Sep 2020

401-Tienen Anemoon realizes ‘ground-breaking’ potential within the site using reclaimed earth as primary material

Peter Van Impe, manager and architect at AST 77 Architecture works with a team of engineering, architecture and design professionals to deliver a multi-disciplinary, innovative, and collaboratively informed process to architectural design.  Informed design requires technical knowledge of materials and forms, environmental knowledge of climate and soil conditions, and more importantly, an awareness of how various elements of the design and construction process can work symbiotically to create a product that surpasses the sum of its parts.   Credit: Steven Massart When Van Impe purchased land on the Anemoon residential site in Tienen, he became his own firm’s client, and enlisted a team of experts to build his private ho... More

Project • By se studioBars

Buna cafe

Located in a very important commercial and business axis, Buna Café is an space in which you can enjoy an specialty coffee in a modern and welcoming environment.It is a space of small dimensions with simple and clean forms, but with great importance in the details, reinforcing the passion in the preparation of this specialty coffee and the closeness that we want to show the client.What the designers wanted to transmit in this space is the cleanliness and purity with which a coffee is prepared, as if it were a laboratory. But without leaving aside the comfort and the warmth, taking care of every detail so that the client enjoys it. A space in which everything is in harmony and balance, where there is no competition between design and... More

Project • By PAD studioPrivate Houses

Foxhill House

PAD studio was approached to design a new, extremely low energy, ‘Lifetime Homes’ compliant dwelling which would create a full time residence for their clients and also enable them to work from home. The site, located deep in the New Forest, was required to meet stringent Conservation Area and National Park planning policy. The design had to be ecologically responsible for the lifetime of the scheme, also with a low impact to the site, surrounding countryside.    A key design concept was to create a fluid relationship between the interior and the exterior. Full height windows and south facing terrace enables the landscaping to flow into the house forming an outdoor room, complimented by a covered outdoor kitchen. The... More

Product • By Florim CeramicheSENSI OF CASA DOLCE CASA


Large ceramic surfaces that tell an ancient story made up of earth blended together and light mineral elements forged over time. This is what inspired the “Sensi of Casa dolce casa” collection designed by Matteo Thun for Florim Ceramiche, which takes the form of large tiles designed to be touched with your eyes and caressed with your fingers.  The collaboration between Florim and the Matteo Thun & Partners architecture and design firm, two internationally renowned Italian companies, has produced a project that unites the harmony of nature with the power of innovation to furnish living spaces that communicate a sense of comfort and balance. “Sensi” expresses the perfect combination between the creative d... More

Project • By Raj Karan DesignsIndividual Buildings

Flux Farm

The site is a hide away, embraced by the Aravali Range with its greenery punctuated by quarried Rock, Kota village and the ITC golf course.The client being a golf enthusiast and having farming as a hobby, desired to use the place as a weekend getaway from his city life. Client’s brief was to create a farmhouse which would merge with its surroundings. Finishes were to have minimum required maintenance as the place would be used only once in a week. The vocabulary of the place was identified to resonate with the client’s personality - a symphony of contemporary and rustic. The site is of 3 acres, zoning of the which has been done in three parts, Main House, Servant Quarters and the Fields. 1.5 acres allocated to the fields and... More

Project • By SpAce / Juan Carlos BaumgartnerHousing

ALD House

This weekend retreat is projected on a land of little over 1,000 square meters and it is articulated in two main volumes: a prism into which another rectangular wooden prism is embedded.   Since the very beginning, the purpose of this project was clear: to create a house in which a balance between modernity and coziness was struck. Therefore, we chose to use few materials in order to achieve a quick reading of the volumes.   The first prism consists of a black metal structure that ends on an exposed concrete staple. The two fronts of this volume are made of glass, which helps create a transparency to the interior area and gives a feeling of permanently being in touch with nature.   The second volume is a cantilevered wo... More