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Project • By Deve BuildExhibitions

Moon Hut

I. Moon MarshAs a general rule, there is a half-moon “Pond” in front of Hakka ancestral hall of enclosed architecture in Lingnan region, or “Moon Marsh”, as it is called, which I think to be a pool of lucid water nourishing each enclosed ancestral hall, where it contains an inexhaustible source of dew for the family. That is the origin of “Moon Hut”. So, the facade of the “Moon Hut” is expressed in the form of “Moon Marsh” of the Hakka Enclosed house. The planar profile looks like “Mid-autumn Moon”.II. Lower Your Head, Be ModestAs of today, the world becomes, in a natural way, more and more confident. Everyone is too confident in living in the world to be modest and humble as before. Everyone is conceited and overconfident in holding his he... More

Project • By lamatildeExhibitions

Mozfest 2016

Since 2010, Mozilla has promoted Mozfest, one of the most interesting events in the internet world. For the 2016 edition, lamatilde worked with TODO, automato.farm and Leva, to raise awareness on five themes (privacy, web literacy, digital inclusion, open innovation and decentralization), designing five installations with a mix of physical and digital interaction. Our challenge was finding a coherent code for all five structures, and coming up with the solutions to make them both inclusive and outstanding in the busy festival environment. Our core concept was to create five “naked” frames devoid of barriers, five different micro-architectures that would be assembled according to a common system. Dynamic installations were designed to be use... More

Project • By NOMAD CONCEPTConcert Halls

Events - temporary installation

Nomad Concept offers airy, open shelters that give (private) parties, festivals, exhibitions and concerts in the open air an extra dimension. These refined creations can also be rented and give an additional cachet to your event. In addition, major players in the event world have called on Nomad Concept. For the Duvel Moortgat brewery, for example, we have created an exclusive sail sculpture for their annual happenings that evokes both playfulness and austerity.We do not only rent, but also create and make shelters on demand for cultural festivals (Festival of Flanders) and famous brands who seek for an own image. Events can be temporary (1 weekend) or semi-temporary (yearly installation of 4 months). More

Project • By PLUS-SUM StudioExhibitions

Indelible Pattern(s)

The design brief for Exhibit Columbus Biennial stated that the University Installations “represent the state of architectural education as well as speculate on the potential to be a catalyst for changing the way we design and build in the Midwest ... expanding design literacy through education.” Within these ambitions, Indelible Pattern(s) is challenging and didactic, telling multiple, simultaneous stories - if one takes time to explore and observe. A single habitable space is an initial impression, organized by a hanging swarm canopy above and an inscribed deck below. Visitors who slow-down, contemplate and observe, discover this subterfuge concealing a complex set of interacting spaces and patterns that recontextualize the site and city a... More

Project • By NAT OFFICE - christian gasparini architectCultural Centres


Donated to the borough of reggio emilia by mrs anna maria ternelli gerra with the aim of creating a new cultural venue in the town, dedicated to her husband the artist marco gerra (1925-2000), the ex-hotel cairoli, in piazza xxv aprile, has become a new space for photography and contemporary art. The project develop the urban and architectural potential of the site, seen as a junction between two parts of the historical city: the piazza behind the teatro ariosto to the south (piazza xxv aprile) and the lower area juxtaposed to the teatro cavallerizza to the north.The existing building has been transformed from an element of separation, unto itself, into an open diaphragm, allowing the gaze to wander, reconstructing the spatial continuu... More

Project • By Migliore + ServettoExhibitions


A new museum tour “Immortals, the Art and Knowledge of the ancient Egyptians” The set up of the new museum tour has been designed by Isolarchitetti and Migliore + Servetto Architects, in the subterranean floor, that in two years, once the renovation is finished will be dedicated to the reception and ticket area: a very suggestive narration to exhibit a selection of about 1.000 finds. The unifying element of the project is given buy a wire-frame line that defines each exhibition space. Already existing or newly designed cases are so united by the minimum distance that takes shape around them: a thin white metal continuous line that defines and protects the interior space. A technological frame that becomes the support of the lighting... More