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Project • By Creativ Interior StudioPrivate Houses

Tiny House Model 1

The concept features a Tiny House model 1 with a rounded roof and exterior clad in corrugated metal sheetst. The interior is divided into two levels: the ground floor comprises the living area, kitchen, and bathroom, while a bedroom is nestled under the pitched roof. Creativ Inte Creativ Inte The interior design style follows the Japandi aesthetic, blending Japanese and Scandinavian elements in a delicate harmony. Natural materials such as wood, ceramic, and decorative natural stone have been employed in the construction, achieving a seamless integration with the surroundings. Creativ Inte Creativ Inte More

NewsSpecification • 18 Jul 2023

10 tiny houses that capture the imagination

Tiny houses offer one, albeit small, solution to lessening the construction industry’s negative impact on climate change. “According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the built environment generates 40% of annual global CO2 emissions [and] building operations are responsible for 27% . . . circularity and the use of bio-based materials are two key strategies to reduce embodied carbon in the construction sector.” (Waugh Thistleton Architects, 2023). Research into the development of tiny homes at the Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts, demonstrated that tiny houses only make sense for re-densification in inner cities if placed on vacant plots, on top of buildings, or in car parks. Tiny houses are also fin... More

NewsNews • 16 Sep 2022

Phoenix House by Harley Graham Architects becomes a metaphor for a personal rebuild

Situated in an old part of Byron, Australia, an early 1900s Queenslander home became filled with water and significantly destroyed by southerly storms. In undertaking a repair and renovation the resulting Phoenix House became a metaphor for the architect’s personal rebuild with a team of engineering, landscape designers, and contractors rising alongside Harley Graham Architects to the challenge. Andy MacPherson Stripped back, with non-rotting components retained and reassembled, the project is described by the architect as a ‘sustainable jigsaw puzzle’ of sorts. Old casement windows were transformed into kitchen splashbacks, dark rich teak decking used to clad bedroom walls, and so on. Andy MacPherson R... More

Project • By Martin Gaufryau, Quentin Barthe, Tom PatenotteHousing

Le Paravue

« Le festival de cabanes » is an international competition,organised since 2016 in the region of the « Sources de Lac d'Annecy » and for the last two years in St. Germain Laval in the Loire department. The competition consists in the design of small cabins on a pre-designated site which are then to be constructed by the design teams themselves.These ephemeral constructions question the relationship we have with our environment and our landscape. Vincent Pel-Wassmer Our project, which won the competition, was allotted site number 15, nestled on the banks of the river Aix at the foot of the small medieval town of St. Germain Laval. Vincent Pel-Wassmer The natural elements contrast with the town and create a... More

Project • By Haven Space DesignApartments

Jin & Han Tiny Apartment

Jin is our our friend for over 12 years.From a young high school kid to a mature man, now he is going to enter into marriage with Han.This delicate room is the greatest blessing we can give. More

Project • By Boano PrišmontasOffices

Dot House

Boano Prišmontas designed and manufactured a digitally fabricated tiny home for a dwelling in North London. Conceived as a multifunctional and flexible unit, it provides an ancillary and unique space to work, relax, watch a movie, read or play video games. Mainly used as a study and entertainment room, the 'Dot House' comprises a bathroom and a micro kitchen to provide an independent and self-sufficient micro-habitable space that could be used for visiting, family members, and guests. Caption Caption Caption Caption More

Project • By delavegacanolassoPrivate Houses

tini® M - 1

Tini®/ tinyhome.es is prefabricated modules made in Spain in 60 days and transported to any location. Each model comes ready-to-use and is fully furnished. This featured tini® is a refuge in the middle of the typical landscape from Madrid. Embraced and protected by the huge Holm Oak tree, it was installed so there was no impact to the environment looking as if it has always been there. Paco Marín Following this idea, the corten steel facade, in semi oxidation process perfectly matches with the surroundings and blends with the shadows casted by the tree’s branches and the movement of the rock roses. This rough exterior contrasts with the great warmness of the interior, totally wrapped with birch wood and natural oa... More

Project • By small.Private Houses

The Brook

The Brook sits in a paddock atop an old Gasometer among the ruins of a flour mill. It is situated in Rosebrook, South West Victoria, on the traditional lands of the Gunditjmara people. Derek Swalwell The Brook was designed to capture the remarkable wetlands surrounding the Gasometer, with windows that frame the Moyne river, lush paddocks and the occasional passing dairy cow. The brief was further determined by the dimensions of a truck trailer, which is the most suitable size for a tiny home. While it was important to create a home that could be transported beneath power lines, it was also essential that the space felt generous and open. The solution came in the form of a telescopic frame with a retractable roof and cog system, which... More

Project • By Ev design officePrivate Houses

Tiny Home

The economic conditions of Middle Eastern countries have made small-scale spaces less popular. The existence of these economic conditions in the profession of architecture has also been influential. Therefore, it has caused a wave of small houses on cheap land. Therefore, this situation is a new challenge for the architects of our generation so that we can achieve the best possible result with the lowest costs.  Caption The tiny home site plan is located in a forested and mountainous area. In designing this villa, we chose metal as the main material of the building and tried to raise the building like trees that are separated from the ground with their trunks and create a sense of suspension in it. So, one column, like the trunks... More

Project • By Lehrer ArchitectsHousing

SATICOY - Tiny Homes Village

Saticoy and Whitsett Tiny Home Village is the latest in the LA City’s program to house the homeless.  The site is an extremely thin sliver of land, nearly a quarter-mile long and at times only 20’ wide. It is located at an existing homeless encampment site, in-between the 170 freeway and a couple of industrial shipping and car park properties. The City has invested in bringing new shelter, utilities, and services to this location to serve the existing unhoused community and to limit displacement of its members. Caption The design brings a bright, colorful geometric pattern of blues, greens, and yellow to a true “throw-away” space.  It honors the homeless community with its colorful composition and str... More

Project • By Lehrer ArchitectsVillages

ALEXANDRIA - Tiny Homes Village

SECOND COLORFUL TINY HOME VILLAGE OPENS TO HOMELESS RESIDENTS IN LOS ANGELES   The Second Lehrer Architects-designed Tiny Home Village Opens to Residents this Week. More than Twice the Size of the Previous Site, it is the First Large-Scale Deployment of this Experimental Solution to the City’s Housing Crisis  The Alexandria Park Tiny Home Village, designed by Lehrer Architects LA and the City’s architects and engineers in the Bureau of Engineering, opens to residents this week in North Hollywood. The project quickly follows the team’s first collaboration on this prototype Tiny Home format - the Chandler Boulevard Tiny Home Village - that opened in February 2021. More than twice the size of the initial project,... More

Project • By POSITION CollectiveApartments

Air B’n’B

A small apartment, this tiny home was designed to provide a memorable accommodation experience for two style-seeking Budapest travellers. The centrepiece of the space is an eye-catching elevated level solution, which was built with the usage of plywood. It not only brings a natural touch into the modern chic apartment, but acts as a functional puzzle game involving the double bed, the storages and all the kitchen equipment. Our intention was to create a light and highly customizable space, with maximum comfort  for a short stay. Balázs Glódi The whole project started with the idea to extend the flat neighboring the small apartment when it became available for buying. Then AIRBNB started to boom in Budapest ( and als... More

Project • By Echo: Design + Architecture, P.CHousing

Pixel: a Modular Home

PIXEL is an accessible and customizable modular home solution. Standardized components provide a level of flexibility to become uniquely suited to each user’s need and its surroundings. Components are designed with expense, transport, and ease of assembly in mind. The central functions of dwelling are defined into three specialized units and one hybrid unit. Along with several wall, roof, and opening options there are limitless possible orientations and arrangements. Taking Department of Transportation and Local Laws into consideration, the units are developed as squares in which 3 easily fit onto a flatbed trailer for transportation. Additional components and units are just as easy to ship separately should you want to add new func... More

Project • By Fujiwaramuro ArchitectsPrivate Houses

House in Shukugawa

The phrase “tiny home” or “tiny lot” tends to bring to mind properties with narrow frontages. In the densely developed districts of Osaka, this type of long, narrow property is common, and houses are often built so close together a person can’t even fit between them. However, in Osaka, building coverage area (BCA) and floor-area ratio (FAR) regulations are lenient, allowing for a relatively large percentage of a given property to be built up. By contrast, in the Shukugawa district of Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture (just west of Osaka), BCA is limited to 40 percent and FAR to 100 percent; height is also restricted. As a result, architectural design in this district is actually more difficult than it is in urban O... More

Project • By Jobe Corral ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Tiny Victories

As part of an initiative by AIA Austin DesignVoice and Community First! Village, JCA was selected to design an affordable tiny home for one of the community’s residents. He had been homeless for most of his life, and as a result, really valued the idea of shelter and permanence. The design of the tiny home reflects those values, and the resident's ideas of how to be a good neighbor: a front door with a view of the common paths, a front porch to share with friends. The position and dynamic form of the structure maximizes natural light and breezes at the screen porch, while providing a more sheltering feeling over the living spaces inside. An interior/exterior trellis allows a place for the resident to hang and care for his plants. More