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Project • By Cubo Arkitekter A/SCultural Centres


The immense building complex, which once served as Aalborg's primary heat and power plant, has been transformed into Nordkraft. This revitalized space now hosts a wide range of activities, including music, sports, theater, art, education, tourist information, and a health center, all within the historic industrial complex. Helene Høyer Mikkelsen Helene Høyer Mikkelsen Helene Høyer Mikkelsen Helene Høyer Mikkelsen Originally constructed in 1947, Nordkraft housed the city's power plant and employed 384 people. Over the years, it underwent several expansions to meet the growing demand for electricity. In 1999, the power plant ceased operations, marking the beginning of a new era. Helene H&osl... More

Project • By 1op1 ArchitectuurPrivate Houses

From orthopedic practice to modern home

The house, formerly used as an orthopedic practice, has been transformed into the dream home of the clients, the Roman family. In this remarkable transformation, they wanted to combine two styles: the sleek, modern design from Austria and the warm, cozy atmosphere of Swedish woodwork. The result? A harmonious blend of two distinct styles that perfectly suit the residence. STERKER IN BEELD STERKER IN BEELD EFFICIENT LAYOUT WITH A PERSONAL TOUCH When designing this home, we didn't just consider space but also the personal preferences of the occupants. We strategically separated the utility spaces, such as the storage room, utility room, and hallway, from the living areas. As you walk through the corridor, you'll discover various s... More

NewsNews • 30 Jun 2023

Pierattelli Architetture revives a 12th-century episcopal complex into a contemporary boutique hotel in Tuscany

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscape of Tuscany, where time seems to stand still, the Pieve Aldina boutique hotel emerges as a testament to the seamless fusion of past and present. Designed by Pierattelli Architetture, this rustic yet modern architectural gem belonging to the Domaine de Fontenille group exquisitely captures the essence of its twelfth-century episcopal complex roots. Located in Radda in Chianti, a picturesque town adorned with undulating hills, verdant vineyards, and ancient olive groves, the hotel finds its place within the renowned Relais & Châteaux collection. In this transformative project, the architects masterfully enhance and preserve the original structures, embracing local characteristics to create a... More

Project • By mimaristudioOffices

PELSAN Textile Office

Pelsan Tekstil, a part of the Hassan Group, Turkey's first breathable polyethylene film manufacturer serving the medical, hygiene, and insulation sectors, has a new head office designed by the Mimaristudio team. Gurkan AKAY The goal of the project was to create a living space suitable for the corporation's innovative, technological, and colorful world in the new working area located at the heart of the company's new production facility. Flexibility, variability, transparency, and experience were the main keywords that served as the starting point for the design of the space. Gurkan AKAY The project aimed to create a collaborative workspace, development, and living space by providing the necessary physical and social conditions f... More

NewsNews • 30 Apr 2023

Spacy transforms a former row house into a destination for fruit lovers in Bangkok

Set within the Pridi Banomyong neighbourhood in Bangkok, Thailand, City Fresh is an architectural transformation of a regular row house into a welcoming space for fruit lovers by local architecture firm, Spacy. The venue is designed to be a lively destination where like-minded people can gather, interact and exchange ideas.  Rungkit Charoenwat The structure features various low-key transparent materials to allow natural light into the space and develop layers that create visual textures. The first floor serves as a place for brief meetings. Temporary seatings with various fruits and fresh home-grown salads result in lush interiors.  Rungkit Charoenwat The theme of transparency is continued with clear glass pane... More

NewsNews • 31 Mar 2023

Studiotamat unveils a vividly hued vinyl boutique for Roman record label Sounds Familiar

Nestled within a tiny space in the heart of Travestere in Rome, Roman record label, Sounds Familiar opens its storefront dedicated to vinyl lovers, celebrating ten years of the brand. The boutique transforms an old garage into a hip records emporium by local architecture practice, Studiotamat. Seven H. Zhang The limited footprint of 40sqm demanded flexibility while disallowing any major masonry interventions. An open layout creates space for a vinyl-listening booth during the day that transforms into a meeting point and stage to host performances and DJ at night. Seven H. Zhang The solid walls of the former garage were investigated to reveal large wooden beams behind the false ceiling, restored and cleaned to their forme... More

NewsNews • 31 Mar 2023

Yang Fei reimagines a historical townhouse as a contemporary art centre in Montreal

Set in the context of the historic harbour of old Montreal, the Maison Sédimentation, designed by Studio Fei Yang, is a transformation project of an old townhouse owned by a local art foundation into a modern art gallery and cultural centre, including an exhibition space. Formerly constructed in 1770 on top of the foundations of an even older building dating back to 1692, the old townhouse featured a cladding of Greystone, a distinctive sloped roof to prevent snow build-up and raised end walls that act as firebreaks. studio Fei Yang The architect has employed the idea of sedimentation as the basis of the design, layering the townhouse with construction, demolition, and partial recycling of physical boundaries and foundation... More


Pearl Gallery

The design for the new art gallery by CHYBIK + KRISTOF in Usti Nad Orlici’s city centre, set to become a new art and cultural landmark. Former textile factory will be transformed into a vivid multifunctional hub available to the citizens at any time of the day.  Caption After years of prosperity, the Pearl textile factory in Usti nad Orlici, Czech Republic, shut down in 2009. Its facilities have been shrinking ever since. Until today, only the most valuable parts remained - a production building designed by Pavel Janak, an office extension of the block, and a machine building from the XIX century. The last one, following the initiative of the local authorities, will now be transformed into the modern art gallery - a new sym... More

Project • By Liong Lie ArchitectsArt Galleries

Taets Art and Event Park

AmmunitionA former ammunition factory, part of the industrial heritage of the Zaanse Hembrug area, is transformed into an art gallery and conference centre. Taets Art Gallery is a contemporary, international orientated gallery that frequently organizes exhibitions and events. With the utmost care for the monumental building, Liong Lie architects transformed it into a modern centre. Caption Modern meeting roomsThe rooms for presentations and meetings can accommodate up to 500 persons and are provided with LCD-displays, comfortable chairs and a remote controlled air conditioner. Caption Caption TransformationThe existing building, dating from 1880, has a metal truss structure. It has an outer leaf of brickwork, wooden floors... More
Render by Mirck Architecture

Project • By Mirck ArchitectureHotels

Timber Hotel

In 2019 a large timber restaurant is built south of the new town Almere. The building’s special volume is smoothly constructed with cross laminated timber. In 2023 the building will be expanded with two hotel wings. Again, CLT seems the best material for the job. Mirck Architecture The two straight wings will frame the existing building. Between the new hotel wings and the zigzagging facade of the former restaurant, green courtyards offer also pleasant outside spaces for the guests. The galleries function as veranda for the hotel rooms. Mirck Architecture Mirck Architecture More

Project • By Space&MatterApartments

Bataafse Kamp

The Bataafse Kamp, a characteristic school building in the centre of Hengelo from the post-war reconstruction period, is being transformed by Space&Matter into sustainable Park Homes organised around a collective courtyard. The redesign of the building and the adjacent park enhances appealing qualities and adds new functions. Together, they form an interwoven ensemble, combining clean lines with soft vegetation, living in a heritage building with nature. Caption TransformationThe historic and majestic character of the building form the basis for Space&Matter's design, which leaves the existing building intact as much as possible. Space&Matter preserves the grand stairwells, the formal post-war facades and the main volumes,... More

Project • By MERMET S.A.S.Offices

Gare Maritime Brussels

In the 1900s, Brussels’ Gare Maritime was a freight station. It is part of the Tour & Taxis site in Brussels, which used to be one of the world’s largest rail and river hubs for freight transport. After it was bought by the developer Extensa in 2015, around 45,000 m² of former industrial buildings were renovated and transformed into a multifunction office and retail complex with events facilities. The original metal framework of the buildings was conserved, together with the large windows. To avoid the buildings turning into hothouses due to the sun’s rays on the glazing, exterior ZIP roller blinds, custom-made by our customer Renson, were installed. To harmonise the whole façade and preserve the view... More

Project • By BergmeyerOffices

Boston Beer

A workplace redesign that truly complements a company and its people? Cheers to that! After creating two successful Tap Rooms serving their craft brewing innovations, we partnered with The Boston Beer Company again – this time to transform their corporate office. Boston Beer asked us to help them create a more cohesive office environment that would connect and showcase their brands while fostering community and collaboration in their home base. Caption The existing 50,000 SF workplace had a public corridor that physically divided the office into two sides, with walls and storefronts – and security barriers – separating them. Our design team overcame the inconvenient layout by eliminating the barriers and opening up... More

NewsNews • 15 Apr 2022

Raul Sanchez Architects strips slender house down to exposed brick facades and inserts modern interior

Raul Sanchez Architects stripped a 19th century property in a ruinous state, located in Barcelona’s Borne district, down to its facades, dividing walls and roof. What was left is a 15 meter high void revealing a composition of all kinds of bricks and stones arranged without apparent order or composition. Inside this void, Raul Sanchez Architects inserted a modern interior. José Hevia Three new floors are organized by a spiral staircase that runs the entire height of the property without touching its walls at any time. The stairs are painted white in search of a certain material  abstraction. White lacquered wood ceilings further enhance this. José Hevia The floors are supported by beams that run between... More

NewsNews • 1 Apr 2022

XStudio experiments with recovering and enhancing existing elements in Gran Canaria house transformation

XStudio approached a Las Palmas de Gran Canaria house transformation from the section. They recovered and enhanced an existing courtyard and organized the different spaces around the void that acts as a backbone. Gaps towards the courtyard are enhanced to emphasize visual connections in between interior spaces.  David Rodríguez By studying the historical and cultural context of the working-class neighborhood of Guanarteme, the intervention uses an austerity of means, both material and economic, to show another way of transformation.  David Rodríguez The interior is stripped to reveal techniques of the original construction. This forms a new landscape of concrete slabs, silico-lime brick and load-bearing w... More