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Product • By TF URBANHand Washer Soap Dispenser on existing City Fountains

Hand Washer Soap Dispenser on existing City Fountains

Soap Dispenser on City FountainsHand washing is an essential act of hygiene to fight against any epidemic, this crisis of Covid19 reminded us. The «city of Paris» and «water of Paris» wanted to give the possibility to the Pari... More

Product • By TF URBANMuscle


A public bench following the human contourJust like a living organ, Muscle is a counter-proposal to the introduction of rigid and fixed urban furniture thanks to its convivial and dynamic shapes and its refined lines. The furniture invites people to... More

Project • By BLVD InternationalCities

Manfuba Waterfront Park Design

The project is located in Nanbu county under the jurisdiction of Nanchong city which is known as “the second city of Chengdu and Chongqing” in Sichuan Province. Relying on the bank of Jialing River, the whole site is located in the periph... More

Project • By BLVD InternationalTowns

Taiping Ancient Town of Suzhou

Based on the cultural and creative industry as well as publishingindustry, with the core of characteristic culture and life culture,and supplemented by the comprehensive utilization of tourismresources, Taiping Ancient Town forms a characteristic sty... More

Project • By BLVD InternationalCities

Nanning Tus Park

Located in the Nanning Wuxiang New District, a “National New District”, Nanning Tus Park enjoys precious natural resources along the Yong River in Nanning. The project is positioned as “a new hi-tech city incorporating industrial de... More

Project • By PCA-STREAMMasterplans

Réenchanter les Champs-Élysées

PCA-STREAM has intensified its research into urban metabolism with a new study undertaken at the request of the Comité Champs-Élysées, an organization that brings together the boulevard’s main public and private stakeholder... More

Project • By Architecturestudio NOANCities


Architecturestudio NOAN has won the international open competition to design anew city district in Tampere Finland. Located on the southern edge of current citycentre, this old industrial and water treatment area will become a new part of the citycen... More

Project • By Dietrich | Untertrifaller ArchitektenShopping Centres

Eco Quarter Cartoucherie Wood'art

The mixed-use eco-district “Cartoucherie Wood’art” will be built on a former industrial site on the left bank of the Garonne with a total of 3,100 m² apartments, 6,000 m² of commercial space and public facilities for schoo... More

Project • By Abscis ArchitectenResidential Landscape

Klein Rijsel

The building site, situated parallel to the railroad tracks of the Leuven train station, is in many ways remarkable. It’s located within walking distance to the station, which is undergoing large scale developments, but it also seamlessly conne... More

Project • By LUCA CURCI ARCHITECTSResidential Landscape

THE LINK City-Forest

Architecture firm Luca Curci Architects presents THE LINK, a vertical city for 200,000 people. The project aims to rise above the challenge of population density by successfully combining vertical expansion with economic innovation. A self-sustainabl... More

Project • By Matern ArchitektenOffices

Rathauspassage · city passage

The Rathauspassage Paderborn is the result of an initiative by private builders. By converting the old company buildings of the F. Schöningh publishing house, a sequence of new urban spaces has been created, connecting Rosenstraße with J&u... More

Project • By petrjanda/brainworkCoasts

The rebirth of the Prague’s riverfront

The first part of the long-awaited revitalization of the Prague riverfront area called Náplavka is coming to completion, making it one of the most attractive public embankments in Europe. In autumn 2019, nineteen vaults on the Rašín and Hořejší... More

Project • By Simon RastorguevCities

Kursk 2032

The project was selected to participate in the 2nd round of the Open Architectural Competition "Kursk 2032" to create a concept for the restoration of the historical and cultural appearance of the central part of the city of Kursk.Understanding, symb... More

Project • By URBAN POWERCommunity Centres

Rødovre Town Center

The central part of Rødovre is heading for a major transformation. URBAN POWER has been involved in the master planning of the area, designed the urban spaces and developed design guide lines for new housing areas. In the coming years the industrial... More

Project • By Sauerbruch HuttonArt Galleries

M9 Museum, Venedig-Mestre

M9 is a museum of the cultural inheritance of the 20th century, located in a small museum quarter in Mestre, the mainland gateway to Venice. An agent of urban renewal, this educational institution and events venue provides a point of local identifica... More