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Project • By estereotomia architectsParks/Gardens

San Jacinto Square’s Urban Renewal

Rescuing an iconic 16th century squareCiudad de México, Mexico, 2020-02-12 - Located in the heart of San Angel, Mexico City, for centuries San Jacinto Square has been one of the most relevant commercial and social spaces in the area. Recently, architect Alejandro de la Vega Zulueta developed and implemented a renovation and rejuvenation project for the public square. The project was commissioned by the INAH [National Institute of Anthropology and History], Mexico's top authority in the investigation and preservation of cultural heritage. INAH documents and plans indicate that the original design of the square dates back to the 16th century, in what was then known as Tenanitla (meaning 'next to the stone wall' in Nahuatl).   A... More

Project • By LyonsShops

Yagan Square

Named after the Noongar warrior, Yagan Square is a project of local and state significance for the city of Perth and Western Australia. Located at the east end of the new MRA Citylink development, it seeks to physically reconnect the entertainment/cultural precinct of Northbridge with Perth’s CBD (and the Swan River).Located on the former wetlands, a place of hunting and gathering and of ceremony and cultural gathering, Yagan Square has been conceived as a natural meeting place and point of convergence for Perth CBD, Northbridge and the new Perth City Link development. In addition, it is located within the ‘arms’ of the historic ‘Horseshoe Bridge’, at the crossroads of the Perth Central Railway Station, new City Busport, Perth Underground R... More

Project • By NAT OFFICE - christian gasparini architectCultural Centres


Donated to the borough of reggio emilia by mrs anna maria ternelli gerra with the aim of creating a new cultural venue in the town, dedicated to her husband the artist marco gerra (1925-2000), the ex-hotel cairoli, in piazza xxv aprile, has become a new space for photography and contemporary art. The project develop the urban and architectural potential of the site, seen as a junction between two parts of the historical city: the piazza behind the teatro ariosto to the south (piazza xxv aprile) and the lower area juxtaposed to the teatro cavallerizza to the north.The existing building has been transformed from an element of separation, unto itself, into an open diaphragm, allowing the gaze to wander, reconstructing the spatial continuu... More

Project • By GAISSCultural Centres

Riga Circus

The reconstruction of the historic Riga Circus complex has the potential to create new public spaces for the city of Riga. The existing courtyards are opened to public and a new circus square is created - a unique, open-minded urban destination, that forms both an entrance square, a stage, a workshop courtyard and allows circus events to spread into the adjoining street during festivals.The historic roof of the arena is a symbol of the only permanent structure in the Baltic region that is dedicated to the arts of circus, and therefore its impact to the surrounding urban area is highly important. It is a symbol of the continuity of the tradition. The project proposes to visually accentuate the cupola by locating all the new additions in the... More

Project • By ELEMENT VISUALIZATIONSUrban Green Spaces

Central Square in Warsaw

Central Square – known now as Parade Square - is a Warsaw main landmark for tourists and citizens. Mostly because of its central location on the map of the city and direct relation with Palace of Culture and Science – the highest and most iconic building in Poland.Everyday loads of people are passing through the Parade Square on their way to work, train station or just to handle their daily duties. Despite being located in a communicational and administrative heart of the City, the space is excluded from everyday metropolitan life. As meeting point or destination for spending time, its role seems to be marginal.The reason of the lack of interest is “the great nothingness”. There is no specified development plan for the Square so people feel... More

Project • By LANDÍNEZ+REY | equipo L2G arquitectos [ eL2Gaa ]Subway Stations

Rivas-Futura Underground Station [METRO de Madrid]

The building´s architecture is a consequence of the surrounding context and its brief, which includes a new underground station, the public spaces to access the station and two parking areas. Located between two operating underground stations, the building process was determined by the aim of continuing with the train services during the works. The station is placed alongside the existing train rail, with a significant level change both sides of the track. To provide a single hall accessed from the parking areas at both levels in connection with the platforms at the lower level was a design principle. Podium. The design takes advantage of the existing topography to create a two stories station as a podium with a shade covering float... More