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Product • By Shinn Asano Design Co., Ltd.kagome


No Description More

Product • By KoskelaHoodie


The push toward open plan, collaborative offices in recent years has led to a decline in workplace effectiveness, partly due to distracting noise and visual stimulus. Koskela designed the Hoodie™ to specifically deal with this by providing a sight and sound barrier for office workers. This is particularly useful in open plan environments or in Activity Based Workplace fitouts where quiet thinking spaces are needed. Classrooms and libraries in flexible learning environments in schools and universities can also benefit from the Hoodie™. The Hoodie™ Integrated is comprised of an acoustic hood, which is integrated with a desk. Optional add ons such as internal shelves, data boxes and LED lighting are available. More

Product • By Paul HeijnenCnstr Cabinet

Cnstr Cabinet

overturning the traditional outide/inside dichotomy of a cabinet This is a modular cabinet that hides none of its workings. There is a door locking mechanism based on an old espagnolet lock and the hinges are built with seven independent axels that swivel 180 degrees to open the doors. Available at: Scala Wohnen, Hamburg Frozen Fountain, Amsterdam More

Product • By h220430Balloon Chair

Balloon Chair

This is bench was visually inspired by the feeling of floating that the main character felt in the French movie, “Le Ballon Rouge”(1953). A balloon seems to really lift a chair by fixing a balloon and a chair to the back wall and realizes a feeling of floating. In addition, the balloons are made of FRP,so they cannot be deflated and blown up If you sit on this chair, you'll be able to think positive thoughts even if you are feeling down. Design : h220430 Year : 2014 Material :Seat - FRP ,Leather ,Steel ,Urethan Balloon - FRP ,Cord Size : W1500×D750×H3000 SH:FREE More

Product • By OntwerpduoCageling


A birdcage large as life in which you can swing freely: dreaming away in your own space, without being isolated from your surroundings. Not captured, yet safe – and as free as a bird possibly can be. For in- and outdoors, both versions have a hard-as-nails weatherproof coating. Cageling offers peace and quiet hanging from a branch or on a porch, an eye catcher in any interior or shop window. Available in any colour you wish. More

Product • By Iina VuorivirtaCeramic Lamps

Ceramic Lamps

Mass Produced Individualism The presence of the process. Enthusiasm and play of imagination occur as you handle wet clay. The degree, the purity, the intensity. Clearly something missing so often from the industrially produced ceramics. The problem is not a matter of neither hand or a machine, but of utilizing both. My aim was to find a natural way how handwork and the machine could co-operate and supplement each other’s shortcomings. Creating a simple ceramic form moulded by a machine, afterwards curved by hand into two unique pieces. And the most important, letting it be seen that there has been a real hand involved. To me that means that human error is a quality. The presence of the maker and the enormous admiration to the act of m... More

Product • By Pop-up domTable Couple

Table Couple

Coffee table Couple is the first incarnation of our mutual design ideas. Table Couple is handmade from birch wood. The table is composed of two coffee tables that can be used together or separately. Designers of the table both graduated in architecture, they share similar interests in design. They try to work on usability, playfulness and originality, which give each product its own story and character. More

Product • By Local IndustriesALI DINING


ali is a chair composed by the repetition of a single wooden element. The simple parallelepipoid element composing in the same shape the backrest and the seat is put together in different direction and rotation axis. The seat elements have different heights, generating an organic curve. ALI is made of Oak wood, with a natural or stained finish. dimensions W47 X D42 X H44/76 CM materials Oak Wood Steel rods More

Product • By Local IndustriesTUTU LOUNGE


tutu is an outdoor collection of chairs made of two elementary components : a 10 mm solid steel square rod, and bended flat steels. The chair is galvanized before being powder coated ( in LI referenced colors). TUTU comes with weatherproof cushions, that can be attached to the structure ( LI referenced fabric colors). dimensions W58 X D48 X H33/69 CM materials Seat and back, 3 mm flat steels powder coated 12 mm solid square steel rods powder coated More

Product • By Local IndustriesJamil Armchair

Jamil Armchair

jamil lounge is designed with proportions able to adapt in different contexts. It can integrate within an office lounge space, a hall or a waiting area. JAMIL Lounge is available with upholstery in fabric or leather. The metal structure is powder coated (in LI referenced colours). dimensions W52 X D55 X H41/74 CM materials 12 mm solid steel rods powder coated upholstery, fabric or leather More

Product • By Officine TamborrinoCOMPASSO


This is a new product born from the increasing need for existing homes with limited space. Compact in size, perfectly adapted to the living room and it is characteristic of the room with clean lines and bright colors. More

Product • By Paul HeijnenShowcase cabinet

Showcase cabinet

This elegant piece was designed as an homage to the now partly-demolished,iconic Philips factory in Eindhoven, NL.Inspired by the beautiful 1930's construction at Strijp-S, and referencing the importance these buildings had and continue to have for the city of Eindhoven, the Showcase Cabinet prototype was created using original,salvaged windows from the Philips factory. Commissioned by the DutchInstitute of Architecture, Fashion & Design to create a cabinet, Paulreclaimed the discarded windows and created the piece which has quickly become our best seller.The dimensions of the 2x4 Showcase Cabinet are 168Wx131Hx50D. It is available in a variety of configurations, and is possible to create abespoke piece designed to suit each clients needs p... More

Product • By Paul HeijnenHyperion spotlight

Hyperion spotlight

With numerous joints allowing for a flexibility of movement that closer resembles that of a living creature than a piece of furniture, the Hyperion can be manipulated into a nearly endless array of stances, ranging from a low crouch to a tip toe stand. The current prototype (shown here) stands about as tall as a floor lamp but the 8 meter steel version is a towering titan completeted in 2013 More

Product • By KoskelaJake Chair

Jake Chair

Jake is one of our most loved and quintessentially “Koskela” items. It’s a contemporary take on the old school chair. More

Product • By KoskelaYuta Badayala

Yuta Badayala

Yuta Badayala Pendant lighting, in collaboration with Yolngu Weavers from Elcho Island, Arnhem Land. Using traditional bush dyes and materials. More