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Project • By ArchiGuruCultural Centres

Jarillas Eco Sign

Casa de Cultura las Jarillas is a community center in Iztacalco, Mexico City that promotes cultural proliferation through, workshops, theater, arts, and urban farming.  To create a more visible presence within the neighborhood a sign was needed to help steer people towards the community center.  This signage had to be easy to install, preferably integrated with local plants, and be seen from across the street where a bus station is located.  After some studies and research a material was found that could be easily modified and required little maintenance.  Coroplast is a white plastic material that is lightweight and can be combined into large pieces to create a visual impact for those who are walking by and driving in v... More

Project • By Ginkgo Sustainability Inc.Residential Landscape

Annex Residential Outdoor Living Wall

In 2019, a private residence in Toronto, Canada gained 350 sqft (32 m²) of vertical garden in the form of a SemperGreenwall Outdoor. With limited space available, this was a creative way of the general contractor of the project, SJOC Construction, to increase greenery in the backyard. Caption This backyard is located in a cold climate, with sunny areas and parts in the shade, which led to three different plant assortments being installed by Ginkgo Sustainability. Even with three different plant assortments, the project fits together well and creates a symmetrical look in one part of the backyard. The other part is of the backyard is separated by flowers in the middle, but still connected by the continuing SemperGreenwall. This pl... More

Project • By GreenareaOffices

JLL Lisboa Offices - Green decor

Different compositions that show the versatility of our preserved products when it comes to incorporating nature into the interior of offices and making them more wellbeing. Green ceilings with our Moss&Plants Mid finish, a corporate garden with neon and small green touches in the form of planters help to connect the different work areas with the benefits that biophilic design transmits.  More

Project • By Ginkgo Sustainability Inc.Residential Landscape

North York Residential Living Wall

Category: Residential Type: Design, Installation, Maintenance Manufacturer: Sempergreen Value: ≅ $12,000 Location: Toronto, ON Size: 43 sq. ft.   This was a residential project by Ginkgo that was finished in 2020. For this project, Ginkgo took care to ensure that everything was looking good and functioning properly. We installed the Sempergreen Flexipanel system, which is a lightweight, hydroponic system, with automatic irrigation. The irrigation controller is managed via a web-based monitoring system. Ginkgo also designed and installed a custom frame and gutter system made from powder-coated marine grade aluminum. The living wall is fed from the clean water supply and automatic fertigation system. Plant selection includes... More

Project • By sait arslan architectsApartments

Tesvikiye House

Such duplex garden floor flat located at one of the central spots of Teşvikiye, is designed in the intimate atmospheres of old Teşvikiye houses although situated within premises of a new building structure. Benefiting from the advantage of being a newly constucted building, the residence was fictionalized in such a manner that the entire infrastructure within the house is compatible with the requirements of its residences and designed from the stairs to the dimensions of its window frames. In respect of being both ecologic as well as economic, it is used on the façade overlooking the garden, special glass panels of three layers. An acoustic ambience required to befit the tastes of the owners is planned. And the garden is planned as a... More

Project • By Ginkgo Sustainability Inc.Housing

Humber Valley Living Wall - Residential

This living wall was creatively designed to capture natural light from the nearby window. On the opposite side of the wall is another large window.  The corner complements the shape of the wall, giving a sharp juxtoposition to the linear forms. In this modern, contemporary home, the vertical garden provides a relaxing backdrop for residents to enjoy. The plant material is nourished through direct irrigation and soil-based pockets.    Plant material: Marble Pothos, Purple Inch Plant, Dracaena Lemon Lime, Dracaena Limelight, Prayer Plant, Angel-Winged Begonia, Begonia Rex, Aglaonema Chocolate, Peperomia Pixie, Philodendron Birkin, and Philodedron Cordatum   More

Project • By Ginkgo Sustainability Inc.Offices

Toronto Office Living Wall

Our feature living wall is a Fytotextile system (hydroponic and soil-based modular living wall system) developed at the University of Seville in Spain. It has been used across Europe since 2010 to create over 16,000 square metres of thriving vertical landscapes. Ginkgo Sustainability is pleased to offer this technology to the North American market through a partnership with the system manufacturer, @terapia_urbana (Urban Therapy). To learn more, contact us at 800-620-3340,, or visit us at More

Project • By GreenareaOffices

Boston Scientific - Biophilic design

We work on versatility and creativity to implement biophilic design in offices with customized plant solutions. Room dividers with different compositions in lichen, providing privacy and freshness to the different work areas, branding with our Moss Identity finish, world map in lichen and a large green wall to harmonize the environment with feelings of well-being. More

Product • By GreenareaMoss&Plants


Stabilised moss, plants and natural flowers – not to mention vertical gardens- provide a new original way to integrate green decor items into indoor spaces. Their realism cannot be possibly matched by any artificial product, as they are 100% natural. From Greenarea we offer the most suitable vegetable decoration for each client and / or space, developed in an integral way or in collaboration with the professionals required by each project. We accompany the entire creative process, execution and maintenance with maximum guarantees, professionalism and transparency. More

Project • By Mariana MartiniResidential Landscape


This seafront terrace was created to host friends and share beautiful moments of relaxation between the barbecue and jacuzzi. The space is profuse with plants and shrubs. Minimalist and elegant furniture, black tones, warm wood accents and the natural deck bring a mellow vibe to the welcoming space.Ph: Nathalie Ventura More
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Project • By Mariana MartiniApartments

MARACANÃ | Penthouse duplex

This project is anchored in the panoramic view from the penthouse. Inspired by the blue sky encircling it, we immersed different shades of sky colors into the apartment, in the furniture, walls and decorative details. For a warm, inviting space, we chose to introduce wood, a rugged, beautiful, warm material.Ph: MCA Estúdio More

Product • By Sempergreen®Sempergreen® Flexipanel

Sempergreen® Flexipanel

The Sempergreen Flexipanel is a building block of the SemperGreenwall. The Flexipanel is the most flexible system on the market for living walls. The panels pre-cultivated in our own nursery can easily be mounted in any indoor or outdoor wall or facade, and provide an instant green appearance. Thanks to the use of light materials, in combination with a special design, even curved surfaces are not a problem.Every situation is unique and each climate is different. That’s why Sempergreen has tested its plant assortment thoroughly to suit the situation of your wall, your climate and your wishes. Also specific patterns, designs and logos can be applied in our plant schemes. Specifications:Sempergreen Flexipanels consist of:·  &nbs... More

Project • By Design In MotionHotels

twothree hotel

As the requirement of the owner, an aged apartment on Sukhumvit 23 road, in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, has been renovated into a seven-storey hotel named ‘TwoThree Hotel’. The small dimensions of the apartment rooms and their windows were found to be the major issue in the existing building since this resulted in the uncomfortable rooms with insufficient daylight.To improve the existing deficient spaces, the architect decided to expand the room sizes and openings simultaneously to generate larger, brighter and more functional hotel rooms. In doing so, each former unused balcony is now playing a new role as an interior daybed corner.However, there are also constraints in the small land area and building regulation as the distances betwe... More

Project • By dos G arquitectosBars

T-BAR - Indoor Green walls

T-bar is born as a tearoom, over the years it has evolved extending the offer to its customers and becoming a "natural fast food" franchise. A concept was required in order to open a new branch in the banking center of Panama, it had to make clear the origin of the franchise and also transmit the new culinary direction. A space where the key elements of the new menu is clearly read in the design, based on healthy food made with natural and fresh products. We chose to use the same material for both walls and flooring in order to evoque the sense of inner courtyards that are so common in the old quarters of Europe. Propixel Panamá Propixel Panamá Propixel Panamá Everything was designed and made in polished... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignRestaurants

Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor Restaurant

Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor Restaurant is a fine-dining establishment located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia that CAS has designed to feature the best of Indian culture and tradition. Inspired by India's national bird - the peacock - the restaurant is steeped in rich jewel-toned colors and stunning metal accents. The ambiance is adorned with gold and teal. There's both curved and large-scale seating for all sorts of dining parties along with gorgeous green elements in the backdrop for natural contrast. More