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Project • By DA ArchitectsApartments

CPR penthouse

   The penthouse is located in a residential building City Park Residence overlooking the park "St. Trinity" in Sofia. The apartment is situated on the top two floors of the new building and due to this has some issues as a result of the local building regulations about terraced levels - inconvenient structural elements, vertical communications, facilities, improper space proportioning and areas with low sloped roof. Despite these disadvantages the apartment is very bright, has beautiful panoramic views and spacious outdoor terraces. The main idea of the design was to make a contemporary floor plan that is open to the beautiful scenery and integrates all the different areas. By creating a contrast between areas we emphasized on th... More

Project • By ESQVTAApartments

ESQVTA luxury housing | Porto | 2018

In the city of Porto, it was recognized that there would be a business opportunity in urban rehabilitation. This opportunity aims to open luxury housing units for short rentals, which are always located in historic buildings of architectural and design value and in privileged locations.  Having this in consideration ESQVTA acquired and refurbished a luxury apartment that would permit access to national and international public to the 15 year old ESQVTA’s aesthetic and lifestyle that had until that point only been available to clients. The apartment is part of a 19th century building with large rooms and generous ceiling heights. The marks of the brand remain in this new project. Furniture, lighting and objects handcrafted entir... More

Project • By ESQVTAOffices

RC OFFICE | Porto | 2019

The area of intervention is made up of two adjacent units in a monotonous office Building in Porto. The area is defined by a 10,5 by 8,5 meters rectangle with all windows oriented west and the entrance on the opposite side. The program consisted of one reception area with access to a kitchenet and bathroom and to two offices connected to a meetings and exhibition area.  Absolute freedom regarding aesthetics, in an office that will host activities connected to sports, allowed for the experimentation of various finishes and lighting options.  A virtual mesh of 0,50 x0,50 meters was created to anchor the project, in which all spaces were designed in a structured and yet fluid way. All boundary walls are lined with cabinets that re... More

Project • By Alive designOffices

Pollio Studio

Project of office for the company Pollio Studio. The  space of the office is located in the basement floor , so outside of the outer wall we have the basement wall . The height of the basement wall is 2 meters ,  fortunately it is not covering natural lighting.The budget for the project was small. We decided to keep the ceiling concrete and install ceiling lights to save the budget. The space of the office is not so big, so we tried to use rationally all areas . When we enter the office, we see a red wardrobe closet with hidden handles and a branded wall on the left. Under the branded wall there is a shelf for changing employees' shoes. We used glass partitions for zone separation, also some areas of the office we highlight b... More

Project • By Vector MaisOffices


Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Munich, Devexperts is one of the leaders in the development of software and services solutions for the capital markets industry. With offices around the world, the German company has set up its latest research center in Porto, designed and built by Vector Mais.    “We wanted the space to reflect our DNA as a company. We are a company that creates extremely complex ingenious solutions for the financial world. We wanted it to reflect all this technologically advanced look, but at the same time should evoke simplicity and be a place where people feel good. Therefore, we thought of a first impact when you enter the office when we realize that we have left the world outside and enter a diffe... More

Project • By Trzop ArchitekciOffices

L’Oréal House Warsaw

Trzop Architekci studio designed a modern office, implementing the unique aesthetics of the brand. Beauty – the foundation of L’Oréal – has been emphasized with textures, materials, furniture, and forms, fully reflecting the refined image of the company. Caption The reception of the new L’Oréal office was designed in subdued shades of white, grey and pastel, combined with arched elements and aged gold accents – inspired by the brand identity and history of L’Oréal. The reception is made of white marble and gold mesh. The L’Oréal logo hung on the wall behind the counter, emphasizes the elegant entrance to the offices. The arches are repeated in various elements in th... More

Project • By Noiz ArchitectsPrivate Houses


Housing for a married couple and two children, planned in the residential area of Tokyo.The Shape of the house was made from stacked blocks cut by setback regulation, which results in boxes and voids inside of the house. Bedrooms and wet areas were stacked as boxes with different materials and finishes, the remaining void was designed as public space with living room, workspace and attic space that connected to the stairwell. When the living room is seen from windows of bedrooms, it could be considered as exterior space. At the same time, it is interior space from decks connected by sliding windows. Through this continuous transition on the relationship between spaces, living space was intended to have further depth than its actual size.In... More

Project • By Bogdanova BureauPrivate Houses


GOOD LIFE – is a family nest in a countryside, which we were lucky to work out for a young couple and their children – two boys and a girl, who is awaited in the family. The original house layout was changed – we added additional functional rooms and at the same time preserved the double-light spaces and ceiling heights. A cloakroom was placed near the entrance, and the extra one we decided to locate on the first floor – a place for it was built on a furnace. A large-scaled wardrobe for missis we created instead one of the former ground floor bedrooms. This is probably the largest wardrobe that we have ever designed. The additional bedroom in this area we turned into a nursery for a baby girl, whose appearance is eag... More

Project • By mode:lina™Apartments

House in Sierosław

Architects from mode:lina studio once again took up the design of house interior. Newly built house in Sierosław belongs to the small family – young parents, their small child and a dog. The task was to create raw and minimalist, because that's what parents like the most, and at the same time friendly and safe for the baby. Large glass cube in the kitchen area hides pantry. With translucent walls, it can shine only if the light inside is turned on. The island kitchen is a gray, steel cube, which is in 3/4 the height cut with wooden dining table top. Common part of the house, which heart is the kitchen with huge island, is a one big space. All of its functions connect with each other. So that kitchen island pass into dining table, din... More

Project • By SAINZ arquiteturaShowrooms

Showroom Eurobike - Porsche

We needed to create a new reference for an economic, faster and very luxury architecture. The program was simple; Show the cars. There is no ideal design language in the entire world for luxury cars showroom; we decided to create one. The lounge of Porsche (was named) with the use of concrete, steel corten, wood and so much scenographic lighting he have create the brand, and the space was born. Our showroom is a place that enhances the different scales of the interior space; it also values the elements of exposure, decreases the space for idle areas and hides the services areas. The front is composed of a single, strong and dynamic mapping, which is contrasted by the lightness and glass, the all form is flying. This is like a front-... More