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Project • By Jump & FlyHotels

Dolce Sitges

The brief comprised converting three contiguous rooms into a single room so that it could be used for large office meeting events or weddings while maintaining the option of using them separately. The fixed partitions that separated the central room from the adjacent rooms needed to be replaced by mobile phones that could allow their movement, while maintaining the current capacity if the Hotel required it.  Jump & Fly The appearance of the rooms is simple as the design do not want to distract the users of the event that going to take place. The aim was to design a naked box that the companies or wedding couples could dress up according to their needs, spicing the room up with their branding and display.  Jump & F... More

Project • By Woldon ArchitectsExhibitions

New Venue Building at Grade I Listed Estate

Woldon Architects have developed an estate masterplan & designs for a new 750sqm venue building on a former stable yard at a Grade I listed house in Cheshire. The venue building is designed to support the estate’s wedding business and to host corporate and charity events. Wedding Business ExpansionThere is a significant demand locally for large high-end wedding and event venues. Expectations of couples are high as they look for something special for their wedding day. So far, the client’s estate has hosted weddings in a temporary seasonal marquee, but with strong local competition and to grow the business, a more permanent and desirable offering was required. Woldon Architects developed a vision for a new venue and estate m... More

Project • By ArchipatchCommunity Centres

Between the greens

A wedding hall located near the Ibaragi prefectural office in Japan. The concept is a wedding hall melted in the garden. We designed various paths that allow you to walk into the garden and various devices that give you a sense of nature even if you are inside of the architecture. We carefully connecting them and create a space where the garden and interior are integrated.     The building is divided into five volumes according to the size of the room required, and they are arranged in a U shape surrounding the garden. Each volume has deep eaves of different heights extending toward the garden. Those eaves play the role of introducing natural beauty into the interior, like momentarily changing the shadow of the planting, the wat... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignMosques

Memphis Masjid Interior Design

The Memphis Masjid Interior Design located in Memphis, USA, is actually the heart of an extensive family center that consists of recreational facilities, a gym, and more. Contemporary traditionality is the focal point of its interior design. With gorgeous geometry, backlighting, and lush furniture, it is a space that promotes interpersonal relationships within a homey but stylish ambiance. The sophisticated materials, elegant color scheme, and beautiful lighting are all testaments to holistic design. More

Project • By Diaz y Diaz ArquitectosCommunity Centres

New Courthouse in Pontevedra

The new court of “A Parda”, promoted by the board of the Galician Government, is conceived with the intention of regrouping all the courts in the city of Pontevedra, while creating the space needed in the next years. The new building is communicated with the old one through a walkway, forming both a single functional unit.    The exterior image of the building is given by two clear conditions, such as the urban area and the adjacent architecture, especially the existing court. This is why the new building façade is based on curve wedges and serial windows.   At the urban level, the building is situated on a trapezoidal plot situated at a considerably high level compared to the train’s arrival and... More

Project • By Dannheimer & JoosConcert Halls

Town Hall Hainburg

The plot for the new building is located between the grown villages on a main road, close to commercial buildings and multi-storey housing construction of the 1970s on a structurelessly grown interface between the districts of the community. With self-conscious placement as a punctiform building, the town hall marks the transition between the parts of the community and, through its attitude, makes its prominent function visible. The compact building creates a generous space for „Bürgerplatz“ (citizens square) and „Ratsgarten“, which is the prelude to the further development of the landscape park and that forms a connection to the nearby community institutions (school, event hall, fire brigade).   The town... More
InterContinental Zhuhai_YANG & ASSOCIATES GROUP
InterContinental Zhuhai_YANG & ASSOCIATES GROUP
InterContinental Zhuhai_YANG & ASSOCIATES GROUP
InterContinental Zhuhai_YANG & ASSOCIATES GROUP
InterContinental Zhuhai_YANG & ASSOCIATES GROUP

Project • By Yang Bangsheng & Associates GroupHotels

InterContinental Zhuhai

Zhuhai, a shiny star perches long side the South Sea, is known as “A City of Romance” and “A City with Hundreds Islands”. With greenery and flowers everywhere in the city, it’s 960-kilometer coastal line exudes tranquil yet romantic feelings. It is the unique location that renders InterContinental Zhuhai a beautiful seaside spirit. As the interior design consultant, YANG draws inspiration from the city emblem Fishing Women’s lovely romantic story, and decides “Deep Sea Pearl Picking” as the theme. Pearls, fishing nets and other culture elements are used as clues between spaces, making InterContinental Zhuhai an upscale seaside business resort that carries on the legend of the prestigious bran... More

Project • By Process5 DesignShops

Bridal Magic

A circuit-style dress shop inlaid with frames .Dress shop “Bridal Magic” is located in Himeji-city, planned as a related facility in anticipation of the wedding hall. The fitting rooms are arranged in the middle of the shop, and the reception, waiting area and dress display spaces are surrounding them. All four walls surrounding the fitting rooms are made of mirrors, randomly inlaid with frames. One of walls is displaying accessories and other equipment, and one for the door into the fitting room.This space leads customers to a surprise with a stunning dress.This dress shop evokes the feelings of expectation and exaltation of the bride, who is the center of attention, with respect to her wedding. Material:1. Milk Pine Floorin... More

Project • By Ibelings van Tilburg ArchitectenLibraries


A new heart for the municipality of Utrechtse HeuvelrugA versatile building and a harmonious fitThe new cultural centre in Doorn is not only home to the municipality of Utrechtse Heuvelrug (including all its public functions) but also houses the library, the Centre for Youth and Families, the tourist office, the music school, a grand café, ABN AMRO Bank and the local history museum. A flexible and multi-functional building that had to fit harmoniously in a culturally and historically important place in the town centre, next to the church of St. Martin. At our client's request, we made two designs for the citizens of Doorn to choose from. The selected design for the cultural centre offers an unobstructed view of the church, a new s... More

Project • By Chiasmus PartnersCommunity Centres

Wedding Box

In many cultures, marriage serves as a symbolic display of a society's lifestyle. It is also a rite of passage in which a community gathers to celebrate a transitional moment in a person's life. The space in which it is carried out contains symbols of livelihood (food, clothing and shelter) and facilitates social interaction and participation among guests on equal level as the couple. In Korea, one may also realise the coexistence of eastern and western cultural influences upon noticing that the wedding and bridal receptions and the wedding march, where western attire is used, contrasts starkly with Pyebaek, the traditional ceremony carried out between the couple and the parents. These characteristics reveal the need for resting areas and m... More
Hotel Dardania Palace
Hotel Dardania Palace
Hotel Dardania Palace
Hotel Dardania Palace
Hotel Dardania Palace

Project • By HBAH-HOTIBars

Hotel Dardania Palace

Hotel Dardania Palace is an exclusive hotel and wedding hall of the highest category, located in Prizren,Kosovo.On 2016 we were asked to join in this interesting project, one of the kind in Kosovo, projected by local architecture studio. Our work includes almost the most of woodwork of the hotel, interior. We have furnished and equipped 15 rooms, restaurant, and several bars on this hotel. The room doors, entry doors and the room furniture are exclusive designed for this hotel. More

Project • By AIM ARCHITECTUREWellness Centres

Fuhsengyu hot spring resort

From the commencement of our project it was clear that this stunning scenery would be a strong influence on the design concept. This has been a special project for our office, it has given us the rare opportunity to merge planning, architecture, landscape and interiors and the chance to shape a total concept based on the land, nature, and in this case, water. The key attraction of the resort is an extensive spa with a wide range of different water experiences. This spa building wraps around a hill at the center of the site, overlooking the valley. As you progress through the stages of bathing, you are offered differing views across the changing landscape. The building materials have been chosen for their closeness to nature. Many of the... More

Project • By Nowart ArchitectureHotels

Elite Basaran Businees Hotel

The city center and the airport on the way, built on 4500 sqm of land at this hotel. 5 is designed in star comfort. There are 160 rooms. The terrace also offers a swimming pool with views of the city facilities. There are 2500 sqm indoor spa. 3 restaurants 2 wedding hall 3 large conference rooms More

Project • By NBJ ArchitectesCommunity Centres

Jacou wedding room

Wedding room and Town Hall square of Jacou The city of Jacou's wedding hall and municipal room project needed to be rethought at the crossroads of several axes and scales. The aim was to change the use of an existing building located in the town center. In order to fully integrate these new functions and to establish a strong link between the city hall and the marriage hall, a consistency of materiality has been set up in this project. The interventions on the ground and the facades have been proportionate to the respect of an harmonious work, focussing on the balance between heritage and contemporary creation. Thus, this new program is associated with a generous public space of quality and accessible to everyone. A strong interiori... More

Project • By Kubo Tsushima ArchitectsRestaurants

Rainbow Chapel

A project for renovating a wedding hall in Ebisu, Tokyo. The building was constructed during the economic bubble as an annex to an exclusive members-only salon next door. Ownership changed hands several times, thereafter, but the building continued to be used primarily as a wedding hall. The current owner desired to eliminate the existing building’s excessive ornamentation and realize a design animated by natural light. To this end, we proposed to give maximum play to the oval plan and high sidelights of the chapel in the existing structure and to use light to produce ornamentation. By painting each high sidelight window a different color, we imparted faint color hues to light entering the chapel. Ribs arrayed on the oval wall catch t... More