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Project • By Gariselli AssociatiApartments


The interior architecture for this renovation where the unusual use of materials and the versatility of the spaces become protagonists thanks to a constant search for balance between strong shapes and discreet lines, natural materials and industrial products, bulky colors and soft hues. gariselli associati gariselli associati There are no primary or secondary spaces: each part of the house is designed following a rigorous functional and aesthetic research. Games of light, wings and false ceilings suggest the diversification of the environments that tend to never be hidden from view. The coverings, carefully planned right from the entrance, mark every change in volume, also covering the ceilings. In this way the large windows crea... More

Project • By KUBE ArchitectureResidential Landscape

Casa Blanco

A young couple, in anticipation of starting a family, desired a new family home that reflected their cultural background and individual taste. He was Spanish, and was drawn to black and white minimalism. She was Mexican, and wanted splashes of color in a modern home. Caption Caption Their existing home in the Maryland suburbs was small and dark, and did not take advantage of the views to the green parkway behind it.  The design solution included razing the existing house, keeping the basement, and building a new 2 story home with a double height living space open to views and abundant natural light. Flanking the living space on two sides are kitchen, and TV lounge on the main level and bedrooms on the upper level.  C... More

Project • By ESQUISSOSHousing

TD House | 2015 | SINTRA

The understanding of the area, the relationship of the land with the street and the scale of the street naturally determined the concept of the entire house. The considerable gap between the ground space and the access route defined the way the house was positioned. Ivo Tavares Studio The whole idea develops under a lower area. A white closed building merges with the environment, ensuring greater privacy and protection, superior energy efficiency, simple and clean, almost "monolithic" construction, as well as assuring wind protection and sunlight appreciation. Ivo Tavares Studio The white volume is challenged by two independent boxes at a higher level which elevates the organizational plan to create a relation with the street le... More

Product • By DuraseinWhiteout


Survive the blizzard of daily life with this frosty white that proves ‘nothing’ is really something.Characteristics● Content: Acrylic, aluminum trihydrate filler, and pigment● Construction: Mineral-filled and cast. HomogeneousTechnical ● Format: Panel / Sheet● Size: 144in x 30in● Overall Thickness: 0.5inApplication ● Indoor & Outdoor: Indoor● Applications: Countertop, wall cladding, partitions, architectural elements, shaped products (sinks, tubs, shower pans). Suitable for healthcare settings, senior living facilities, educational spaces, dormitories, multi-family dwellings, hospitality businesses, food service, retail, entertainment venues, marine, aviation, and transportation.● Durability: Heavy Duty● Installati... More

NewsNews • 11 Mar 2021

Three elegant white towers by Superimpose stand tall in a new CBD district of Changzhi

Changzhi is a fourth tier industrial city, 600 kilometers south-west of Beijing. Superimpose managed to break with the conventional cookie-cutter classicistic European-style drab developments to realize a constellation of three sculptural residential towers for a younger generation of city dwellers. CreatAR The towers stand in stark contrast to the rapidly urbanizing city district. The slim apartment towers have been situated to increase uninterrupted views and maximize sunlight exposure.  CreatAR Each loft apartment comes with a unique balcony to provide character to the different units. Strict rules should ensure the balconies will remain an outdoor space.  CreatAR A light materialization contrasts the muted su... More

Project • By Anat Lazar ArchitectureApartments

A secret garden apartment in Tel Aviv

A Garden Apartment in central Tel AvivI met with the owners of the apartment, a couple with two children (the third child was born later) before the construction of the building began. They had many ideas, dreams and great taste.  We knew this apartment was going to be a special, joyous and creative one. It should be a practical and comfortable living space suitable for a young family with energetic children.   After a long period of joint planning and execution, we managed to complete this project this year. Let's take a short journey to this special place: Whilst walking to the apartment through a standard corridor similar to a new building in Tel Aviv, you open a door which leads you to a surprise – you are lead to a s... More

Project • By POGGI ArchitectureApartments

White Clouds

A new social housing project in Saintes has totally reinvented what living together means. A seemingly inhabited cloud effortlessly signals the entrance to a recently rehabilitated working-class neighbourhood, known as ‘Les Boiffiers’, dating back to the 1970s. Landscape and architectural design come together in meaningful harmony, showcasing the new development.   The building is positioned in such a way as to respect the site’s quality, rather than merely colonise the given space. A sense of depth has been created, structured by footpaths and enticing visual perspectives, with the landscape slipping effortlessly in and around the architectural volumes, offering multiple orientations for the apartments, all of whic... More

Project • By Antonio RasoMemorials

Religion Center

We are faced with the challenge of creating a Religion Center in the town, an original building known to all as the Casa del Cura, because of the impossibility of rehabilitating it, it was decided to make it a new floor. Fernando Alda Approaching the project from a reflection in its architecture on the relationship between the roots of the past and the new buildings originated in recent years in the center. From the beginning it was decided to capture the image of the existing façade recalling the original. Fernando Alda In this area, the building aims to dialogue with its natural environment of the city, from its own section and location as a landmark, trying to learn the shapes and profiles that draw the various traditi... More



The 220 sqm house is located in Herzliya, a quiet neighborhood in the Sharon district of Israel. The 3 story house intended for a young family (a couple with 3 kids). The couple, who used to live in an apartment, commissioned me to renovate their 220 sqm house into a contemporary minimalist bright space for their family. I used bright minimalist materials in my design as white steel, light concrete floor & light furniture.   The Staircase | a massive concrete staircase was located in front of the entrance. The staircase included four stairways on each level. Since the concrete staircase was massive & we wanted to light it & brighten up, we destroyed the old concrete staircase during the demolition process. We... More

Project • By Gianluca D'EpiroPrivate Houses


white concrete  house with linear,  essential forms. House and sky merge together. More

Project • By Michael Peled Architecture &DesignApartments

Change in Direction – Apartment Renovation

The apartment in its original state had bathrooms and a laundry utility closet facing its best views. As quickly as the first walk-through it was clear that pastoral green landscape and partial Mediterranean Sea views were visible from the closed windows and shuttered shingles of the bathroom. In order to bring the views straight into the apartment and take advantage of them, the entire apartment needed to be reconfigured and essentially flipped over. The dramatic reconfiguration required accounting for existing windows, support beams, and a lot of creativity around solving problems with pipes and water access with a minimal budget. The laundry area and bathroom became a beautiful dining room area. The bathtub became the new kitchen. A be... More

Project • By PORCELANOSAOffices

The Motor & Sport Institute

The Motor & Sport Institute is born with the great dream of facilitating future engineers and mechanics with a solid practical training in the best facilities, and thus meet market needs. Its spatial configuration and flexibility create a unique building that integrates the main areas of sports car racing and automotive engineering, included in its over 12,000 square meters.   The building is articulated from a great hall that connects with all the spaces thanks to the visual continuity provided by the double-height, the amplitude of the large windows with mirrored glass, the circular connection stairs, and a wide white canvas on the flooring that brings even more life to the firm’s corporate colors in the details and furni... More

Project • By PORCELANOSAApartments


Situated in the heart of New York City, “ALTA LIC” is an impressive residential development executed by Simon Baron Development and Quadrum Global under the architectural supervision of Stephen B Jacobs Group.   A 467-storey project born out of the pleasure of living in the nerve centre of the city with all the advantages and scale of a large residence, the convenience of being right next to one of the main transport routes and views of a skyline like no other.   Located between 29-26 Northern Boulevard in Long Island City, the area known as QE7 due to its proximity to the Q, E and 7 trains, is an area that converges in a nexus of high traffic, therefore the complex had to incorporate in its design t... More

Project • By PORCELANOSAResidential Landscape


The bathroom facilities have been converted into objects of desire, which is why we allow ourselves to be surprised by the high sophistication that can be achieved in some designs such as the suite from the interior designer Alexey Aladashvili for residential housing in Rostov, Russia.   Following an exotic line, dark and vibrant colours of the furniture and decorative coating were combined into aguamarine, blue and pink tones with the elegant XLIGHT LUSH White, wood and black-finished tiles.   Eclectic, bright and vibrant. In the room, the classics are reinvented by mixing textures and colours into an incredible pattern of carefully thought-out combinations.   The key to the selection of materials was the ease of maint... More

Project • By Nakamoto ForestryHousing

L Residence

Yakisugi (Shou Sugi Ban) Pika-Pika wall cladding with white oil stain on a new construction project in Chapel Hill, NC. Project Overview:This new build was designed by architect Jay Fulkerson and features both interior and exterior applications of our Pika-Pika siding with a traditional white oil stain prefinish. General Contractor was Kelly and Jeff Hopper of Hopper Construction of Hillsborough, NC, with support from McLendon Building. Nakamoto Forestry is the largest manufacturer of yakisugi “shou sugi ban” in the world and distributes mill to jobsite within North American from inventory in Portland, Oregon. Our four mills in Hiroshima and Tokushima operate custom automated lines to produce high-grade and affordable siding.... More