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Project • By Alcove Design ConsultantsOffices


India’s first listed power sector infrastructure investment trust. Established to own and operate power transmission and renewable energy assets in India.   Client Brief: Design an Office for this young company that meets with their current and future requirements and exudes their image appropriately to its internal team and the outside world. Yamini Krishna Photography Yamini Krishna Photography Client Expectations:  Raw, Rustic and yet Elegant design with a clear hint of company’s true business and values communicated aptly across the entire office space. Yamini Krishna Photography Challenges: Design challenges were addressed well by the experienced design team. It was the pandemic that hit just... More

Project • By The Design GroupOffices

Universal Music Polska office - musical space

The new office of Universal Music Polska music label in Warsaw delights with an unusual blend of loft elements and cozy, home-sweet-home vibe, elegance, and cutting-edge technology at top level. This is the space for everyone – you simply want to stay, work and create there. A lot of credit for that goes to the team of The Design Group architects, responsible for the very original interior design of the largest record company operating in Poland. Caption Universal Music Polska is part of global music corporation Universal Music Group. The latter owns departments in a number of countries across the world, and such stars as Madonna and U2 release their albums under Universal Music's umbrella. The new UMP headquarters, designed to... More

Project • By Alcove Design ConsultantsOffices

Sony Studio

Client Brief and Expectations: Design a world class facility of a Broad Casting Sports Studio Challenges: Managing accurate sound and acoustic levels. Accuracy of lighting within the studio. Appropriate circulation plan to ensure visitor movement and employee movement is perfectly planned.   Concept and Design Approach:Broadcasting Studios come with their own set of challenges. And this one being a Sports studio came with its own peculiar problems to add to the matrix of issues to be addressed within the design of the space. Planning of the interior required exact dimensions of the studios to be planned, sound and visual editing rooms had to be of an accurate size to meet with its technical requirements, accurate acoustics had to b... More

Project • By Alcove Design ConsultantsOffices

Horizon Packs

Client Brief and Expectations: Horizon Packs is a family owned manufacturing company for packaging material, essentially cardboard boxes etc . Their brief to us was to upgrade the working style of a firm that has long been used to an orthodox working environment.  ChallengesConcept and Design Approach:Solution – The space has been planned with a mix of closed cabins for the directors, enclosed cubicles and few workstations in the open office. Use of glass has been maximised for visual connectivity & penetration of sunlight into the space. The reception area has wooden rafter ceiling & wall panelling evocative of the corrugated material of cardboard boxes. The furniture is simple with clean line, with little pops of... More

Project • By SpaceInvaderOffices

Boutique office for Tosca Debt Capital

SpaceInvader has completed a boutique, 2,000 sq ft workspace for Manchester-based Tosca Debt Capital on the 5th floor of the Helical-owned Trinity Building on the city’s John Dalton Street. Not only was this a fast turnaround scheme, commissioned in July 2020, but it was designed and delivered by the SpaceInvader and wider installation team during lockdown and semi-lockdown, proving what could still be achieved under such exacting pandemic conditions. Tosca Debt Capital is a financial services company that brings additional, complementary debt funding options to regional markets, giving SMEs – particularly those across the Northern Powerhouse - access to institutional capital to help drive entrepreneurial ambitions. The strong... More

Project • By Bean BuroOffices

Charterhouse Asia / Red Ribbon

“Inspired by the joy of schooling and the stimulating experience of ‘the first day of school’, we created a design that is simulating yet elegant for this workplace environment” - Lorène Faure, co-founder of Bean Buro   “The red ribbon-like element was an architectural strategy to organise and connect the different functions of the workplace cohesively.” - Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, co-founder of Bean Buro   Bean Buro was tasked to design a new workplace for the Asia office of Charterhouse - one of UK’s leading independent boarding schools since 1611. The Asia office manages a family of Charterhouse schools in East and South East Asia. The brief was to create a collaborative working e... More

Project • By Bean BuroOffices

Klook Workplace / Travel Tech

KLOOK “Travel Tech”   “Fascinated by the joys of travelling, we took inspirations from beautiful aircraft structures to design the key features of this workplace for Klook.” - Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, co-founder of Bean Buro   “The materiality drew references to renowned artist Olafur Eliasson’s works in terms of colours and light; It simulates a sense of ‘sunsetting at an airport ground’ for this extraordinary and engaging workplace.” - Lorène Faure, co-founder of Bean Buro   “Please allow me to take this opportunity to express our appreciation; It has been an enjoyable experience to work with Bean Buro, the team has been accommodating and detail-minded! L... More

Project • By Bean BuroOffices

AstraZeneca / Farm'Acy

“The design aesthetic referenced the works of artist Damien Hirst, such as his ‘Pill Cabinets’ and ‘Pill Sculptures’, based upon the minimalist aesthetic of the medicinal pill and human being’s relationship with  science and the pharmaceutical industry. This became an inspiration for the colourful pills like architectural volumes that performed a multitude of functions, a large pill shaped island table in the pantry, and the colourful carpets that intersect with each other to create juxtaposed boundary conditions.” - Lorène Faure & Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui   Bean Buro was tasked with designing a new workplace for one of the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies, AstraZe... More

Project • By Alcove Design ConsultantsOffices

Sterlite Power Office Mumbai

Alcove has designed the new offices of energy delivery company Sterlite Power, located in Mumbai, India.   Client Brief and Expectations: Design a world class office which makes a brand statement as per the company’s image and meets with the next generation of work space challenges and expectations.   Challenges: Building Architecture with a low height of the existing slab and client’s expectation to gain a volumetric experience of the space.   Concept and Design Approach:Solution – A space that speaks about the client’s values and impact on the society as a whole by using a subtle Art intersperse. Workplace designed as an Art Gallery. Only difference here is that the ever-changing Art will alway... More

Project • By Alcove Design ConsultantsOffices

Facebook Mumbai

For our first Facebook project, we partnered with Gensler to help design their Mumbai offices.  We knew right away that this would be challenging as much as it was rewarding. Being one of the world’s leading organisations, Facebook is known to be synonymous with consistency and seamlessness across all their offices around the world. Facebook created a Global Technical Guidelines document to provide aesthetic and performance requirements for products to be used throughout all of its facilities.    The aesthetic followed their philosophy of ‘work in progress’. Every little level of detail is documented in their brand and design guidelines including the use of certain materials. Materials like exposed concre... More

Product • By MuraflexARCO


Encourage collaboration and the exchange of ideas in an architecturally discreet space with a superior level of acoustic privacy. ARCO is a freestanding pod that offers great visual transparency and whose geometrical disposition helps to reduce the noise disturbance often found in the open floor plan workspace. ARCO is designed to be easily disassembled and repositioned to offer the most flexibility for the ever-changing, fast-paced work environment. More

Project • By Raw Design ConsultantsOffices

Feen Marine Indonesia

Feen's new office empowers staff to create a pioneering workplace culture. ​ As an employee-centric company, Feen Marine puts the comfort and creativity of its employees first, by maximizing natural lighting and sharing panoramic sea views.  ​ The workspace fosters common purposes and reinforces a culture of teamwork through a multitude of collaborative spaces. Illusive details like the irregular accent carpet enhances interaction and embraces a culture that places innovation as a core element. ​ The black corridor stands out in contrast to the white open ceiling highlighting the general circulation in the space. The space showcases a complete employee branding experience with hints of blue used subtly through the office to creat... More

Project • By Raw Design ConsultantsOffices

Veeam Singapore

A feature on dynamic angles and striking contrasts.   The Singapore office was designed with an intent to integrate private offices & an open collaborative workspace giving the users the freedom to innovate, in line with Veeam’s corporate identity.  ​ Striking green accents create visual bridges between zones and pops of vibrant colours accompanied with clean, angular lines reflects the company’s bold yet elegant brand personality, achieving a futuristic and cutting edge design. ​ Deliberate yet purposeful geometric forms branches out from the circulation space, creating pockets of collaborative environments that trigger strong engagement between co-workers. With centralised shared spaces strategically placed... More

Project • By Raw Design ConsultantsOffices

Mediamonks Singapore

The story behind Mediamonks' new APAC headquarters stems from the roots of Singapore's heritage.   The first of its kind, the 3-storey conservation shophouse nestled in the heart of one of the city's oldest neighbourhoods, houses not one but three separate entities; S4 Capital, Mediamonks & MightyHive. Mediamonks is one of the most awarded creative production companies in the world; MightyHive is a recognized leader in programmatic digital buying; and S4 Capital is a marketing venture capital firm with a vision to create a new era, new age digital solution for global brands. ​ The concept behind this consolidation is to create a cohesive workspace without any segregation between the three companies, unifying them into one commu... More

Project • By Bean BuroOffices

Warner Music Beijing

"Music Courtyards" Warner Music Beijing   "We wanted to create an intuitive and sociable workplace for music-related activities. We put together a colourful and elegant materials palette that feels dynamic but mature and elite. " – Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, co-founder of Bean Buro   "The idea was to create a sense of neighbourhood as a 'courtyard', enclosed by large windows out to the city views with supporting functions in a warm timber backdrop." – Lorène Faure, co-founder of Bean Buro   Brief: A sociable workplace for music activities Bean Buro was tasked with designing an innovative workplace for Warner Music in Beijing, China that would support their unique needs. This new environment consists of ho... More